Tuesday, December 30, 2003

It's finally Dead night!
Getting ready to go to my last show of my 44th year! Spose that means tonight is my last show of young adulthood! Onward to middle age!! Time seems to go by so much faster since I turned 40 but I also seem to appreciate so much more than I used to.
Well, no time to ponder the passing of time as it's shower time and soon enough Christine will be by and off we'll be going again!

Monday, December 29, 2003

Did everyone have happy holidaze??!! Scott works almost nonstop these daze. The Ratdog dates are trickling out as slowly as possible. A friend who "knows things". Tells me that Ratdog will add a Los Vegas House of Blues gig to the upcoming shows...I went to see Ratdog there on December 26th-I think it was 2001? A great show. I was in Vegas for only 22 hours! It was the first time in a very long time (20 years!) that I travelled completely alone..Of course, once I checked into The Mandalay (the venue is in the hotel!) I was surrounded by Dogfreaks. Had a great time!

Its been quiet this week, no Bob sightings that I've heard of...Last night, I tagged along with Christine and Ben to go to The Avalon Ballroom to see Mark Karan sing and play with an assortment of musicians including Melvin Seals and Bobby Vega that call themselves "The Avalon Allstars". Christine is a few years older than I am and indulged me with her tales of "Back in the day" when she was a teenager and going to see the Grateful Dead in St Michael's Alley and the Fillmore.
This was best to my recollections, my first time at the Avalon...It is pretty, clean with a fancy ceiling and carpeted floor. The Allstars came on sort of late- I don't wear watches but Ben said it was about 10! Lots of jamming- to the delight of a mostly younger (school's out) crowd. Mark sounded great as did Melvin. Saw some of the people from Ratdog.org and a few from Deadnet.com plus all the usual suspects who don't (as far as I know) post but who never miss a show. It was a nice night!

Onward to Tuesday Night and NYE!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2003

Saturday was a major black out- This morning was an earthquake-I felt the house shift a teeny bit, while the dog barked and thought maybe I was dizzy but then noticed the shutters waving...Argh, tomorrow the rain starts up again! Somehow, I will make it to both the Oakland and San Francisco airports. Jase is an adult and can get himself on his flight. Sash is just a girl, I will need to park and go through check in and the security lines with her..Why my mom decided to put them on separate flights out of 2 different airports is beyond me .With the Terror Alert so high, this should be quite an adventure...They better have a great time!!
December is always the craziest month!!
I might have to do some flying around myself soon- Look what was found online today!!!!

Ratdog at the House of Blues in Anaheim on 2/23. Tix seem to be on sale:


And, ratdog at 4th and B in San Diego onb 2/27



Sunday, December 21, 2003


Had fun at Mark's show last night. A bit of an adventure getting there. Normally it takes between 45 minutes to an hour to get to Mill Valley but last night there was a major power outtage in San Francisco which caused all the traffic lights (about 24!) on 19th boulevard and through the park to go out. Because we had to stop and wait at each intersection - it took over 2 hours to get to Mill Valley...But before going into Mill Valley, Kems drove us over to Vista Point-a parking area that looks at the SF skyline from the Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge, so we could the extent of the outtage- very strange to not see the town lit up.

We had a fun time at Sweetwater- Reisha and Maria were also delayed by the outtage and didnt get there til 11:30! Ben made it and was dancing all night! Great to have a few minutes to chat with Mazzy..And Elizabeth too!
WDP's Jay (Allie's brother) came out all the way from Colorado just for this gig! I love that he did that- I may not be the most extreme Ratdog/Weir/Quack head in the world after all?
I have no setlist and am not certain exactly who else other than John Molo and Bob Gross are in Jemimah Puddleduck with Mark..but the band rocked! Mark will be on the upcoming Jambands cruise in January along with Robert Wasserman, David Gans and other assorted musicians..Know that I did give MK a bad time about sneaking that Bahamas gig in at the last moment! Well, let's all hope he & Maile have an insanely great time so they sign up again and we can all sail along with them.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Happy Winter Solstice!

