Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Gone to download Heaven!

Coincidence that this is available on Pay Day? Weee! I love my itunes!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Not so bad for a Monday!

Ann Coulter was a deadhead? Check out Your Coolest years There's a contest enter by telling them what were your coolest years...

YES!Jambase? Jambands? (or whateva its called) adds Mark Karan & Robin Sylvester into the mix for Rex! It's gonna be so much fun! Thanks, Patrick for putting the link up at Deadnet...Scott will be happy too!
Photos of dose guyz can be viewed at Here take a looky
A couple members of the Everydog Orchestra...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

this picture is currently on sale at eBay...

Almost finished with the Rex Dragon smoker..He sits on a little stump which contains cone shaped incense...the smoke comes out through his nostrils

A little mention of GD in this article on Fan Clubs....hmm
Happy Birthday to Kris Pancoast! Krispy along with DireWolf are the main proctors over on Deadnet...I met Krispy already some years ago when she and her hub, came to town for some shows...
Looky-> the invite has been refreshed to include the Bobstar as a special guest - Sparkle seats here we come!
"Join Us!

The Rex Foundation celebrates its 20th Anniversary
Saturday, December 11, 2004
The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco

Music by The Everyone Orchestra and special guests including Bob Weir, Tea Leaf Green's
Trevor Garrod and Josh Clark, and Samantha Stollenwerk of Smantha & TheRitual.
Sunshine Daydream - The legendary, classic movie of the 1972 Grateful Dead
concert at the Oregon Country Fair
Silent Auction
Hearty Finger Foods and Beverages
Celebrate the Rex Foundation's work of the last 20 years
all that we can make happen over the next 20 years.

To order tickets:.
Call our Event hot line at 415-561-3135 and place your order.
Download the pdf order form and fax to 415-561-3136 or mail to
Rex Foundation, P. O. Box 29608, San Francisco, CA 94129-0608"

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Happy Berthadaze to YOU!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful Birthday!!!!
..and that the packages arrived in time!! (((hugs)))!
No fires at the Thanksgiving table this year..instead, there was Marisa's 7 month old baby girl to entertain me...Baby's are soooo much fun when they belong to other people!
There's another one out there and she's got pictures!
Cool more photos at Book of the Dead

Another page in 'Book of theDead' ya may like to peruse is this one.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, So what if I'm just rolling out of bed at 2 pm....and that Scott's been up since preDawn, cooking & baking his big heart out for tonight? I shouldnt have to warn him..after 16 years he mustve noticed my folks are obsessed with low carb/no sugar foods...that they will appreciate his efforts but won't eat more than a spoonful of anything...at any rate, it's theraputic for him...even though I'll end up spending tomorrow scrubbing up and then wondering how to fit all those pots and pans back in to the cabinets...
But there is much to be grateful for! So- Happy Thanksgiving, already!!!

It's not really Thanksgiving without a listen to Alice's Restaurant! If you are unfamiliar with the story you can read up on it here a trailer of the movie can be watched here
Do you have a cell phone? I have one just for emergencies (really!-I dont know how to even retrieve messages from it)
no one ever calls me on it but if they did, I wouldnt mind hearing a little Sugar Mag ringie-dingie!
Grateful Dead ringtones!
I'm in need of coffee and I guess I better start on my clean unripped clothing checks on the kids chosen attire for tonight's festivities...
Have a wonderful evening!!!
¿Si usted está parado, entonces who's para dirigirle? Si supiera la manera, le tomaría el hogar

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

For you...If you have not seen the faboo "Hell in a bucket" video from the 80's- You can now see a video clip from it (also a few other GD Vids) C'mon Bobby sitting on a bed with a glass of champagne! Damn! That's gotta be sumfin to be thankful for! I don't know if it just shows the same short clip over & over or if you can keep watching as you click but I have a copy of that video and its so much fun to watch not only because there's the "Miami Vice" era Bobbilicious but also because there's just about every member of the Grateful Dead Family in the Bar scene..Can you find Jill Lesh? How about Jerry's Daughters? RamRod? You just know they all had a blast filming that!
Still afraid of the Mall? Try poking around here!
Gifts at Seva

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Happy Hippy Berthaday Tree!

