Thursday, September 30, 2004

kpfadog-revised a bit

I'm gonna blog- while relistening to the show all over again!

It's archived for a week at KPFA-

First of all, Thanks to David Gans, Ratdog & KPFA!!!
We sped across the Bay afraid of being late for the show. We got there just a few minutes before 8pm. We checked in and then entered the lobby. Through the big window from the lobby to the studio, we saw various band members and crew doing soundchecks and set ups...couldnt quite hear it from the lobby because the program which was "on air"(cute how the little sign lit up) was being played on the speakers...It was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere...tween checks the guys came into the lobby usually on the way to somewhere else-but stopping to chat for a moment too. I'll admit to stealin a few hugs from a couple of my favorite musicmen.
The band & Bobby seemed ready but there was some sort of delay due to tech problems- I'm not sure of the exact cause of what it was ...I was content to peer through the window while waiting it out...I was pleased to see Dennis McNally and Susana Millman buzzing around as well as familiar faces of AJ, Chris, Mike, Peter, Hippy Bill, Maile plus a new guy or two I recognized as having helped out at the Sausalito fest.
On both sides of the studio were entryways within short hallways. The entry on one side was semi full of observers - So, we wandered down the hall around to the other(open) doorway and watched from there. Some space was still available in the studio- on the floor,at the feet of the guys, but it wouldve been just too intense for me! I mean Our spot -just barely in the studio was practically on top of Jeff's Hammond! It was incredible being so close, standing over him .Whenever I'm on the rail in front of Jeff- I pretty much only get to see his feet. So this was a treat-being able to watch him work- we were so close we could hear his fingers whap the keys before the notes were heard.

We had heard a little of "Here Comes Sunshine" being soundchecked so we werent surprised it was the opener... It sounded good! It took a few seconds to get used to being so close to the guys while they played- I wondered if this is what it might feel like to be standing onstage like folks sometimes get to do at some shows...every few moments Chris or AJ would whoosh past us to go fine tune or deliver something. Directly across from us, past the band was the other doorway- folks swaying and smiling...along the window- was David's mic set up and next to that were people smiling and swaying as they were sitting either on card chairs or the floor...

HCS-flowed toward the next song, This would be where I thought it sounded like "Corrina" might be coming up- but it turned into "Liberty" and it was tough holding back from singing along. It sounds just as good on the webcast as it did you hear any extra background vocals? lol..I was also dying to dance but that wouldve caused stuff to go crashing -in fact at one point toward the end of the evening- something behind me in the hall loudly crashed-which caused a collective flinch through the studio..Everyone turned to look and I 1/2 expected Charucki to come by & fling us out to the street ..If anyone of you who were there is reading this- I swear that wasnt us- the thing fell on it's own..(a metal box top of some sort that was propped against the wall)...

Before ya knew it- They were on to the familar swingysingysongy opening to "She Says"- which is a song I really like. GO KENNY GO! My perma grin is back from hearing it again..
When the music did stop.. a few miliseconds of silence-what to do? I caught a few other folks glancing around ready to applaud-hands poised, not sure if it was okay.. David-wearing a huge smile was the first to clap..

I was happily surprised to hear "Deep Elem Blues"!!! Now, I was sorry I wasnt sitting in front of Bob- I Love this one- love watching him sing it, too!! It sounds a bit funk and jazzy eh? We want the bump-gotta have the bump type of rhythm...I LOVE Bobdog! While I was a well behaved fan-observer at the time, once I get this puppy on cd- I'll be a dancing freak! Remember now watching with awe as Jeff slapped those keys!

Ashes & Glass up now!
What you can't hear is how busy the radio & dog crew might picture that everything would come to a standstill as the music played -specially on this particular tune..but there was a fair amount of activity going on - crew & radio peeps moving things and getting stuff done that you don't hear or wouldNT ordinarily expect to see as the band keeps playin on...