The plan is that after Scotto gets home from work-we will do the blessings, light the candles and- I'll be out the door with the one and only Kems and on the way to Mill Valley (about an hour away) to see (Ratdog guitarist) Mark Karan and his band Jemimah Puddleduck play at The Sweetwater! Show starts 9ish-but its a tiny venue which gets really crowded. We need to be there early to grab a table in the front.
check it out!

Friday, December 19, 2003

Happy Berthaday to Monet!!!!!!!

Love to all today!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Wish I knew how to put links here-more nice old Bobby photos here:
Here's something that appeared on Deadnet not too long ago...Some small details are inaccurrate. It's from a book that either was published or is about to be published-

The title of the book is Lessons From Our Fathers.

Bob Weir – Founding Member of the Grateful Dead

Both my natural and adopted fathers were military men. My adopted dad attended Annapolis for seven years and came out with the military equivalent of a doctorate in Engineering. When they gave him his first commission and put him out to sea he was seasick from the time he left port to the time he got back. It was so bad they had to put him in the hospital. Then he tried it again right at the beginning of World War II. He wanted nothing more than to serve his country but it just was not going to happen. He showed a lot of perseverance.
He was quite a guy. In fact, never in my presence did he ever use bad language. Rarely did I see him ever become angry, and it was not that he wasn’t a lively, energized person, he was just a consummate gentleman. He was born with three kidneys so he could drink all he wanted and was never affected. He did not drink much, but as far as getting a little buzzed, it was not a doable deal for him. I think one time my parents had a party and he was drinking pretty much all night and toward the end of the evening I may have seen a twinkle in his eye. That was about it.
My natural father was born and raised in the Tuscon, AZ area. He was 19 when he joined the Air Force and they put him behind the wheel of a bomber. He later became a test pilot and rose to the rank of Colonel. In fact, when he announced he was retiring, they offered him a Generalship but he declined because he had a son who was terminally ill.
My adopted parents passed on in 1972 from separate illnesses. My mom died on my dad’s birthday and a month later my dad died on my mom’s birthday. So you don’t argue with that kind of stuff. Then about ten years went by and I came home from a tour and it was my first night home and I was trying to sleep in. I had this very strange dream about my family home, my brother and a stillborn baby. And at the point of the dream where my brother and I pick up the baby and hold it, and each other, I was awakened by the phone ringing in real life. It was the Grateful Dead office calling to say there was a lady on the phone by the name of Phyllis who says she’s your mother and did I know anything about this. Apparently she had known for some time who I was and had tracked me, but had to sign a promise not to contact me while my adopted parents were still living.
I myself had actually done some research to try and find her but she pretty effectively covered her tracks. But I went and met her the next day and unfortunately we did not exactly hit it off – she had twelve other kids. So I could ascertain with a fair bit of ease that she didn’t really have a need for me in her life. But I kept in touch with her, called her on Mother’s day and over this time she gave me some information regarding my dad; his name and where she last saw him which at that point was 40+ years.
