Friday, April 01, 2005

Travelling Theme

Home again!
A wonderfully sunny day in the Mission!
Drove to Millbrae BART -it's the closest station-an interesting one too because it stops at the International Terminal @ SFO- lots of suitcases....and reminding me of all the airports-SFO-Pittsburg-AMS-Heathrow-Gatswick-Manchester-Philly that we ran through just on that one tour in 2003. We went thru each one (except the Penn ones) 2x..
Scott was surprised to see us- thought we'd go in Saturday...Showed us all the work he's been doing getting the Mission Music section together...There's lots of guitars & stuff in the store but twice as much stuff still in boxes waiting for space! I pointed out a handsome Djembe I think would look nice in our Room with no name- I think it's gonna be part music (place to keep our various instruments) room part I dont know what- but it cant be anything til I finish up the vanity (tomorrow)..
Well I must say my kids are pretty cool- I cant wait to roam around with them in Europe.. Noah left the GameBoy at home and seemed entertained by just about everything we came across as we wandered through the Mission...Both he and Sash love bookstores and there are plenty of 2nd hand ones on Valencia Street. We walked for a few hours, had lunch at Burger Joint then back on BART to Millbrae...
Glancing through today's Examiner on the ride back, I saw that my man Rick Steves (the Travel expert from PBS!) was slated (no fooling!) to speak at today's NORML Conference in SF!! Had I known- I wouldve headed right there!
...........Bud related-sort of...
Hearing Robin Sylvester is sitting in on 5/20 MK & Buds gig @ Sweetwater!!!

Can't wait!
Well, ChicagoDog ought to be starting soon- gonna read my e-mails -get some h2o and see who's posting the setlist tonight?
Maybe I'll pick up a few more points- I'm not in last place -yet!