Friday, December 31, 2004

Built to last while years roll past


It's my birthday!
I love having a New Year's Eve birthday!
I'm grateful to be alive and well and happy. 2004 was a good year for me and I have a good feeling about 2005!
Family (kids, folks, siblings) called from Maui..Been thinking lots about them this week- ...The kids come home next week...Anyhow all 11 of them sang happy birthday over the phone and it was sweet!
And hearing from friends from all over- Thanks!
Gonna take a little nap -tonights gonna be cwazeee! Going out for dinner with friends , then zoom to the Mission for Marko & the Allstars...
The DayGlo article
I just buy them for the covers but some still listen/prefer Vinyl
Special guests??????????

Thursday, December 30, 2004

TSUNAMI Victims-Help On the Way

Devastion beyond description out there...
Looking to send a donation?
try Matthew Kelly's Amicus Foundation in Thailand. You know Matt from Early Ratdog and also Kingfish....


from Seva:

Seva South Asia Emergency Fund

Dear Friends,

Seva may have begun as an international health organization focusing on eyes, but today there is not one of us who can have even a single dry eye when we look at the extent of human suffering in the wake of the tsunami catastrophe in South Asia.

We have, as individuals and as an organization, been working in South Asia for more than 25 years. The people of Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia are dear to us - friends and familiy to us - and we need to reach out now more than ever and offer a loving, respectful, helping hand.

For these reasons, we have established the "Seva South Asia Emergency Fund" to receive donations to aid in disaster relief, disease prevention, homeless support services, and child health services in the affected area.

We ask for your support, your donations online, by mail (see below), or telephone
(800-223-7382), which we will make certain are used in the most effective and loving way possible, working with other agencies in the field.

Larry Brilliant Dennis Bowen Tony Kozlowski
Chair Chair Elect Executive Director

Seva Foundation
1786 Fifth Street | Berkeley, CA 94710
phone: 510-845-7382 | fax: 510-845-7410 | orders: 1-800-223-7382

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

EuroDog 2002

Googling the words "Grateful Dead" these past few daze has been melancholy as so many more than usual items are surfacing regarding death and grateful ness...
As once promised, a trip back in time to posts from abroad- which are buried in the depths of The Ratdog Conference...
It was July 2002, Scott and only had planned to go to 2 shows (dum-dum-dum!) We made a plan to meet up with fellow conferencer St. Of Circumstance-
I don't see my reviews- I mustve posted them right to Deadnet- not certain if they were ensucted when the site crashed last year? If there's time I'll look for em...

Here we go:
irenie - 02:11pm Jul 4, 2002 PDT (#3880 of 6307)
posting from Amsterdam- from The Bulldog a street away from the Melk Weg- this is the place to be preshow on the 10th- computers, coffeesmokeshop, and bar. Anyhow having fun, got a little lost at Heathrow but that's a story for another day- Hippy fourth !!!!
Saint of C - 10:22am Jul 5, 2002 PDT (#3885 of 6307)

Hey Reg, sunshine, ShortFat, Prinny, Bantha and the rest of the Kennel--

Well, I made it to Paris!!! Still fightin the jet-lag but pretty excited about being here. How wild this all came together--last minute passport and reservations, no maps, no itenerary, etc. etc. Oh well, I feel like Kerouac and Cassidy.

Coming to you live from the "Cyber Cafe" on the Monthalon Square." Having a great time thus far--excellent food. However, cold and rainy and did not pack for that. Bought my ticket at FNAC for tomorrow's New Morning show.

Reg--will try to get back here after the show to post revue for you.

Irene--saw post about The Bulldog--sounds cool. But I will hopefully see you in Cologne first. We are at the same Hotel. Look me up there before the show under "Todd Gray"--if we don't hook-up beforehand--look for me at the show--I will be wearing my lucky Univ of Mich (white) baseball hat, and either my The Other Ones tie-dye with the Jerry tiger on the back or my purple Ben & Jerry's Phish Food T-shirt.

See you all later.
irenie - 11:26am Jul 5, 2002 PDT (#3886 of 6307)
hey Saint!! Should we wait and go to the Heineken brewery with ya? We will be looking for you in Cologne! I will be wearing the green Marin Ratdog shirt (You might recall seeing that in the GD Almanac). It's rainy here in Amsterdam. We brought a Ratdog cd to the Bullfrog- music here is that eurodiscotechnoscratchingcarcommercial stuff. Shouldve brought one of the shows with DJLogic on it...Changed hotels-a few doors down from the Hemp now. ((((((The Kennel))))
Saint of C - 04:42am Jul 7, 2002 PDT (#3889 of 6307)

Irenie--yeah wait for me on the Heinekin brewery.

Sorry I am just now posting--but it was too late to go walking thru the streets of Paris with a camera strapped around my neck (screaming tourist) to look for a cyber cafe.

Last night--in two words--fucking awesome. This has a lot to do with the venue--it was tiny--I mean these guys are literally playing in little bars over here.

New Morning--Really cool atmosphere. Red walls--Red drapery--black leather accents and some tables. It has a little 12ft x 12 ft. half-circle pit in front of the stage and basic spotlighting (like you would see at a Comedy Club) The boys were boiling under the lights--especially Kenny. I was about 4 feet from the stage with no obstructions and since I had high speed film and I had a lot of light, I think I got some great pix!!! What is amazing is how everyone smokes openly without any fear of security--it was pretty cool.

The club was so small that when the Dog casually came onstage and saw how small it was, Bob quipped "we'll get to all of your requests tonite"--me being the smartass that I am yelled "Lazy Lightning" and the guy in front of me yelled "Terrapin!" but they tuned into Stranger--they were a little slow out of the gates and Stranger was a little flat. Bob struggled with this one--he forgot most of the words and kept repeating the same verse. I was close enough to see the look of frustration on his face--Jay finally stepped in to bail him out--"......gonna be a long, long, crazy.." Bob turned and nodded as if to say thanks.

Stranger rolled into Walkin' Blues and Bob seemed determined to get it going--my impression is that everyone else was on and ready to rock, and Bob was struggling, and as a result, holding them back.

Then into Picasso Moon--the music hot, but Bob still searching for that good place. Club was half-full but nearly 3/4's now.

Next--T Jed--this is where Bob starts to settle down and be Bob--the largely European crowd really recognized this one and started to realize that this is Bob Weir folks and we have been waiting for this for a long time.

Next was Shade of Grey (?)--I cannot believe I am pulling a brainfart but I think it is the name of the tune--I have heard it a million times--it is on the Live acoustic Weir & Wasserman cd --starts out" is just a shade of gray.." "...but those gray eyes--that easy smile..."--Bob took over lead guitar on this one and played great. Next into West LA, which was hot--obvious play (looking for a chateau). Then into Aiko (another obvious play here in Paris)--this also hot and a big crowd pleaser. Bob tried out lead again and sounded great.

20 min intermission--met a few cool people from the states. Set II, unlike Set, was balls out and the Dog showed the Parisians what a jamming is really like. It began with KC Moan and then into Me and My Uncle--I was now out of the pit area and a little farther back--but still unbelievably close and now elevated to stage level. Dancing and grooving amongst some surprisingly young German heads. German guy next to me said "thiz is grait!" Into a hot "Fever" (no pun intended) German guy thought it was Eternity at first and yelled out "Eedurnidy"--but I let him in on it and he said "I nut no he do thiz". Out of Fever and into Lucky Enough and then into Wrong-way Feeling. Then I thought it was going to be a T Jed reprise, but it was Ramblin Rose--a fantastic one at that. Then a scorching Other One--crowd lit up--German turns to me and says "did yuh hear dee 'Rte. 66' tease?" Then inot a great Terrapin--and a equally great One More Saturday- Encore--a soul-searching B. Palace.

