Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ratdog remembers Jerry an article over on JamBase.

Kenny Brooks tonight at The Cheeseboard (according to Kenny's calendar)
1512 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley!
also 2 chances to see Kenny with The Realistic Orchestra at Bruno's on Mission St. in da city (roight across the street from Scotto's workplace!)
Tuesday night gigs too! (Scott can finally go!) September 5th and October 3rd!

Found some moreBobby photos here
Shameless self promotion (well, sort of) Nice nod to Scott & the shop from the "Mayor"
Check out #9 on this guide thru the Mission!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bud caught some great Shots @ GOTV!

Bob Weir & Ratdog will perform on the following dates:

Monday, October 30 at the Smith Opera House in Geneva, NY.
Show time is 7:30 PM.
General admission. All ages are welcome.
Mail order tickets are available $43.00 per ticket.

Monday, November 6 at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA.
Show time is TBA.
All Sections are reserved. All seats within sections are general admission.
Mail order tickets are available at $ $49.50 Floor & $34.50 Balcony per ticket.


The first mail in dates for all of the above performance is Wednesday through Friday,
August 30 though September 1, 2006.

The Crew of GDTSTOO

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pretty pictures of Baltimore Ratdog over at Gregg

Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's Baby Bleu....

Right on! Starting Sunday right with a nice video of Bobby @ Ramshead over on Paul

Fun GOTV pictures over on Grateful Web.

Baltimore setlists:
8/25/2006 Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD
I: Jam > Casey Jones > Easy to Slip > Supplication Jam >
Easy to Slip > Odessa, Big Boss Man, Wrong Way Feelin' >
Jus' Like Mama Said > Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance

II: Looks Like Rain, Corrina, Tuesday Blues >
West L.A. Fadeaway > Ashes and Glass > Stuff >
Come Together > Good Lovin

E: Johnny B. Goode

8/26/2006 Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD
I: Jam > Shakedown Street > Big River >
Queen Jane Approximately > Money for Gasoline
Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > Jack Straw >
Dark Star > Big Railroad Blues

II: Mexicali Blues, Candyman, Victim or the Crime >
Silvio > Tequila > Silvio > Tequila > Silvio >
Scarlet Begonias > Stuff > Dear Prudence >
Dark Star > One More Saturday Night

E: Ripple

Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Mark Karan's Buds"
& other guests including the Rowan Brothers and David Gans

Sept. 17, 2006

11:30-6:30 p.m.

Rock the Earth Benefit Concert
Jerry Garcia Amphitheatre, John McFaren Park, San Francisco,

A FREE CONCERT -- More details to come!!!

Bob Weir and Ratdog will play the following shows:

Friday, November 3 at the Palace Theatre, Albany, NY.
Show time is 8:00 PM. All ages are welcome.
All seats are reserved. A taping section will be provided.
Mail order tickets are available at $35.00 per ticket.

Thursday, November 9 at the Mohegan Sun Casino
and Resort, Uncasville, CT.
Co-headliners: Blues Traveler.
Doors open at 6:PM. Show time is 7:00 PM.
All seats are reserved. A taping section will be provided.
Mail order tickets are available at $38.00 per ticket.

Friday, November 17 at Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL.
Doors open at 7:00 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
All ages welcome. This is a general admission show.
Mail order tickets are available at $33.00 per ticket.

All mail postmarked through Wednesday, August 30
will be considered 'first postmark mail' for these three

We are working on getting you the information for shows
at Geneva, NY on October 30, Stroudsburg, PA on
November 6 and Lowell, MA on November 10.

Tickets are available for all shows on the schedule. We
have generous allotments for all shows, so don't worry
if you mail in beyond 'first postmark'. Mail order will remain
open until an allotment is sold out, or it's too late to deal
with it. We generally have to close mail order for any particular
show about a week before show date.

The Crew of GDTSTOO
August 25, 2006


"It goes to show you don't ever know
Watch each card you play
and play it slow....."

