Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Okay, the following reports are from Jilly at Deadnet regarding last night's Washington DC Ratdog show:

"very fun time was had by many at the 9:30 club last night. mark was grooving to toot's set (although, it was kinda fun but the schtick got old quickly) before the show. he was spouting a big grin the entire evening.

truckin' was a way fun way to open the show. got everybody grooving right away. chez thought it was slightly uninspired but i was happy enough. wang dang was another really fun tune (i'm a big doodle fan). chez thought that take me to the river was the best thing about the first set. senor had too many words and bobby had the lyrics on stage and was reviewing them during the intrumentals between stanzas (so at least he got them all right). personally, i loved browned-eyed woman - very upbeat and lots of fun (i'm out for a fun time - can you tell?). bobby let the audience have the "sure get stoned at night" part of big boss man (we came through, i think). playing was a great way to end the set and then we all knew it would come back - which is cool with me 'cause it's one of my favorite bobby tunes.

second set was way spacey. candyman was cool with lots of phrasing changes, still very paradoxically dark and fun at the same time. big cheers when the UJB notes began and that was a great sing-a-along. i thought i heard TOO - i thought a VERY excellent version. big jams with lots of energy. groovin' stuff big time and then it went into wharf rat. it was definitely right for the slot (seemed a bit weird at first to me). bobby can spin a tell like no other and august west and pearly baker were right there! everyone kinda knew it was going into siding which was really seemless. beautifully done. the playing reprise was expected - but it was getting pretty late so very short. they came back out and did NFA - about 4 minutes with the audience sing-a-long. i think we were going into union overtime.

very excellent time - can't wait for tonight!"

and also:
jillybean - 05:26am Mar 31, 2004 PDT (#14625 of 14629)
she always liked to sing along


bobby was shaking his booty quite a few times and looks fabulous (although i think he should stop using the rogaine, personally). mark needs a haircut - can't see his face at all. there is a LOT of hair in this band. robin, jeff, jay and mark are all sporting "haven't had time to do anything with the hair" looks. mark was wearing a VERY dull black shirt - i expect a bit more flare for this evening. everybody in the band looks excellent - love the way robin matches the laces with the shirts - cool stuff!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Was very excited to get an invitation to The Seva party in May...didnt hit me til hours later that the date might the same as my older son's college graduation...what a terrible feeling! Jase didnt have time to return my phonecall before I found the SFSU Graduation 2004 webpage and that graduation is weeks away from the Seva dealy...

It's difficult to believe that the Spring tour is already nearly over! Soon enough, the guys will all be back in the Bay Area...I think I'm going to try really hard to get over to Bruno's to check out Kenny & Jay in Alphabet Soup- maybe with Jase as he has more of a taste for hip hopish stuff...Might make a nice Birthday experience- we will see?
In the meanwhile, below is more info on what's coming up with Alphabet Soup:

Every Thursday in April
(April 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29)
Tickets: $7.00
Ages: 21+
Alphabet Soup is the Bay Area's own underground super group. Formed in 1991 by saxophonist Kenny Brooks, pianist Dred Scott, rapper Chris Burger and drummer Jay Lane. Alphabet Soup immediately became one of San Francisco's most popular bands. Because of their unique hip-hop/jazz crossover appeal, Soup has gained a tight local following witnessed during their famous runs in all of SF's major clubs. Soup have toured the West Coast with The Roots, and appeared on bills alongside De la Soul, Digable Planets and KRS One to name a few. In addition to the core band which now includes Lexxx Luthor, Sammy B, Troy Lampkins, and Jeff Chimenti. Alphabet Soup has a "deep bench" of local musicians, emcees and DJs. Soup is also known to play host to the visitations of many modern jazz greats like bassists Les Claypool, Kai Eckhardt; horn players like Joshua Redman and Larry Schneider; drummers like Brain of Primus, Eddie Marshall, Steve Smith and David Garibaldi. Soup's own drummer, Jay Lane won "Drummer of the Year" at the 2002 California Music Awards beating out the nominee from Smashmouth.