Afterwards, I hung out for a little while and talked to Karan--he said to the guy who yelled Terrapin at the start--"see, you got your Terrapin.." He was telling us that his amp does work good over here--he feels like it is "choked-up." He said next time, he will just bring over an old Fender amp with him.
Saint of C - 04:48am Jul 7, 2002 PDT (#3890 of 6307)
Got cut-off. I think these guys are at their apex, like the Dead in the mid to late 70's. They are all great musicians and learning to really play with one another. At first Kenny really impressed me, but I am as equally impressed with Karan, Jeff and Jay. And Rob has that Bass and Drums segment to show-off.

I like them because they are young and good--and Bob will be challenged by these guys to constantly make it better. I get the sense that there is a lot friendship in this band--sometimes it seems that they even like to screw with one another--especially Bob

Oh well, off to Germany--see ya tomorrow Ireenie

irenie - 06:28am Jul 7, 2002 PDT (#3891 of 6307)
Thanks for great review! If you thought Paris was liberal- wait til you get to Amsterdam.We will wait for you for the Heineken. See you manana in Cologne! Woof!
irenie - 06:30pm Jul 10, 2002 PDT (#3906 of 6307)

Saint has tonites setlist, so here he goes!
From St.:

Birdsonng into J. Straw into Miracle to Wang Dang Doodle--It's All Over Now Baby Blue--Cold Rain & Snow--Wthr Rpt. Ste into Birdsong reprise. Trippy Intermission--Set II.--Blackbird into BT Throated Wind--This Could be The Last Time into Ashes and Glass to Help-->Slip--> Drumz and bass and SOTM(where talk is cheap)--into Throwing Stones--into Franklin's Tower Encore: Gloria

very hot show. Bob was in Amsterdam and everyone knew--especially himself. What I like about this band is they come to kickass and take names each nite. They are all in the mix. No slouches here--none! Mark has now made me a firm believer--he is the guy to play lead guitar in this band--at moments tonite, he smoked and took me to places that I have not been to since 95'. Bobby was exceptionally animated tonite. He obviously loved the crowd reaction to several of the tunes.

Some highlights----coming out of Baby Blue, Bob wanted to goof and do something different, but Karan had already started into Cold Rain and Snow heavy and seemed to ignore Bob's urging to stop--great call Mark!!! the crowd loved it and as Mr. Irenie just said ..."yeah, he cooked on that one.." The Let It Grow obvious call for Amsterdam. I thought it was funny that he played "...this could be the last time. I don't know.." to the Europe crowd.
In Throwing Stones, Bob went nuts and said after the main chorus, with emphasis..."Think about it..."
The encore Gloria was astounding...The crowd went nuts, and Bob visibily appreciated the crowd singing back the chorus to him. He tried to return the love by getting funky with the beat and improvising some lyrics--"....when she come to my room.......she got shorts, she got shorts and she digs sports..".....then Bob continued play with a cool Gloria. One that rivals one I heard at Three Rivers in 95'
The scene real quick--Come on--it was Amsterdam, so I won't get into that much, other than---fucking UNBELIEVABLE. Great energy. Bob was clad in khaki short-shorts, birkenstocks and a funky short-sleeved 70's style print shirt with an asian theme. He was fired up and wanted to make up the show last nite--me and Irenie weren't there in Hamburg, but heard that the show was choked by technical difficulties.
Oh and I got a Melkweg Poster--one of only a few--the one's used by Melkweg in the window (there were four of them). Take it easy--
St. and Ireenie
PT found this pic...

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It is what it is

Pollstar Ratdoggy blurb
Barlow siting in this article it is what it is
we are everywhere
picked this up on the TOOBoard- Please- remember it's a SPOOF!:
"Apple Quietly introduces the DeadPod

“The Grateful Dead” and Apple Partnership Fuses Art, Technology & Commerce

SAN JOSE, California—November 11, 2004—Apple® has introduced the DeadPod® Special Edition as part of a partnership between the former members of psychedelic stalwarts The Grateful Dead and Universal Music Group (UMG) to create innovative new products together for the new digital music era. The new DeadPod, featuring a 50GB storage capability specially tailored for those epic four-hour Grateful Dead shows, holds up to 7,000 songs and features a classy “JerryGray” brushed stainless steel enclosure with a stainless steel Click Wheel and custom laser engraving of the living original band member signatures: Mickey Hart, Philip Lesh, Bob Weir, William Kreutzmann, and Vincent Welnick.
“We have always admired, emulated, and encouraged those who sought to push the boundaries of music, rhythm, and life,” said Mickey Hart, the former Grateful Dead drummer. “The DeadPod and iTunes are the most complete integrations of these three ideals that music has seen in a very long time.”
“The Grateful Dead, The Dead, the Philip Lesh Quintet, and Ratdog stand among the greatest bands in the world and we are floored to be working with them,” said Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. “We just want to make some innovative products together, and we hope Deadheads will love having their very own special edition DeadPod.”
“The audience deserves a more intimate online relationship with the band, and Apple has promised to help us do that,” said Dead frontman Lesh. Jill Lesh, Philip’s wife, added “with DeadPod and iTunes, Apple has created a crossroads of art, commerce and technology that feels legit for both musicians and fans.”
In accordance with the wishes of the former Grateful Dead members and estate representatives, the DeadPod is quietly being introduced in the shadows of the ballyhooed U2 iPod as the Irish band prepares to release their new album “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” in late November. Bob Weir, the former Grateful Dead rhythm guitarist and current rhythm guitarist for Bay Area folk-rock outfit “Ratdog”, could not be reached for comment. Lesh and Hart said Mr. Kreutzmann, Mr. Welnick, and Mr. Weir heartily endorsed the plan. Mr. Weir was originally scheduled to appear at the press event but was feeling under the weather.
The DeadPod features Apple’s patent-pending Click Wheel, up to 18 hours of battery life and “Shuffle Songs”, a command in the main menu that gives users instant access to one of the most exciting new ways to listen to their music library. Additionally, the DeadPod comes preloaded with the setlists of over 3,400 Grateful Dead concerts, and Philip Lesh Quintet and Ratdog setlists up to October 31, 2004.
All iPods work with Apple’s iTunes, providing music fans with the best digital jukebox on either a Mac® or Windows computer and access to the iTunes Music Store, the number one digital music service in the world. DeadPod customers will receive a voucher valid for eight free full-show downloads from “Terrapin Station”, a long-awaited digital repository of virtually every Grateful Dead show ever recorded, expected to come online in early December. The voucher will include select Philip Lesh Quintet and Ratdog shows but will not include downloads of Jerry Garcia-related projects.
iPod features Apple’s patent pending Auto-Sync technology that automatically downloads an entire digital music library onto iPod and keeps it up-to-date whenever it is plugged into a Mac or Windows computer using FireWire® or USB. Users can transfer two songs per second from their Mac or Windows computer and can conveniently charge iPod with either the included FireWire or USB cable.
The new 50GB DeadPod Special Edition is expected to be available mid-November for a suggested retail price of $420 (US) through the Apple Store® (, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers. The DeadPod includes earbud headphones, 1.2m 60-pin to FireWire cable, a 1.2m 60-pin to USB cable, and a CD with iTunes 9.3 for Mac and Windows computers. Optional accessories include the iPod Dock for $19 (US) and in-ear headphones for $59 (US).
All iPods require a Mac with a FireWire or USB 2.0 port and Mac OS® X version 10.1.5 or later (Mac OS X v10.2 or later recommended); or a Windows PC with a FireWire or USB 2.0 port, or FireWire or USB 2.0 card and Windows 2000 (with Service Pack 4 or later), XP Home or Professional.
All iPods include rechargeable batteries which have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced. Battery life and number of charge cycles vary by use and settings. See for more information. Music capacity is based on four minutes per song and 128-Kbps AAC encoding.

Monday, December 27, 2004

From Mona at Deadnet- very compelling:
Mona Cherashore - 09:23pm Dec 27, 2004 PDT (#2848 of 2850)
Happy Holidaze to All!!!

