Thursday, March 31, 2005

New look, Links added

Am up early and ready to conquer that vanity!
Well, not really ready- I'm still considering ideas for a motif...I'll see what paint colors I have and go from there...My favorite ideas would take a few weeks to do so I've gotta simplify...
In the meanwhile,
Win your RATDOG TICKETS here!
Bill Walton interview
What never made it Winterland? SF has a new one scroll down to find article
Okay, gotta get to painting. Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

for a worthy cause...

Nope not gonna make it to Chicago or Milwaukee- I was reminded that I have A WEEK to paint my donation to JCC's big auction (a little girl's vanity & bench) ...Since these are my employers, there's no bailing out...I've given them quilts or painted furnishings about every year since 1985.
I had to run down and buy primer & fresh paintbrushes, but I'm ready to get going ...Luckily, the "room with no name" is nearly clutter-free and despite the sucky lighting (I'll have to drag out the old spotlights & dropclothes)) it's going to be my very temporary studio (but it's so far away from my beloved mac!) Guess I'll bring my old mac back downstairs-and load it with Scott's faves so he can enjoy his iPod (before he forgets he has one)
So before I drop off the face of the universe to start & finish the thing (i'll take pictures) Here's Cherise's review of the other night (I didnt know she was on tour?!)
"I dug Come Together last night. Started a bit rough with Bobby reading all those lyrics off a sheet (yes bq, he wore his glasses for the whole second set), but it gathered steam quite nicely, very very funky. And there was just something wonderful about hearing Bobby sing "come together ... over me".

Lotsa highlights so far, but maybe the biggest surprise for me was how absolutely kickass that Big RR Blues was to close the first set last night. I've heard a lot of versions of that song, and I never thought I would hear it sound the way it did last night. Just as it reached a rafter-shaking peak, Bobby launched into the air and landed a few feet away, right in front of his microphone, exactly on the beat. That kicked it up yet another notch, you know the feeling when it can't possible get more intense and then it does ... people were going apeshit, the word dancing hardly conveys the frenzy that tune worked us into. Goes to show, you never know where that next group musical orgasm is going to come from.

Bobby was very animated last night: leaping, jumping, dancing, windmilling, hah-ing. I think it was during a jam in Two Djinn when he was far from the mic, jamming hard, and suddenly shouted out "yeah!" like he was just overcome with joy. I knew he'd want to play Sugar Mag -- it was just one of those nights -- so I was surprised when it didn't close the second set. Then we got it for an encore, complete with a lunge or two.

Huge, sustained applause, the place was just roaring when they gathered for the bow. And spontaneous group whooping kept erupting as folks filed out.

Bobby is back in a big way. Here's hoping he can keep it up!"
Check out the K-Blog We also saw that South Park and it really was tooooooooooo funny!
yet more details about last nite-Thanks Rubyruby!
rubyruby - 01:58pm Mar 30, 2005 PDT (#83 of 86)

You're welcome twirlgirl. Here's my memories:

First of all let me say that Bobby looks fabulous, was sporting a baby blue shirt and khaki shorts.

Opens with Tommorow Never Knows, which came out of just a short little jam and Surged into the song. He forgot a couple words, and smiled.

Three little beats and they are into Tennessee Jed, for some reason Bobby switches from a green guitar to a brown one in the middle of the song.

A slight stumble on the guitar, and they are into Playin in The Band.
Next a really sultry slow Little Red Rooster...

Then, nice soft drums carry the band into Easy To Slip.

They skip into a jam with nuiances of teasing a Dark Star, and then it happened ....Dark Star!

Next, Odessa.
Dark Star>
Big Railroad Blues (oh my!!! unbelievable energy on this one, and the venue managed to keep from crumbling) The band just stopped, looked at each other and smiled.

Set 2:
Acoustic Me and Bobby McGee (no keys or horns)
then the keys enter for Me and My Uncle. Very nice ragtime keyboard solo during this one.

The horns re-enter, Bobby keeps the acoustic guitar, the rest go electric. They play a beautiful Lazy River Road. And the sweet way the keys tinked through Lazy River Road, urging and raising the sax for a lovely solo was just delightful.

Bobby switches to electric:
Come Together (complete with Audience sing-a-long)
Dark Star

Bobby gets his green guitar back:
Lady with A Fan>
Terrapin Station
Bobby leaves the stage
they play Astronomy Donomet.
Bobby re-enters:
Terrapin Station>
Dark Star Jam
and then two songs I don't know the names of:
Back Stage Hero's
Dreams are Lies/Dreaming is Real

Sugar Magnolia/Sunshine Daydream

During the 2nd? chorus of Sugar Magnolia the Right speakers clicked, and popped. Bobby's mic went out. The audience sang the words for him, Bobby slapped the mic, began singing. Then!!!....he made up for it by bringing that song yet to another level.

I should be on an airplane...heading to Chicago

But I'm not..And so must rely a little on reviews- Dave Rosenberg (so many Daves!) has a nice spot to find reviews on click right here!
Here are a few I found at Deadnet...I know only a few who were at the first 2 shows...Most of my online Bobbyluvers will pop up in Chicago & the East Coast, but here are a few items picked up at Deadnet....
lost_in_space - 09:48am Mar 30, 2005 PDT (#81 of 82)
"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.'' -- Mark Twain

bob looked and sounded great! funny when red rooster came it seemed like robin and mark looked at each other with that this song again look (which I remember it seemed like every dead show I went to they played little red rooster) but I thought it was HOT good extended jam on this one big railroad blues was hot everyone was jumping terrapin I thought was played well too sugar mag was a nice ending everyone in the band seemed into it some good jams in there ...............