The story was that when she got pregnant she ran off to San Francisco without his knowing, and had me, and then came back but never let on that I existed. So he had no idea he had a son. When she told me who he was I had a private investigator track him down. It took all of an hour for him to find him. As fate would have it, it turned out he was the commanding officer at Hamilton Field, the local Air Force base in San Francisco. But because I am almost pathologically anti-authoritarian I figured this would not go well for either of us because it does not get much more authoritarian than the commanding officer of a military base. Then I just sat on the info for close to ten years. Finally I figured this guy’s not getting any younger, I guess I better just buck up and do this. But there was still some apprehension because I didn’t know what I was going to find. If my dad was an @#%$ what does that say about me? I just assumed that military officers chose that profession so they could boss people around. So I figured I had three choices for contact: I could write him a letter – but he might crumble it up and throw it away. I could go see him – but the last thing I wanted was for my first and only memory of my father watching him clutch his chest and fall over backwards. I decided to call him.
It was early evening the next day and I called and said
“I’m looking for John Parver,”
and he said “That would be me”
and I told him “well, I’m Robert Weir and I live in Mill Valley and I’ve been doing some research and have dug up some information that may be of considerable interest to you. But first I have to ask you a question or two.”
And he replied, “ok.”
And I continued, “ It concerns events that took place in Tucson about fifty years ago” and he said “ok” and then I asked “is it possible that you were romantically involved with a woman by the name of Phyllis?”
and he said “well, yes”
and so I told him “sir, in that case there’s a very strong likelihood that, even though I’m not sure how many children you have, but you may have one more than you know.”
This was followed by a long silence and then he said
“The only Robert Weir I know is the guy that sings and plays with the Grateful Dead.”
And I said “well sir, that would be me.”
So we arranged to meet the next day at a local restaurant of his suggestion which was coincidentally a favorite of both of ours, and we have become very, very close.
We both share a singular inability to take anything seriously or an ability to make light of pretty nearly any situation. The more time we spend together the more similarities I see and realize that the apple does not fall far from the tree. And even though I didn’t grow up with him, in many ways I am as much, if not more like him then is own sons.
On a weekly basis my family and I have been going up and staying with my father in Nevada where he now lives. We stay over for a night and each morning Grandpa cooks me and my family pancakes. Towards the beginning of this Towards the beginning of this year he and his wife Milenna began to leave a guitar out that belonged to his eldest son who tragically died of Spinal Cancer some time ago. He had been a professional musician in a fairly successful band and had a collection of guitars when he died that the remaining sons divvied up but because nobody really wanted this one it was left behind with his parents. They pulled it out of the closet and it was in a funky old case and it was just sitting in the corner of their home. Now I saw this case for a month of so and finally rose to the bait and opened it up and inside there was this beat up old Telecaster with one pickup kind of sprung out of it’s moorings and broken up a little. So after looking at it for two or three weeks I finally said, “okay, I’ll bite, can I take this to rehearsal with me and have my roadie / tech guy fix it up?” and they said “we thought you’d never ask.”
So I took it to him and he had it working in no time at all. And I plugged it into my rig (amplifier) at our first rehearsal for the tour. Now I had not even picked up a Telecaster in years, let alone played one, but I started playing it and from the first note it was obvious, for me, for the band, for everyone that the characteristically tin sound really was perfect and helped everything. It became my “A” guitar.
After no one wanting this guitar it fell out of the sky one me.
All of the family, as opposed to feeling forsaken, are really overjoyed at seeing a piece of their older brother and eldest son make it on the big stage.
The whole story is really a little bit of mysticism.
The lesson I learned from my new dad is confirming for me that fate follows in your footsteps so you need to have faith in your path and live life with a sense of wonderment..


Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Geez, and I havent even been smoking or drinking anything! Natural born ditzy!
http://www.kfog.com/default.asp<-the kfog site...Read previous blog..........
You know, this feels so out of sync- My advice is to scroll down and work your way up but ..
Okay, here is the link to KFOG that I forgot to add in my last blog..
Too excited about the new dvd ..
Okay, Scott's waiting to check it out..
I better get going!
What a week! Tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:10 am Pacific time, Bobby is going to be on KFOG! I'll put the url up in just a moment...

Well, we received a midweek treat today..Our dvd of Closing of Winterland arrived at last! We watched the bit of it shown on public TV and in answer for to them using the footage for their membership drive, we joined the station- our gift from them for joining is this dvd. Now, I already have a video copy of this show, but its old and its from trading. I do look forward to seeing and hearing it all in digital perfection..
I forgot where I ran across the Easter Egg cheat sheet for it but here s a guide to finding those hidden snippets:

On Disk One go to the Main Menu, then Set 1 and the Song List. Select
"Intermission". The Blue Rose appears, illuminated. You can click it four times
for four more recollections of Steve Parrish.

Also on Disc One, at the end of Round and Round, the Blue Rose again appears.
If you click quickly, it will morph into 5 smaller roses, each with an item.
One is a Mickey comment about Uncle Bobo, another is another Parrish comment,
and there are three photos.

here's the rest... Disc Two:

Easter Egg #3

From the lyrics menu, turn the visible lyrics setting OFF, then move the cursor to the Main Menu button. Push UP on the DVD remote. A small barely
visible dot will appear just to the right of the rose on the left side of
the screen. Press ENTER to see another short clip from the Steve Parrish

Easter Egg #4
Again from the visible lyrics menu, turn the visible lyrics setting ON, then
move the cursor to the Main Menu button. Push DOWN on the DVD remote. A
small barely visible dot will appear just to the right of the rose on the
left side of the screen. Press ENTER to see a picture of Dan Aykroyd and
John Belushi at the afternoon soundcheck on 12-31-78.

Easter Egg #5

From the audio setup menu, turn the Dolby 5.1 setting ON, then move the cursor to the Main Menu button. Push LEFT on the DVD remote. A small
barely visible dot will appear just to the right of the rose on the left
side of the screen. Press ENTER to see a picture of Mickey Hart leaving
Winterland at 6:45 AM on 1-1-79.

The last three eggs are reached from different screens in the Grateful Dead
at Winterland section of the Bonus Menu.

Easter Egg #6

From the May 30, 1967 slide, push DOWN on the DVD remote. A small barely visible dot will appear just under the blue rose on the left side of the
screen. Press ENTER to see a picture of a Blues Brother performance at a
screening of Animal House.

Easter Egg #7

From the November 12, 1967 slide, push DOWN on the DVD remote. A small barely visible dot will appear just under the blue rose on the right side of
the screen. Press ENTER to see a hilarious clip from the interview with Bob

Easter Egg #8

From the January 2, 1972 slide, push UP on the DVD remote. A small barely visible dot will appear just under the blue rose on the right side of the
screen. Press ENTER to see a picture of Bill Murray leaving Winterland.

Last... the "swap" angle, keep hitting it repeatedly and the closeups get very intense---back and forth, back and forth......the colors form diffferent patterns from their original, and the faces of Garcia and Lesh are intense.......

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Seva stuff
for the ACLU Report: scroll down! down! down!
Here are photos from the SEVA Benefit taken by Binki (as she is known over at Deadnet.com

Eventually you ought to find the picture of Binki, Graceful Dead (she's another Deadnetter) and I surrounding Bobby...and he's smiling-unlike the picture Tiny Dancer and I took with him in England.

Okay, there are several colorful reviews of the entire Seva benefit over on Deadnet http://hotline.deadnetcentral.com/WebX?50@109.cfXgaJx2e1y.0@.4a8540c4/152
and if you scroll down here, the entire setlist is copied (thanks to Linda for sending it to me).