Happiest of Birthdaze To Robin Sylvester

I think they sounded terrific!
Just one more week til Fall Dog Tour!
Scotto's trying to convince me that we should try to get to the NYC shows!

KPFA Studios, Berkeley, CA
September 29, 2004

here comes sunshine >
liberty >
she says
deep elem blues >
ashs & glass
loose lucy
@bird song >
@bird song>

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

woohoo! Don't forget to turn on KPFA tonight 8pm!

Tiny Dancer found this link to Kenny Brooks Ratdog Fall Tour Blog!


Sunday, September 26, 2004

pictures of Bobby and Mickey in DC

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bob Weir and Ratdog "after show party" at BB King's-NYC featuring: G-13 w/
Special Guest Mark Karan of Ratdog.

Manhattan, New York, September 17th, 2004‹ The band G-13 out of Ocean City,
MD will be performing two late night sets on Friday, October 8th, 12:00 AM-
4:00 AM, at BB Kings Blue Club located in the heart of Manhattan's Times
Square at 237 West 42 St. They will be joined onstage for a portion of the
evening by Ratdog's lead guitar player, Mark Karan. Advanced tickets may be
purchased for $8 at BB King's Box Office or through Ticketmaster online and
phone charge. Patrons may also show a Beacon theatre ticket stub from that
night's Ratdog show at the door to receive the advanced ticket price.
Otherwise tickets are $12.

Having been playing seven years now, G-13 claims the Eastern Seaboard as
their acquired ©¯stomping grounds.©˜ From Charleston, SC to New York City and
all points between, their upbeat, songs are being performed relentlessly to
fulfilled audiences. Pulling from a vast repertoire of songs including
several originals, G-13 delivers an eclectic blend of Rock n©ˆ Roll,
Americana, and Improvisational music.

Since 1998, Mark Karan has been touring with offshoots of the Grateful Dead
(including The Other Ones, Mickey Hart's Planet Drum and Bobby Weir's
Ratdog). Before crossing over into the land of the Dead, Mark worked his
guitar voodoo for the likes of Dave Mason, Paul Carrack, Delaney Bramlett,
the Rembrandts, Huey Lewis, Jesse Colin Young, Alex Call and Sophie B.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

see Bobby in a PSA-
Armen's DC thing review-

review of last night
Posted by: Armen (205.156.184.---)
Date: September 21, 2004 09:37AM

and who says perseverance doesn't pay. here you go. details of yesterday. as has been said many times i work 1/2 a block from the ritz. around 12:30 i got the notion to head over to the ritz to see if i could run into bobby or mickey. checked out the restaurant, bar and the ballroom & no luck. head back to the office. at 3:30 our office had it's monthly bs recognition meeting, decide to head back to the ritz instead. was pleasantly surprised to be there during soundcheck. soundchecked
black muddy
baba jingo

after friend is when i met bobby. all morning my 7 year old was saying, "you got to take bob weir to the bathroom" (see other thread for reference). i kept checking the time on my cell to make sure i wouldn't be missed at the office. right before bobby came out it said 4:10, while he was out in the lobby and walking around, the time switched to 8pm . as soon as he left it went back to the normal time .

anyway i decided to head back to the office to make sure my absence wasn't missed. when i got back, i came upon my boss leaving and wishing me a good evening. that was my cue, i posted the man on fire thread about meeting bobby , took care of some business and headed back.

soundcheck was still happening, got to hear ripple. then soundcheck officially ended. that's when i met mickey and was able to sidle up next to jeff, just saw him walking around, joined him in step, wished him well and shook his hand. at that moment i knew it would be rocking as i saw bobby speaking to someone who asked him if they were going to sit in on 2 or 3 songs and his reply was "no, i thought we were supposed to play for 2 or 3 hours". ok, at that point i figured i had to find a way in, jeff was there, bobby just said 2 or 3 hours, but 100 bones was too much for me to come up with.