Stu Morley Levitan - 07:36am Mar 30, 2005 PDT (#78 of 82)

Yeah, nice to be back. Not doing much arts writing anymore Tim -- new gig is radio, as host of Sunday morning arts and culture interview program on the Air America affiliate here, 92.1 The MIC. (Did evening drive time talker during campaign season -- WAY big fun). Will have an interview with Mark Karan, possibly some with Dennis McNally, on this week's show. Streams live at, Sunday nine to noon central time.

BTW - band was very stoked about show. Get the tapes -- you'll hear why. Even the songs they'd never rehearsed (e.g., Come Together) were hot.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Ratdog- Orpheum Theater, Madison, Wi. 3/29/05 setlist (thanks kiransdad!)
Posted by: Tiny Dancer (24.193.47.---)
Date: March 29, 2005 09:13PM

Set 1:

Matilda Mother >
Tomorrow Never Knows >
Tennessee Jed >
Playin in the Band >
Little Red Rooster>
Easy To Slip >
Dark Star instrumental >
Odessa >
Dark Star >
Big Railroad Blues

Set 2:

Me and Bobby McGee >
Me and My Uncle >
Lazy River Road*
Come Together*>
Dark Star v2 >
Astronomie Domine >
At A Siding >
Terrapin Flyer >
Two Djinn


Sugar Magnolia

*first time played
Just waiting on that setlist...from what I've seen, a big night for first time played for Ratdog...
Didnt look like I scored anything so far...C'est La vie, Baby..
Okay so here's some of my memorabilia..Some of my Uncle Moondance stuff as well..nothing as valuable as the memories though...


Passing along HUGE Thanks to a very special someone for the special note received today! I'm still smiling from that!
Blogger was down all day - but here are some review posts regarding last nite:
from Joe-
Bobby was on fucking fire!!!!! He was confident, so into it, having fun, and just played so fucking great! They were tight! Energy was great! I have to admit that I couldn't keep up the dancing for all three hours (I think I should've taken some ginseng before the show), but damn, it was great!
C/P from tooboard

Re: Any word on how Bobby was last nite?
Posted by: Cassidy (24.118.61.---)
Date: March 29, 2005 09:54AM

First off, it is the morning after the show and my ears are still ringing! For all the naysayers out there BOBBY LOOKED GREAT! He had his hair cut and beard trimmed. It looked to me that he has dropped 10-15 pounds. I found myself watching Bob 95% of the time. I was worried about him after reading all the stories about his "condition." I would have to say it was all just b.s. He looked and played like the same old Bobby we all know and love. I think the band looked spirited and into it. I'm not great at reviews, but I'll give you my foggy highlights.First set, great Shakedown opener. Big River(in St. Paul, MinneSODA) Mission, Loose Lucy(I said YEAH!), Music that I tought was Minglewood at start. Second set, BTW(always a treat) Corrina(shake it up) Eyes jammed hard. Help/Slip/Frank awsome. Does Slipnot always sound that good? Ripple to send us home. Good time, nice venue. Get out and see these guys if they are headed your way.
Beth R - 04:55am Mar 29, 2005 PDT (#13420 of 13509)

From about 10 rows back, Bobby looked great. Smiling, animated. Voice strong and clear. Powerful playing, everyone was tight and jamming hard.

"So many years upon my head"...

Yep, Loose Lucy for our doggie (she comes running, we play ball all night).
Here's a picture I took of Kemmie & Bobby 12/2003 @ ACLU luncheon...

Hard to believe I was able to function let alone take a picture being so close to that smilin face!
Okay, got my dinner (mmm Greek Salad) & my tea - Scotto's at poker -So, I'm gonna go hang around the message boards and watch the setlist roll in!

Monday, March 28, 2005

HAPPY Birthday Alan Hess!


First night of tour!
Some of my Fantasy Tour picks were played!
Assorted stuff to browse-
rock camp
Barlow content
Ever hear of him?
More stuff

and finally, read an excerpt from Phil's book

Roight On!

The first report is in!
Ala Deadnet:

Beth R - 02:34pm Mar 28, 2005 PDT (#13316 of 13317)

Beautiful afternoon here in Minneapolis; saw the bus unload the doggies, so we have sighted Bobby (wearing long pants). Lucy Dog says Woof!


Back to sorting out the closet here.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Heppy Easter...

...To all who partake!

We don't celebrate Easter since we are varying degrees of Jewish. Still looks like we have a full house for dinner tonight- Sasha has a friend over, Jase & Samantha are around..Scott's making something called 'Barbeque Beer Can Turkey"..He had to go out and find a 32 oz can of beer..Let me tell you it's pouring here in Belmont - Didnt faze El Scotto, he's pushed the Webber under the gazebo by the hot tub..Speaking of Beer- gotta say the Hefeweizen I had at Gordon Biersch last night was delish! Tasted like bananas!...
The Beauty of tour starting up again is that there's gonna be reviews, setlists and more Press! to link up and ponder over!!

New stuff at Closet Deadhead!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Berthaday to Scott!

My sweetz turns 48 years young today!! Not fair at all that he is aging so well and I'm turning into the apple doll version of myself more & more every day...Ah, well.
He's at work -if youre around 2318 Mission in SF, today. go tell him Happy Birthday-and let him sell you a guitar or an amp too..Place closes at 4:30pm...Tonight, We'll be heading to Palo Alto for some bertha dinner @ Gordon Biersch (yum)..

Now today being my first day of Schpring Break, I'm decluttering my sewing closet-aka-the Bobby Shrine..Might even take a photo once all is in place! Can't promise when it'll be done- Taking Kidz to the matinee and stopping by Macy's to buy the couch & chairs we liked on our furniture hunt a few weeks ago...Last week we saw a coffee table - price tag made my stomach drop but Scott sez we won't ever need to buy another one again in our lives. He's the wheeler dealer (haggles all day 6 daze a week and gets paid for it) So, if he thinks its worth it, then who am I to doubt it? Soon we will have a furnished living room which means we can invite adults (my parents ) over.
Guess I better get my shoes on & get the show on the road (geez, now I'm sounding just like mom)!

