Monday, April 25, 2005

Scott Larned
I didnt know him but did just see him a few months back in the KPFA studio. He seemed happy and gentle.I stood behind him as he played for the GD marathon. I'm sorry for his family, friends, bandmates and fans. May he rest in peace.
I had the day off! And so out I went! Now I'm back and have a ton of dishwashing to finish up ..The seder went well. Jilly's Haggadah is perfection (clear, concise and mercifully short!). Though we missed our usual Passover crowd (our families which seem to consist of mostly non Jews lately) it was fun pretending to be the Grown ups in charge. Most of the guests were once or are now softball team mates of Scott's, so conversation consisted mostly of tales about this player named Grado. Grado apparently rivals Neal Cassady in the Man or Myth department. At any rate, it all turned out okay. We even managed to fit 2 dining room tables in one dining room...I be back later with the setlist from Ridgefield!