Monday, April 04, 2005

Butterflies & Rainbow Bears

Ow, Had to get up early and resume the school year...I love my job-it's the having to be there by 8:30 am that kills me.Though I love my coteacher, she's making me crazier everyday-and it's not like I'm all that far from the edge as you have plainly witnessed here. At whatever rate, I was happy to see the kinder.
I dont know how it works-either the butterflies are perhaps(?)coming from or going to San Bruno Mountain and suddenly they are everywhere! Not like locusts but fluttering around by the dozen...I like butterflies and will be raising some next month with my Bears, but still, not fond of having any flying creature buzz around me..And okay, REALLY there are a noticable amount of em (I have NOT yet slipped off that edge) Scott & Sash noticed them yesterday while they went on a bike ride.
In other non Bobby news, I'm making progress on the vanity, I'll be done on Wednesday with it.
Well tonight's setlist is rolling in and I wanna check that out..
Before I forget AGAIN, there was a Ratdog TV sighting a week ago- Thought I had posted bout it but see I mustve forgotten...About 2 minutes of Ratdog at The Fillmore on a Travel Channel program called "The Once & Future City: San Francisco" It was put together in 2004 and showed our guys on stage and Ratsog fans in line- I recognized one or two usual suspects there...Mustve been the time I went across the street for a facial (Great Spas across Geary in Japantown) A massage/facial is required from here on out (Ask Vera!) whenever there's a two day Dog show line duty in the Fillmore..Just gots to hook up with a line buddy to hold spaces with.
For more info on this program- go check on The Travel Channel!
Very unhappy to find over 200 mostly scroll by posts in the Weir discussion today but my ratdogirlscoutsistah, The bq, posted these:
the bq - 08:48am Apr 4, 2005 PDT (#14414 of 14578)
Yes, it sure has been a long, hard climb.

So, in the early morning hours of Sunday I find myself watching dawn break from my car(where I've been for, oh, 2 hours) in the parking lot of my hotel, because there's a fire at the hotel...& I find myself there anything left for me to do in my quest to see Bobby?
the bq - 09:09am Apr 4, 2005 PDT (#14448 of 14578)
Yes, it sure has been a long, hard climb.

Quick thoughts from 3 shows:

Bobby looks absolutely terrific; happy, healthy, in incredible playing & singing form.

The show at the Vic was, imo, everything live music should be, all at different, danceable, moving, poignant & other adjectives I can't think of right now 'cause I'm tuckered out. The Bombs Away/Deep Elem/ Masterpiece with Bobby on acoustic made my heart sing. Thanks, doggies!

Thanks to my favorite trash-talkin', cynical, pirate of a musician for taking it to the road & playin' in the band yet again...
That last line is attributed to Trixie Garcia's comments in this week's Rolling Stone magazine- It's got a feature on Rock musician's Children and it appears they found MS Garcia..
Havent read the article myself yet but I believe it's online? Sorry for not looking for it- but am about to lunge at my dinner!
"Bone" Appetite!