Sunday, April 17, 2005

review for Phil's book
I've read as far as Pacific Recording Studio..Stopping for the delivery of the new furniture!
I'm liking Phil's wording a lot and always any mention of my Peninsula towns(Burlingame! San Mateo! Menlo Park!) makes me happy...While Grateful Dead is forever known as a San Francisco band, they started out HERE on the Peninsula...I have a vague idea of where the In Room in Belmont (where I live) mightve been (Old Country Road is literally on the other side of the tracks-lots of old bars)...Belmont has a most dedicated historical society that claims to know "the story behind every street name". If I get energetic enough, maybe I'll stop by and look through the archives for this "In Room" where the Warlocks rocked the house.
Back to Pacific Recording...My dad was friendly with one of the owners back in the day..I remember getting to go inside the studio when I was little...I'm wondering if that was where our Tippy (one of the Foreign exchange students we housed in the 60's) got the idea to drag me to see the Dead play in GG Park? If my folks werent somewhere in Asia, I'd give Dad a call to pick his brain about his friend (Paul Curcio?) who ran the studio...At the time, my ears only pricked up for mention of (Mickey Dolenz or Mike Nesmith).