so i just hung out in the lobby, trying to figure out my next plan. met justin & his freind rich and they can attest to my scheming. i had folks from the ritz & the campaign thinking i was working there, asking me if i saw michelle as she had the itinerary (sp?). as we were approacing 5:15 i overheard his campaign manager & her assistant freaking out that they needed to make 250 copies of something & the ritz wanted to charge them 25 cents a copy. some lady was going to go out and "wander around till she found somewhere to make copies". that was my cue. went up to them, said i couldn't help overhearing and would love to help them out. took the assiatant to my office to make copies. here was another chance, asked him if there was anyway to get me in, said he couldn't do it for free but could maybe get me in at the "intern rate" of $50, which is how i got in. went back and after i got the intern ticket is when i met leebert and hung with him for most of the night, he's good folk in case you haven't met him yet.

inside, magic hat (i guess a vt micro brewer) was pumping out free beers for all. as can be expected a strange mix inside, heads and a bunch of dc business types. i was 10-15 feet from the stage all night, plenty of dancing room around me

overall the playing was very good, super high energy, bobby, mickey and jeff were at the top of their game all night long. i didn't stop moving once. very worth the $50 and so glad i invested the time, just hanging around the ballroom beforehand. they played for 2 1/2 hours with no breaks. oar backed them up at first, then fob came out and backed up, then oar came and both bands were taking duty for the rest of the show (see the variety of instruments below). near the end, mickey kept it going by coming out to bobby and saying "just one more song" a few times

anyway here's the setlist:

china >
loose lucy
baba jingo
black muddy river
playin reprise>

notes: one long set, all electric; china through fotd w/ o.a.r.; aiko through jack straw w/ FOB; sugaree through ripple w/ all.( all including: 1 harp, a pedal steel, 2 keyboardists, at times an accordian, 3 drummers, a sax, 2 basses, 3-4 guitarists - combined all together it sounded great, not muddied up at all)

a great time was had by all and i am so happy i decided to head over there

Monday, September 20, 2004

This person from the TOOBoard works in DC and managed to bump into Bobby this afternoon...a little while later, the guy(?) decided to go back to wherever the fundraiser was and see what was up- here's his post- Hopefully, Armen will give us a good lengthy report- in the meanwhile:

Posted by: Armen (68.98.165.---)
Date: September 20, 2004 10:32PM

i'm back. WOW what a crazy experience. i can in no way give an exact setlist. i know this much for sure
china> rider
loose lucy
there also was a scarlet> fire
jack straw'
com plete bobby nite, sung prolly 95% of the tunes. mickey had his custamory 2 tunes, the rest bobby. OAR & FOB were great.
ripple to end it
black muddy (bobby & one of the guys from OAR)
absolutely sweeet sugaree


i met mickey & i sidled up to jeff, in fact spoke to them both twice

so many more tunes, i have no idea right now. hung w/leebert for most of the nite & i thought he was text messaging the setlist as we went along

the whole nite i was 10-15 feet from them. out of my right eye i had bobby & mickey in my sights, left eye was bobby & jeff

a real treat to have jeff there as well. he is an extremely personable guy, we even toasted once

ps- right before the show i did what ima does best

over all, bobby, mickey & jeff were playin for 2 1/2 hours.

i hope leebert's setlist is out there somewhere

pps- the way i got in is a story in itself, i gotta grab some food and will be back in a little bit

love these reviews!!
How many adjectives are there??
Rock on Handsfree!!!

Handsfree - 11:10am Sep 20, 2004 PDT (#9212 of 9224)
Like the morning sun you come, and like the wind you go.