Having one of those low energy Tuesdays today...
Not sad or anything ...just a little sleepy...
Here's a little holiday spirit- seems BobDog are on a cd being released in Colorado to raise $$ for charity

Wake the Dead article!

Usted puede ser payaso en la tierra que entierra, o apenas otra cara bonita

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Ratdog Tour dates are up on the official website!

Neal@ the wheel poster this about hidden goodies in the GD movie-
If this has been posted 100 times, here goes 101.

Some hidden interviews:

These all activate once you've watched the options.

Disc One - on the main menu there is an 'AM' button at
the center of the handlebars. You've got to watch the
last chapter, through the credits, to make it active.
Short interview with Jerry there.

Disc Two, Documentaries - Have to watch the Making of
the DVD, which is of great interest to audiophiles and
tapers. After watching that one, Jerry's guitar on the
menu highlights. Short interview with Jerry there.

Disc Two, Mars Hotel commercials - Have to watch Mix 3
first. Then there is an option above Mix one. Short
interview with Donna and Billy there, very funny.
Go to Top

Se voi li sentono che la stessa canzone dolce ancora, conoscono perchè?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

American Beauty on dvd audio!

Need a GD icon?
Screw going to the mall on the weekend-or any other time!
Let's shop online!
shirts for him
Good stuff here; Grateful Graphics
Stumbled here looking for collage materials.....
Looks fun
LOL- I hope I can make this link work-
They're discussing Bill Waltonisms on Ratdog.org...Walton
Gerecht wie Billy Sonntag
in einem Schrotflinte Lappen-Zeit Band

Friday, November 19, 2004

posted on deadnet!

Read an article about the Waybacks today they had some kind words for our guy:
One other band that heavily influenced Coyle and Nash, as well as the rest of the band is The Grateful Dead.

"We've had the privilege of playing with Bobby Weir on a few occasions," Coyle said of The Grateful Dead guitarist. "We played together at a show at the speedway in Golden Gate Park, where the Grateful Dead played a lot of shows. It was a huge honor."

But it isn't only The Grateful Dead's music that The Waybacks has drawn from. The band has also adopted The Dead's policy of encouraging audience members to record live shows.
"Our live shows are where the magic happens, and we want as many people as possible to experience that magic," Coyle said.

Hungry??? It's Pizza night hin a few minutes here.
If youre near Teaneck NJ, Drop by this restaurant- looks like our kind of place from the review:
"Eating Out: Mexicali Blues in Teaneck

Friday, November 19, 2004

Eli Wells, the self-taught chef-owner of Mexicali Blues and his kick-ass guacamole are back after a 13-month hiatus.

Wells moved the joint from its digs on Cedar Lane, where it was a low-ceiling restaurant and bar with bands jammed in, to a space that is more nightclub with food near the railroad tracks on Queen Anne Road.

While curiosities such as the eight of diamonds and 10 of spades that were tacked to the ceiling didn't survive the move, the good menu; Joe, the memorable bartender; and Hillary, the best waitress in Bergen County, did.

Mexicali Blues keeps on trucking as one of the best Southwestern-Mexican restaurants in the area.

Granted, a first look at the place may seem intimidating because there is barely a legible sign to get you in there ("just look for the dusty-mirage - blueish-green building - on the corner"). Zigzag into the vestibule (no valet parking or hostess here) and come face-to-face with a black wall plastered with fliers for upcoming performances by bands such as Stir Fried, Pretty Suicide, Tim Renolds, the Screamin Cheetah Wheelies and, of course, the Zen Tricksters.

The foyer gives way to one enormous black room with a massive dance floor and a divider of electronic "stars" that frequently change color. Take two seconds to deduce that Mexicali Blues is a shrine to the Grateful Dead. Posters, paintings and art dedicated to the legendary band are at the heart of the décor.

The dining area can be found way in the back. It is comprised of just six booths under a balcony that holds another five booths. A few tables up top offer a shelter of sorts above the dance floor.