Brett Meisner is too funny!
I posted a link to his website about a year ago but here he is again...I dont know what exactly his thing is- but he is strangely appealing...

Friday, March 25, 2005

irenie so tired...

But putting this on here before celebrating Spring Break by taking a long nap..

Last night- so much fun.. Wish I knew the names of the pieces they do? Paulyy took pictures and a few folks were taping (video) so maybe I'll find some of where that stuff is at and link it up..

Heppy Friday!

I should be sleeping- in 7 hours I'll be leading 18 costumed three year olds around the school courtyard in a Purim parade-then it's carnival time...
But, presently, I'm rather wired. The moon is full the sky finally clear and I was feeling brave and went on my own- no Scott, no Kemmie, no Jase-to see Alphabet Soup in the city... No problems getting there (I'm prone to panic attacks driving alone at night) No problems parking (Only had to go round the block once!) Start was delayed so I got a double Cap (along with the 4 diet cokes I sucked down) No wonder I'm wirerererddd!
They were good- I really-really enjoy their whole thing...not so many performers this time out so more Kenny & Jay! First person I saw was Paulyy, waiting outside..Hung out with him pretty much til he had to leave (He also has one more day til SSpring BBreak)...
Oh ack, I'm gonna be so not adorable tomorrow - I'm gonna go wind down and resume this sometime tomorrow...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Alan does it again, nice article, maybe ABC tonite!

Alan Hess does it again! I love this picture!!!

Found this article linked on the TOOBoard, Not sure how old it is:

Life After the Dead:
An interview with Bob Weir
By Rex Rutkoski

Bob Weir glances out the window into his garden as he talks. While others might just see flowers, one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead finds musical symbolism in bloom.

“When I go to rehearsal today, when we start playing and bring up a scale that has some alternative places to go, we can start augmenting or diminishing, we can sharp or flat whatever. That’s a garden too,” he explains.

The artistic parallel comes naturally to Weir because he believes music is an entire world in which we reside. “It’s got furniture, cities and subdivisions. It’s got aerospace and heaven above and earth below. It’s a whole world that we live in. It’s every bit as real for me as the concrete world we are touching,” he says.

In his view, there is a bridge between this reality that everyone shares and the musical world. “For me the music occurring at the time, physically when I touch my guitar and play a note, part of my physical self, my corporeal self, is touching that note and that other world. It goes beyond spirituality to the nature of reality.”

The reality of the moment is RatDog, whose 1996 genesis was as a laid-back blues outfit. It has evolved into a rock band that holds to its roots while also embracing some elements of jazz.

Glory Days of the Dead
Weir remains a student of music in all of its facets. Even in the glory days of the Grateful Dead he explored solo work and side bands. Weir’s songs “Sugar Magnolia” and “Playing in the Band” are among the all-time Dead favorites. His “That’s it for the Other One” gave the Further Festival band its name.

RatDog’s repertoire ranges from blues classics such as “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” and “Little Red Rooster” to such Grateful Dead classics as ’”Cassidy” and “One More Saturday Night” to some of his solo material, such as “Josephine” and “Bombs Away.”

RatDog’s first studio album, Evening Moods (2000), added such material as “Odessa,” “Bury Me Standing,” “Two Djinn,” and “Ashes and Glass.” Weir now includes some Jerry Garcia compositions, including “St. Stephen,” “Terrapin Station,” and “Touch of Grey,” in his shows.

In 2001, RatDog released Live at Roseland, a double-CD collection from a Portland, Ore., show, and a favorite among Dead Heads. Hybrid Recordings released Weir Here, a two-CD career retrospective of Bob’s complete oeuvre (one disc studio, one live) in 2004.

Currently, RatDog’s lineup includes Weir on rhythm guitar and vocals; drummer Jay Lane, considered one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading artists, an alumnus of the Freaky Executives and the Uptones; jazz/blues/rock pianist, Jeff Chimenti; guitarist Mark Karan, who previously played with Weir in the Other Ones; San Francisco saxophonist Kenny Brooks, a longtime member of the Charlie Hunter Quartet; and Bay-Area bassist Robin Sylvester, who has recorded and performed with Phil Spector, Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys and Ry Cooder.

Always, it’s about pushing and motivating one another, Weir says. “Somebody comes up with a new idea to season the pot. It brings things to a boil pretty quickly for a while.”

Never Bored with Jamming
Discovery is the big payoff of improvisation, he says. “You certainly don’t get bored,” he adds. “When something is happening that is new and fresh, it’s generally a fairly joyful experience, and edifying as well.” You take music to a different level and expand the art form when you improvise, he says. “Sure, if you are a soloist and come across a new riff, or something like that, that’s wonderful. But when the band is collectively improvising, that’s when those truly magical moments occur. When everybody collectively discovers a new direction, there is an energy burst and release that occurs that I’ve never seen anywhere else in my life in any place I’ve gone.”

Weir says it is the improvisation that keeps it fresh for him.

“I enjoy playing and singing, but the big payoff for me is finding new stuff,” he says.

He’s aware that he plays a fairly singular style of guitar. “A lot of folks are like me. I can pretty much drive a band with my guitar,” he explains. “That’s not to say I’m not going to go at it with a hammer and chisel and see if I can’t forge a new style in the next while.”

He is thinking now of that moment 35 years ago when Jerry Garcia told him that style is a set of limitations.

“It came up in a conversation we were having and that stuck with me all through those years,” he says. “If I see a pattern to what I’m doing, if I can see a style emerging, my nature is to try to blast through that mold and take it somewhere else. Each time that gets more difficult to do because there is more there to break through.”