Robert Hunter

Web Site:
Customer Service Number: (415) 898-2364
Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm, PST.
Tour information and mail order telephone hotline: 415-457-6388
To subscribe to our email announce list, send empty email to



For more info, contact: Tom Ledermann/JamCam Chronicles @ (877) JamCam1 or email at:

RatDog and JamCam Remember Jerry w/New Release

(August 23, 2006, Farmington, MI) Clocking in at close to 3 hours total and boasting nearly 60 minutes of RatDog concert footage, JamCam Chronicles’ ( latest offering marks Bob Weir and RatDog’s first officially sanctioned appearance on a commercially released DVD.

Shot just days after what would have been Jerry Garcia’s 63rd Birthday (August 1st) and just prior to the anniversary of his passing (August 9th) at Sunshine Daydream Farm’s 20th Annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash Festival in Terra Alta, WV, JamCam’s Season Two, Set Four serves as a fitting tribute to the Bob Weir described “workingman’s hero.” RatDog leads the way, delivering standout performances of the Grateful Dead classics “Sugar Magnolia,” “Jack Straw,” “Standing on the Moon,” “One More Saturday Night” and the location appropriate “Sunshine Daydream” show closer, each seamlessly bridged by an eloquently spoken Bob Weir. The centerpiece of the DVD allows Bob to beam about his current pride and joy, Ratdog, touching on both its present state (“…we pick up from where we left off the night before and we just keep kickin’ this stuff around…it’s a lotta fun.”) and its future (“Ratdog is gonna tell me what it wants…I’m not the ringmaster…it’s our band…”) prior to segueing into a stunning “Ashes and Glass.”

The Codetalkers (featuring Bobby Lee Rodgers, Col. Bruce Hampton & Jimmy Herring), The David Nelson Band, Ekoostik Hookah, The Toni Brown Band (w/former GD keyboardist Tom Constanten), One-Eyed Jack and G-13 provide musical highlights as well, and members of each are given the opportunity to share their own thoughts on Jerry by way of brief, yet poignant interview segues.

A fun-filled “Favorite Jerry Moments” segment, a look at “Trip’s Farm and the 20th Annual” and more than 30 minutes of bonus material (including almost 5 minutes of additional Bob Weir interview footage) round out this latest and arguably most essential addition to the JamCam time capsule. JamCam Chronicles DVDs can be ordered individually, or at a heavily discounted subscription rate at / (877) JamCam1.

JamCam Chronicles Jerry Bash 2005 DVD Official Track List:

01. Open
02. RatDog - "Sugar Magnolia">Bob Weir Interview segue>"Jack Straw"
03. The David Nelson Band - "Iko Iko">Interview segue>"The Wheel"
04. G-13 - Interview segue>"Stars"
05. The Toni Brown Band - Interview segue>"Double Shot of Tequilla"
06. Trip's Farm & the 20th Annual (w/Trip interview/Jerry Bash sights)
07. RatDog - Bob Weir Interview segue>"Ashes and Glass"
08. The Codetalkers (Featuring Bobby Lee Rodgers, Col. Bruce Hampton & Jimmy Herring) - "Yield Not to Temptation">Interview segue>"Ike Stubblefield"
09. One-Eyed Jack - Interview segue>"Hard to Find the Time"
10. Ekoostik Hookah - Interview segue>"Another Good Man Gone"
11. Favorite Jerry Moments (w/band interview clips/Jerry Bash sights)
12. RatDog - Bob Weir Interview segue>"Standing on the Moon">Trip Interview segue>"One More Saturday Night">Sunshine Daydream"
13. Credits (w/additional interview clips)
Plus bonus music, more Bobby interview clips, etc.

Uh oh!

In Progress

As usual, I'm adding to this tour journal when I can- So scroll to see if I've added on.
Got lots to do since I've been away...could take awhile...

Ramble on Rose...

It's been a big busy week.