The first round of tortilla chips and salsa is on the house. The menu reads that the guac is made "at numerous points of the day to guarantee the delicate balance of flavors." This is a true thing. A caution is necessary: The main danger at Mexicali Blues is eating so many of the luscious fresh-baked chips, killer spicy salsa, and seductive rich and chunky guacamole ($7) that you have no room left for the actual meal. And that would be a shame.

The menu is simple. Nine appetizers and 12 entrees, plus or minus a few salads and soups. Nearly everything is terrific.

The piping hot chili corn crab cakes ($9) are outrageously crisp-fried, wallowing in a tide of smoked shrimp chili cream sauce. Served on a square black plate, the two moist yet firm cakes reveal shreds of succulent white meat and niblets of whole yellow corn. The cakes are not only hot to the touch, but pack intrinsic heat from fiery chipotle peppers. Dollops of sour cream soothed and cooled our palates.

More than two dozen (we gave up counting) steamed Prince Edward Island mussels ($10) in a verde sauce are piled high in an oversized violet bowl. These shiny black beauties are incredibly delicate, heartachingly tender and enlivened by a cilantro-pesto sauce.

Vegetarian diners will appreciate Mexicali Blues' Mexican spring roll ($8), a massive appetizer that fuses East and West with a little culinary inspiration. Wrapped in the crisp spinach tortillas are peppers, onions, carrots and zucchini that have been sautéed in ginger, garlic, sesame oil and a red curry sauce. Served warm, cut on a diagonal and standing upright, they are visually appealing as well as satisfying.

We had low expectations for the mixed baby green salad ($6) with house vinaigrette. No surprise when it failed to meet even those pedestrian ideals. It is safe to say that Mexicali Blues is not the place for salads.

What does succeed here is simplicity. Owner-chef Wells, a New Milford native and a bona fide Deadhead who has attended more than 250 Grateful Dead concerts, sticks to tried-and-true appetizers and entrees that work well for him and his patrons. "

Tons of Ratdog photos at this website!


Allés sont les jours où les dames ont dit svp

Thursday, November 18, 2004

hum Baby!

Alice D Millionaire

I'm officially crazed!

Just got off the phone with Sandy @ Rex...
Definately, Bobby will be helping out at Rex! Mickey too!
Figured that Bob might be present for the festivities but didnt assume he would be playing-...
Sandy sez he looks forward to trying out doing the Everyone Orchestra thing...
And I wouldnt be writing about it at all but I was told its okay to post/ blog about it and that there will soon be a press release about it....
Better get to work on filling out my invite! Looks like an early Bertha celebration for me this year!!
See- I am CRAZED!....
order tix @
Lynn Silverman's GD photo album!
LOL- Check this out the mystical smoking head of Bob!- Ask Bob!
I need to find this!
Ӊ̇ ·Óθ¯Â ÌÓ˜Ë ÒÛ··ÓÚ˚!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

later that same night....

New article on Festival Express!

and while researching movies there's one coming out by Woody Harrelson called
"Go Further"

Our Bobby is in it!

one review

How does she find all this stuff?
Google News Alerts!
Check it out!

Hippy Berthaday Ruth!!
I just found Ruth's photo in Jay Blakesberg's book of photos of The Grateful Dead!
She's dancing away in there!

This is cool- it's a picture of Bob Weir's musicvine
Been out all day...
Then Blogger wouldnt open up...
Fel Cerddwn chwmpasa Grosvenor Sgwaria
Mo a oera at 'r aeafa namyn a nip at 'r awyra

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Die Landstraße, der Mond, die Wolken und die Sterne

who is going crazee with photoshop!?

in case i ever run out of Bobby pictures I can just start making masterpieces of all the old ones!!
Did you like that Young Bob/Jerry jugband spot? There maybe more on the Vidkid website?
Just sort of blindly flying through the interspace and found this interesting blogpost written by a bodybuilding deadhead woman

A little sumefin for the Garcia freaks...
Here's a review Arrow wrote about the day we waited inline at the Sweetwater to see Bobby & Phil unite "The Crusader Rabbit Stealth Band"...we waited hours!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

weir did my weekend go?