The live experience, he says, is absolutely the best. “It is a timeless experience. You go to a place that is really timeless,” he says of concerts. “It can be ecstatic. It can be blue. It can be one thing or another. But all that has ever happened within the musical frame is there. You can feel it. You can hear it.”

There are a lot of people who followed the Dead still in the audience, he says. “The Dead used to have a bunch of new faces up front every three or four years. We would undergo sort of a turnover up there. I would imagine the back of the crowd is undergoing about the same turnover rate.”

Weir welcomes the proliferation of bands in the tradition of the Dead—the so-called jam-band movement. “Absolutely. I think it is a healthy thing for American popular music,” he says. “I think since the demise of the Dead era there had been almost a slowdown of that era. Really highly improvisational music hasn’t been at the fore of American popular culture. And it is the biggest plume in our cap, the carrying on of that tradition. It makes me feel like I’ve done something with my life in helping re-popularize it.”
Thank Goddess there's only ONE more day til Spring Break!! May start celebrating tonight and go out to Last Day Saloon for some Soup! Scott needs to work on, he'll be home (besides too late of an outing since he leaves 4 work at 7AM )..Likely I'll go in with Kemmie...I really have been enjoying the discs from the last Last Day adventure...I know a few friends like Paulyy & Maz are going...If I can get it together it will be fun! I can certainly use the exercise ((dancing!))!
And at last the rain has gone away!


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yay! The iPod for Scott has been delivered- it's sealed up in the box so I dont know if they came through on the engraving, I'll just assume it's been done..This A.M. I dropped by Target and bought up some accessories for it...
I'll be wrapping all the stuff in a little while, Senor Scott has Warrior tix for tonight and will be out of my hair for a few hours, perfect!
A friend forwarded this to me..I've only glimpsed around a little bit..
Wow Things look kinda different from this side of Blog...
OMG, There's a spell checker and all kinds of stuff...
A new article on Melvin Seals can be found at

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Do you recognize the man in this photo??

No? Yes? Not sure?
There's a mention of him over here
7 Habits of HipHappy people

“MARK KARAN’S BUDS” @ the Sweetwater:

Mark Karan (RatDog/The Other Ones) on guitar/vocals
JT Thomas (Bruce Hornsby) on keys
Bob Gross (Albert King/Delaney Bramlett) on bass/vocals
& Jimmy Sanchez (Kingfish, SKB, Roy Rogers) on drums

Showtime is 9 pm
Sweetwater Saloon
153 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley, CA
Tickets are $12, plus a $3 “Sweetwater preservation contribution” on all tickets (total $15).
Available now at the Sweetwater, by calling 415.388.2820, or soon at

Mark Karan’s Buds has sold out the Sweetwater before with their incredible blend of rock n groove meets psychedelia. Fans will hear obscure covers and Mark’s original tunes. Three of the 4 members of Jemimah Puddleduck (including recent Grammy nominee JT Thomas on keys) will be joined by Jimmy Sanchez, who has held down the groove for Bob Weir (in Kingfish), the Steve Kimock Band, slide guitar legend Roy Rogers, and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, to name a few.

Monday, March 21, 2005

So...I'm doing quality control and enjoying the pause button...Since the camera is right here, I tried pausing and getting a picture or two...Fun but as you can see too much flash..

Sunday, March 20, 2005



One thing I finally got around to doing was dragging my old computer all the way up here so I could connect to the internet and send some of my files from in there to in here...I forgot how s-l-o-w the old imac is and it took forever to do this...I tried connecting the computers together because that was supposed to move all the files from old imac into new imac but it didnt work. After spending way too much time trying to send pictures to myself, I gave up and decided I'd rather spend the money and schlep that old thing to the Apple store and have them download everyting to disc for me...The old imac has no cd nor dvd burner and the old iomega is imposible...Well, I did manage to send some pix to myself...Here's a Bobby picture and a picture of a street in Amsterdam. I took it in 2003, in 2002, Scott and I spent hours & hours trying to find our way back to the hotel..we were jet lagged and coffeeshopped out and discovered we were walking in circles for hours- the streets curve and there were canals bordering every street, we never got the hang of it....finally we hailed a cab and found the entire time we were only five minute walk..So our first night in 03, I had the camera and took a pictures of the walk back to our apt...As long as we had the camera we would find our way..never needed to use it, we remembered all on our own...

This picture is our apt in AMS 03 ..
It's a stealth picture of Scott, appropo as it's his birthday next Saturday and (he doesnt read here-so I can tell ya) I am getting him an iPod of his own...
He has a somewhat larger or at least different span of what he likes in addition to Bobby..This includes anything ever played on the old KSAN FM channel during the 70's.

Like Jason, Scott went to SFSU for broadcasting. Spent a few years sampling/scouting music for the SFSU radio station...So now he can create his own songlists and whatever and I wont have to carry his Frank Zappa, his Steely Dan, his ELO,his Springsteen, his Phish or the Who or every cd he gets from his musician customers around with me any more (Am I terrible?)More room for Bobby & the guys on ours (gonna be mine)
I am terrible!
I hope he likes it- I bought it online (they engrave it free when you order from Apple). I'll have to teach him how to import and introduce him to the iTunes store..

Other news, someone has found my dvd list (Hi There!) and a trade has been arranged...yay!
And I've got my folks Acura (it's an extra car neither of them use) very cushy ride with a sateillite navigation system and luscious leather seats...