Noah, Scott & I took off last Friday for Mendocino County. We decided to stay in Ukiah instead of Willits for the night.
Just our luck, there was a Grateful Dead cover band called 'Workingman's Ed" playing at the Ukiah Brewing Company. I was happily surprised at how much the guy who sang the "Jerry" songs sounded very Jerryesque. The Bobby was not Bobbyesque but it's always interesting to hear another take on BTW.


we left Ukiah for Willits. We looked forward to a big brekkie at The Country Skillet (it was a yearly tradition). We were disappointed to find the place is no longer open on the weekends! Ended up at Perko's. Blech.
On to Winnarainbow. Sash wowed us with swing dancing, PsychoShakespeare and Improv performances.
We made it home around 10:30 pm. Kids & Scott went to bed- I stayed up to pack for my trip to the East Coast.


Had about an hour's sleep before the alarm went off around 4:00 AM. I had a 7 AM flight and made it to SFO at 5:30 AM.
It was a crazy scramble once I saw the mess o folks in the baggage line! The outside baggage check was much shorter than the indoors one. After 15 minutes, I made my way to the massive security line. Excited airport personnel separated those of us with 7:00AM flights from everyone else and rushed us thru.

I ran to my gate and found I had a little time to spare. Just enough to buy a few magazines. I read an entire Vanity Fair magazine and embroidered a neckline of a tee shirt by the time we landed in Charlotte, N.C.

I was hungry and had a little time before my flight to Newark, so I looked for food to buy. Every canteen had a long line- except for the Starbucks. I didn't have anytime to wait for a latte- I grabbed a cold, stale,cheese sandwich which I cannot believe cost over nine dollars! In North Carolina? Again had to RUN to the gate not to miss my flight. Once on the plane, we were stuck on the tarmac for 30-45 minutes (argh).
Finally, got to EWR. Glowy was there to greet me. We jumped in her car and headed directly to...Well, I'm not sure where but it was where we going to see CSN&Y!!!!!

It was killer humidity on the way to CSN&Y. Suddenly, rain gushed down as we were driving. It was totally crazy!
It only lasted a few minutes, but it did reduce the humidity . I should've known then that I'd be hearing another 'Hard Rain's gonna Fall" in Ridgefield. It always rains hard wherever I go to before I hear that one...Bahamas, Beacon, Seattle...
We parked and hiked up to an enormous amphitheater. Glowy went in and found her Jason (we each have a Jason) who had somehow managed to find a ticket for me! Good news as the show was sold out.
And what an incredibly great show it was! I'm sorry to Scott- I oughtve pushed for us to get tix when CSN&Y Played here.
We were on a lawn. People were sitting tightly together and some suspected the show had been ridiculously oversold.
glow couldn't wander far without someone or another running over for a hug or to say hey. I met sons, cousins, friends, sons' girlfriends, friends of sons, sons' girlfriends' parents. A whole lotta love in the air.

We were a little late got in at "Almost Cut My Hair". The time went by too fast. I called Scott and held up my cell phone so we could share "Our House" which is a favorite of his. I'm too close up at Bobby shows to be able to effectively give a listen but up on the lawn the sound was loud, clear and he loved hearing it live. There were classic CSNY tunes from back when folks were protesting the war in Viet Nam. The songs segued to the band's current songs about the war in Iraq.
Normally, I don't like having an agenda pushed on me at a show...I like to feel I'm making my own decisions about what is right and what is fair. I have concerns about masses of people adopting a POV because someone "cool" or charismatic is pushing it.
If a band is gonna come out swinging against the war in Iraq and the guys who got us in that mess, CSNY are the men to do it! The songs rock and the videos presented are very effective.
I'm interested in knowing if CSNY are sticking to a single setlist or if they have been varying it at all?
My fave of the night ( too bad I missed "Wooden Ships") was the big "Teach Your Children"...and I didn't mind it at all when someone on stage suggested we triple teachers' wages.

