Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I will admit to having been given a teeny heads up on this one- Got Scott all excited-visions of RV vehicles swirling through his head but if I'm not gonna have him behind the wheel of an English car-YOU know I'd never willingly ride shotgun in one of those things through such a gigantic Hippy clusterfu*k as Manchester Tenn.
Apparently, its a camping thing-just not enough Bobness in it to get me to set up a tent in the mud. I'm not a wuss or even high maintence, I camped for 4 months straight (okay, so it was across Europe & I was 18) and at the end of the those months decided I met the quota and would never have to camp again...If it were 2-3 nights of Bobness, I could bend that rule, I spose...
Anyhow-Here's the blurb from DotOrg-
RatDog at the Roo!!!!
RatDog will play Bonnaroo, which will be held outside Manchester, Tennessee, June 10-13. More info to come as it's available. [Posted April 5, 2005 4:08 PM ET]
Then there's this from the Bobberoo folks-

We are pleased to announce the following additions to the Bonnaroo 2005 lineup:

Bob Weir and RatDog
Signal Path
Heartless Bastards
Josh Ritter

Tickets for the 2005 Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival are on sale now through Bonnaroo.com.

Complete festival information is also available at Bonnaroo.com, which will be continually updated.


Bob Weir and RatDog

There may never have been a band that has evolved more dramatically than RatDog. It began as a laid-back blues ensemble in 1996, but now in 2005 it has become a snarling rock band that has a fabulous jazz trio at its heart. Of course, all those forms are simply different facets of Bob Weir's unruly musical personality. RatDog's music represents Weir's complete repertoire, from blues like "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" and "Little Red Rooster" to the psychedelic stylings of his Grateful Dead classics like "Playin' in the Band," "The Other One," and "Throwing Stones," to his own Dead rockers like "Cassidy," "One More Saturday Night," and "Sugar Magnolia," to some of his solo material, like "Josephine" and "Bombs Away."

Signal Path

Coming from all over the country, the members of Signal Path have tapped into a fresh, new and unexplored genre of music that explores drum n' bass, house, trance, down tempo, and rare groove while keeping its traditional roots in jazz, funk and natural rhythm. Signal Path is defining "Livetronica" and has seen mass exposure with appearances at many festivals such as High Sierra Music Festival, Great Southern Music Harvest, Summer Camp, 10,000 Lakes Music Fest, Joshua Tree Festival and Wakarusa Festival.

Heartless Bastards

Erika Wennerstrom and her older brother were raised by a single mom. She began singing as a young child, and by the age of nine, she started learning piano in order to write her own songs. At 22, Erika moved to Cincinnati and met Mike Lamping, who works at his family's janitorial supply company. They hooked up and began playing out as Heartless Bastards. Soon they brought in Kevin Vaughn on drums, a pizza deliveryman who's been wrestling out of a car finance program for so long that he's paid the sticker price several times over on a car long since wrecked. That's their story - nothing fancy, but everything real.

Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter spent most of 2002 splitting his time between the US and Ireland, sharing bills with such eclectic artists as Beth Orton, Liz Phair, Damien Rice, and Joan Baez, as well as a celebrated appearance at the 2002 Newport Folk Festival. In the process, he garnered impressive acclaim not only for his debut album Golden Age of Radio but also for his richly textured and intimately engaging live shows. Publications like The Village Voice, The Washington Post, and The Irish Times scrambled to describe what made Josh's music so "stunning". Sold-out shows in New York, Boston, and Dublin, as well as a trip to the Sundance Film Festival kicked off 2003 in style. This spring, Josh will enter the studio with producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine) to create the follow up with Hello Starling. To be recorded at Bear Creek studios and at Deck's own Engine Studios in Chicago, the album is scheduled for a late 2005 release.


We are dedicated to providing the best travel options for you to attend Bonnaroo. Our travel partners offer a variety of packages at reasonable prices.

Off to get more paint for that mumzer of a project...
Not currently expecting to attend the Seva thing- depends on the Weir factors...In any case- Here's a link to a story on someone who WILL be there- Corinne West