Hey now...just got back from Twister town...old news by now but the Dog kick off was some rippin inspired ass kickin out jazz rock improv deep thick spirited and inspired...except for Senor and Mission...Senor was a snoozer, nuthin really redeemed it...Mission Bob remebered about two words to the whole song...but the jams inside of it were really sweet...Jeff was just killin the fucking keys all, that got him up in the mix and he just rocked solid to scorchin...think the Dead did him some good...Kenny was playing off of him really nice...Robin took a nice fat solo in Eyes...Mark was rockin...the dude has a groove that can't be excused...they sounded really fucking good...always love a Stop opener and the Cheesy Answers was real fun, haven't heard one in awhile...I got dick to anyway, next was the Lucky enough...good tune...not a huge fav but the rave up at the end was killer and the "you may find grace"...well, that's adamn nice line...good stuff...Big Boss man was a ton of fun...really think Marks work on this one has improved tremendously...fat blues jams...first time I noticed how much better the already damn good Sally really is...then the Senor, like I said...I'd shelf it, but Bob likes it, so i can roll one and dream my way through it...The Minglewood was a fuckin hit...they nailed the shit outta that one..and I don't care who says it isn't a good tune..the song just kills...raunchy blues with a biblical twist at it's very finest...always acknowledging the home town crowd...fuckin A me now! Mission, lyrically a wreck, musically a adventure...great jam in the middle...out of Bob's range vocally, plus he can't remember the words...ever. So, that slides back into the Music...which was a great jam...and then Jeff goes off on the Eyes intro...seemed like a surprise tot he rest of the band and they really took the sucka out I said the Robin Bass solo was schweet, and the whole band, not a bad start...Ratdog is hittin a groove...listening deep and really jazzin it up...Jay is a rock solid brother, and he can most def ain't all four four with the cat, whoever said that

O.K. So set two...Victim/Crime rippin dark wooden, trippy haunting, all ya need from such a song...they built it up real nice for the long jump into the deep the tune...used to hate how minds change over time...not to mention the hearts songs...Way to go Bobby and Co.! Bobby can sing the Candyman...they took it down and made it mean, but ya know what lies and sweet with the jive talking murder man...real deal...they were in synch...this is a GREAT shit. O.K. MAMU...are you kidding me...fauck yes! the gallop going on that one...Take me to the second set is just jammin hard...I'm a tellin ya...they were into it, we were into it...the music plays the band...they setting us on fire...meaty trippy jam into Truckin...and why the fuck can ya not dig this tune??? I don't's a theme song for most heads, especially the DeaD SET...TOGETHER MORE OR LESS IN LINE...GET BACK TRUCKIN ON! then the jam was all Other One...frantic madness but they pulled it down sweetly into The Wheel...dig the reggae break...the song rolled along just like it should for a Black Peter...and they nailed the sucka! My freinds they come around...Oh yeah...deep dark and beautiful...a damn good Peter! No lie...Then the China Rider solid as all funk and I'm feelin a bit dizzy with the twas a treat...Brokedown...I love the song...always will..."listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul" Don't mind if I do...and who's gonna stop me? Nothing can be said or done to stop me...I'm lovin it..first time I heard it was like I remembered it from some long time ago...inched my way through a million dead dreams and can't say enough...Thanks a fucking heap for one hell of a great time...WALSTIB! Indeed. Peace! "

Sunday, September 19, 2004

someone posted this on tooboard-
I don't know what I'd win if I answered all those questions?

1) What's your name?
2) City and State you live in?
3) Where were you born?
4) What do you do?
5) How old are you?
6) Married, attached, single? Kids? Names?
7) Pets? Names?
8) First Dead show seen?
9) Last Dead show seen?
10) Favorite Dead years?
11) Favorite Jerry ballad?
12) Night or day?
13) Favorite food?
14) Favorite movie(s)?
15) Other favorite bands?
16) Last show you saw (any band)?
17) What's in your CD player now?
18) Favorite quote or lyric?
19) Dogs or cats?
20) How long have you been at TooBoard?
21) How did you find Tooboard?
22) What show are you looking for now?
23) Favorite city?
24) Favorite venue?
25) Smoker or non-smoker?
26) Favorite color?
27) Favorite GD keyboardist?
28) SYF or Dancing Bear?
29) Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring?
30) What's for breakfast?
31) The City or the Country?
32) Furthest distance you've traveled to see a show?
33) What band have you seen the most shows? How many?
34) Favorite Dead member side project?
35) Tattoos?
36) Favorite Hobbies?
37) Wheels, what's your Dead Sled?

someone posted this on tooboard-
I don't know what I'd win if I answered all those questions?