Each of the band's talented members have also forged impressive careers apart from Alphabet Soup. Kenny Brooks left briefly to play for the Charlie Hunter Trio and record the Natty Dread album on Blue Note. Jay Lane, keyboardist Jeff Chimenti andd Kenny Brooks are also current members in Bob Weir's band Ratdog. Jeff is also part of the newly reformed Grateful Dead. Soup drummer Deszon Claiborne played with Peter Apelbaum and blues legend Charles Brown. Wilbur Krebs played with Willie Nelson.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

From Deadnet=Chez/Cheesy Poof's Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania- Penn's Peak Ratdoggy review:

"The Bird Song jam in the middle of Jack Straw was fairly brief, but it carried the Bird Song melody.

So Many Roads was spectacular.

Big RxR - RIPPING (as was Bucket)

First set was just beautiful. Lots of awesome peaks and valleys.

2nd set - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Women->2 Djinn->Foolish was SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK. "Dear Prudence" was unbelievable. Bobby raising his hands up over his head calling to....well, whatever he was calling to. OMSN with the duckwalk to the front of the stage. Waving his hands...that's it, we're done. No more. Can't do it.

"The Weight".....holy shit.

This was insane. And just an AMAZING venue on top of a mountain with a raging lot scene. (Hung with MK for a while again)

Mari's pictures up Monday. Mine soon after (I'm still stoneage 35mm).

You gotta get the discs.....I can't even explain it.

The Beacon 2nd night remains my favorite concert ever....the feelings from that night will never, ever be replicated. And the TROMBONE!!!!!!!! And the "Limbo".....that was the most special night of my life.

This was the best Ratdog show I've seen with no guests kicking it into another level.

Tonight was an alltimer. That's the best I can I'll just keep repeating it. "


Lots of great reviews of the Penn's Peak show! I was talking to Topher (he was somewhere near Boston) when Cousin Bud called him (call waiting) from the venue- apparently held the cell phone up so Topher could hear 'Foolish Heart"! Very exciting...Later on, Cousin Bud & Krispy phoned us- Bud played Happy Berthday on the harmonica for Scott. It was great to hear their voices! Bud shouted that Penn's Peak Show was "The Best Ever Ratdog"!!! That's quite a statement too from Bud who had been to all the UK shows with us...

Here's one little review from someone at the TOOBOARD- just a snippet but really makes me want to hop on a plane!

""I was blown away by Ratdog's Dear Prudence last night. It was uplifting and powerful. Each member played beautifully and they even harmonized the vocals in a way that sounded great.

It was a beautiful moment when toward the end of the song, during one of the sustained notes Bobby looked toward the heavens and raised his arms...the whole crowd raised its arms with him and 2 banks of brights lights lit up from side stage out to the crowd, illuminating a sea of outstretched arms and smiling ecstatic faces. It was the hightlight of a great night for me.""

Chez, a long time Deadnetter has posted a lentghier review of last night's show and I'll go retrive that from the boards now....

The facility was perfect in so many ways. I hope it becomes a regular stop.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

We couldnt be there (wah!) An enjoyable Berthaday for Scotto but not quite as fun as Philly wouldve been....Well, what can ya do? Scotto did mention to my folks the possibilty of us stumbling off to the UK in mid September ..folks didnt come right out and say they wouldnt help with the kids then (lot more work to organize childcare during the school year)...Well, again its all speculation at this point but like last year and the year before it's a good idea to prepare at least mentally ahead of time; So, in case tour is announced, we can swing right into action! I even checked out airfare for flying from SFO to Glasgow in Sept. Found RT tix, 1 stopover for $679 per person....
Okay, here is the review I grabbed off the TOOboard . It's last nite's show and I just love the enthusiasm of the guy who posted it-

3/26/04 by "DOB"
"It was 70 degres in Philly yesterday, the first nice weather of the year, very welcomed in Philly. For that reason there were a lot of people in the lots partying before the show. Got in to the show to see Toots b/c I had never seen him play before. He was good, he got the growing crowd ready for the night with some funky Jamacan jams.