Tossed our bags in the trunk of G's car. Stopped for gas and essential beverages then headed to Ridgefield.
The East coast is nothing like I thought. Everywhere I've been (except NYC) seems real rural and green compared to the Bay Area. Here the suburbs all run together . There, they have towns and villages separated with expanses of woods & countryside. The freeway system is also baffling to me. And I couldn't figure out at all what direction we were going.
Here, I'm use to ocean on the West (determined by our coastal mountains) and the Bay and hills on my East. Cooler air and a sense of height going North (which is where my hilly city on the Bay is). South is Silicon Valley and dry heat. We have the micro climate thing here so the sense of warmth & coolness is distinct.
Every road felt like a country road on the way to CT.
We first headed to Ridgefield to check out the venue. The playhouse is located in what makes me think of Martha Stewart land. Beautiful old homes with big lawns and leafy trees. The venue was around the side of a large building. Pictures of the place are in that swirly slideshow somewhere on this day's blog. We took a peek around. Then took off to look at the little city of Danbury before finding our hotel. Once checked in, it was time to get some lunch then rest a bit and finally get ourselves over to Ridgefield for the show!
The lot was active with deadheads. We barely arrived and found ourselves situated right next to a team of Dot Orgers! Great to see Jammin & Tenn Jed again. I knew faces from photos and I know names from the message board but still wasnt too sure who was who. Only excuse is that I'd been more or less sleep deprived all month. I was surprised when someone wished me a happy anniversary! True, our 18 (it's a good luck number in Judaism, by the way) year wedding anniversary was Monday! We figured we could handle celebrating apart this one time. Found out my (((Dave))) spread the word!
I brought a bag of tzchakies to give out as well as a lil something for Bud and so moved on through the lot, then up to the playhouse. The merchandise booth was all set up so I purchased my cd wristband and said "hi" to the usual suspects on the other side of the counter. Had my hand stamped, purse checked and ticket ripped so in I stumbled. I was surprised to find I could walk down to the stage as no one looked or attempted to at my ticket. I saw Ellen & Warren and went over to hug em. They were Dead Bobby center on the rail.
After hugs and chat, G & I situated ourselves at the last available rail space- MK side, me in front of a massive speaker. The stage was rather low and the guys were closer than I've seen in a few years to the front of the stage. No barriers either.
Bud appeared next to us! I was excited to see him- forgot his birthday was actually the 22nd and gave him his gift early.
After only a few moments, Charucki was stepping up to a mic and giving the smoking warnings. The lights dimmed and out trotted the band. Yep, the guys were only about 4 or 5 feet away. It was crazy to be able to be so close. The opening jam became Truckin.

Jam>Truckin>Take Me To The River>Youngblood, Ramble On Rose, Tomorrow Never Knows> Senor> Row Jimmy>Maggies Farm.
Blackbird.Desolation Row, Bury Me Standing, Silvio>Tequila>Iko-Iko>WharfRat>Not Fade Away. Funky Stuff (we want the bump!) Throwing Stones>Touch of Gray

My rail spot was great for visuals but when I couldnt hear "Senor" through the distortion from being too close to the speaker, I went up to my seat which really was the very farthest seat away from the stage! I could see okay from up there and found the sound much more to my liking. I took a few pix with the poor old black kodak. Always the yellow light came up - I eventually gave up on pix during the show-even though some turned out okay (see slideshow).

Set break came after a few songs and I went downstairs to chat with friends. We were going outside for air, I had my hand stamped and followed friends outside. After a while, it was time to venture back in. I went to the same guy who had stamped my hand on the way out and he asked to see my ticket. I absolutely could not find it! The guy was the same security guy that I had spoken to about cameras earlier in the day, and who checked my ticket in as well as doing my stamp. Still he was clearly not letting me back in without a ticket! My friends were already deep inside the playhouse and I was stuck. I was fuming ! Before I could figure out what to do next, a dude from the crew was walking by, I hated to ask him for help (drama!), but it wouldve been silly not to. Anyhow, I got a smile and a "Have nice set" from the security guy when I was brought through by ((((unnamed kind crew person)))).

