Sunday, April 10, 2005

By the way she shines...

Sunny Sunday!
And I've got most of it to myself!
I'm listening to the latest podcast (addy is amiong my links) YUM- Cowboy songs!!!
One of these daze, I'm gonna create an "album" of cowboy songs for my iPod...
Scott and kids plus friend of kids (what a nice Daddy!) are at Pac Bell to enjoy the beloved Giants. I'm doing my laundry and trying to type up curriculum highlights & reviews for my classes..then if I can resist the sunshine, I'll dig into another essay in my new book.
The first chapter/essay was about autograph hunters and a variety of folks who have created a business serving fans via selling autographs, constructing fan websites and running fan clubs. There are businesses where folks merely check fanmail for threats- the rest get shredded and those celebrities never personally see any of it!
My first Bobby autograph was obtained for me by my friend. Lynnie was JLH's PA (private Assistant) and part of her research in creating some type of fan club for JLH (which she started and ran for about a year)included writing to musicians to find out the hows and whys of how requests were granted..For me, she wrote to GD offices - the addy was their offices in the old building in San Rafael. About six mos after sending a kinda generic letter requesting an autograph from Bobby- she received the 8x10 glossy you see here in this picture-

Now that I think of it, Lynnie was also responsible for obtaining the 2nd autograph...She was working with JLH at a concert in honor of someone (Santana?) in Los Angeles, The Grateful Dead were playing too. I guess when things werent too crazy, she managed to pick out Bobby and got him to write & sign a little 'hey Now, Irenie" on the back of a stub for me...She also had Mickey Hart sign it. I was thrilled beyond belief when she gave this to me! Oy! with my name included and a story of her getting to actually SPEAK with him! She was highly amused at my total JOY.. she was getting to meet EVERYBODY because of John Lee, and didnt get why I could pass up meeting The Rolling Stones to watch a TV movie(they used to visit JLH at his house) yet totally go frothing nuts at the thought of meeting Mr Bob Weir. C'mon, what would I have to say to Mick or Keith? I'm not such a big RS fan.

Though I do have a bit of a cache of Bobby signatures- mostly had to get them as they were obtained via appearences where Bobby's main function was to sign stuff. The signatures in the above photo were granted at a cd signing in Portland.. At that signing, Bobby was kind enough to sign 3 copies of Chile Pepper magazine -one for each of my kids (the issue featuring his sauce-the editors published my Weir recipe as part of the feature)
I guess I could go on endlessly about my autographed stuff and how I feel about the items.
Instead, I better get to those curriculum reports! Going to a Bon Voyage dinner for my parents tonight. They are heading to tour Japan & Far East tomorrow for several weeks.

Foxwoods Show
Jam > Cassidy > Bird Song > Easy to Slip > Supplication > Easy to Slip, Loose Lucy > Bird Song Jam@ > Lazy River Road@ > Bird Song Jam > Big Railroad Blues, Candyman@, Friend of the Devil@4, Looks Like Rain@, West L.A. Fadeaway > Scarlet Begonias > Jam* > Come Together > Bird Song > Cassidy > One More Saturday Night

E: Brokedown Palace (*-without Bob)

review (4-08-05 from deadnet;

ScottClayton - 05:05am Apr 10, 2005 PDT (#15266 of 15332)
I'm posting this twice cuz you folks need to hear my report from the Turning Stone...

YO! AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not see the 7th, but the show on the 8th was so far beyond my wildest expectations, it's hard for me to find the words to describe it! I'm not kidding. I was not even much of a RD fan, per say. Honestly I've always leaned more toward PLQ... I believe those days are now over...

Mark Karan (and the band) friggin' NAILED IT!!! They were tight as a drum and the jams and tunes were very fluid. They functioned at an extremely high level. A well-oiled machine is how I'd describe it.

Though the biggest thing was Bobby!!!! Again for this show I was dead center maybe 5 feet from the stage and I am so happy to report back that Bob is healthy and smiling throughout the show and, for me, all I can say is; THE OLD BOBBY!!!!

They whipped that crowd into such a frenzy at the end it really was ridiculous! And on the ride home I could hardly concentrate on driving, I could not stop thinking about the show, or how I would convince nay-sayers that this was the hottest thing I'd seen in a very, very, very long time. This show made a quite an impression on me!

A phenomanal performance that has me looking to hit one more show! And coining 2005 as The Yeir of Weir!