Ratdog takes the stage - opening jam into Shakedown - by this time the place is packed to the gills. Everyone loves Philly Shakedowns - it was great. Bobby even did the Brickhouse "shake it down - shake it down - shake it down now!" to everyones delight.

Queen Jane was solid - Bob sounded great. Then Easy Answers - not a favorite of mine - but this one was smokin - Bob was really into it "...I dont wanna know - I don't wanna know!..."

Miracle tore the roof off the place - at this time I can barely move the place is so crowded - Bob is juking around the stage and the playing was so tight - an absolute gem of a Miracle IMHO.

Tenn Jed - WTF? I dunno why in Philly - again not a favorite- but as I have seen in other posts - it was unreal. At the end of the jam in the middle of Tenn Jed. the people around me looked at each other and seemed to all think the same thing - an unexpected- Holy Fucking Shit.

Youngblood was fun as was Loose Lucy. Deal was an unexpected but again, they nailed it and the place erupted as the boys left for setbreak.

Brief set break - almost too brief it seemed

Acoustic Victim was good nothing special for me. LL RAIN...LL RAIN!!! this acoustic version was amazing - I heard so much emotion in his singing - I thought this was one of the highlights of the show - he was singing like he had just been through some shit and had just wrote the damn tune.

WRS>Let it Grow - what can you say - the whole suite was perfect. I have not heard any other shows this tour yet - this was amazing - someone else will have to take this one.

What is next - they just finished Let it Grow - Ima thinking Throwing Stones - a couple of old standards to close the show...nope - A thundering Help on the Way. The astonishment on the faces around me speaks the feeling of the crowd at this point. Slipknot was great - they got me so ready to tear into Franks and then they abruptly stopped and did a little jam - Bob left stage and the rest of the band switched instruments for a few minutes (like the april fools show in 81 or 80) Bob returns to stage and everyone gets back to their instrument and the opening notes of Black Peter...

which was awesome. Bob did it justice. Back into Slipknot and teared into Franks. Crowd going bonkers as band leaves stage.

Come back out - Bob on acoustic which lets me know something cool may be coming - Ripple - sounded perfect - a perfect ending to one of the best Dog shows I have seen. Efactory gets a bum rap but everytime Ratdog plays there the shit is so good."

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

LOVING the new CD! So strange after a few years of listening to mostly recent Bobby shows when I listen to Bobby, to listen to OLD studio Bobby from years ago! Wow- "I want to fly away" !
More to say- LOL, forced my iPod on my son's teacher today "YOU MUST HEAR THIs!" I commanded him to plug in-and put "Masters Of War" on for him..He enjoyed it...
Linda won the poster raffle for the Fillmore poster- The HORRIBLE one! But her's is not soooo bad-it's been autographed by Ratdog & the Waybacks.

And then finally, there is this happy announcement!!! Not mentioned in the blurb below is that once again there will be a dinner and Circle of Brilliance seating (close up) offered for this show - Looks like a nice Pre Mother's Day event!


Celebrating the 60th birthday of Dr. Larry Brilliant, Founder and current Chairman of SEVA.

Saturday, May 8 at the Great American Music Hall, 859 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA. The show starts at 8:00 PM.

With music by The Waybacks with special guest Bob Weir; A small version of the Flying Other Brothers, featuring Barry Sless and Pete Sears; Emory Joseph Trio, and Surprise Guests.