I received this email from my friend Sheri, who was, indeed, in Phuket with her family for the holidays. Everyone in her party (her family and inlaws) is OK. I'm extremely relieved but feel for her and her family. Her son, Justin, was in Fla. at the end of the summer getting settled in school. He experienced all of the hurricaines.
* ******************************

Dear wonderful friends and family:

We are overwhelmed by the hundreds of e-mails, text messages and phone calls! Thank you all for your love and concern!!

Thank God we are among the very, very lucky ones here in Phuket. While our resort was extremely badly hit and dozens of people were injured, we didn't suffer any loss of life. (The hotel immediately next to us lost several people - visitors and locals, who were swept out to sea.)

It happened so quickly and without any warning. Justin's tennis was an hour later than usual, so we were having a leisurely late breakfast with my in-laws in the glassed in coffee shop. All at once, a huge crowd of people started running past, shouting and screaming. We thought it was a terrorist attack coming from the beach!

Somebody ran into the coffee shop and shouted something and then the staff started yelling for everyone to get out. We asked what was happening but they just kept shouting: "Get out! Get out!" and pushing us out the door. Only when we were up one level in the lobby area did we hear about the earthquake (which had happened two hours earlier in Sumatra) and the tidal waves that were triggered as a result.

Carly remembered that Justin had gone back to his room to pick up his tennis racquets. There wasn't any way he could know what was happening and the water was already rushing up from the beach so I ran like a maniac, praying all the way.

As I ran across the bridge from the lobby area to the area where the rooms are, I could see the water engulfing all the chairs poolside and rushing right underneath where I was standing and into the lagoon on the other side.

We were very lucky! Fortunately, the hotel is built up a slope and our rooms are on the second floor, facing away from the ocean. Rooms right underneath us had glass windows and sliding doors smashed as the water hit, but we were amazingly untouched. A lot of people who were in those lower rooms at the time were hit by flying glass and some had to actually swim underwater (in their rooms!) to get out. It was unbelievable!

The lobby was like a war zone for most of the day as people tried to figure out what to do. (We didn't have electricity for most of the day and only essential areas were running on generators.) We went to camp out with friends at another hotel further away from the sea. Only when we turned on the TV and watched the BBC and CNN did we realise how VERY lucky we were!

Other areas of Phuket were totally devastated. It was a sunny and peaceful Sunday - the day after Christmas in a major tourist destination - so thousands of people were on boats or on the beach or swimming when this 20 foot wall of water rushing at 400 miles an hour came out of absolutely nowhere!

We took a drive around yesterday and it worse than anything you could ever imagine witnessing. Cars were up in trees, whole villages were completely gone, hotels and restaurants nearest the beach had boats and debris smashed thru all the lower floors (if they were standing at all) and many, many roads had buckled and were impassable.

Thousands of people (local and visitors, alike) are still missing and the hospitals and clinics are overflooring, with wall to wall mattresses covering every square inch of floor space. Even the huge new shopping mall has been turned into a shelter.

Justin can't believe that he has been thru three huge hurricanes and a tidal wave in such a short space of time. We all can't believe how very, very fortunate we are to have been unharmed in the midst of all this destruction and devastation. We are truly blessed!

Thank you, once again, for the outpouring of love and concern. We feel doubly blessed to have you all in our lives.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy New Year!!!

Much love,
Sheri, Rob, Carly and Justin

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Didja have yourselves a merry lil Christmas?
Friends came over- Carl & Imba (+3 lil kids) Leslie (+2 lil kids), Jeff & Tracy (kids all grown up) Offline people (well, Ron's online but doesnt post in Dead boards) we have known for years and years..some since high school. Something like 7 or 8 weddings, 5 divorces,11 kids...Imba didnt even speak English when Carl brought her home from an extended business trip something like 9 years ago...
Have gone to shows with all but Leslie- And manoman did I get in trouble for not taking her along after Jerry died...In my defense, Leslie was out of state at school for years and years obtaining a batch of medical degrees...
It really was good to see them all...We ordered in a ton of food from Uncle Chen and went through bottles & bottles of red wine....
Here's an article- Slightly GD related- since I went to the trouble to subscribe ito some paper to read this- I figured I may as well C&P it here-
By Ellen Barry, Times Staff Writer
NASHVILLE — Wrapped in tissue paper, tucked inside envelopes, rhinestones arrive here from Austria for the last of the great rodeo tailors.
Manuel is white-haired now, and the age of the spangled cowhand has given way to the kind of celebrities who wear jeans and T-shirts. But inside his studio the work continues: hot-pink roses embroidered along the length of an eggshell pant leg; scarlet cuffs attached to a turquoise Western shirt; dazzling white crystals studding the back of a royal-blue bolero.
0For the last 50 years, Manuel — who uses only one name — has been outfitting tough men in sparkly outfits. After emigrating from Mexico in the mid-1950s, he had a hand in creating such cultural icons as the black-clad Johnny Cash, the Grateful Dead's skull-and-rose design and, according to some accounts, the lolling tongue logo of the Rolling Stones.

Last week, Nashville's Frist Center for the Visual Arts opened an exhibition titled "Manuel: Star-Spangled Couture." Sewn onto Manuel's clothes are glimpses of Spanish Baroque painting, Rat Pack glamour and the flotsam of his American experience.

"I've always thought his clothes were a work of art," said Katy K, a Western wear designer and collector in Nashville. "Everyone can do horseshoes and cattle, but a cheese steak? Or an oyster?"

The great cowboy image-makers, it turns out, were not who you'd expect.

When Manuel Arturo Jose Martinez Cuevas arrived in Hollywood, the apprentice tailor from a little town in Mexico joined a circle of Western-wear gurus who had emigrated from Russia or Eastern Europe. Rodeo Ben was born Bernard Lichtenstein in Poland; and Nathan Turk started out at age 10 as an apprentice to a tailor in Minsk, Belarus.

Manuel joined the workshop of Nudie Cohn, who outfitted Hollywood gunslingers and rock 'n' rollers in rhinestone wagon wheels and Technicolor fringe. Cohn, who was from Brooklyn, N.Y., wore unmatched cowboy boots — a reminder, he said, of his deprived childhood; he liked to drive through poor neighborhoods handing out dollar bills with his picture stuck over George Washington's.

"It was Hollywood," said Patricia Mears, a New York fashion historian who is co-curator of the exhibit. The tailors, she said, "followed that long tradition of reinventing themselves."

Manuel's strength is in his effortless freehand design (Katy K compared it to watching Fred Astaire dance) and in gorgeous, sometimes macabre embroidery like the richly worked skull — with one sparkling red eye and one sparkling green eye — that appears on a pale gray suit he made in 1956. He sewed licking flames onto his daughter Morelia's pants when she was in elementary school, to her embarrassment, she recalled.

Manuel left California in 1986, driving east with his sewing machines to Nashville, a place that offered a quieter life and the extravagant pageantry of the Grand Ole Opry. In a two-story Victorian house on Broadway, Manuel built a following so reverent that it was routine for him to listen quietly to an artist's request for a particular garment, smile benevolently and then make them something completely different.

"That's when I like them," Manuel said. "Because I can discover something in their character. I say, 'I can make something of this person. I can surprise this person. I can give this person a gift in exchange for their money.' "

It was in this way, Manuel said, that he began sewing all Cash's orders in black. When Linda Ronstadt asked for black, she got a spectacular rainbow of flowers.

Manuel refuses to ever duplicate a garment — a matter of principle that caused friction with Dave Stewart, the guitarist for the Eurythmics, who begged for another jacket for a treasured white suit Manuel had made him. In the end Manuel sewed it for him, in black, recalled Linda Dyer, an art historian and close friend in Nashville.

Divorced three times, Manuel travels with such an entourage of beautiful women that Trey Fanjoy, who made a documentary about him for the exhibition, described the tailor as "the Hugh Hefner of Nashville." Manuel wears a trademark scarf around his neck, and has only a vague idea about what kind of car he drives. Although his biography on his website describes him as 70, Manuel gives his age as 66, saying that he likes the way the two sixes fit together.