1) What's your name?
2) City and State you live in?
3) Where were you born?
4) What do you do?
5) How old are you?
6) Married, attached, single? Kids? Names?
7) Pets? Names?
8) First Dead show seen?
9) Last Dead show seen?
10) Favorite Dead years?
11) Favorite Jerry ballad?
12) Night or day?
13) Favorite food?
14) Favorite movie(s)?
15) Other favorite bands?
16) Last show you saw (any band)?
17) What's in your CD player now?
18) Favorite quote or lyric?
19) Dogs or cats?
20) How long have you been at TooBoard?
21) How did you find Tooboard?
22) What show are you looking for now?
23) Favorite city?
24) Favorite venue?
25) Smoker or non-smoker?
26) Favorite color?
27) Favorite GD keyboardist?
28) SYF or Dancing Bear?
29) Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring?
30) What's for breakfast?
31) The City or the Country?
32) Furthest distance you've traveled to see a show?
33) What band have you seen the most shows? How many?
34) Favorite Dead member side project?
35) Tattoos?
36) Favorite Hobbies?
37) Wheels, what's your Dead Sled?

Friday, September 17, 2004

FWIW- Irenie never takes a bathroom break when Bobstar is rockin da house-
Here's about the most lengthy review I could pick up (deadnetter)regarding last night's St Louis show-

JGL - 03:24pm Sep 17, 2004 PDT (#9108 of 9112)
Last night I saw the fire spreadin' to the palace door. Silent majority weren't keepin' quiet anymore.

Just back from St. Louis and I got to say that The Pageant is one helluva concert venue. Great sound, lack security, and a pretty respectable shakedown in the parking lot.

Jam>Jack Straw- I heard a PITB tease in the jam and was surprised when they went into a solid but incomplete Jack Straw

Lady with a Fan-was surprised to hear in first set and coming out of Jack Straw.

Dark Star-with Terrapin only a third complete, was surprised, it being my first Dark Star. I can't complain.

Odessa-I'm not a big fan of this song, but Jeff really has a nice long solo.

Little Red Rooster-dedicated to Johnnie Johnson. Time to hit the rest room and get a beer. At the Pageant the sound is excellent, so wether your at the urinal or the bar, you really don't miss a thing.

Althea-I love the song, and they nailed it.

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl-good old time R & R song and they rocked it out.

Darkstar-back into DS jam that was just kind of plodding along. Then you start hearing a Jack Straw tease, and go WTF! it turns into Jack Straw jam that almost comes to a halt, then BAM! they break into the JS chorus and rock the rest of the song.

Bob Weir-"We'll be back in just a little bit"

"First" Peggy-O the whole band walked out together, Bob and MK on acoustic. They did a great job on it.

Masterpiece-my favorite Dylan cover by GD or RD.

The Winners-Restroom, beer starting to do it's thing.

Friend of the Devil-a bra, or maybe it was a mansierre hit Bob's mic stand and looked like it was going to hang there for a couple seconds, but fell defeated to the floor where it remained for the rest of the show.

TOO-Very Nice!

UJB>Terrapin>UJB-lot's of crowd participation, clapping and singing, louder than any other RD show I've been to. I'm sure it will come out on the tape.

E:At a Siding>Terrapin Flyer>Touch of Grey-Great way to end the show.

I think Bob's messin' with the Fantasy players-JS to start and end the first set!