The Circle of Compassion entitled us to 2 event posters- each numbered (we have 120/ 600 and 121/600) and signed by Wavy Gravy. They are purple and have the eyes logo. Nice! When we went to a side table to pick up the posters, we each then received a laminate-ready for wear with the cord and clip. These were needed to get into the post show reception at The Down Town restaurant which is located up a block from BCT on Shattuck.
Our seats as I probably mentioned were row J which turned out to be quite close up! And probably due to Linda, we were right on the aisle-DBC as in Dead Bobby Center! It wasnt til Steve Earle was on stage that Bobby was visible, sitting at the back of the stage with Bonnie Raitt and another friend. Until the Dead came on the highlights for me were Hamza's one song with Mickey and the Jackson Browne with Bonnie Raitt pairing.
Finally, after setbreak, after the bagpiper played, our guys took the stage.. I was so excited,it took until about the 3rd song before I noticed Joan Osborne was missing. I have been listening a lot lately to her 'Days Between' from the Shoreline Dead show (Sept.03) and was looking forward to hearing more like that from her. Maybe New Year's then, I guess? It turned out fine though- more singing from Bobby! Bobby sounded fine and things were moving along and then they did a DarkStar that went into eyes of the world and somewhere in the middle of that, the show spun into that old timeless delirium phase...we all were dancing and smiling...The Dead's encore/last song was "Not Fade Away"..Wavy Brought out a bunch of people and some of the artists (no Dead members) for a song..I would need to peek at the setlist to remember the name but it was a bit familiar, I think my kids sang it at Camp Winnarainbow.....
Everyone poured out of the BCT..We found Graceful . We trekked over to the restaurant, flashed our lammies and entered. Foods that looked delicious were available on a buffet table..The place was well lit, clean and snazzy, a piano was being played in the corner. The grouplet of us hovered near a waiter's station as there were only a few small cocktail tables and they all were taken. After awhile, Mickey Hart popped in. Graceful went over to chat with him.
The restaurant had large windows all along the street. As conversations were taking place around me, I sort of drifted in thought and observed through the big windows a man walking toward the restaurant. With his shiny,swingy hair, sweater and leather coat he looked as though he stepped right off of an album cover. I teased Graceful- "Watch the door, Your next boyfriend is coming in!" She turned to see what I was talking about and with perfect timing, in He walked . Okay, so maybe that's an old joke - but it's not everyday one can do that and have Jackson Browne appear.
Tim and Linda took off for their home in Petaluma, just missing the arrival of Bobby! Graceful went over to chat with him. I stuck with Scott, afraid of embarassing myself. I was quite content to peep at Bobby from
behind the plant that was stationed atop the waiters station. Graceful came back and encouraged me to go say hello..So, I went with her..Bobby was wonderful..I managed to not fall at his feet or hyperventilate, I may have even squeaked out a word or two, I think I stole a hug (poor guy). A few people were now waiting for a go at Bobby. Binki's Rob had the camera in hand and Bobby agreed to having a photo with us...I somehow ended back by Scott..He watched the whole scene and was laughing at my big wide grin (I'm still grinning!)...til he realized we had about 4 minutes left to get our car from the parking lot (closes at 2am)...We quickly said our good byes, bopped out to the street and ran through the rain getting to the garage just in time!

Monday, December 15, 2003

Scroll down a few entries for The ACLU report.
Wow- I'm still smiling! Sad about missing tonight's Wasserman show @ Slim's, though...Especially since Rob almost looked a little happy to see me- Odessa of the rail- going for the stare down back through his Ratdog years...I was happy to see him - he looked a bit slimmer and well, happy...

Do I really have to talk about the entire SEVA thing? Okay just brief notes...,
The program went sort of like this:
Seva's Silver Anniverary
Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley CA
Saturday December 13, 2003

Ed Littlefield, Jr (on bagpipe) and Wavy Gray:

Film excerpt from documentary

Larry Brilliant:

Wavy Gravy:

Hamza el Din and Mickey Hart:
(1 piece)

Marley's Ghost (Mike Phelan, Dan Wheetman, Ed Littlefield Jr.
and Jon Wilcox) a capella:
I Can See Your Aura (and it's Ugly)

Buffy Sainte-Marie (with Kevin McKenzie & Neal Chapman):
Univeral Soldier
Up Where We Belong
Priests Of The Golden Bowl
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

Marley's Ghost (a capella):
Lay Down Your Weary Tune

Steve Earle:
Ashes To Ashes
You Know The Rest
South Nashville Blues
Now She's Gone
Just An American Boy
Christmas In Washington

Marley's Ghost (a capella):
I'm On My Way (the Story of Job)

Jackson Browne:
For Everyman
Lives In The Balance (with Ricky Fataar & Norton Buffalo)
Looking East (with Fataar, Buffalo & Hutch Hitchinson)
My Stunning Mystery Companion (with Fataar, Buffalo & Hutch
World In Motion (with Fataar, Buffalo, Hutchinson & Bonnie Raitt)
Nick Of Time (Bonnie with Fataar, Buffalo, Hutchinson & Jackson
I Am A Patriot (with Fataar, Buffalo, Hutchinson & Bonnie Raitt)


Ed Littlefield, Jr (on bagpipe):