I went back down to the rail to tell my friends about being stuck outside and was interrupted by another security guy wanting to see our tix. I asked if he was joking or what? Before he could answer, another security guy told him to forget about getting all the people to their seats- just make sure the aisles werent being blocked . Close one for me since my ticket was awol.
There was space a little closer to the middle- well, at least not right in front of the speakers. A dad & kid had moved into my old front of speakers spot. I shuddered to notice the kid did not have any ear protection.
The sound was clear and lovely in my new spot which was left of speakers. I was happy to see Bleu had showed up with his beautiful camera- Look for his pictures on dot org. He took a bunch from our angle and there was a segment during the second set when Bobby came right up to where Bleu was taking photos- those ought to be outstanding!
It was a friendly night...No trouble moving back and forth through the people, a song in front-then back to the side to dance or take a breath. I enjoyed the show so much - the Stuff was Funk oriented.

My favorite for the evening was the amazing WharfRat. Silvio, Iko, Desolation Row were great too. Oh, geez, it was all good once I was away from the front of the speakers. And there's something to be said about being flanked by so many good Ratdog tour friends. I love looking around and seeing everyone smiling & dancing!
After the show, visted witfolks- was glad to see 3 Deadnet Mamas & Rus in line for discs with me. Katrinka & Graceful came from California for vibes and these shows. Loie was in her home state.
Found a semiquiet corner to call Scott from. Was happy to learn he hit his first "Grand Slam" earlier at his Softball game. Bud was nearby as was Dennis McNally and both wished Scott a happy Anniversary. Dennis yelped it into the phone and Bud played a tune on his harmonica! Scott was so pleased!


Slept in..sort of, had a mission to find somewhere to replace G's burnt out headlight. Then lunchies, then back to bed to recover from a late night...the day passed quickly and we soon enough were heading back to Ridgefield. One thing that made Ridgefield a different experience than your usual venue was that it was located in the middle of what appeared to be a very leafy, wealthy suburb. The venue- obvious in the pix, is part of a town hall building. Not visible from the road with the entrance around the back. We pulled in the parking lot , had stuff to drop off at one of the band's buses, while we were there a primo parking spot opened up (apparently the town hall has a gym and one of the Ridgefieldians were done working out). We schmoozed awhile with some folks, then I scrambled off to purchase a wristband for cds.
They were already letting people in so in we went....back down by the stage...rail was about 1/2 one claiming the area in front of MK-so, we filled it in and found ourselves next senor jammin john. It wasnt as close to the huge speaker as the previous night.

The rail area filled up quickly and densely. I met various 40ish blonde women closing in behind me- one decked out in PTA clothes (pearl necklace included) named Betsy claimed no one could possibly be a bigger Bobby fan than herself..(oh, PUHLEEEZE!). A second rather polished looking blondie (Nancy?) was with her husband..Nancy was absolutely thrilled about being so close up to Bobby. A third well dressed 40ish blonde was with her husband and was not one bit happy about being there "It's her first GD related show" the hubby told me. He was all smiles, Wifey was looking unsure about being mooshed about but settled for being flanked by all us forty something Bobby freaks.

Soon Charux did his smoking spiel, the lights dimmed and our heroes traipsed over to their instruments.
I wondered what sort of show was in store...A pretty jam with hints of serious Jazz lead up to what I thought mightve turned into 2 Djinn but it turned out to be a rockin "Bertha". I was really happy with the setlist ..I had been splaining Setlist Tarot to a few folks recently and it seems this might ve been one of those shows where it happens.
What is Setlist Tarot you might ask?

Well, it's when a show is a bit like a Tarot card reading. Instead of laying out cards, songs get played..each song has a special bit in it that will trigger a thought or feeling for me that would only make sense to me. Mightve heard a line or lick a few thousand times but at the moment I hear it in a particular show, it tells me something new. A show can ask a question or answer one. It's I guess a synchroncity thing..I don't know but it happens big and small to me. Scott and I both found the Harmony Festival show to be extremely healing in this way.
'Sometimes the songs that we sing are songs of our own"

Well, back to Ridgefield-
I found this to be a sweet show with lots of highlights. I especially enjoyed the Lazy River Road -even with the little cough inside. There was some elbow room at the rail, so I invited Nancy up so she could be that much closer to the Bobstar.