He believes in the power of a persona, and is worried by the emergence of a generation of recording artists who dress, as he puts it, like auto mechanics. As a young man, Manuel made tuxedos for Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack; he breaks down star power this way: "60% image, 30% packaging, and 10% talent."

"I was lecturing a set of students at the University of Oklahoma," he said. "One of them said: 'How can you physically describe image?' I said: 'Say you and I are sitting in a train station and in comes a nun. You and I are gentlemanlike guys, and one of us stands up to offer her a seat. Unbeknownst to us, she's a prostitute and a pickpocket. What moved us to rise up? An image.' "

The opening of the exhibition, which features 50 elaborately worked jackets celebrating each of the states, has been the occasion for an eruption of affection for Manuel. The opening party was "an ocean of rhinestones," said Fanjoy, a director of country music videos who said she hoped the exhibit would mark a return to the theatrical costuming of an earlier Nashville. For one member of the band that played at the opening, Manuel designed a glittering suit of embroidered flowers with tiny lightbulbs at the center of each.

It has been, Manuel said, a glorious ride.

But in the middle of all the pageantry, there are moments when he looks at his work and sees a distant past.

Five years ago, his son persuaded him to visit the family homestead in the village of Coalcoman, where Manuel grew up the fifth of 12 children. They picked through the tumbledown house, and he came across a wooden chair engraved with a flower. It was a flower — he realized — that he had sewn onto the clothes of actors and musicians, millionaires and would-be millionaires, part of a cowboy fantasy that seemed nothing but American.

Listen to 12/15/04 Sweeeeeeetwater HERE!!! NOW!!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Jerry Kreutzmas!

And a Hippy New Weir! May your Hart be Philled with joy!
Cool- Videos! Streaming videos of Bobness!!!!
Really, I have to clean my house- people are coming!
but first-
Have you heard of Badish Santa?
How about this? a groovy kind of love1?
Oh and here's a website that might be interesting to poke through...
and this was interesting kind of

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Oddly/ironically enough, I just finished reading "Tiger in a Trance" Now I'm reading the book by the wife of the guy in Quicksilver Messenger Service..actually I havent had time to start it yet but it's there by the bedside waiting for Dec.26th -which is the next day I'll be able to loll around...
I finally have all those posters on the walls- my den looks a little like the Fillmore...Now, since the album cover frames were only $5 a piece- I bought tons of those as well-"Heaven Help The Fool" was the first one on the wall! :O) The urge to bid at ebay on the autographed ones (there always seem to be one for sale) is strong but just doesnt seem right...

I also framed some of my kids art work which will look nice in the room that formerly held all the boxes (the boxes are now in the hallway-but hey, the room is cleared out!)...
I should probably take pictures?
Found the oldest poster (1967!)- It's drawn by Chris Johnson -advertises a Youngblood's concert put on by the family dog at The Avalon Ballroom....the odd thing is it seems to be a drawing of John Lennon on it?
Deadnetters have vined a card for Bobby- Check it out! Here
Actually its still being vined- 3 vines in 3 separate regions!
When all the card inserts end up at Peace's place- He will send them on!
Speaking of nice how about this picture from Peace's Ratdog page?

Here's a nice one he took of Bob with Joan Baez! There's another show I'm sad to have missed....but, seeing this picture reminds me somewhere in my video collection I have the Joan Baez & Friends (That's Bobby & Jerry!) KQED TV special on video! Since Jase is out of town for a bit (Hi Hunny- Do you have computer access? E-mail me xoxo) Perhaps he wont mind if we creep down to the dungeon and borrow his vcr...What can be sweeter than watching Bobstar do his cowboy version of Dark Star one more time?

Bobby if you are reading this How about that Moises Alou thing?! Scott is so excited!!
Go Giants!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Happy Berthaday Doodle Hotz!

Hey- just found out there were 2 different tapers at Sweetwater and so Thanks out to Bob Cogswell for our copy of the wonderful show!
David Gans will be playing it tonight on his radio show at KPFA!.And to be more specific
And then if you miss it- we can thank Katrinka for finding this helpful link
More Rex event photos at the Rex Foundation website - you can even download a program too
check out the events archive

I have an enormous amount of stuff to do today- but will return!
....Grateful Gifts

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Mail order is now open for the following
shows with Bob Weir and RatDog:

Friday, February 4 at the House of Blues,
Anaheim, CA. Doors and show time are TBA.
All ages are welcome. General admission.
Mail order tickets are now available at
$38.00 per ticket.

Saturday, February 5 at the Celebrity Theatre,
Phoenix, AZ. Doors open at 7:00 PM.
Show time is 8:00 PM. All ages welcome.
Mail order tickets are now available at
$34.00 per ticket.

We are still working on getting the details
worked out, but we will soon post:
Sunday, February 6 at House of Blues,
Las Vegas. NV
Wednesday, February 9 at 4th and B,
San Diego, CA.

We know it's kind of odd to have to post
shows at this time of year, but mail order
will remain open for all available shows
until further notice, so not to worry if you
cannot mail right away.

The Crew of GDTSTOO

"Fade away in moonlight
Sink beneath the waters
to the coral sand below
Now is the time of returning"

Robert Hunter

Web Site:
Customer Service Number: (415) 898-2364
Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm, PST.
Tour information and mail order telephone hotline: 415-457-6388
To subscribe to our email announce list, send empty email to

The Longest Night of the year!

Thank You Mr Cogswell!!
The Sweetwater cds arrived today!
Here I was just about to email the wonderful RovJon to see about getting the show and then heard a message from Scotto that the disks had been sent to him at work!
Wow- I mustve been way lost in a melody to have not noticed Scott working that out!
Now I'm listening to the Candyman from the show and it's beautiful- with David and Bobby sing together- It will definately make for a better review when I get back over to the blog where the first part is waiting for finishing...
oh boy! This is sweet and delicate! Kudos to Rovjon- to have been able to cut out the saloon chitter chatter!
I have some burnin to do- oooh! Cassidy is up now!
Now this is the perfect music to play for after our Christmas dinner...the part of the night when the kidz get settled and the adults are too stuffed to move except for sips of special hot chocolate or coffee kissed with kahlua..It's fireplace lovely...with that Kaiser guy on electric guitar...
Okay, I see something is amiss with that Rex show photo- so, here's where anagram's pix are- I think it's okay to post a link since she had it up at Deadnet...Rex pix

Aloha time again

Got up at the wee hours to drive Sash and Jase to SFO. My family has spent December on the islands for years, I used to go too but surf, bathing suits, sand, humidity are not my thing. I like there to be museums, bookstores, music, coffee...
Of course, I'm sure I could endure it all if I heard there was a Bobdoggy show happening somewhere tropical..
.This is the first time my dad has both of the kids along with my brother Mischa, all on the same flight..Last year Dad booked both my kids to leave on the same day- one took off from SFO and the other had to be driven to Oakland International..I'm sure he had a good reason for it?
Anyhoo- They are on the way to Maui
Just Noah home now with Scott and I...
but since Im on an airport tangent kinda- Do look at JP Barlow's latest blog update

Have I linked Anagram's photos from Rex yet? ....

Monday, December 20, 2004

is Winter solstice today?

