Friday, April 01, 2005

Hippy Berthaday Wass!

Gotta get out of here because Jovita is coming to make the place shiny & bright again (she is a gift from God)..
But before I hustle everyone else to get up and get going, here's last night's setlist -no fantasy points but who cares? There was WRS, SOTM, St Stephen & The Winners- some of my favorites! Well, it can be said whatever Bobby sings is a favorite at that particular moment...

3/31/2005 (Thu.) The Rave, Milwaukee, WI

I: Jam > Feel Like a Stranger > She Belongs to Me, Minglewood Blues, Senor, Take Me to the River, Row Jimmy > Brown-Eyed Women > Jam* > Weather Report Suite Prelude/Part 1 > Let It Grow

II: Candyman@, The Winners@4, Althea@ > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl > Ashes and Glass > Jam+ > Standing on the Moon, St. Stephen > William Tell Bridge > The Eleven > Not Fade Away

E: Johnny B. Goode

*-w/out Jay (technical difficulties); +-started with just Kenny, Robin, Jeff, and Jay before Bob and MK joined on percussion then guitar; Kenny on cowbell during "Ashes"
And resh from Deadnet is Beth's report on the show:

Beth R - 06:59am Apr 1, 2005 PDT (#14043 of 14046)

WRS-LIG was very special, just a gorgeous version. Damn, that Bobby Weir can play!

Right before they went into it, Jay walked over to Bob to tell him that he needed to change the head on his bass drum, so they jammed without him while he fixed it (with some assistance from AJ & Charuki, but Jay did most of the work). At one point while that was happening, Bobby walked over to the drum kit and pretended to kick it. Nice to see that he can laugh at himself.

Another very fine show with some really beautiful playing, along with a healthy dose of screaming electric guitars. Steve/11 was in top form. As Kenny played that snaky line that leads into the High Green Chilly Winds part, Bobby turned toward Jeff and briefly put his hand to his heart. I could feel the love flowing last night. At various times while Bobby was deep into his thing, I would spy one or another of the band members gaze at Bobby with a look of admiration and love. McNally came out in front for the end of the second set, and I saw him give Bobby that look, too, during SOTM. And it was so cool to see how much the band loves Steve/11. They were soooo into it. They sang the High Green Chilly Winds part with huge smiles on their faces, Robin in particular had grin a mile wide.

Then there's this review from Frogman-
frogman - 09:23pm Mar 31, 2005 PDT (#65 of 69)
mp3 of Melvin Seals and Terrapin Flyer

oh, i came home early to go to sleep, but i'll give you a quickie review:

stranger is slow and slinky. she belongs to me is delivered with style. brings the house down. dylan is playing the same room next week perhaps a dylan nod because also the senor appears. minglewood was alright, didn't do it for me. senor was pretty good. bobby puts his own flavor into it and it's different and pretty interesting. row jimmy is a great tune and it's done pretty well by ratdog. brown eyed women sort of lyrically interesting choice. wrs>let it grow was good, but it was interupted by a bad fight right next to me. some dude got knocked out because he threw a beer at the wall and it hit the sound guy and some others and he got thrown to the hard cement floor on his head. after that, it was time for me to leave.
Yikes- hope the Sound guy's okay!