Mail order tickets for this show are available at $23.00 per ticket. Since the Dead's Summer Tour is imminent, please mail in ticket orders this time only to:
P.O.Box 9812
San Rafael, CA 94912

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

A review I wish I had written- Nicely describes much of how I feel wrt Bobdog:

Ratdog | 3-2-04 | The Fillmore | San Francisco, CA
At the top of the stairs, a budding young surf babe held out an apple to a middle-aged long hair scruff of a man. Her wink said, "Go on, take a bite," and he cautiously accepted the bright red fruit from her delicate, be-ringed hand. Her eyes said more than she meant them to and he opened his mouth to say something just in time to watch her scamper off, a Rose rambling into the humid pack inside The Fillmore Auditorium. Little gardens of Eden such as this spring up at Ratdog shows, the intersection of mythical ideas, heat-of-the-moment sweat and sex, blues soaked in something fragrant, not a little righteous anger, a smile towards eternity with feet planted firmly in the present. More so than Phil and Friends, much more than the Other Ones and even more than even the Grateful Dead, Ratdog is all sinews, hot breath and legs pumping. They are life, baby, and an early March night in San Francisco found them imparting that force to the switched-on faithful.

Bob WeirDecked out in his omnipresent shorts and overhanging Levon Helm beard, Bob Weir leads one of the finest, loosest ensembles the music of the Dead has ever encountered. Not always easy to pinpoint exactly where it's different but you can feel it, taste it, as Weir really sells those "aces back to back" or assures you "it's gonna be a long, long crazy, crazy night." No doubt. His band is a mix of heavyweight musicians possessed of a wry sense of humor. Jazz hounds Kenny Brooks (sax) and Jay Lane (drums) bring in a hard bop mixed with the street slap of their hip-hop unit Alphabet Soup. Behind a bank of William Castle mad scientist keyboards, Jeff Chimenti is the wonderfully unholy mix of Ray Charles mighty right hand and a mercury Mad Hatter, always adding in strange, oddly magic touches in the wings when he isn't pounding it out 88-keys strong. Guitarist Mark Karan tumbles out of a mold most thought gone after about 1976, a natural born musician's musician, all the feel of a good massage capped off with a slap on the ass, technical as Larry Coryell, gutbucket like Buddy Guy. Newest addition to the litter, bassist Robin Sylvester, is nearly subliminal, present in every note but just out of reach most of the time. He's a far cry from original low-end theoretician Rob Wasserman but it's too early to say just how different he'll make this music. Their oeuvre, anchored by the Dead material, includes a healthy sprinkling of covers and a spine constructed from the stunning Evening Moods album, to date Ratdog's only studio release. In their hands it all proves malleable as Playdough on a warm day.

Bob WeirLet's follow that sun coast spirit into the crowd, "Ramble On Rose" peeking through the keyhole at the end of Dylan's "She Belongs To Me." She is indeed a hypnotist collector amongst walking antiques but that's the mix, nostalgia mongers mingling with freshly plucked flower children, old and young able to appreciate real rib-stickin' rock 'n' roll. It's a growing pleasure to hear Weir tear into signature Jerry Garcia tunes, craft the one hundred and first verse in ragtime, put his own stamp on things. Whether people like to admit it or not, the song IS the thing when it comes to Grateful Dead music. That's how a panoply of singers can immerse themselves in these verses and still come out with new meaning. Weir just happens to be one of the prophets who delivered these stone tablets to us and thus embodies something extraordinary when he belts them out. Karan's positively slinky ooh-aah picking and Brooks' call-and-response quack make the trail move quickly, surely beneath dusty feet.
There's a touch of grit to this band, something consciously unpolished. Their light show is simple texture and subtle accent. No oversized skeletons, no fancy-schmancy backdrops, no clowns or acrobats. Ratdog is just a fine ol' band of brothers who've come to your town to play them as well as the good lord lets 'em. There's a lot less history clinging to them than one finds at a Phil show or especially when the Dead get together. Personally, I find this freedom-laden incarnation Bob's best these days; the one most connected with music happening now, not something haunted by too much memory. What they play isn't a recreation of another thing but a bright, immediate newborn creature.