I don't keep track but I'll tell ya the fog is in...
A goal for me while I have this block of time is to clear out that one room full of boxes...The first box I opened was full of posters! Well, I just saw in the paper that a local store is having a sale on poster frames and so off I went!
I am now in the middle of framing what turns out to be something like 38? unframed posters...
The newest are from Rex- the event poster and the R.Crumb autographed one...Among the most precious to me are 2 signed for and given to me by John Lee Hooker. How I've gone so long without framing these is mystifying...
I never collected anything before so now I suppose when someone asks I can tell them I have a poster collection....all though it wasnt a concious thing- til now...
The poster I worked the hardest to find was this one

I first spied it in the lobby of the Hemp Hotel in Amsterdam as we checked in...The Hotelier said we could have it after the show had taken place...We ended up checking out of the Hemp Hotel after a few hours though as the room was too lived in for us...Hairs in the sink & shower (not ours) Saggy mattress & plain out it was just too funky for me-ymmv (we ended up at this other hotel...I did go back after the show to buy or make a donation or whatever it would take to win the poster but it was already gone from the Hemp Hotel by then...There had been some on the walls of the MelkWeg but They had been taken by someone else...I tried that street where all the record stores are located...but no luck- Couldnt even find a Ratdog CD in those places....Asked and looked all over and then finally- through the window of a restaurant I saw it! Located on a back wall among other flyers...I had a trusty bottle of Weir's Wok sauce with me and offered an exchange to the Restaurant manager...I waited til the couple dining at the table underneath the poster left , then climbed up on a chair to liberate it! There are some small staple marks on it- that's okay...Now that I'm a poster collector, I'm sorry I didnt go after that one in Cologne... There were no posters (or tee shirts or anything) to get a hold of in the UK in 2003...There were flyers- I have a few of them but really, they had Wasserman on them. when they oughtve had Robin ...The only UK memorabilia was stuff from the local brocheres and the goodies brought along and distributed by fans...Brian S. from The Well passed out actual tour dog tags (excellent!) and Kid had made some "Bilston or Bust" embroidered logo shirts which were made even more perfect when ironically some folks had car troubles on the way to Bilston...

Well, I'm only 1/2 of the way through this framing process(found even more posters in a closet which I will also need to frame (back to the store!) Once all is in frames- Gonna have to hang em all up!
Web maddness!
More David Lemiuex

You collect tickets?-check this out

Now that was some art project!

More sixties

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Sweetwater setist is Here
I will continue the Sweetwater saga-eventually- on the blog post where I started it- scroll down...

Friday, December 17, 2004

Whatta Week!

Cannot decide whether to try to finally blog or take a nap!
Dont misunderstand- I want to write out the Sweetwater adventure- I'm just sort of beat- Friday...Last day of teachin for a few weeks...My Noah was away at outdoor ed this week and I've spent the afternoon hearing stories involving banana slugs, mud, 5th grade gossip & the waves of homesickness everyone experienced at various points during the week....

Well, while I'm still semi-vertical, I'll begin:

As soon as Bobby was confirmed for Sweetwater, I let the offline friends know about it...Gotta keep em informed too...Went to work Wed. home and paced til Scott was done at the dentist...Finally we were out the door and off to Marin- just about 4:30pm....And we were giddy as can be! Felt good!

The Sweetwater is so small and so... well, Sweet! I guess I expected a line or some hubbub of gear being unloaded but at 5:30, the place was mellow as can be....Inside..a few patrons were sitting at bar...some of the side tables with the banquettes were already taped off..only one guy was sitting down- at the very first table next to the stage - Scott and I recognized Binki as she had also just arrived. We staked the second table..the one guy at the first table introduced himself as Paul. Scott was going off to Throckmorten to meet up with our old friend Ron (an offliner) promising to bring back pizza for all...It's really nice that Sweetwater allows that folks bring food inside. Paul went back to the pile of paperwork on his table- I correctly guessed that he was grading homework....
It was fun catching up with Binki- While she's not online so much anymore- I see her at many shows and she's in the profile photo -on this blog-next to me. In fact, Binki and I are in a few pix with Bobby around the web...
At some point, A Sweetwater employee apologized that he needed to rope off our table for a particular taper...It was fine- I usually do prefer to sit on one of the high stools located to the side of the stage when I'm at the Sweetwater.
The saloon was still mostly empty -except for bar patrons and the 3 of us...Paul got to keep his table- he was holding space at it for a friend of a friend having a birthday. Binki was happy on what rail there was in front of Paul...I snagged a couple of the high stools...About as soon as I was resettled Scott and Ron appeared with pizza for all...Now, the energy started to change. DG and music peeps I don't know were starting to show up and arrange things. More and more people were starting to fill the few remaining empty tables. It was turning into just the best lil holiday party! David came out and proceeded with sound check- folks quieted down but David encouraged everyone to go ahead and chatter "ignore us- its the sound check"
We met Joe from the TOOBoard..Christine & Ben had gotten the message and were thrilled to be there..Familiar faces were all around...Met Paul's group of friends..Debby, a girl we were seated with, a few years ago at one of the Rex or Seva benefits showed up- seems she went to high school with our pal Ron! It was really very festive! Always is at the Sweetwater.
I was showing off my tee shirt
And out of the corner of my eye..there was Bobby, coming toward us out of what was now a crowd- He was nodding, smiling and just about to move by- I zipped up my jacket just as he scraped past us. .causing Scott and those who were just starting to read it to laugh...I dont quite recall where I got the shirt...I think someone got it for me from the lot? It is a classic, though....I havent seen Bobby wear those two tone shorts in awhile, I must say...
David started the show off by bringing out a musician named Corinne (pronounced Co-ren). She sang folk songs and has a sweet voice...Gotta admit knowing Bobby was in the house was distracting me from concentrating on the details of who did what til Bob got onto the stage...I do know one thing and that is the music was consistly great- I really enjoy DG's voice- loved his Terripin and especially dig the Doors song he did even though I'm NOT a Doors fan at all..........
Gotta stop here- The Daddy is home with the pizza!
I'll be back in justa little bit
Okay so that wasnt just a little bit, but once involved with dinner kept up with the family by watching "Terminal" on dvd...Having just seen the lovely Mrs Weir this week, couldnt watch the movie without noticing the exceptional resemblence between her and film star Catherine Zeta Jones... As Scott always says "That Bobby is a very lucky man!" I wouldnt mention it but, By now most diehard Bobbyfreaks have heard that Natascha'ssisterhas worked in films as CZJ's double...What ties this up rather neatly is that CZJ's husband actor Michael Douglas has said in interviews that he chose San Francisco for his old TV series "The Streets Of San Francisco" because he fell in love with the scenery when he was in college(UCSB?) and drove up from there to see GRATEFUL DEAD shows...Really! I read that somewhere!
Back at the Sweetwater, The saloon cheered when Bobby stepped on the stage! A Dark Hollow opener! He looks good! He is GOOD! Not that I ever felt he was off at all though...usual suspects and Kemmie, Mazzy, Woz, Cherise were all there just in time and added even more good energy to the night!
Bob Weir and RatDog will play the following
shows, and mail order is now open for these

Sunday, April 17 at the Westbury Music Fair,
Westbury, NY.
Doors open at 6:00 PM. Show time is 7:00 PM.
All seats are reserved. A taping section will be
provided. Mail order tickets are available at
$43.00 per ticket. This price includes parking.

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 26 and 27
at the 9:30 Club, 815 V Street NW, Washington, DC.
Doors and show time TBA.
General admission. Mail order tickets are
available at $38.00 per ticket.

We will soon have information for shows in
Anaheim, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV
San Diego, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Madison, WI
Milwaukee, WI, Royal Oak, MI, Indianapolis, IN
and Cleveland, OH. More dates will be added to
the schedule, so keep in touch.

Mail order will remain open for all available shows
until further notice. Do check our web site for
ticket availability since some of the previously
ticketed shows are either sold out, or have small
amounts of tickets available.

Boston: We still do not have definitive word that
the previously issued tickets will be honored for
the new date. We will keep trying to get this
situation settled.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

From Arrow wrt John Perry Barlow
ABC news
YEEEGADS- I have a small mountain of curriculum reports to type out tonight and don't know when I can get into full on blogtales but I do have my photos up on my mac homepages
Great meeting you Joe- I'm borrowing your post:
Here's what Gans said about last night:

"I don't have the setlist yet, but Bob Cogswell was there so there will be a recording in circulation soon.

The show opened with four songs from Corinne, a singer-songwriter in the bluegrass vein. Then I did Pancho and Lefty-> Leave Me-> Terrapin-> River and Drown.

Then Bobby joined me. We did Dark Hollow (with Corinne helping on vocals), KC Moan, Desolation Row, Deep Elem Blues (with Henry Kaiser on electric guitar), Candyman (also with Henry), and Cassidy.