As Dark Star started up...Wifey and Betsy were conversing loudly behind me...I tried smiling politely..hoping to make eye contact that would remind them that SOME PEOPLE WERE THERE TO HEAR THE response....I glared...No response...
Finally, I channelled my inner bitch and fumed at them "CAN YOU NOT TALK DURING THE SONGS!!!"...Poor Betsy whispered she was sorry and blamed Wifey (who was somewhat hammered by now). I heard whispers behind me but as the band settled in for the 13 minute DS, I became oblivious to anything but the dreamy instrumentals and Bobby's voice. This Dark Star faded off in really delicate little notes which revved up to "She Says".

Friday, August 18, 2006

Have a great time tonight!
Have a great weekend, too!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thanks Alan!


First of all we need to set straight a mistake we made:
The Atlanta RatDog show at the Tabernacle is on Monday,
November 13, NOT November 3. We apologize.

Bob Weir and Ratdog will play the following shows:

Friday, October 20 at the Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL.
Doors open at 6:00 PM. Show time is 7:30 PM.
All ages welcome. This is a general admission show.
Mail order tickets are available at $38.00 per ticket.

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 31 and November 1
at the North Fork Theater at Westbury, NY.
Doors and show time are to be announced.
All seats are reserved. A taping section will be provided.
Mail order tickets are available at $43.00 per ticket.

We will consider orders postmarked August 16, 17 and 18
as 'first postmark mail'.

More soon.

The Crew of GDTSTOO

Monday, August 14, 2006

If I could choose a uniform for myself it would have to includea tee shirt and blue jeans and clogs. What can I say? I'm built for comfort.

A very nice nod to the Ratdog crew over on Alan's blog

Another Woodstock Tribute

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Jillybean!

Ratdog live on Sirius Radio
Ratdog LIVE on Jam_ON
Tues 8/22 9:00 pm ET
It’s time for another live concert on Jam_ON – this time it’s Bob Weir and Ratdog! Their show at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, Connecticut is sold out, but Jam_ON has a front row ticket for you. Tune in to our exclusive broadcast of Bob Weir and Ratdog, LIVE in concert and only on SIRIUS!
According to Kenny B's calender we all can look forward to some Alphabet Soup happening on 9/10/06 at the Solano Stroll
I have pictures up from Manchester Ratdog parties (Aug 2003) on my iPages and more pix @ from after the show, here.
If you missed it, Here's a fun blog about the UK tours at

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Happy Birthdaze to Bill & Dave! ( aka LizardKing & Mazzy)!!!

Bobby has a banjo? I wonder if we'll ever get to hear a little of him playing it?
Another Woodstock tribute blog because the anniversary of it is coming up.
I wasnt there of course, too busy getting ready to be a sixth grader.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Mojo Magazine:
Bob Dylan- September 2006

August 11th, 2006

In this month’s issue of Mojo celebrate the upcoming release of Bob Dylan’s Modern Times. Hear about Dylan from some of the greatest musicians ever like Bob Weir of the Dead and Joan Baez.



Bob Weir and RatDog will play the following shows:

Monday, November 3 at the Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA.
Doors open at 7:00 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
All ages are welcome. This is a general admission show.
Mail order tickets are available at $33.00 per tickeet.

Saturday, November 11 at the New Jersey Performing
Arts Center, Newark, NJ.
Doors open at 7:00 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
All seats are reserved. All ages are welcome.
Mail order tickets are available at $51.00 per ticket
for the Orchestra, the Grand Tier, First, Second and
Third Tiers and at $41.00 per ticket for the Fourth Tier.

A taping section will be provided at the $51.00
price level.

We will consider all dates through Tuesday, August 15
as first postmark mail for both these shows.

As per usual, mail order will remain open beyond
these days.

More shows will be posted as they become available.

The Crew of GDTSTOO

"Embrace the Chaos, For Sanctity is to be Found in Formlessness,
as all Those Who have travelled with 'The Other One' Know to be True".

Found on an envelope addressed to GDTS in February 1992 ordering
tickets for the Spring Tour Nassau shows....