How's your weekend going?
Been busy here!
- Burning all my favorite RatBob shows for the car dealer- Scott's 99% certain he wants that car from the company with the same initials as Bob-Man Weir..and pawnbroker man is preparing to haggle cds for discounts for special features...

I've obtained some printshop software which works great with my imac and have been tinkering with putting together fun stuff like cd covers, calendars and online greetings. I dont yet have my old address book on the new computer so if you didnt get a a bobby greeting thing- email me at irenie2@mac.com...

New mattress arrived...which caused a little domestic commotion...Our room is on floor#3, Our old bed goes down to the bottom floor #1 to The big guy's room. Big Guy's bed is to go to the little guy's room on floor#2. Little guy's bunk bed now goes to the garage until we decide whom to donate it to? Who knew such a simple thing could take up so much energy?

...Despite the madness,We found time to view the Grateful Dead Movie- well some of it...As I'm tapping in here I'm listening to the audio commentary- mostly interesting! In the docu part is a piece with "young bobby" describing how much the group (grateful Dead) needed a rest...all the things he says can be applied to this other band rest break...
The audio commentary is -so far- great! At the moment the commentators are talking about the stand out audience members! I think I went to Crystal Springs with "Moose Girl"..and the dancing girl in purple top looks just like Sue Krausz..hmmm?
Loving it!

Quick it's the picture of the week! at the Dave Morris site
Ah the summer of Love
Becky's Grateful dead tribute

A very young Jerry & Bobby singing here!
un peu baiser et Felina au revoir

Friday, November 12, 2004

Giddy up! It's Friday!

well, now I'm all self concious!
Thanks for the birthday wishes for Sash!
and always...for the kind words!


-the film strip thing:
Here's an idea from Anne: "If those negatives that you got from the movie are in color, they can be printed out on a color enlarger or maybe taken to walmart or costco and then enlarged." Ooooh! Nice! We were all busy celebrating the young Miss's berthaday, so I havent had a chance to borrow Scotto's Jeweler's loop (to get a close up look at my film)..
Speaking of Annegram- She & Graceful canvased shows for Headcount and I just received an email from Headcount -they are thankful to many for volunteering- here's a nice link about that:
thank you from headcount
Ive only glanced at the lists but right off saw the name of at least one Deadnetter!
not so good news from GDTSTOO:
"Many of you have been asking about New Year's.
We checked with the Band and we were told that
they have decided not to play a New Year's show
this year."
Well, what can ya do?
Maybe go to this lil web site and express your feelings
Sure I'm a bit bummed but to be fair, we have had over a month now to get used to the fact that Bobby is taking a much needed til 2005...it wont be my first NYE/Birthday without a show...I think the last non Bob birthday was NYE 95? I did end up at the same party as Steve Parrish and vaguely familiar crew members..I'll probably blog about it when it hits me that there really wont be anything going on...well, except that ole me is getting older...
I think we need music, pictures & a story or 2 to cheer up with...So:
a Halldancer's site
One Night At Winterland
the friday guy's gd blog
Hmm, a Bob's Grateful Dead page?
okay, now pictures!

Really nice pix can be found HERE!! I'd put them up here but I think I clicked an agreement to not fiddle about with them? Anyway YOU should check out the website- looks like even more cool stuff to poke through!

alguns vêm rir afastado seu passado,
alguns vêm fazer-lhe apenas um mais dia,
qualquer maneira seu prazer tende,
se você plantar o gelo, you're que vai colher o vento...

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Birthday to Sasha!

my daughter is now a teenager- see the telephone has already been attached to her head......I should probably be very afraid but she's 10x more down to Earth than I could ever hope to be...:o) She will no longer be a teen on 11-11-11!