Great show! Great venue! This band is tight and fresh, you east coasters are gonna love it!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Found this @ TOOBOARD-

Ratdog review 9.15.04
Posted by: b.d. shot (68.15.124.---)
Date: September 16, 2004 02:53AM

this is kinda long, but the setlist is in here somewhere....

well, it's 1:23am tulsa time, just dropped off at the holiday inn by my new friends dan, aaron, and lucas. ratdog was in town, here's my story.....

rolled into tulsa around 6:30pm, checked into the hotel, and prepared for the night. my brother dropped out at the last minute, so it's just me. shower, telephone book, and yellow checker cab. the driver is nearly 70 and tells me stories of his mother taking him to cain's ballroom to see Bob Willis when he was 10. 10? so that musta been 60 some years ago..... damn.

we pass the ballroom, i notice the lighted sign reading cain's backwards. u-turn and we pull up front. 5$ cab and 2$ tip.

maui, shrooms, whispered in my ear as i step out of the cab. yup, i have arrived. scene is as usual, tie-died heads trolling the block, gravel parking lot directly across the street. i ask where the box office is, no one knows.

it's around 7:15pm, old looking venue, stone above the door reads "Brady 1924"..... lets check out the lot. very few vendors, stones here, stickers there, jerry postcard.... rare, i snag it

doors open, i get in line..... anyone got an extra? yup, i've got your tic..... nice to meet you dan, i'm matt. my absent brothers ticket, paid 30, recovered 25, not bad. see ya inside....

cruise the lot a bit, chat w/some folks, and stroll inside. we enter under the sly grin of Bob Wills, big photo, dude musta been big..... wow what a venue. huge ballroom, wooden floor, iron trusses holding a wooden roof, photos of country legends everywhere, from Hank Williams Sr. to Jimmy Dickens, every other one signed and dated, some as far back as 1950, classic.

domestic 2.50, premium 3.50, place is half-full, no way sold out.... i find a hack circle and waste 30 minutes....

lights flicker, disco ball is lit, the show is close to starting. i tell the woman next to me "opener is The Music Never Stopped, justa feeling "......

Set I

She Belongs to Me
Easy Answers
Lucky Enough
Big Boss Man
Mission In The Rain

wow, great energy, great set, i make way for another beer, purchased under the photo of Earnest Tubb....

meet up with Dan, meet some new friends.... set 2 begins....

Set II

Take Me To the River
Brown Eyed Women (funktastic
Jam w/drumz (no bobby) ->
Black Peter

Brokedown Palace

show is over, good feelings and big smiles all around.....

i find a ride back to my hotel and log in to document the night....


It's a lil film clip of Bobby talking about Wetlands- a nite club in NY that I believe has recently been closed? I'm not sure- at any rate it's always nice to see Bob in motion...

L'Shana Tova!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I've got my Alvarez 2004 catalog in hand- and yesiree it's Bob on page 30 and 31- full page pic in that cute chin on hand on yairi(top o the Alvarez line) guitar(looks like rosewood- maybe a WY1 model?) pose. picture taken by Mark Gilliland..

.There's a page of Bobbylore -

"Imagine a kid with a guitar, a jug and a dream..."
The birth of his musical career was signaled by the broken wails of his first instrument-a battered trumpet. His determination, fledgling career and hapless horn were promptly ushered outside by his parents, where he continued playing until his neighbors suggested he "take up a different instrument".
Shortly after the 13 year old surrendered his trumpet, a family friend who was passing through Palo Alto was invited to stay for a few days. The visitor had brought his guitar and patiently taught a few chords to the fascinated teen. Enchanted, he charged out to buy an instrument of his own.
For $17, he bought a nameless 6 string that sounded like a stubbed toe and played more like an elementary school spelling bee than a guitar. Eventually, he graduated to a better guitar, and his heart pounded with the beloved blues and folk melodies of his childhood. In 1962, he met a young musician named Jerry, whom he overheard picking bluegrass tunes in a dusty local bar. They became instant friends. That evening, the two began to talk passionately about music. It was a dialog that would continue for decades. Inspired by the vibrant blues minstrels of the riverboat circuits, he and Jerry started their own jug banf on NYE, 1964. Jerry played banjo, while his new companion played the guitar...and jug.
Much time passed. the tiny band changed its sound almost as many times as it changed names. Mother McCree's Jug Champions became the Warlocks, the Warlocks became the Grateful Dead, and from the Grateful Dead emerged Ratdog. The young boy from PaloAlto became a dreamer and that dreamer became a musician. His name is ...".

