Friday, April 15, 2005

Goldberg's a GENIUS

I say that every April 15th after Goldberg has done our taxes..This year was a mathy one too with the selling & buying of homes and also the inheritence stuff...God/dess bless you Goldberg!

What I really wanted was the Audio version of the Phil Lesh book...But it's not coming out til next month...Could I wait a month? I do enjoy listening to books while doing arts & crafts...I listened to "The Lovely Bones" & also some Anne Rice novel(I'm not a big fan but Scott is and we had it on tape and as you can see, I can't even remember the title) while sewing 500 sachets for Rex...Howsabout that for time manangement? I was thinking that I could work on the bead trellis while listening to Phil tell me his stories...I've been listening to Bobby talking all week via downloaded cd of his XM interview. I loved that!
OKay, well, instead of waiting the inner Capricorn noticed it is Teacher Discount Weekend at Borders and that means 25% Off on books, cds, dvds for me! Even had today's pay stub with me so went ahead and got the book....Saw another book that had me thinking of my friend Lynnie -the one who was a PA to JLH & for a short while, she worked for yucky Don Johnson. The other book, I almost bought is called "Chore Whore" and is written by a PA that Lynnie used to know (i recognized her name & photo)
I know the STAR that Heather used to PA for and remember hearing about some of the crazy Crazy antics that went on...I didnt buy the book, First Phil, then the Rat book and then maybe, if I'm still in the mood, I'll go back for 'Chore Whore"...
Hopefully the setlist will be another play by play on Dot Org! Scott and Noah are going to the beloved Warrior game tonight and so I can observe the internet in peace.

Life after Spring Tour!
Poster by Alan Hess