Saturday, November 29, 2003

Bill Walton is not the only Sports enthusiast in the family...
Okay, so I couldnt wait...I bought the Dan Zanes cd with Bobstar singing and playing guitar on "Wabash Cannonball". Liner notes mention Yoki Waki on upright bass and Dan Zanes plays mandolin,guitar and sings.Thesong was recorded @ Club Front-engineered by Mike McGuinn-2nd engineer was AJ Santella..

In the production notes special thanks are given to Robin Sylvester.
portions of the proceeds of this are going to

Nice, eh?

Friday, November 28, 2003

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Ours went smoothly-if you don't count the 2 times Mom's artfully arranged Fall foliage table top decorations caught fire from the multiple tea candles also scattered about the table...My sister and BIL are the epitomy of Marin suave- they quietly put out the flames mid conversation.

A while back, I was rummaging through a closet and came upon a perfectly sealed set of Bobby's "Baru Bay" book with audio cassette. It mustve been a gift for me that I put aside as I already (of course) at the time had the book and tape. I brought it along and seeing as my nephew and niece are no longer tots- I gifted them with it...My sister loves the illustrations- which along with some of the story were created by Bobby's sister Wendy Weir.
There is also another story by the Weir siblings- it's "Panther Dreams" and it's also on video tape. You know I have these also! On the audio and video of these stories, Bobby does the narrations as well as arranging the background music....These are really nice books, I don't know if they are still in circulation or what, but, I know I've seen them on ebay, so if you can't find them on Wendy's website or GD merchandising- check ebay for Bob Weir items. I've been showing the video and the books to my classes for a few years now- it's nice, not too scary - a good tool for a little geography lesson too.
Next, on my "Class Wish list" is The latest Dan Zanes kiddy cd, Bobby (among several guest artists) sings a song "Wabash Cannonball"... Of course, what we really need is an entire Kiddy CD by Bobby...Don'tcha think???

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Here's a little something to look forward to :

The Doors' Ray Manzarek hosts “The Temples Of Rock” this Sunday from 9-11PM on the Travel Channel. The show focuses on notable music venues and recording studios including an extended segment on the Fillmore featuring interviews with Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Dennis McNally

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Hippy Thanksgiving! <---In case I'm too stuffed to blogin manana..also-
Happy Berthaday to David in Wales!

I am grateful for many things. Having Scotto to share my passion with. Having parents, siblings and kids who accept us and our Bobsession.

That our Bobstar continues to continue! I can't wait to hear that "Best of" cd!
That so many are so generous about spreading the music around!

I'm thankful for being able to travel after BobDog these past two summers and especially, Scott and I feel blessed by all the wonderful people we met on tour. We love all our doggy companions.

We love you all!
Gotta run- 10-20-03 is playing,dinner's ready and Jason is home from college for the weekend...

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Hey Now!

Woke up to find this online!

"December 22, Red or The Second Annual Red or Dead Electric Benefit at Marin Civic Center in San Rafael with Sammy Hagar & the Waborita's, Bob Weir and Friends, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and guests. Additional details coming."

ya baby! 

An extra night of Bobness coming up! Was hoping for another casual New George's Tavern thing but this will be fun- Wow, no joking about finding an all month Baby sitter!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Alrighty then!
Bobdog Fall tour is over and so, my guys should be on their way home!
The tour ended in NOLA at the HOB.
My first out of state show was Ratdog @ HOB NOLA - I think it was 3 years ago. We met Topher there as well as Neal Smith and his crew from the Rat Trap. It was the first time Scott and I went anywhere without our kids. The show was taking place on Scott's birthday and it seemed to be about time we saw a show on Scott's birthday- since we always see a show on mine. We both had longed to take a look at New Orleans- He loves the Anne Rice series and I like anything with flavor and New Orleans has plenty of flavor! Somehow we found someone to watch the kids and the dogs and so, we took off to NOLA .

We were only away for a few days. The first night we just sort of wandered -Scott wanted to play at Harrah's- I don't gamble so paced around and got lost inside - it's one huge casino! Finally, Scott got tired of losing money and so we hit the all night buffet which was enormous. From the corner of my eye I saw Jeff & Jay with Kris Z. I thought to be cool and let the guys alone- but as Scott and I were both wearing tee shirts with "RATDOG" emblazoned across our chests- the guys noticed us first and commented on our shirts...So what if it was 3am, these fellows were great! Friendly and gracious- they wished Scott a happy birthday and chatted a little before filling their trays up.

The next day we continued to wander the streets of the French Quarter, shopping and eating our way back and forth. At some point a few familiar looking charactors- Mark and Wass with his fiancee passed by us on the street. We got a quick "Hey There!" from the always friendly Senor Karan and kept moving along.