After the break, Eric Rawlins and Rik Elswit and I did Across the Great Divide (the Kate Wolf song, not the Band song), Jacqueline, Travelin' Man, Cherokee Rider, and Tear My Stillhouse Down.

Then it was Henry Kaiser, Pete Sears (accordion) and me for Season of the Witch and Jackaroe. Then the Rowan Brothers took the stage, with Pete Sears and a standup bass player named Josh. They did Heart of a Woman, and then I joined them for Baby's in Black, Stir It Up, Across the Universe, and Movie Groovy.

The Weight featured all the players except maybe Henry (Weir went home after the first set so he wasn't in any of the later clusterfucks), with Corinne on lead vocal. We closed with I Saw Her Standing There, Chris Rowan on lead vocal.

I know I'm missing something. The tapes will reveal.

It was a great night, I gotta say. Weir was a total champ and he sounded fine. "

Speaking-or something like that(?) of Gans

photos at Janice Wulf's website- excellent- too! Look at this one she took!


mmm mmmm mmmm!

a great night at Sweetwater!!!!

All kinds of goodness!
Not in order and probably incomplete but the Bobby portion contained some of the following-
Candyman...deep Elem,...Cassidy...
Desolation Row...Dark Hollow...KC Moan..

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

(((((John Perry Barlow))))

Sending wishes for a successful afternoon
. photo of Bobby at Rex by Jon Gelbard email Joe if you want to see his other photos from the event!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Bobby Tomorrow Night @ Sweetwater with DG

First there was this from David Gans:
More musical fun this week!
I just got a call to play Sweetwater Wednesday night, filling in for Peter Case.
I've invited a bunch of pals to join in, and although I haven't spoken with him directly I am told that Bobby Weir is going to be there. Lorin and Chris Rowan will come over after their recording session, and Pete Sears says he'll stop by after his session. Other possibilities are still pending.
I had a pretty good night at Sweetwater on Nov 20 w/ Free Peoples, and if I can pull a decent crowd on short notice here it will be good for my career here in the bay area!
David Gans and friends
Wednesday, December 15, 8:30 pm
153 Throckmorton, Mill Valley CA
Now there's this
confirmation Wow! Sweet! Glad we already purchased tix!!
Also- from Midnight til the wee hours this coming Saturday Night, Mark Karan will be playing with Avalon Allstars at the Tower Theater on Mission- check here for tickets...Working on seeing if we can do this- We are NOT going to any of the Phil & Friends nights so won't be in the city - it's a big retail Saturday and not sure if Scotto will have the energy to do a really late night and then there's the whole babysitter thing - but we're working on it...
And if you are around the Bay Area on the 16th (Thursday) You may just want to check out what's going on at The Ashkenaz in Oakland..Jerry Day Party!
Poster Boys rock
Are we really?

Monday, December 13, 2004

Scroll down for Rex setlist-just added here-

OH YAY! Tiny Dancer found some photos from Rex1 here

Ventura posted this link to Samatha and the Ritual website - there's a clip from Rex in there! (not a csn song after all) here
The lot is weir it started for this guy!
I swiped the following info from the Tea Leaf Green Website- Forgive me TLGHEADS!
(the show starts with everyone in the band except Bobby and Mark Karan)

Taught to Be Proud
Slip Away
Garden 3
? (Samantha song)
Frank Sinatra
#Friend of the Devil
Birdsong (with 'The Other One' tease in the middle) ->
Everyone Orchestra improv jam
Everyone Orchestra improv jam
For What It's Worth^

# Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) and Mark Karan (Ratdog) come out and join the band for the rest of the show.

^ = Buffalo Springfield cover ("stop hey, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down")

*Everyone Orchestra improv jams conducted by Jamie Janover
on a more somber note, JP has updated his journal - PLEASE READ! -Barlow

Sunday, December 12, 2004

first things first

Sorry, slept in....
FIRST THING- Sandy Sohcot is incredible- She's the REX lady and she pulled a great evening together!

Scott got home from work at the appointed time...changed his clothes and off we flew to the city...Found parking right by GAMH!
Scott took the box o Dragon right into the venue -I oughtve followed him-as Bobby was on the loose inside- but instead stopped to say hi to friends (Vera & Dick are always among the first in line) As we were schmoozin, Bob came out side and dashed away with a big grin..From first glance, Bob looks fine, happy, YAY! Phew!
Scott hung out a little while inside before he remembered he had our tix and came back out. By then Christine & Ben, our Bobby loving friends from Burlingame were with me in line. Along came Matty who had an extra Sparkle ticket for Trinks..Then, Annegram & Dean (another Bobby luvin couple- we come in pairs as well as singles) Anne's studying photography and brought me some amazing Bobby photos! Graceful stopped for a hug and to drop off a yummy baked good..damn, yummy! And just as she moved down the line,came Reisha with a pack of those wonderful bath salts she MAKES HERSELF! All the goodies had Chris-who is not online in the various Deadhead communities asking "I thought your birthday was NYE?"
Eventually, a familiar fellow came out and announced that Sparkle and Exuberence ticket holders had assigned seating at the tables on the dance floor and the rest of the folks could sit upstairs...And then the doors opened..we found our assigned seats- goody bags awaiting! Oh look what's inside! A lavender sachet? bwa ha ha!
It was mingling time, a few musicians were playing. Magnificently costumed stiltwalkers danced through the crowd..Annegram had her camera and I'm sure caught some great shots of them...The buffet of food included a striking display of individual containers of noodles with chopsticks, roast beef and turkey sandwiches, tray after tray of shrimp, all kinds of small hordervesy things, dipping sauces and fresh veggies...hearty enough to pass as dinner for us!
Spent sometime saying hello to some of the usual suspects, cruising the silent auction table where I saw the Austin guitar -signed by Bobstar and Mickey Hart (where was Mickey last nite?) Looked nice! Then checked on Rex the Dragon, demonstrated how it works with the incense...then did some bidding myself
If you are wondering, Mountain Girl, Susanna Millman, Dennis McNally, Wavy Gravy & Jahanara, Cameron & Cassidy(she's all grown up) Sears, Merle Saunders,Grisman, Pete Sears and some other super familiars were there...We were especially happy to learn that Wavy & Camp Winnarainbow received the Jerry Garcia Award (that's $10,000!!!).
Right as the show was starting, our friends Tim & Linda arrived...
Assorted musicians from Tea Leaf Green, Jambay trio, and Samatha and the ritual filled the stage and played for awhile before Mark and Bobby joined them for some songs...Not Ratdog but a good ensemble- long jams,too.
Cheers for Mark! Big Cheers for Bobby! A little nervous stumbling with the lyrics at the beginning of FOTD , but then smooth sailing through the rest of the evening- maybe a few moments to transistion into the Everyone Orchestra but once it got going Bobby looked like he was enjoying the experience- I know we in the audience were! It was crowded and no one was standing or dancing in the Sparkle section. Some folks were dancing by the rail- just a few because tables were filling up most of that area- I ran upstairs and enjoyed the music dancing in the balcony by Chris & Ben..Then, I wanted to be closer and found the area above the stage was empty and loved being a water balloon's throw away from Bobby...I could see Scott was sort of looking around (for me) so. I returned to my seat but didnt sit- Didnt seem like I'd be blocking anyone's view so I stood and rocked- which was funny and cool because no one else in front of me (5 or 6 rows from the stage)was standing - Bopping out in the audience like a sore thumb...Bobby sounds great and so did Mark- MK sang lead on the CS&N' song..
The Everybody Orchestra has this thing where the conductor-Jamie Janover, writes what he wants to happen on a whiteboard and shows it to the band...really interesting and fun- not an everyshow must but fun- anyhow, music built up to a point where the audience became part of the sound- and Jamie would write "WOW" or "YAY" on the board and show it to us and countdown for us to play along...I gotta try that with my prechoolers !( oops- excuse creative digression)...
So happy to have Bobby back!!!!!- looks like we may soon have another version of ponytail Bobby coming up- his hair is getting long!
Hoping so much that the rumors of west coast warm up shows comes into being- we really miss our Bobby and his little Ratdog too!
Little frozen chocolate yummies were put out - maybe pastries too- were passed around...the music ended and there was more schmoozin and hugging time til the movie was set up- Scott and I retreated to the auction tables -he spoke with the guy who bought the amp & guitar (looking awesome with those signatures) I met the man who bought Rex...Linda was happy with the event poster signed by all the musicians she bought... We bid on a few items but won the "Music Never Stopped" autographed by R.Crumb! It's a fine looking poster with cariacatures of various musicians on it.....
More in a while- gotta answer the phone!
So much to write but so little time today!
We settled back at our table with more complimentary beer & water & soda & winein time for the movie- Sunshine Daydream! It was shown on a large screen above the stage..So clear! Wowza, more Young Bobby & Jerry! Unlike all the newer releases from the daze goneby- there was NAKED peoples running all over the place and babies and puppies and hilarious little Keseyish things...They MUST do something about getting this out!
Scott was getting fuzzy so we figured we had better get going- snagged an event poster (one of the last) as we bid everyone goodnight!
Ah- my family is calling me for dinner!