The Dead (Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann,
Jimmy Herring, Jeff Chimenti, Rob Barraco):
Truckin' ->
Tomorrow Never Knows ->
Down The Road
Ramble On Rose
Jack Straw ->
Dark Star ->
Jam (with John Popper) ->
Eyes Of The World (with John Popper) ->
Dark Star ->
One More Saturday Night

Final Jam / Encores -
(The Dead, John Popper, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Norton Buffalo,
Earle, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Kevin McKenzie, Maria Muldaur, Marley's
and others):

Not Fade Away

Basic Human Needs (with Wavy Gravy without the Dead)

Sunday, December 14, 2003

For notes on The Bob Rob ACLU lunch show: Scroll down to earlier today's entry....
It already seems like a long time ago, but the SEVA Celebration was just last night...

Somehow, I managed to be ready to leave by the time Scott was home. Usually, it takes me forever, usually it's always that one shoe that is never where it should be which causes me to freak out at the last minute and have to change what I'm wearing- last night, I decided it doesnt really matter what I'm wearing and cut about 40 minutes out of my precious primp time....
As we were cruising across the San Mateo Bridge - we phoned Tim & Linda to remind them to leave our tix at will call. They were coming from the North Bay and were on the Richmond bridge when we spoke to them. We arrived in Berkeley at the same time. They directed us right to the parking spot .
The first people we ran into were Scott's cousin's girlfriend and her mom- they hadnt heard Bonnie Raitt was going to be there and were thrilled to find out.
Inside, it was a big ole love fest- at every turn was another familiar face...(((((Ben! Gwen! Mr Decker (my son's 1st grade teacher!) Katrinka, Dotty,Shady,Reisha,Jerry,Julie, Dave and well, the list goes on and on!!!) We picked up our special posters (numbered and signed by Wavy Gravy) and our post reception lammies. Then it was off to find out exactly where row J, seats 1,3,5& 7 were.
Absolutely Dead Bobby Center is where they were! Directly in front of me was the guy who works for Grateful Graphics- He saw Scotto was wearing the "Grateful Dad" shirt I bought from him at The Marin Music Festival and gave me stickers!!!
Will be back later with more of a report- am needed elseweir around here at the moment...check back 'kay?!
Okay, Today is still pretty fresh in my mind....Kemmie was willing to drive-her hub was home with the kids..Scotto(my treasure!) was fine hanging home with the 9er game and encouraged me to go along "Take some money-Have a great time!"
Still it felt a little like we were in high school and cutting class!!!
No hitches as we found the Argent, a rather posh hotel right next door to The Four Seasons Hotel on 3rd street...Happily, tickets were still available and up to the prelunch reception we went where drinks and cookies were available. Kem & I grabbed coffee & tea, found a table did a little people watching and gabbed a bit.
Folks were "guarding" the door of the banquet room-Kemmie has the big beautiful smile and without asking any questions the man at the door nearest to us, let us in.
The room was very large, tables of 10 and 12 had signs designating different chapters of Northern California ACLU on them. There were also tables set aside for a variety of groups including -Adopt International, The National Committee Against Repressive Legislation etc...
After doors had shut behind us- we realized we had wandered right into the soundcheck. Just hotel personell and the usual Weir/Wass crew were there. I expected for us to be asked to leave but we were left alone. Kem brought along her digicam (good going!) and used it- still we were allowed to stay!
The guys fiddled with Blackbird and KC Moan a little- Bobby sounded terrific! Time came too soon for the fun to end. Rob and Bob et al retreated to somewhere else and in came everyone else.
The elderly and disabled folks were the first to be let in, they found their tables then got into the (3) buffet lines. I was happy with my coffee and didnt eat or notice beyond fruit, cheeses or sweets what was offered. As the room filled to what I expect was full capacity, the opportunity to people watch was amazing.
There was a welcome given by Quinn Delaney, followed by a state of the union address by Dorothy Ehrlich. An award of courageous advocacy was presented to Judith Volkart for activism including speaking out about the dangers of the USA Patriots act.
Before Bob and Rob were presented, youths who took part in a youth Civil Liberties program reviewed their activities.
After that, Bobby and Robert Wasserman were introduced. Unlike the usual routine, Bobby stepped forward to make a few comments. He credited Dennis McNally for matching him up with this ACLU function and spoke about his own involvement over the years with environmental protection groups..He explained his own concern about orgs such as Greenpeace possibly having their tax exempt status revoked. He then was ready to do, as he put it, "what we does best" and the music started up.