Saturday, March 19, 2005


My car is sitting in the shop ..I lost my power steering 2x this week...the first time involved being stranded at the craft store, a call to triple A and about the worst evereverever tow truck driver ...I'm used to being mocked by those guys for being completely helpless and forgetting to change my oil ...this guy actually snorted at me when I explained (he asked) why I wanted my car towed to a particular shop (owner's a friend and they shop provides pick up & drop off service)...After snorting, he cranked up the volume on the talk radio program he was listening to..a Christen station with a Preacher going on about women being made from Adam's rib and about woman's duty to provide a clean & (naturally) Christian home for her man....every once in awhile he would glare over at me...I didnt even wait til he came to a complete halt, I jumped out of there real fast- on my way climbing down, I saw on the floor of the back of the cab some porny type of magazines...
So yeah, stuck at home today but it was fine, I spent a fair amount of time trying to organize some stuff...

took some photos of the trellis that I'm covering with beads & of the yard in winter..

and of my girls

The rest of the roll is online here
it started to back inside to continue some organizing tasks
Took a little time to list videos I am converting to dvd in the hopes I can trade them for dvds of the upcoming Ratdog shows..
This is most of what I have..I havent seen some of these in years...Excuse all the typos- I just tapped these into my son's Alpha Smart..I need to finesse this but in the meanwhile, wanna trade? I can only create dvds since we got rid of all our vcrs except the one that's in my dvd recorder thing.
10-16-89 some of set2 gd
10-16-89 set 1
10-8-89 set1
3-90 set1 nassau
11-1-90 set2
5-31-92 set2
8-72 veneta
4-6-94 miami
6-6-92 set2
9-30-89(unsure which set)
tribute/memorial for Bill Graham
10-31-80 radio city
11-1-90 set2 with 10-31-90 fillers
6-21-89 SET1
6-21-89 SET2
7-24-87 set2 oak
4-17-72 denmark
10-17-94 set2
6-6-92 set2
12-31-89 set1
12-31-89 set2
3-14-93 richmond
duke 78
greek 78?
5 volumes of Fillers -each hasa fewhoursof bits and pieces gd,rd or bobby related..interviews..vids..appearences..anthems..
Bobby stuff
1984 swiss with Midnights
weir/wass 9-19-98
weir/kelly Thailand 96
sitting in with kingfish 9-7-86
wITH Joan Baez & friends 12/87
marin music fest 2003 just some songs
6-21-99 visualnosound
3-17-98 memphis
anyhow that is it for now from here..Scotto just got home and we're heading out for dinner...
Photo by Lynn Silvermn

Friday, March 18, 2005


You'll wanna read this one first!
Didja get your Grateful Dead Special flash today?
If not go to
and sign up!
what else is in the news, sort of?
what else?
Okay, this was on Deadnet (where ya click the skull)

Thanks Alan!

Searching for The Sound

Phil offers a behind-the-scenes history of the Dead, from their first gig for an audience of three to the legendary Acid Tests and packed stadiums around the world. Phil chronicles how the Dead's signature sound emerged, flowed, and swelled to reach millions of devoted fans. The book also includes 32 pages of photographs.
Pre-Order Searching For The Sound from and receive an exclusive downloadable interview.
In this download Phil discusses some of his favorite Grateful Dead songs. Featuring excerpts from "Viola Lee Blues," "Dancing In The Streets," "Unbroken Chain" and an outstanding Jam from "Dark Star."
This exclusive new interview includes Phil's memories of creating and playing these songs. This interview will not be sold anywhere or available from any other retailer, and was produced specifically for customers. It's our gift to you.
For more information about the book and interview, please visit:

Thursday, March 17, 2005

More GD Podcasts

Thanks to Caramel over on the TOOBoard for this link to a bunch of GD hour Podcasts!
Still listening to the podcast link I posted earlier today (1st Hmm below)

and while researching this podcast thing, found another dead related blog
I keep finding stuff too!
So many blogs and websites-so little time! Will have to check out them all so far here's a festive website...

Poking through Blogcritics etc

Just found on Eurotrader's board...Podcasting....hmmm
and more hmm
for "the DSO Bobby" freaks here's something
Keepin up with Kenny?

Happy Paddy's Day!

photo by George Lyons

Woke up to Ripple..It took a groggy moment to remember that KFOG was having Wake The Dead playing live this morning...Scott-he gets up an hour before I do- was just standing there waiting to witness my confusion...
Wake The Dead is still on KFOG and will be playing one more song before they take off...
if you dont know Wake The Dead check them out here

Enjoying the Celtic Dead so got me wondering if there was a Klezmer take on the Dead out there somewhere and sure enough

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hopefully, Bobby will be on board for this...
from Seva website-

Phil Lesh and Friends

will perform at the
Berkeley Community Theater
on May 15, 2005
in honor of Wavy Gravy’s 69 th Birthday.

Ticket will go on sale April 1.



Tuesday, March 15, 2005


There just isnt enough of it!
Busy week here and it's only Tuesday!
If you havent checked this out yet, then go enjoy!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

I don't know what it means..

,,afterall, it's something sports related....but there's some sort of Bob content buried within...

Farina roots for home teams

The person who correctly predicted the score and the winner of Super Bowl XXXIX likes the Cubs and Bears.

Of course, actor Dennis Farina is from Chicago, so he might not be as on the money as he was in forecasting the New England Patriots' 24-21 victory Feb. 6 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

He was the only participant of 100 in the Scripps Howard Celebrity Super Bowl poll last month to be totally accurate. His accomplishment puts him in the pantheon of perfect prognosticators, alongside Arnold Palmer in 2003 and Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir in 2004.

"[The Cubs] have a great pitching staff,'' Farina told Scripps Howard News Service. "I'm confident. I'm one of those guys -- I think this is our year.''

As for the Bears?

"I have a lot of faith in Lovie Smith as a coach,'' said Farina, who stars in the television series "Law and Order.'' "And I really like their defense. I'm a big Brian Urlacher fan.''

Farina has another prediction: He won't be singing the seventh- inning stretch at Wrigley Field.