A very nice feature for rail grabbers is that if you dine at HOB-NOLA right before a show, you are put in an early venue entrance line. We enjoyed Scott's birthday dinner and got into our line and soon found our space on the rail (Under MK- wearing his orange sneakers) and met Topher who was standing by us, dazzling us with his extensive Yiddish vocabulary.

The show was smokey and yummy. Irwin Mayfield (I think it was him) was a guest horn player. It was a grand old time!

The next morning, before packing up, we went for coffee and beignets. My mind was swirling around from everything and biting into a hot greasy beignet I flashed on an idea for creating a dessert with Weir Sauce. Once home, I but thoughts into motion and came up with the Weir Bananas recipe which won me ,a meeting with Bobby and then ended up getting published in Chili Pepper Magazine. I think the recipe is still up at

Saturday, November 22, 2003

I asked for a Blog upgrade and now that I can see the options, I have no clue on how to work with them- oy!
I've been listening to cds all day and its been Heaven! Today my favorite song is El Paso. I'm loving in particular, the 03-04-03 El Paso. While we were on the rail at that Fillmore show - the El Paso slipped my mind. My favorite memory from the show was that it was my first Robin Sylvester Ratdog show. I missed The Wass but not as much as I had expected to. When the show was over, I lingered on the dance floor as most of the crowd scrunched together to file out through the narrow hallways then down stairs to get outside. During my loitering, I found Robin standing around. I went over to him, whipped out my tourbook and sharpie and asked him for an autograph...He looked surprised and perhaps a little skeptical, I tried explaining that I have all the Doggers signatures and needed his as well. He seemed really uncomfortable with the entire request and the women yelling teasing remarks from the balcony where the Aftershow party was taking place did not help the situation at all.
Some months later, in Milton Keynes, I approached Robin again, after the show,on the dance floor and this time requested a photo- the one with Luke. Robin had been having his photo taken but mightve been about to spring for freedom when I asked, but he was a good sport and did the photo with us and was already gone a second later (it turned out really dark and its not on the website).
The mood in Manchester was exceptionally festive. It had been a short but great tour. By this time, I think Robin realized that as weird as I am, I'm harmless and so the photo I had taken of him at that point is labelled as the real Robin smiling one. I love his contributions to the band as I much as I appreciated The Wass's uniqueness. By all accounts that I'm hearing - Bobdog is peaking this Fall- Robin is being highly praised by all. YAY TEAM! Gonna go back and give that El Paso yet another good listen!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

At long last, The NYE thing is nailed...We have 12 folks in one suite and not 24 in 2. Moon Devyl (Joe) and his friend are joining Arrow, Tree, Dave,Hillary, Tim, Linda,Karen, Ron, Scott and I.

A relief to not have to figure this out anymore- Instead it's time to focus on more pressing concerns such as getting revved up for the Seva benefit!!
And also, that Ratdog is about to wrap up the Fall tour- which to the well trained Bobby watcher, indicates it's time to get resources prepared for the spontaneous Bob pop ups around the Bay Area- Anyone remember last December 23rd?? Out of the blue with 2 daze warning, Bobby and Sammy Hagar put on a show at The New George's saloon in San Rafael. It was a benefit for Ritter House and admission was $25 bucks and a giftcard suitable for a teen ager. This was Hagar's idea and wasnt it fantastic of Bobby to jump right in! It was quite a show- Sammy's style is almost the opposite of Bobby's- Sammy is quite a ham and chats the audience from the stage, chides and jokes with his band. He got Bobby going! Never saw or heard that crazy side of the usually low key Bob on stage before! He was REALLY funny! Of course, it may have been the Cabo Wabo talking as Sammy made everyone on stage take a swig from a bottle which then was passed through the audience!
Yes, must now make a list of last minute school night Babysitters as well as earmark some funds for who knows what & where Bob might be up to! Gots to be ready for Going where the wind blows!

Sunday, November 16, 2003

NYE in the suite at the Oakland Arena is a go! At the moment, a pair of friends are trying to get a "better" suite and if they do come up with another suite then we will have room for another 4-8 people in our suite. The suite's maximum limit is 16 people. If they don't then we are maximum capacity...Here's what we have:
We have an Al Attiles Suite which is located at the very back (facing the stage) of the arena. Obviously not close in but the view is unobstructed (bringing telescopes & binoculars. There are 12 Theater seats looking out on the action there are additional barstools looking over the theater seats.

Dealing with the changing number of people has been occupying all my Weir Freak time. Now it's just a matter whether the one couple are able to come up with their own suite or not. Hate to admit it's kinda fun to watch em scramble around to find something better than what fell into our laps. But if anyone can ferret out a better deal it's these folks!