Our first treat was "Ashes and Glass" Kem filmed all of it I believe. The sound was unbelievably clear and strong. The next song was "Throwing Stones" I was into it- but sitting on a chair facing tables, I wasnt aware til the sing a long "ashes to ashes" part- that there were Deadheads in the room- Everyone turned at the same time to see maybe 4 guys in tie dye up and dancing in the back..It was funny because they hadnt been visible at all til then- this was a suit and tie, sweater and skirt set.. Still sounding really great with a WONDERFUL jamming just going - a tall man at one of the centermost tables, leaped to his feet- tore off his coat, tie and (a gasp from the seniors) ripped off his shirt to reveal a big ole tie dye, then ran across the room to where the 4 Deadheads were dancing..(lawyers!) It was just another weird moment that seems to happen wherever Bobby happens...
Crowd applauded but that was all for Bob & Rob. Kems and I spent a few moments with Bobby & Rob and Dennis in the foyer on our way out. Everyone was in the best mood. I meant to thank Dennis for getting Bobby and Rob there..but like all my best thoughts- that one fizzled off and I said some lame thing about books..argh!
Bobby and Rob were all smiles and very relaxed..I was so happy to have been there, I couldnt really think up anything to say and so stood there smiling at both of them..The beautiful thing was having them smile back...
I love December!
WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Aces back to back indeed!!!!!!
Last night was the great SEVA benefit and today was Bobby and Wass at the Argent Hotel doing a short performance for the Bill of Rights Day Celebration for the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California...

Weir should I begin???????

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Bonnie Raitt to be a special guest at the SEVA benefit next week! What a night that's gonna be! The Dead, Jackson Browne, Steve Earle and now Bonnie Raitt! I'm really really glad to have pushed Scotto for the Circle tickets! We've landed in row J - with center of the house seats. At the BCT -with excellent acoustics-well, it doesnt get much better than that!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I love that Bobby is gooey!
check it out-
AH! This just in- Another Bobby (with The Wass) event this December in the Bay Area!!!!!!!
here's a link:


Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Oy- such a day! I had jury duty..didnt get called up but did have to hang out in the Juror's room for about 3 hours..Who knew wasting time could be so exhausting?
Found this old but sweet interview with Bobby regarding his enjoyment of mountain biking.
Here ya go:


Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Very sad to report that Smmy has cancelled the Marin Civic center gig...Heart was in the right place but apparently it is a little too close to get it together and unfortunately, Mazzy reports that The New George's Tavern has closed down...sigh...Not only was New George's the scene of last year's spur of the moment Dead/Red benefit but it was also where the Grateful Dead's "Hell in a Bucket" video from the 1980's was filmed...The "HIAB" video is about the funniest Bob related film ever to be seen- I have a copy of it on video but do hope the guys that are putting together the dvd series add it to one of them. It starts off at the bar, as Bobby sings of this wild woman the scenes go back and forth from the party at the bar to the leather clad "catherine the great" to the Rhythm Devils racing around. All the extras in the video were members of the Dead's extended family. It's fun to watch - well, it's always fun to watch The Bobstar- but, except for that Midnight's America video- this is about as fun as it gets!

Well while we may not have that extra Bobby siting in December- there will be a Mark Karan show at the Sweetwater on the 20th! I'm hoping Kems will want to go over to Mill Valley with me. Scott will be recovering from retail madness that night- he works twice as hard during December than at any other time of the year, so he will probably be crawling home on that night, too wiped out to want to go out after 9pm........