"I'll never do that,'' he said with a laugh. "I'm the only Italian I know who can't sing.''

As if that ever has been a part of the Cubs' criteria.
Article on Mrs Carlos Santana

Sunday, March 13, 2005


With Bobby and Ratdog going out on tour, wouldnt it be a good idea for These guys to come out here for a bit?

Saturday, March 12, 2005


))))Leaf blowers cranked up early on a Saturday morning(((

I was poking around this site and loving it when I found a band that had the older brother of one of my classmates in it...their big gig was playing at my junior high school (about 2 years before I went there)! Check it out Some of the entries are really funny...

This little story has some of my favorite musicians involved-
Look here

Tonight, across the Bay, David Gans with The Reptiles!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Home from celebrating Jase's new job & acceptence to Law school with him & my Mom...Too late to get out to hear all the lovely live music out there tonight but all was not lost as we are getting to see some of this (It's a pledge break right now) it's on KQED here in the Bay Area...
Think I heard there is some Grateful Dead somewhere in this...

Need a lift?

Check this out

oops my bad!

This is from a really old website- sorry!
"Sixteen Horsepower Add Dates With Bob Weir's Ratdog

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Woofin Wednesday!

3 Deadnetter Bertha daze to celebrate!
((Gems, Rose & Michael))!!!
March madness is just getting started...While you EastCoasterers & MidWesternerers are getting ready for some Ratdogging, we on the best coast are still hoping for another Bob siting or two or three or...
Without the Bobalert we still have some cool choices for entertainment..Tonight & tomorrow nite the Jerry from DSO along with Melvin Seals and the lady singers from JGB are playing it up right here by Belmont at the Fox Theater..
Tomorrow nite at The Sweetwater is David Gans' Invitational

Kenny Brooks according to his online Calendar has a few gigs -including Alphabet Soup @ Last Day Saloon coming up, too.
Madness around the house includes some pacing around the mailbox - we are waiting for letters of acceptance to law school for Jason..So far, there has been an acceptance-(Yay!) a waitlist (out of state, so its all good), and a few invitations to apply (nice to be wanted)...The longer the wait, hopefully the better the chances of getting into the top choices, the thicker the envelope, the better..I'm learning so much!

Kudos to the kid!!! He has a pretty cool new job, nothing to do with Political Science but definately having that SFSU B.A. in Broadcasting & Electronic Commuincation Arts was helpful...Shameless plug- He landed a rather nice job here
While I'm being obnoxiously proud -Here's a picture of him,,Id post his blog but he'd probably kill me, that wouldnt be good for his law career...but imagine the possibilities for independent film making! (XOXO, Luv ya,Jaymon)

And speaking of madness...a few moments (10?) ago, I heard a huge blast..My first reaction was to look toward the airport (I can see the San Carlos Airport from right here) nothing...Finally, now here come the sirens..ugh,
Be safe out there!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

You can't sleep....

...So go poke around this website It's a little trippy...

Also for late night ponderings, Grateful Goose

Monday, March 07, 2005

My 10 year old's Homework Club buddy came over today (shhhh! He's here now) accompanied by Mom & older sister...Mom looks a lot...A WHOLE LOT like I've seen her around at Dead shows (I refrained from delving)...the sister- about Sash's size is named Sunshine! I had to ask "Sunshine Daydream?" "No, It's Sunshine Ann-Marie"
Now I know 2 Sunshines!!!!!


Photobinging today..

I dont know if you have to be an Aol member but cute pix @ HERE and there

Sunday, March 06, 2005

From FOB Website...

February 25, 2005
Boxer Rocks!
San Francisco, CA

It started out as a little ol' CD release party, and turned into An Event!

We were so impressed with the courage of our junior Senator that we decided to dedicate the evening to her, and we persuaded a few of our friends to come out and play. It didnt take much persuading, in actual fact. So lines formed outside Slims early on that Friday night, and never really abated. We heard from David Jacobs-Strain, a singer-songwriter and blues acolyte, and from the Court and Spark, a young San Francisco band with a genre-busting sound. Then it was FOB time, and as we were getting the cumzoutas and gazintas all sorted and satisfied, Boz Scaggs came up on stage and called the Senator to the stage to receive a framed poster for the event signed by all the participating musicians a horde including, in addition to ourselves and friend and occasional SuperFOB G.E. Smith, Country Joe McDonald, David Nelson, T Bone Burnett, Bob Weir, and the aforementioned Mr. Scaggs. Senator Boxers remarks were casual but to the point: Dick Cheney is so scary! she confided in describing the difficult choices she had made over the past few months. And then the music started and didnt stop for well over four hours!


Set list:

(All below with G.E. Smith, Guitar)

Nick of Time
Wise Man in the Desert
Spillin the Blues
Devils Kitchen

with Country Joe McDonald
Support the Troops
Save the Whales
Rockin All Around the World

with T Bone Burnett
Every Time I Feel the Shift

with David Nelson
Wicked Messenger
Impressionist Two-Step
Panama Red

with Bob Weir
Jack Straw
Playin in the Band > Uncle Johns Band > Playin in the Band
Friend of the Devil

Blip in the Life

with Boz Scaggs
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
As the World goes Passing By

Highway 61 Revisited
The Weight
Like a Rolling Stone
And also-

February 26, 2005
A Grand Learning Experience
Mill Valley, CA

This whole weekend was just jam-packed (pun intended) with talent! We all needed a wake-up call after the Slims show the night before, and this one -- a benefit for West Contra Costa Unified School Distrct -- was as deep in many respects. There were some great moments from David Gans and the Rowan Brothers, whose sets established a Beatles thread that permeated the evening. Mark Karan, playing with Robin Sylvester, Kenny Brooks and our own Pete Sears and Jimmy Sanchez, delivered another of his signature sets of convolutions and evolutions of great songs which we had to follow! We recruited T Bone Burnett to add some of his special sauce, and enticed the Rowans up on stage, and generally created enough mayhem that most of the packed house were able to overlook the overflow from the sanitary system that rendered the dancing a bit of a soggy exercise.