That's the Austin :o)

Saturday, December 11, 2004


So ready to Rex & Roll!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Happy Berthaday Kem! AND Vera!!!

How many "Playin" s can there p[ossibly be? This guy ought to know!
Havent heard from The Queen of Diamonds in awhile- perhaps she's offline? Expecting that Vera wouldnt miss Rex- Hope she knows Bobby is participating?
Kemmie's off enjoying her Kimock this week- Steve's her Bobby...(yes, you got it- Bobby is my Elvis, my Frank and my Beatles all rolled into one)
As soon as I learn how to reduce the size of it, I need to post the most lovely photo of Kem & Bobby- I took it last December at the Argent Hotel - after the ACLU performance...I know I blogged it...As Kem & I were leaving, Bobby, Wass, Chuck, Mike & McNally were all sitting around the lobby (guess the crew were wrapping things up) Bobby was sweeter than ever and even though I had already gotten my holiday huggy from him the night before at the Seva afterParty- He granted me me another- and Kemmie too..This was before I decided to stop taking flashing pictures of him (Since he winced at GAMH that last time)..Anyhow, I took the photo of Bob n Kem with Kemmies camera- which still has the ACLU performance & Soundcheck locked in it.....Finally Kem sent me a copy of the pic I took but it's so huge it doesnt even fit on my 20 inch screen here...Actually I have a histrory of camera troubles with Bobby...Once at a Celebrity Scoop- I wanted to be recorded with my then new camcorder- but there was no one around to film I said to Bobby I guess it couldnt be done..but Bobby's a prankster at heart and said he could do it so he took my cam and turned it on us- turns out to be my favorite 8 seconds of video! You can hear him say "Here's you" and then I'm smiling and upside down! then you hear him say "And here's me" then you see him smirking upside down- then there's a few seconds of him smiling and I'm cracking up- then he hands back the cam to me and by then another fan has found him and he's got other oictures to pose for....That's a memory that had me smiling for weeks- it was so sad to find out that it really was only about 8 seconds of interactions- if you blink while watching you miss the whole thing...If I ever figure out how to upload it- that clip will have a home on my mac page for sure...,
Hey! On Tues & Thurs. I teach a group of two year olds- My Sunflower Class (The three year olds I have on M-W-F 'Rainbow Bears") One of Kidlets showed me her new lunch box andI had to smile because I didnt know that there was a charactor out there named Bobdog!

1s the lot scene
an endangered species?...

Gotta whole latke luv!

Hey! The official place to get your Dead Ringers I'm sort of drawn to the Shakedown but don't know...could take awile to decide?

Hmmm, website of the day is here

"Vermont station auctions Etheridge guitar for breast cancer research"
MONTPELIER –Vermont radio station The Point is giving listeners the chance to bid on a guitar autographed by Melissa Etheridge Wednesday (Dec. 8) to benefit breast cancer research.
The Ovation Celebrity six-string acoustic guitar will be auctioned over the airwaves Wednesday, with all proceeds from the winning bid going to the Susan G Komen Foundation.
Earlier this year, Grammy winner Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery.
The opening bid will be announced at 6:30 a.m. The auction closes at 6:30 p.m. Those interested in bidding should call 1-877-FMPOINT.
This is the third auction the station has held this week for charity. On Monday and Tuesday, the Point auctioned off guitars signed by Bob Weir and Rickie Lee Jones, raising $1,500 for the Point’s Coalition for the Homeless."
Dawn of the Deadheads by David Gans

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hippy Hanukah!

So far So Good- I'm the festa yenta! I've got a big jump on stuff for the family! I like everyone to open up something each night...Older kids would be fine with a one time wad O' cash - but where's the fun in that? I like to start with the little gifts and end with whatever the most desired one is on the last any rate- I'm ready!
Bring it on!

A grande Gracias to Ratdog/Cheesehead Dick Rebozzi at Peter Pan Motors in San Mateo for remembering the sweet dealio he made with Scotto- and a THANKS to David Gans & RatBobDoggy cuz it wouldnt have been possible without em...needless to say but Scotto has already gone out and bought himself one "big" Holiday present!
Is it okay if I spill a lil Jerry wine on it? Jerry Rugs?
Video clips and stuff from that Austin City Limits show can be checked out over here

Monday, December 06, 2004


Blogger is acting weirdly- again- we'll see if this posts or what?
Didjall have a good weekend?
Had a gaggle of friends from work over...
only one saw the Weir shrine- she went a little bug eyed but didnt say anything about it (at least in front of me-lol!)
I'm still a little hung over from all the wine I drank but am feeling good!
Got the house all Chanukahed out- and was very excited to find Mollie Stone does carry blue potatoes!
I finished up my Rex Dragon- re did the wings and added eyes and sent it off with Scott this morning- it will go along with a guitar and amp to be auctioned at Rex...
TO DO- Check out this-
Dan Aykroyd and Ben Manilla, Elwood's Blues: Interviews With the Blues Legends & Stars (Backbeat, $17.95)

Listening to Aykroyd maintain character as Elwood Blues on "The House of Blues Radio Hour" became a tedious drag a long time ago, and this book is a shameless promotional tie-in. Nevertheless, it does boast some revealing interviews with a few of the genre's greats -- Ray Charles, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker and Koko Taylor among them -- as well as some forgettable chats with younger wannabes like Keb' Mo' and more or less irrelevant-to-the-topic rock stars such as Bill Wyman and Bob Weir.

Found the following at
"funny as shit
« Thread started on: Today at 12:52pm »
funny article:
by da Power Flunk
12/4/04, Berkeley, CA
Recent revelations that baseball stars Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi
took steroids as "performance enhancing drugs" in recent years have
outraged sports fans and pundits alike. Many have urged professional
baseball to mark the records set by Bonds to be forever marked with
asteriks denoting the drug use. "His records are illegitimate," said
former senator and one-time presidential candidate Bob Dole. "Bonds
uses drugs to do things he otherwise can not do."
Now the protests against performance-enhancing drugs have spread to
the music industry. "The Grateful Dead set many records during their
tenure as the world's greatest psychedelic rock band," one critic at
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame noted, "and they literally changed the
art of sound and the face of the music business. But they consistently
used illicit substances as performance-enhancers over their 30-year
career, and this should be noted in all the record books with some
kind of asterik. I am recommending a Goony Bird stamp be placed next
to all the exhibits at the Rock Hall and in the music record books."
"Without LSD there never would have been a Grateful Dead," said a
university professor who studies popular music. "This gave them an
unfair advantage in creating new sounds that groups like Abba, the
Association and the Four Seasons never had."
Likewise the attendance records set by the band, which routinely sold
out stadiums in its later years, have also been challenged. "The fans
used so many performance-perception-enhancing drugs that they would
never have been able to dance for all those hours at a time and travel
the hundreds of miles between shows without those drugs," the
professor noted. "These attendance records should also be
In yet another related development, the rest of the NFL season has
been cancelled. "We can not build an entire league whose revenues
depend so heavily on the advertisement of performance-enhancing
drugs," noted the league commissioner. "Every other commercial we have
is for Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra," he noted. "This contributes to a
culture where kids think its alright to take drugs to enhance your
performance. Of course without those revenues we can not pay the
players or the owners, so the season is officially over until we
figure out what to do next to recover a massive revenue stream like
that one."
This later development almost caused Dole to have an aneurysm.
"You'll be hearing from my lawyers," he angrily told the commissioner.
"I have a contract with Viagra that runs through 2006, and you have
contracts with these other companies that run longer than that.
Besides, no one will ever mark my loving Elizabeth with an asterik,
you can count on that," Dole said, "whether I can get it up without
drugs or not."