Ah, I'm listening to one of Ratdog's recent Beacon shows- I had heard it might be as good as Bilston was...So far it is intense. But it's impossible to expect a show on cd could ever exceed a live experience. Portland, Santa Cruz, Bilston, Cologne are my especially favorite shows having been there and zoning out to the magic as it was being created.

Okay, back to painting this chair for little Hayden- The guy who commissioned it needs it by tomorrow night, so I better go focus on finishing it!

Will be back as soon as there is something Bobby Weirthy to discuss.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Deep breaths..

Yay! We got the suite! Now the next part is figuring out who is going to be in the suite...We've got Arrow& Tree, Dave & Hillary, Scotto & Yo,Ron, Tim & Linda. These are all the absolutes as of right now. The next wave is Karen & her friend (I need to double check) then, Ben & Cris-who want to bring another friend-They will know for sure by tonight, I hope...Is that 12-16 yet? If the tentatives don't go, Tim & Linda know folks who want to go and I also have a list of newly interested folks...Yeow! Maybe we ought to have gotten 2 suites!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Weir Freaking Out..........Scott's cousin found out we can only get suite seats if we buy an entire suite (that's 12 seatsx$125). So far we have 8 confirmed- 2 maybes "will call tomorrow for sure").............I'm gonna be going crazy now until this works itself out........ARGH!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Still Weir Freaking!
It's suddenly all about New Year's Eve!

As we had actually decided to bring along our 9 year old son (our other kids go to Maui with my folks during Winter Break) Friends from Los Angeles phoned to say they were coming up to go to New Year's with us (they automatically knew we would be going). They have sons-older than our guy and their oldest agreed to babysit for us. Our kiddo was definately thrilled to be hanging out with the big guys instead of schlepping out to Oakland with the folks (phew!).

Okay, now that put a decidedly different spin on NYE! But wait! It gets better! Hubby's cousin is a full on multiseat Golden State Warrior season ticket holder (the arena is their venue). Cousin Grateful has the option as a season ticket holder to buy luxury suite tickets to non Basketball events and has most graciously offered to order suite tix for us for NYE! THe new goal is to find enough folks to fill a suite with.
Suites are rooms on the mezzanine and concourse levels of the arena with party areas in them- they have private bathrooms, closed circuit TVs, you can bring food or order it (like room service) up to the box. Has its own entrance and parking..Best of all- room to dance and nice seats.....I teased Scott about not being able to hang on to the suite idea and have my 50th birthday (NYE is my birthday) party in one (almost 5 years to go) He says we gotta grab it now-who knows from year to year what will be. So glad he does most of the thinking around here. So far there are 6 of us in on the suite seats..Wouldve been more had we heard about this prior to buying tickets (we now need to sell our regular tix)
To hear more about the suites go to:

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Gotta find some babysitters!

It's so hard to belive it's already November. Here in the Bay Area, it was like Autumn didnt exist. Went from a heatwave to hail in a day! Well, the true sign of time whipping by is that the New Years shows have been announced and tickets are already available. I purchased 2 for the 30th and 3 for the 31st. The 31st is my birthday- can't miss Senor Bob then!

The 3rd ticket is for my nine year old Noah- in case we can't work out a babysitter for him. My other kids will be going on vacation with my folks to Maui. Good thing Noah, really does like the music and knows lots of the songs.He takes Djembe lessons and enjoys watching the drumz segments on the View from the Vault series.

On the Eurodog tour of 2002, we met Austin- a young boy who was enjoying the shows with his folks. Whenever he wasnt dancing along, he had his gameboy & headphones to keep him busy. If he could handle a tour like that, Noah ought to be able to make it through a night.

All sorts of fun stuff coming up- this weekend is the Rex Benefit- I finished all the funky shroom birdhouses and the smoker - Scott sent them over to the Rex offices today. That show is happening this weekend at the Fillmore. On the 13th of December is the Seva benefit which takes place at The Berkeley Community Theater (wonderful acoustics!) The Dead & Jackson Browne (and others) areplaying. Scott and I bought (donated for) premier seating and will be hitting the post show reception. It's not every month we have so much going on around here.

After spending a few days painting funky intensive mushroom shaped birdhouses & smokers- I went out on a nonshopping trip to my favorite shops. At a bookstore, I finally got to thumb through the new book "Illustrated Grateful Dead". It's incredible! It's big and heavy and crammed full of stuff like timelines...The first page I opened to had a bio on Jeff Chimenti (as a player in The Dead). I was afraid of spending too much time looking through it- it's a thing to be savored. Will have to purchase it as a gift for "us" closer to the holidays.

The various weirsites are mentioning that the profile on the Charlie Rose segment of 60Minutes2 will be on November 12th.