Set list:

Happy Endings
Fallling in Leaves
Ticket to Ride > Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad (with the Rowan Brothers)
Featuring T Bone Burnett:
Every Time I Feel The Shift
Criminal Under My Own Hat
W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
Nick of Time > Devil's Kitchen
Playin in the Band > Uncle Johns Band > Plain in the Band
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Highway 61
Stella Blue
Like a Roilling Stone
The Times they are a Changin'

Saturday, March 05, 2005

It's a beautiful day!

Truly after a month of mostly rain (at one end of the day or another) today is sunshiny goregous - a reminder of why it costs so much to live here...
Ive been out hanging my beads on the old trellis (Have I posted a photo yet?) and then dragged a lounge chair cushion out of the cottage plugged into my iPod and fell asleep under the sunlight filtered by my big oak tree...Then the dog started barking and I came in to throw clothes into the washer & dryer - Going out to dinner tonight to kind of a nice place, clean clothing required...Bringing a basket of clean towels upstairs ..and have to see what's up before going further...
Well, the only news Ive found is nice. Kevin Shewin's Website is back up!!
Hippy Saturday night!
Wait there's more!
Browsing around the boards, I followed a link about one of our Peninsula venues The Little Fox theater..There's a picture of the band that's playing there tonight-which is- David Martin's House Party Band...Robin Si/ylvester is still in the photo and on their website...It could almostve been an assorted doggy member do night, but already have plans, First checking out The Little Fox then heading up to Milk in the Haight- according to K-Blog, that's where some good Sax will be had around midnight...

Friday, March 04, 2005

from the Oregonian

It's not very often the BOBSTAR's name pops up in movie reviews..Though it's just a sentence, I brought the entire thang over here:

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Reaching for a deeper kind of truth

Friday, March 04, 2005


Viewers unfamiliar with the life of Maria Callas could be excused for mistaking the film "Callas Forever" for a literal re-creation of the last months in the opera diva's life. In fact, the movie seems to be elaborate wish fulfillment on the part of director Franco Zeffirelli -- both a valentine to his close friend Callas and an excuse to make a film with her by proxy that he never had the chance to do with the singer herself.

That proxy, fortunately, is the radiant French actress Fanny Ardant, who captures Callas in all her vain, mercurial, fragile, pathetic glory. The year is 1977, and the 53-year-old soprano is a recluse in her sumptuous Paris apartment following a disastrous Japanese tour and the death in 1975 of her former flame Aristotle Onassis. Her voice is in tatters, and the one-time prima donna assoluta wallows in self-pity and pops pills.

Into this sad existence comes Larry Kelly, Callas' fictional former manager who has given up on opera and now manages a punk rock bank called Bad Dreams. The gay, British Kelly is played by Jeremy Irons, whose high forehead and groomed ponytail make him the leading candidate to play Bob Weir in the Grateful Dead Story. The role is quite similar to the one Irons plays in the recent "Being Julia": the desperate, nearly parasitical driving force behind a middle-aged diva's artistic comeback.

Kelly's idea is for Callas to star in a film version of "Carmen" using as the soundtrack a recording she made 20 years earlier. By lip-syncing to her younger self, she can leave a lasting document of a performance that was never captured on film. She's initially dismissive, in typical diva fashion: "Did Icarus have a second chance?" But the nudges of a trusted journalist confidante (Joan Plowright) persuade her to give it a go.

Zeffirelli has committed numerous operas to film, and the most gripping scenes in "Callas Forever" feature the surging crowds and passionate performances of Georges Bizet's classic, as captured by the camera of fictional Spanish filmmaker Esteban Gomez (Manuel de Blas). Here Ardant, like Jamie Foxx in "Ray," excels at capturing the essence of a performer through performance. Less stellar is the tacked-on subplot of Larry's romance with a hearing-impaired, male model-esque painter (Jay Rodan).

Of course, none of this happened; Callas died in September 1977 without being preserved forever as Carmen. But as a way to share her magnetism and talent with future generations, as well as an intriguing essay on art and artifice, "Callas Forever" justifies its dismissal of factual truth in favor of a deeper sort. REGENT RELEASING FANNY ARDANT In "Callas Forever"

Okay, now I do love Jeremy Irons quite a bit but am just coming off a Colin Firth film fest..Colin has been all over my television this month..Late last night, there he was looking young and without much charactor in 'Valmont'....Earlier in the day there he was in "Love Actually" looking cute but Bill Nighey ran away with my heart in that one...A few nights back there was Colin as Vermeer in "Girl with Pearl Earring"...My favorite Colin is Mr Darcy..I even bought dvds of "Pride & Prejudice" For a long time I was a nut for Jane Austen...One favorite memory from UKdog was in our van- which was all girls (except for Scott) Someone brought up whether we were going through Jane Austen country and without missing a beat we all sighed "Mr Darcy!!"

Fantasy Ratdog is starting up!

Check it HERE!
Marin Independent Journal

Paul Liberatore: His hour to shine

Friday, March 04, 2005 - David Gans, known among Deadheads as the longtime host of the nationally syndicated radio show "The Grateful Dead Hour," has been producing a monthly "invitational" night at Sweetwater in Mill Valley that has been attracting name musicians, getting good buzz and drawing full houses.

It didn't hurt that his first show boasted a surprise appearance by the Dead's Bob Weir, and that it has been attracting guest musicians the caliber of the Dark Star Orchestra (the foremost Grateful Dead cover band), the Rowan Brothers, Steve Coyle of the Waybacks and former Jerry Garcia cohorts David Nelson, Martn Fierro and Henry Kaiser.