Then there are some Bobby quotes...

at the risk of sounding crude/lewd-
Ya gotta love how the neck of the yairi is positioned...

Scott's selling steel string 2004 Yairi dreadnaught, also small dreadnaught (travel guitar) plus various other Alvarez & Takamine...and always loads of varieties of used (and often unique) stuff...
alvarez- look up Bobby on the "Players" page there..

Monday, September 13, 2004

funny stories (one Dead related) on this webpage:

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Just a drive by- Company is coming over
Forgot about this picture- from a Celebrity Scoop- There's beardfree Bobby with the House Party Band behind me...About 8 years ago...Justin Herman Plaza...

Friday, September 10, 2004

I couldnt go- I had to meet the parents of my newest batch of preschoolers...

But, Mazzy, My BIL-Christopher and Tiny Dancer did get to go!
I hear Mazzy had a great time- Havent spoken yet to Christopher, and Here is what Tiny Dancer reported in to her friends @ the TOOBoard:

my truest inspiration- Report from Mill Valley
Posted by: Tiny Dancer (208.54.15.---)
Date: September 10, 2004 07:30PM

Beautiful night last night. A Mill Valley country club crowd, not a Deadhead or tie-dye in the place (except for myself and a fellow from DNC, who lives in the area)(and I wasn't in a tie-dye, and neither was he!). Bobby and Mark acoustic, I danced all over in front of the stage. Got the yuppies up and boppin'. So many people thanked me for dancing for them afterwards. Wine and mozzarella-cherry tomatoes-mint- olive skewers, canapes, homemade cookies.

The set was very short- KC Moan, Friend of the Devil, El Paso , Me and My Uncle, Uncle John's Band- just Bobby and Mark on acoustic. They auctioned off a few guitars, once of while was Weir's, and he sat and noodled "New Speedway Boogie" during the auction process. A very laid back, non- rock n roll crowd.

Craig Chaquico (who used to be such a cutie in the Starship) isn't much of a cutie anymore, but he still has the Starshipy persona- the hard rock guitar solo kind of deal, coming up to the front of the stage and kneeling on one knee with the other leg extended to the side of him.

And of course the crowning glory of it all was being in the shadow of my beloved Mt. Tam and majestic redwoods.