Sunday, December 05, 2004

Happy Berthaday Jay!

More UKDog memories here
and while strolling down memory lane there's this site too.
Another older but good article by Blair Jackson

Friday, December 03, 2004


another Press release for Rex from Jambase

Thursday, December 02, 2004

yay tomorrow is Friday!

who remembers Altamont?
Kenny Brooks is back on his blogoops! lets try again!

Everyone Orchestra and Rex got a lil plug in Leah's column this morning- here
Does the mention of our glorious Bay Area nitespots get confusing for you?
Here's a nice rundown on some of our favorite spots to catch Bobby & members of the Dog here
Just saw the following item in a google alert- Havent quite read all of it but_
Thursday | December 02, 2004
Summus Adds Grateful Dead to Mobile Lineup
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RALEIGH – Fans of Grateful Dead can now put images and video of their favorite band on mobile phones, thanks to wireless application and content developer Summus.
Summus, which announced a mobile version of the Wall Street Journal this week, said Thursday it will offer “wallpaper” images and video screen savers of the legendary group.
The product coincides with the 40th anniversary of the band. Much of the content comes from the newly restored DVD The Grateful Dead Movie.
"Grateful Dead has always been at the forefront of musical and technological innovation, and our venture into this groundbreaking and expanding technology is consistent with our 40-year history,” said Tom Stack, vice president of licensing and merchandising, Grateful Dead Productions, in a statement. “We eagerly anticipate its success."

how did I miss this article:
"'One More Saturday Night With Bill Walton' Debuts December 4 on Sirius Jam_On Channel
NEW YORK, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Basketball Hall of Famer, NBA TV analyst and lifelong music fan Bill Walton will host a weekly music program exclusively on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.
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Walton will host One More Saturday Night with Bill Walton, featuring music by the Grateful Dead and other of his favorite artists, on commercial-free SIRIUS music channel 17, Jam_On. The new show will air on Saturdays from 9pm to Midnight ET, beginning Dec. 4, and will be re-broadcast on Wednesdays from 9pm to Midnight ET.
Walton, who was selected as one of the "50 Greatest Players" of the NBA's first 50 years, may be best known for his prowess on the basketball court and as a sports broadcaster, but as a longtime fan of the legendary rock band the Grateful Dead, he is also an acknowledged "Dead Head" and has been friendly with the group's members for many years. One More Saturday Night with Bill Walton will feature Bill's unique insight into one of rock's legendary bands and will include some versions of songs found only in Walton's personal music collection.
The San Diego, California native first saw the Grateful Dead perform in the late '60s and frequently mentions them among the great teachers in his life, on par with such mentors as former UCLA coach John Wooden. "The nicest thing anybody ever said about me was that I helped my teammates play better," he has said. "And that's what the Grateful Dead was all about. They were just like a great basketball team ... a group of outstanding individuals realizing that the strength of the team was the strength of the individual."
Bill Walton's admiration for the Grateful Dead is mutual; in 2001, he was the inaugural inductee into the Grateful Dead Hall of Honor, he's traveled extensively with the band on tour, he's been invited to play with them onstage and has served on the board of the Rex Foundation, a non-profit community support organization established by the band in the 1980s.
Walton is the author of the book Nothing But Net -- Just Give Me The Ball and Get Out Of My Way, in which he describes the positive influence that the Grateful Dead has been in his life, and in which he also wrote, "You have a great view at concerts when you're 6-foot-eleven." In 2003, he began a new career as a basketball television analyst for ESPN.
Walton said, "The Grateful Dead and basketball have always been interchangeable components in my life, and One More Saturday Night with Bill Walton is an extension of my passions. I have been blessed to have attended more than 650 Dead shows, forever inspired by the band's speed, creativity, timing, positioning and fluidity. The opportunity to hang weekly with music fans and play my favorite anthems while sharing my personal journey on SIRIUS is a dream come true. Let's rock, baby!"
Scott Greenstein, SIRIUS President of Entertainment and Sports, said, "Bill Walton is a talented, multi-faceted individual, and only SIRIUS can provide him with this arena to showcase his musical expertise and passion. The mix of music and sports which SIRIUS inaugurated with our Faction music channel occurs among generations of athletes and music fans, of which Bill is one of the very best examples."
For more about SIRIUS, and to get SIRIUS today, go to or visit an electronics retailer.
SIRIUS, now available to over 10 million DISH Network satellite TV and SIRIUS Satellite Radio subscribers, provides listeners with over 120 channels of the best commercial-free music, sports, information and entertainment, with digital quality sound coast-to-coast, broadcast daily from New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, Houston and Daytona. SIRIUS offers 65 channels of 100% commercial-free music, and features over 55 channels of world-class sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather for a monthly subscription fee of only $12.95, with greater savings for upfront payments of multiple months or a year or more. SIRIUS also broadcasts live play-by-play games of the NHL and the NFL, and is the Official Satellite Radio partner of the NFL.
SIRIUS Satellite Radio products for the car, truck, home, RV and boat are manufactured by Alpine, Audiovox, Blaupunkt, Clarion, Eclipse, Jensen, JVC, Kenwood, Sanyo and XACT Communications and can be purchased at major retailers including Advance Auto Parts, Audio Express, Best Buy, Car Toys, Circuit City, Crutchfield, Good Guys, Office Depot, Sears, Tweeter, Ultimate Electronics and Wal-Mart, along with RadioShack and DISH Network outlets.
SIRIUS' exclusive automotive partners DaimlerChrysler, Ford and BMW represent over 40% of new cars and light trucks sold annually in the United States. Automotive brands currently offering SIRIUS radios in select new car models include BMW, MINI, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep(R), Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Audi, Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen. Automotive brands that have announced plans to offer SIRIUS radios in select models include Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover and Aston Martin. In 2004, SIRIUS radios are expected to be available in over 80 different car models, with more than 50 of them factory programs. Also, Hertz currently offers SIRIUS in 29 vehicle models at 53 major locations around the country. In addition, the Penske companies -- Penske Auto Group and United Auto Group -- are offering SIRIUS radios as a factory installed option, where available, in their cars and trucks through their dealerships.
Genmar Holdings, the world's largest manufacturer of recreational boats, Formula Boats and Winnebago, the leading supplier of recreational vehicles and motor homes, also offers SIRIUS.
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Any statements that express, or involve discussions as to, expectations, beliefs, plans, objectives, assumptions, future events or performance with respect to SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. are not historical facts and may be forward-looking and, accordingly, such statements involve estimates, assumptions and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements. Accordingly, any such statements are qualified in their entirety by reference to the factors discussed in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2003 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Among the key factors that have a direct bearing on our results of operations are: our dependence upon third parties to manufacture, distribute, market and sell SIRIUS radios and components for those radios; the unproven market for our service; our competitive position and any events which affect the useful life of our satellites.
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and this straight from Graceful at DNC-
"Bruce Hornsby & Friends will be airing on VH1 Classic this Friday evening (12/3) at 8pm.

Recorded live at New York City's Manhattan Center, this memorable concert captures Bruce Hornsby at his musical best and features special guest performances by Don Henley, Gregory Hines, Pat Matheny, Bonnie Raitt and Bob Weir."