Larkspur singer Corinne West, along with Suzy Thompson, Eric Rawlins, Rik Elswit and Mill Valley bassist Josh Zucker, are set for Thursday night's show. You never know who else might show up.

On top of his radio work with "The Grateful Dead Hour," which celebrated 20 years on the air last month, and as host of "Dead to the World," another Deadhead show on KPFA, Gans has been touring and recording as a solo singer/songwriter for the past eight years, struggling to make a name for himself as a musician.

The Sweetwater gig fell in his lap when another singer/songwriter canceled at the last minute. On two days' notice, Gans jumped at the chance to fill the slot, putting out the word to his musician friends that they were welcome to join him. That was in December, and it's taken off from there.

"The best thing about the Grateful Dead, which has been kind of lost over the years, was that sense of collaboration and spontaneity," he said this week.

"So what I'm doing is putting together interesting combinations of people, trying to create some spontaneous fun. Sometimes I have 17 people to juggle. I seem to have a knack for being a ringmaster."

Gans, 51, describes himself as "a professional Deadhead." He saw his first Grateful Dead show at Winterland in 1972, and went on to parlay his fandom into a career. He wrote for and edited local music magazines, eventually interviewing all the members of the band and writing three books: "Playing in the Band: An Oral and Visual Portrait of the Grateful Dead," "Conversations with the Dead" and "Not Fade Away: The Online World Remembers Jerry Garcia."

While never a full-time musician, the Oakland resident has been playing guitar and singing since he was a teenager. After high school in San Jose, he performed semi-professionally on what he calls "the steak-and-lobster circuit" in the South Bay, doing "a folky thing." After that, he played in bands with college buddies in Berkeley and always seemed to have casual gigs of one kind or another.

He'd always wanted to be a musician, but seemed to fall into writing and radio as more reliable ways of making a living, particularly with his scholarly expertise on the Grateful Dead.

"But then after Garcia died (in 1995), I started thinking, 'You know, this Grateful Dead thing has been fun, but it's probably not going to last forever,'" he said. "I never really intended to become a professional Deadhead anyway. I was a musician who got into writing and radio. I had to get back to what I meant to do with my life, which was be a musician."

Gans took the first step in 1997, playing at the Gathering of the Vibes, a Deadhead festival in upstate New York.

"I had to overcome that pigeonholing thing," he said. "People said, 'What's he doing up there with a guitar in his hands? He's a radio DJ. He's not a musician.'"

Among non-Deadheads, it was even worse.

"You know how beloved the Grateful Dead are in some circles and how completely ridiculed they are in the mainstream," he said.

"Being a famous Deadhead is like wearing a gigantic 'Kick Me' sign in the mainstream culture. People think because I'm a famous Deadhead, they know what my music is going to sound like. My musical interests are pretty diverse. So on a certain level, it's been a little bit of a detriment to me as a musician to be so closely associated with the Grateful Dead."

Gans is gradually gaining ground as a musician in his own right, playing about 90 shows a year. He's recorded a pair of albums: "Home By Morning" in 1997 and "Solo Acoustic" in 1991. In 2003, he was featured in a DVD, "Live at the Powerhouse."

He usually performs solo, playing an acoustic Rick Foster-built guitar through a digital device called a Loop Station that allows him to play multiple guitar parts. Wired magazine's Steve Silberman called him "the bastard child of Hank Williams, Jackson Browne and Robert Fripp."

While he's never gotten tired of the Grateful Dead, he feels that he has more balance in his life now that he has his own identity as a musician.

"I'm really kind of glad I didn't go out touring in my 20s because I'd probably be a burnout by now," he said. "Maybe I shouldn't quit my day job, but I'm still having fun."

Paul Liberatore can be reached at

Copyright and permissions
  This Saturday (Tomorrow Night):
New Monsoon/Home at Last
The Independent
Saturday March 5, 2005

New Monsoon's multi-set performance will include a rare mini-acoustic set! 
Very Special Guest from the Bay Area music family...


Thursday, March 03, 2005

How cute is this?

Saturday night was the Paulyy party...a benefit for East Bay schools...Paulyy produced it.
Scott and I met Paulyy at David Gans & Bob Weir and Friends Sweetwater show in December...But going even further back in time, we discovered Paulyy is in a photo taken at Sausalito Dog...

LOL- see him back there...I can't say enough good things about the evening...When we got to the Sweetwater, Wavy had phoned in some sort of difficulty was keeping him home so, Paulyy was gonna have to take up the emcee duties...I wouldve been a mess, but Paulyy got right to work studying the line up and getting himself together for the evening..still taking the time to greetfolks and chat it up with NBC...We are right proud of you Paulyy- we had a great time...the music was flowing...Friends rocking out...Just so many favorite moments through out the night...$$$ for music department!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

March On...

I know...I am being a lazy blogger lately but will try to catch up as soon as I have a bit more time
From today's Leah Garchik column
"And then it was on to Slim's to catch a few late-night minutes of its Barbara Boxer appreciation show. The Baby Boomer parents of the youngish people who'd been grooving to the accordion at Odeon were sweating and swaying (thank goodness the smell of non-tobacco smoking finally won out) to that old- time rock 'n' roll, Bob Weir and the Flying Other Brothers, and then Boz Scaggs and G.E. Smith. Missed the earlier performances, but a spy tells me T Bone Burnett, who's music director for a forthcoming movie about Johnny Cash, "performed right after Country Joe and may have stolen the show.'' A huge hanging banner said, "Election 2008 Countdown. 1,352 Days.'' "

Also- Dick's picks- 42 albums are available at iTunes....
IYIYI Indeed!!!!!
Lotsa fun at Sweetwater on Saturday too...