Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Oh my gosh,

so many photographs from this week are out there and they are ALL (;O) wonderful!!!!!!!!!
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An article on Ratdog with Dennis McNally!
I finished "Starstruck"...Of course, it was all fascinating to me since I've been a fan of Bobstar's for about 30 years...
For the longest time, only a handful of folks in my everyday life had ever heard of him...Everyone knew the Grateful Dead, most could nod at the mention of Jerry Garcia...But tell them "Bobby Weir" and mostly had to go back and start at Grateful Dead...A real delight to come online in 95 (AOL's Grateful Dead Forum) and to be able to find a few people who WANTED to talk about him!
But back to the book, it's given me much to ponder...I enjoyed reading that the thrills and ills of being a fan are pretty common experiences no matter who your icon is...it's sort of comforting.
How did I forget to put this one in yesterday?? It's off dot org by Topher!
 Post subject: U guys aren't going to believe this!! My day at Foxwoods:)
Merry Meet everyone:)

First off, I just wanted to say "WOW" The first ratdog show I've seen since last spring, and the boys are just on fire!!! But anyone who went to Foxwoods could tell U that.. What I'm really writing about is what happened right before the show.. My Buddy Kirk came down from VT, and we drove to the show which is about 1 1/2 hours from me.. I just bought a 100 gig MP3 (yes I know MP3's suck) player for my new Dogde Ram Quad cab, so it made the trip really sweet to have 100+ ratdog shows at my disposal. I took a couple of hundred dollars with me, since I didn't have a ticket and needed one, and I wanted to drop $100 on the slots.. Since I don't gamble, this was going to be a treat for me, cause I've nver really played the slot, and I've NEVER been to Foxwoods. So about an hour before the show, me and Kirk went over to the $1 slots and I let the machine eat my $100 bill, which it did eagerly. Let me preface this next part by saying that being a good pagan/witch I never go into something like this without magickal help, so Kirk and I made up a really simple spell, using the God Jupiter, who is the God of money and sucess. The spell/chant was really simple "Jupiter, Jupiter, hear my plea, make this slot machine win for me!!!!" I know, I didn't goto the samantha stevens school of incantation, but I thought it would work. Kirk sits next to me and puts in $20 and we're off.. I start chanting and hitting the button. I keep hitting the button and I get down to like $40, but I press on, and win enough to get back up to $150... I keep chanting and pressing the button till I get down to $122 and the button stopped working. Before I could open my eyes, to see what had happened, I hear Kirk gasp, and then the bell started ringing.. I open my eyes, and the machine was flashing $1800/122. I let out a shreek that even Allison would be proud of, and every blue haired old lady within earshot came a runnin. the nice man came over and checked the machine to make sure I wasn't cheating somehow, and went to go get the pitboss and my money.. As soon as he left Kirk went back to playing his slot, and low and behold, he hit it for $200 (Praise Jupiter!!). Anyways, I was happy and trotted off to George and the merch table and bought 1 of everything, got a ticket and went into the show..

This is were the story getts weird.. As usual the crowds in the North East were a bit agro, and it seemed that everyone that I encountered was rude to me.. This always happens to me in the North East, I should be used to it, since I live here now... Anyways, this one guy really got me down, so I decided to go out and have a butt, and buy a coke.. I got out there, and looked over at the slot machines, and decided to atleast give back the $100 I came down with back to the casino. I walk over to the same machine.. sat down.. and started chanting, I got down to like $10 and the bells went off again, I looked up and I had won another $600!!!! PRAISE JUPITER!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I really enjoyed Ratdog at Foxwoods, regardless of how shitty people were to me. The show Rocked! I won a bundle of money! Thanx Bobby!! AND THANK YOU JUPITER!!!
Blessed Be!!