Well, Ron surfaced yesterday -came over for chilli.. He had gotten his evite to the party but had other plans for Tuesday.
....Finally my dvds arrived TODAY even though GDStore had sent them on the 5th....I sent a rather unhappy email to them...
But- we did get our film strip! 6 inches of Bobby & the guys on stage ! Now what do we do with this? Can photos be made from them? I'll have to lurk around the following discussions to see what ideas are out there...
Deadnet discussion on Whatever happened to___from the GD Movie?
and while at deadnet check outmore discussion on GD Movie
extra reading
dead stories
old hippy site
I need a Bobby photo
because it's raining...
Twrl Grl found this one picture on the Corbis site and we all went "OMIGOD!!!"
unfortunately...the link isnt working so well so here's a different photo...

and one more!

Magnolia dello zucchero, fioritura dei fiori

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Grateful Dead Movie part 2

OH BOY! The opening cartoon is so bright and clear! I had intended to watch the dvd before the party so I would remember who was in it..but alas, no dvd and my video of it is no good since we don't have any working vcrs connected...Wow! I was so glad I had NOT viewed it because it was a complete treat to see on a big screen! The sound and visuals really lots better than the video!
I felt like such an ollllld woman watching it....where does the time go?
The film shows exactly how fantastic it was to be what it was we were back then...lol, young and deadheaded! Not only was the music everything No matter how geeky or weird you felt anywhere else, at a Dead show you were a welcome part of something bigger...I suppose that is what everyone says when the first get on the old bus- but in 74, mostly everyone at shows were truly young people...an "older" head around that time mightve been, oh, say 30-35 years old? Heck, my own mom was only 34 in 74!
I was around 15 or 16 then and looked like this:
When you do watch the movie, you will see I looked like every third girl in the crowd...
I lived here in the Bay Area, where Bill Graham always had something going on for us"kids"...My parents met Bill at a Jewish community function and trusted him (my step-dad like BG, had been born in France, hidden as a child in Europe,went on to grow up in New York and somehow also landed in San Francisco) As long as it was a Bill Graham production, I could go, no questions asked if I didnt get home til a few daze later- that was the 70's)...No nasty drug habits, no teenage pregnancies, no crashed cars,no failing grades- I credit my inner Capricorn for getting me through...

Seeing how we were back then was almost overwhelming...I guess I will admit to tearing up just a tiny bit at seeing Bill in the white tux. Hearing Jerry's story (about the hundredth time) and watching him laugh at himself about "throwing Phil down the stairs" story....Then there is Bobby, so cute and charming in his gangliness- looking for the hidden guitar case (how could they do that to my guy?).....I get all ferklempt just remembering it! Dang, KFOG had Deborah Garcia on this morn (talking about her film) and they played "Ripple"...it was almost too much! lol!
Those were great times but not any more fun than going to see Ratdog has been these last few years....
I listen better now?
or because
I'm not flying through space or writhing in drug induced paranoia?
or because
Capricorns get more light hearted with age?
or because
the farther we go the rounder we get?
............................ ..................
I was rocking out in my balcony seat- there was an intermission and I went to see what shopping there was...Found Donna Standing right RIGHT right behind me! A few steps away from her was Pete Sears! I lumbered past them over to the poster room which was where the goods were available...I ended up getting a copy of Jay Blakesburg Photo book (nice mountain bikin Bob pix!)
oops- Scott's needing to turn off the electricity RIGHT NOW- so I 'll finish after/if the power gets switches back!
jerry video here! scroll down

There is nothing like a Grateful Dead Show! Part one

Weir to begin???
Linda phoned from the dinner, letting me know she had saved some seats for us upstairs and to remind me to bring $$$ because there was stuff to buy!
Kemmie came by and off we went to the fabulous Fillmore...
Parking was not a problem and neither was checking in..At the entrance fellows were handing out Uncle Sam buttons and Lammies complete with necklace thingies....At the top of the stairs was a beautiful little shrine lit up with candles- I didnt have time to give it a good looksy. Right there at the disply was Gwennie (you look great!) Reisha & Katrinka...After catching up with the Grateful Goddesses, we wandered into the auditorium where Dennis McNally was just introducing David Lemieux (he's so young and so cute!) and Jeffrey Norman (Normandy?) and thanking them for doing their part in bringing the film to dvd..On the stage was the one and only Donna Godchaux! She was sitting with a panel of people who had been involved with the pix...The only name I caught was Susan Crutcher...
A tall blonde guy was just stopping next to me- I took a look and saw it was Robin Sylvester and so tugged at his sleeve to say hello and of course, to demand a hug on behalf of a few special friends....Through the nite there were glimpses of the crew of Ratdog enjoying the show -Mike McGinn, Chris Charucki and one or two of the other usual suspects...Actually the night was FULL of familiar faces...not Band members (Aside from Donna)but all those other faces you know from Bay Area Dead related events...