Web Site:
Customer Service Number: (415) 898-2364
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, PST.

So, have you video googled the Bobby yet?.
News item about the Fall Ratdog tour
Another Bobby item from Leah Garchik's column (8/10/06):

Bob Pritikin's 17th annual Labor Day party, which in the past few years has featured such individuals as Tammy Faye Bakker, Mickey Rooney, Carole Channing and Eddie Fisher, will this year feature Bob Weir and RatDog. Making reference to the Grateful Dead, Pritikin says booking a rock 'n' roller doesn't represent a change of philosophy. "Bob Weir did something that resonated throughout the whole world. San Francisco was the centerpiece of this wonderful music that they invented. It's about time that somebody said, hey, why don't we give you guys a trophy? Isn't that fair?''

Pritikin insists that this is his last Labor Day fete. Why? "I don't know,'' he said.

Pictures from last years big Labor day party can be viewed Here. I ran across a picture of one of my former employers hanging out @ last year's party.
Cyber tours of the venue can be taken here


Thank you {{{Everyone}}} for the messages of support and kind thoughts and vibes this week.
I would estimate that there were a few hundred people that came to pay respects for (((Jared)))

...more than words could tell....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Death Don't Have No Mercy

Rest in Peace
Thank you to everyone who sent vibes to our nephew.
His battle began with a virus last Fall.
The virus became Aplastic Anemia.
The Aplastic Anemia became Leukemia.
We were told he just had a few days left in June,
but he surprised us and things were looking up.
Along the way there was a bone marrow transplant
and medications to kill the Cancer.
The Cancer was gone.
But the chemistry involved was too harsh.

Expecting to be offline for a few days.
From Munck Music-

Dear customer,

The Dead has decided to close shop. While some of the older Grateful Dead recordings will still be marketed under an arrangement the band has made with Warner Brothers, the band's post-Garcia touring organization will be shut down. This also means that all sales of The Dead's "Official Concert Recording Series" - the live recordings from The Dead's 2003 and 2004 tours - will come to an end.

So, between NOW and August 18th is the last chance to get your hands on any of the 66 live recordings from The Dead's 2003 and 2004 tours, as well as the two 2003 New Years Eve shows from Mountain View, CA, and the 2/9/04 Winter Jam show at the Warfield, in San Francisco. After August 18th, the "Official Concert Recording Series" website will shut down, and none of these recordings will be available for sale anymore !

There were innumerable highlights during the 2003 and 2004 tours, including the 5-night runs at Red Rocks in Colorado; guest performances by Steve Winwood, Willie Nelson, Branford Marsalis, and many more; the 3-set shows at Jones Beach, NY in '03; and the shows from The Gorge, WA where the scenic beauty always seemed impose its special effect on the music. All wonderful memories. All now available for the last time!

We are hopeful that the "core four" surviving members of the band will decide to perform together again, and that MunckMusic will bring you the recordings of these shows when they take place. In the meantime, we will continue our work to record and market more great bands and music festival performances such as Bob Weir and RatDog, Bruce Hornsby, Little Feat, and over 100 performances from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and more - all available at

In closing, all of us at MunckMusic want to extend a heartfelt "thank you" for your interest in The Dead's recordings over the past four years, and for thereby helping to spearhead a whole new way for bands and artists to market their music. Thanks to you, good music and good memories will live on for a long, long, time.

And the fields are full of dancing
Full of singing and romancing
The music never stopped

Thank you!

Peer Munck
President, MunckMix. Inc.

From Leah's column this morning:

"The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Warren Hellman's free Golden Gate Park picnic-concert-hootenanny -- first weekend in October -- has some new feathers in its cap. Earl Scruggs and Emmylou Harris, among many headliners who've been there before, will be joined by Billy Bragg, Bob Weir and the Waybacks, Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy, Alejandro Escovedo and Ramblin' Jack Elliott. On Friday afternoon, Elvis Costello and friends will perform, and in conjunction with Daniel Pearl World Music Days -- an international network of concerts in remembrance of the journalist killed in Afghanistan -- violinist winners of a Pearl music prize will play. Also, the San Francisco Opera is sending the SF Opera Bluegrass Dukes. This may be the first time veterans of the Opera and the Dead share a stage."

