Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Playin from Friday

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well, here I am...
What an incredible weekend!

First we were sad that though ticketed, we thought we would have to miss MK's CD release party due to my nephew's college basketball game. Zachary plays for Western Oregon University we had promised early on to go see him when his team plays against a team from a college near us. Turns out it's a different date they will play here...the 27th which complicates plans for Coda & Band of Brotherz...
So, phew! We were ON for Friday.
Then a friend calls and offers to get us into a stealth FURTHUR show to be played in Fairfax.
What to do? What to do? It's sort of an offer than can't be refused.
So Husband and I decide to go to both shows. Gotta get our Bobby, Jeff & Jay phil and then our Robin and MK warm fuzzies..
That is exactly what we did!
A friend from work was driving into SF to meet up with her friends and dropped me off at Scott's work. Yay! No car at BART to have to retrieve later.
Scotters and I had a nice drive on to Marin. The scene outside the bar that Furthur was to play at was a bit messier than I expected. Ive done crazy line duty before but this wouldve been scary. People had been out in the rain all day. The sidewalk was packed with folks- not single or double file like they made us stand outside the Sweetwater for Crusader Rabbit . I don't know how folks could tell who they were next in line to?
We were early so we grabbed dinner at a cafe "Sleeping Lady" which was next door to the venue .
The line was still stationary when we went back out to the street. Crazy!
It took a while to figure out how to get into the show as the entrance was just clogged with people. It was really exciting to be inside when we did get inside. Everyone inside had huge grins.
There was some nice views from the area next to Jeff, so we stayed by him. Around the end of Althea (hot althea) a woman who had been perching on the fireplace next to me jumped down & left , so I jumped up and was able to scrunch up a little more and get an even nicer view!
There are videos from this show up on message boards and youtube, when I have a little more time, I will bring them here.
Furthur was fanstastic, just fantastic. Of the few songs we saw, the Let It Grow was my favorite- some wonderful places in there...I hope they play it again on NYE..For me...C'mon Bobby!

We stayed for 3 or 4 songs. When Bobby announced that they were going to take a few moments to adjust something with the sound, we figured on that being the best time for us to leave- before they launched into anymore songs.
There was still a very big crowd in line! There were no in/out privileges and the bouncer cut off our wristies . The two people who were 1st & 2nd in the remains of the line couldnt have looked happier to exchange places with us. This made me happy. They got to be inside for whatever came after Cassidy.
So, out to Sausalito we went. MK's party was harborside. Found parking- not so easy as Mark's party had sold out . It was a totally full venue ..forget about moseying up to the rail.
We found our way inside and over to our table (reserved seats for this old girl). Got settled in time to hear a very soulful "Death don't have no Mercy".

I don't have the setlist but it was great fun. The band sounded fantastic . I think the women from JGB were up on the stage for a song....I don't know their names (sorry)
About an hour after we were there, familiar faces started wandering in. Furthur was over and Bobby, Jay & Jeff made it to Sausalito.
Mark invited Bobby up and they played Sugaree together. Jeff & Jay looked on.
Scott was starting to fade and cough. He had to work the following day so we again had to leave earlier than we would have liked....still an excellent night for music and reconnecting with the local DH community.
I knew Mark was playing in the not so so so faraway Sonoma county, but Scott was still coughing. It wasnt looking good for us going to see Jemimah Puddleduck.
Krista called and said she was going, so you bet I jumped into her car and off we went to Sebastopol! Vroooom!
The venue was nice-had a decent sized crowd for a Sunday night out in the country.
Mark, Robin and the other bandmates rocked out.

I tried to get more clips but caught myself dancing.
I only wish I had more room in my flip to have kept taking clips every song exceeded the previous song in jams & energy. A great night..a fun weekend...still smiling here.

Monday, November 09, 2009

I am absolutely alive!
Last week, not so much- down with evil flu! An on top of being ill, I was quite bitter about being too sick to go see Kenny & Jay at Coda! Yes, sick and sitting out both Coda shows. Grrrrr...well, better to sit home than get everyone else sick.

But now, feeling pretty good and buying tix to upcoming fun!!

Next up: Mark Karan's Album launch in Sausalito!

Then there's more fun back at Coda on the 27th with Band of Brotherz

No Bobness until around the end of the year - of course, that man is full of surprises but nothing official in this part of the country until Dec 30 & 31st in SF.