I was standing in a bad spot for listening to the interviews, So, I bought myself some Diet Cola and told Kem I was heading on upstairs to find Linda & Tim....
Tim & Linda were easily found as always, exactly in the best spot you'd want if you were gonna be sitting..It's one of Linda's super powers-another is always finding great parking (except for that time at the Kaiser when her car got towed-but hey, who can win em all?)...Anyhow, Tim & Linda were positioned in the middle balcony (if you click on that Fillmore link- you can see the exact balcony-tween chandeliers- and indeed had saved 2 seats right there-exactly across from one of the movie screens...I looked down and it was kinda funny to see all the downstairs people hanging back- far away from the stage...if music were playing those same folks would be squeezing in at the rail....I decided I loved my balcony spot, I thanked Linda profusely for saving it and went back downstairs to find Kemmie...then back on up to get seated just as the cartoon began.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bent u vriendelijk?

Some new sites to check out :o) Finally figured out links!

So, I took the morning/day off to attend an IEP meeting for my kiddo....The meeting went well.....Kidlet's still unable to write or comprehend what he's reading but he appears to be some sort of math whiz..most important to me is that he likes this school and has friends that like to be with him...Whew!
So, it appears this is gonna be a rather excellent day & nite!!
Looking forward to the dvd release party tonight..Katrinka & Reisha I hear will be going and Tim & Linda were already invited to the release party pre-party dinner thing...And I don't know if Ron is in town or if he is -if he is going?
Ron are you out there?
Ron is one of the sweetest men around...he once saw old Parker munching on a chicken wing and actually reached into the dog's mouth (yucko) to fish out all the slivers of chicken bones...And he's got some cool stories about experiences with members of the GD from his daze of living in Marin....
Right now, I'm starting to get anxious that my dvds are not here- what's up with that? I purchased them with the guarantee that they would be delivered today - So, I can bring em tonite....Reports around the boards are that folks have already been receiving dvds as of Friday...grrrrr! Well, hey, it's only noon..It would be nice to get it soon so I can watch it before the party- So, I can remember who to look for that was in the movie---it's all fuzzy memories right now....Hell, yesterday is already a fuzzy memory!
....And while I'm swinging from mood to mood...there's this completely unrelated to Bobness I have to goof around with:

........................Does the world really need 3 year olds who can pierce ears?......note the tie dye tank top.........and is that a bong on the little table by the surf board?.....
If you must gift the Barbie lover in your family at least have the good sense to order the SpongeBob Barbie!!

Monday, November 08, 2004


This makes Monday brighter-

So many cute Bobpix at this site!
I'm talkin pages and pages of total Bobness!

Look up Bob Weir in the search feature for more!
more Bobby pix here- http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=SRH&logsrch=1&sfld=&nbc1=1
mind boggeling how many pictures there are out there- and we havent even begun looking at fan photos....If only there were more hours in the day, I think I'd put up all the fan pix on a separate photoblog...you know the pictures Bobby takes with his fans...I have about a dozen of those in my Euromovie - Bob with assorted individuals...
well, now I'm babbling away in delirium over the new hundreds of pix I can go look through at those 2 sites...there's some of Bobby with a single rose.

..unfortunately it reminds me of the reality TV show where the bachelor blows off the girl by handing her the rose...or something like that- I don't watch those shows....which reminds me....Was flipping through channels last night and there was Jerry & Bobby on PBS - a rerun of the closing of Winterland on yet another fundraiser...local channels know just who to hit on for donations, I'd say!!

noi andare, voi e la I, mentre possiamo? Con il tramonto transitivo dei diamanti