Leah, Wouldnt Bobby singing the National anthem with Frederica Von Strade (and Jerry Lawson) at whenever that was at (Pac Bell )whatever the Giant's baseballball park is called, be the first (sort of) stage? I have about 35 seconds of that on video somewhere around here.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hey! Who's in Rhode Island?
Next week try and catch the short film Wetlands Preserved: Story of an Activist Rock Club. The Bobstar is among several fine people in this film.
Having a nice Monday?
I am!

Just read this article about Musicians and Chiropractors. Guess which Ratdog-former GD guitarist the practitioner being interviewed would really like to meet!? The first name begins and ends with the letter "B"!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nice blog tale of Promised Land

Have a listen!
If youre in SF and looking for something to do there's this

Friday, August 04, 2006

Who in their right mind would call Ratdog 'objectionable?".

Had a blast at Connecticut Yankee last night!
Only this photo came out and I had to tweak it on my iPhoto application to be able to see it.

Kenny B was in better than fine form and those guys from The Ritual were certainly a good match. Usually when we get to see Kenny sans his doggy bandmates, it's the hippy hop thing or straight out Jazzzzz but last night ended up being a sort of GD/Jamband tribute. Two sets! There was a Mission in the Rain, Low Spark of High heeled boys..LA Fade Away to mention a few. They (The Ritual guys?) are selling cds of the show and I need to find out who & how to get a copy. Kenny had more than the usual amount of room to play it up on the GD songs..and he played em with great spirit too! I am sorry for those who couldve been there if they had known about it! . It was an excellent night!

I had never been to the venue before. It's located by or on Potrero Hill ... It's a neat clean little bar with an adjacent yard that looks just like a little beer garden. Hope sometime to get back there!

Any how, just home from picking up Noah from the camp. He had a great time. He created a computer game!!!!! and made some new friends too!!!!!!!

Only the memories remain:Grateful Dead's recordings moved

Thursday, August 03, 2006

This looks cool!. Just wish I knew how to get it to work on my mac?

Tonight in SF!
At Connecticut Yankee

Thurs 8/3/06-The Ritual and Friends 10pm $5 (21+)
Jordan Feinstein (keys, vox)from the Ritual (
Lucas(drums), Sean (gtr, vox)and Murph (bass) from Home at Last(
Special Guest: Kenny Brooks (Sax)
This talented collection of Bay Area players have come together to honor their roots, playing the music of The Dead, The Band, Dylan, Allman Brothers, The Beatles, Jerry Band and more...

Shoulda woulda coulda!!
We were able to catch Ratdog shows in Germany & The Netherlands back in 2002.
Now of course, I'm sorry to have missed Ratdog in Pistoia, Italy...

I'm enjoying this review of some of this Summer's Western Ratdog shows from

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Good news for some of yas!
Ratdog management released some Fall dates to and here they are!

October 20 (Fri) Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL
October 21 (Sat) The Rave Milwaukee, WI
October 22 (Sun) Fitzgerald Theatre St. Paul, MN
October 26 (Thu) PromoWest Pavilion Columbus, OH
November 11 (Sat) Prudential Hall Newark, NJ
November 13 (Mon) The Tabernacle Atlanta, GA
November 14 (Tue) Florida Theatre Jacksonville, FL
November 16 (Thu) House of Blues Orlando, FL
November 17 (Fri) Jannus Landing St. Petersburg, FL
November 18 (Sat) Mizner Park Amphitheatre Boca Raton, FL
Happy Planning!!!

Good news here too. Sash's ekg was normal- phew!
Been different having Noah away at his camp.
Every night I can see pictures of his day at the camp website plus he's emailed me each morning!!
He seems to be having a great time too. Sash has been writing as well and I need to send her a care package very soon.
Meanwhile, Jason (my adult son) is here. He was on this side of the Bay and decided to stay over.