Friday, April 22, 2005

From Dantini at Deadnet:

dantini - 09:26pm Apr 22, 2005 PDT (#16941 of 16942)

Just got home from the show. Brought my 14 year old son with me, his 1st show. He got a space on the rail right in front of Bob. After the show, one set list was handed into the audience, the set list that was at Bob's feet during the show. It was given to my son! He is so happy right now, as am I.

I Saw the Grateful Dead 70 times between 84 and 94, and this Ratdog show tonight at the Hampton Casino was as enjoyable as any show I have ever seen. Bobby nailed te Jerry tunes and there were several. Brown Eyed Women and Row Jimmy were perfect. The acoustic stuff that opened set two were wonderful, even El Paso, thanks to some fine guitar work from Karan. The rhythm and blues treatment they laid onto Deep Elem Blues was extra thick and chunky, as was the jam in School Girl. Help > Slip > Dear Prudence was spectacular. I was hoping Help > Slip would not lead into the expected Franklins, but to get Dear Prudence in that slot was just too much. And they nailed it! Then the Franklins that did follow Two Djinn was as fine as any I have ever heard. A slower, rock solid tempo that really worked for me. Again, the U.S. Blues encore was head and shoulders above the throw away versions that the Dead mailed in so many times. Very, very, celebratory, complete with some hippie on stage waving a giant American flag.
Spoke with a women after the show from California and she said this was the show of the tour. Apparently Bob just flew in for the show from a funeral(Johnny Johnson I think she said?) and the emotion just poured out onto the stage.

Bob has a ton left in his tank and Ratdog is a perfect band for him. He labored in Jerry's shadow all those years but Bob is one hell of a musician and I just love this band he has put together.

Long live Ratdog!

(((Bob Weir)))

Brown Eyed Women
Row Jimmy
Big Boss Man
Wrong Way Feelin'
Ramble on Rose
Truckin (reprise)

Set Two (1st three tunes acoustic!)
Deep Elem Blues
School Girl
Help / Slip
--Stuff-- (jam without Bob)
Dear Prudence
Two Djinn
Franklins Tower
Encore: U.S. Blues

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