Stuck inside of SFO with the plane delayed blues again...only, this is the first airport that has an internet cafe that I've ever been in. And now I get to roll into Kennedy in the early morning of September 11th.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Yes, I've been a very bad blogger...It's finally really hot here and seems like all the heat drifts up to where the computer is...I'm a real wimp in the heat..
I did manage to deal with the Sausalito heat though...Kem came by, Scott took the day off, my older son babysat and up to the city and over the bridge to beautiful amazingly scenic and perfect village of Sausalito...We splurged on the $10 parking and entered the fair...We found the main stage and parked ourselves nearby while the Stardust Orchestra finished up...Didnt know it but at the time, my parents, sister & BIL were somewhere nearby - my Dad was over on Sunday and couldnt stop raving about them- they all left the fair after that- so, we overlapped a little though we didnt see each other...
Lots of familiar faces grouping up for Ratdog-From Dick & Vera, WDP Jay,'s siteleader- DaveR.
From DNC, there was Mazzy,Rose, Reisha,GracefulDead,Katrinka,TwrlGrl,Cherise,Maroo, Karina & Arrow. Apparently, there were some folks from the TOO board, I havent met any of them before so for all I know they were right next to me.
Tour Buddy Keir (Eurodog 02 & UKDog 03) was there too! Great to see him-even if it was from afar- we thought we'd be able to grab a hug or a beer after Ratdog but the fair was ending and everyone was being asked to leave...we will catch Keir on tour somewhere else this year maybe...
The weather was hot and sunny in a happy way- as long as we were sitting in the shade...Right before Robben Ford was going on- some folks starting sitting right on the pavement- a few started to assemble by the hedge near the stage...Well, since I'm probably not seeing anymore Ratdog til the Fall Tour ends, I braved the bright strong sun and found my spot by the hedge..Endured all of Robben Ford there...He's good and all but, Bobdog is my thang..I bopped and applauded where appropriate...during Ford's set, glimpses of Ratdog bandmembers and crew could be seen dropping over to check everything out...Jay hung around at the back of the stage for a song or two, he was a sight for sore eyes-looking very tan & handsome-the jaygirls will be very happy... The moment the Ford set was done with, Singing AJ, Hippie Bill and Charucki got right to work...Didnt see Blonde AJ around..a familiar looking fellow was working with the crew but not sure who he is...Chuck was back there too. Dennis McNally & Susana & Billy K were also seen around. Kenny, Jay, Robin & MK came out to poke at their equipment for a bit..then returned to backstage tented area. About then the whole hedge area was covered by Ratdog freaks...Even though standing in the sunshine & heat was making me a cranky & quiet, I loved seeing all the usual suspects -including heads we know from offline and folks who we don't know but see at all the shows, sprinkled through the crowds...
At last Robin, MK & Bobby came on out- I was facing in between Robin & Mark, with a perfectly nice view of Bob...There seemed to be some sound distortion or equipment problem..For a moment Bob sang with out holding a guitar while the new crew guy worked it out...I was thinking it was okay til we got to October Queen- then I fell like usual- hook line & sinker into my Dogzone! I was supremely happy with everything after that...The only downer was occasionally remembering that this would be it for me & Scott as far as Fall Tour goes....
Ive heard that the show is available for download now at
I'll put the url over here next time I come across it on the net...

Monday, September 06, 2004

Waaah! Back to work for me tomorrow....Too hot in computer room to begin telling my Sausalito tale - but it was fun!
here's pix -
No Bobby sightings on Friday night- Nice turnout for Merl though!
Had a great time- more details soon-at the Sausalito Art fair on Saturday!!!
AT LAST, Some Summer time Ratdog!!
Someone has already put up pictures- a few look exactly like the pictures I took- which I 'll put up later- in the meanwhile- here's that url:

Thursday, September 02, 2004

hey hey- this just in from the flying other brothers e mail:

"Monday, September 20 — Pat Leahy for Senate fundraiser — Washington DC

Where: Ritz-Carlton Hotel (Ballroom)
1150 22nd St. NW, Washington, DC
When: Doors at 5:30 pm, with OAR hitting at 6
How Much: $100 and up
Information: Michelle Maiwurm at (202) 544-8963 or

Pat Leahy — the object of Vice President Cheney’s F-word outburst -- is running for a sixth term in the Senate and we’ll be there to help out. Bob Weir and Mickey Hart are the stars, with ourselves and OAR as their back-up bands. It will be an evening of clean language and great music in the nation’s capital!

Hope to see you there!


The FOBs
omigod, the last few daze have been Hellish - Eleventh hour insanity regarding schools....But, all is well at least for a few moments, and I can start to get excited about this weekend!
Tomorrow night is a CD release party for Mr Merl Saunders! Merl played in the Jerry Garcia Band and has collaborated with our Bobstar on several occasions- They share a big interest in various environmental issues. His story can be found @
Saturday at last is Ratdog! Scott even has the day off - we are both really in need of this!! Sunday night is Mark Karan @ The Sweetwater- hoping to go but am having the folks over for lunch- don't know if that will continue into the night or not?
Well, gotta get going on an assorted errands- will check back in this weekend!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Great photo- nice interview!