Robin SylvesterThe lyricism of Mr. Zimmerman's "Senor" follows "Rose" with bile spittin' intensity. Subtitled "Tales of Yankee Power" it is sadly as timely now as when it was released in 1978. Some lessons, apparently, are learned much more slowly than others. Weir snarled out the words, leaving a little venom on a line like "trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field" much as he would later in the show during the first ever performance of "Black Peter." It must be irksome to still be singing "the people might know, but the people don't care" decades on. Given that this Tuesday gig fell on a voting day in California there was a bit more nagging meaning woven into the song selection than usual. Fine by me. Weir has always had a pissed off edge, something less than nice mixed in with his love songs, sailor stories, and Mexicali blues. His "Senor" is wistful as much as pissed off, a mood blown in from the Sierras, saturated with thick organ and Kenny's lacing of poetic couplets, triplets, and quadrilles (how Dylan could use a man like him...).
Rather than allow things to get heavy, man, they switch gears, taking a rare full stop before plowing into "Loose Lucy" her own bell-ringing, hot self. Usually, flow is the rule rather than the exception with Ratdog, seamless shifts in pace and pitch. One often wonders how they've gotten to where they're standing but never once felt a hitch on the way there. The sleazy bar band I adore arrives as "she comes running and we ball all night." Weir straps on his electric blue guitar, all the candy colored rev of a vintage car, and grins naughtily as he shakes the tree to see if the fruit is ripe. The erectile machinations of "Lucy" bring out the horn dog in Bob, giving us a glimpse of all those women who've informed his music over the years, some a real good time, others not so much. His band resonates with this Kundalini pulse and rises, as they must, to the occasion.

Mark Karan"Bury Me Standing" takes us back down the path Dante and Montaigne walked, a cry to get up off your knees and at least die with integrity. Sam Peckinpah would have loved it. A funk fog guitar solo from Far East Mississippi draws me over to stand near Mark Karan. A Krautrock spaciness emerges in the tail section, weird echoes between sax bleats, majestic drums spiraling like a vortex, bright key pings, the whoosh of star shine Enterprise cruise control. The people all the way back to the wall are a broiling, froiling mass, a reflective physicality that hits you in the heart and glands.
They close the set with one Weir seems to never be able to get enough of, "West L.A. Fadeaway." I'll confess to never, no never, liking this tune with the Grateful Dead. Ratdog turned me around at the Roseland Theater in Portland the first time I caught them back in April of 2001. Curiosity and a need to be in Weir's company after too long an absence drew me north and they closed their first set of a stunning two-night run (later enshrined as the band's first official live release) with it. Maybe it's the charged up electric shock of this ensemble, maybe I'm just older and can appreciate the vibe better but now I actually look forward to these trips along L.A. freeways in all their top-down-blond-in-the-passenger-seat-low-sun-in-the-sky glory.
During a middle section improvisation I spy a just-post-teen Japanese dude standing stock still, the Buddha's calm on his brow, exhaling a steam furnace stream of smoke. His entire countenance spoke of the easy peace that comes with the convertible, clear road, big green light speedway, Vanishing Point overcharge inherent in the song. Like the majority of us, he was experiencing a profound sense of connection with the musicians. It was a feeling that would only intensify in the second part of the night.
Simply put, the second set ranks as one of the single best stretches I've ever heard these guys run. Holding with a tradition within this band, things began again with an acoustic trio. A far cry from the Greenwich Village coffee shop strum of other evenings, they played with the English country charm of someone like Bert Jansch, all green hills and dew and lonely, lovely chords hanging in the air. Bob gives the Beatles' "Blackbird" a chopped, unusual reading, Karan placing feathers in the wings as it takes slow flight. In many ways the Beatles are as good a touchstone for Ratdog as Weir's other band. The Liverpudlian Beatles tried to mate invention to accessibility, which is as succinct a description of this band as one can muster.

Bob WeirThey return to a full band press on The Band's "The Weight" but not before the trio takes a knock at Kris Kristofferson's "Me and Bobby McGee." Weir knows a strong lyric and this one lets him unfold one of those mini-movies like Marty Robbins' "El Paso" he's so fond of. A slow build out from the acoustic section brings them to Nazareth but not sounding half past dead on the sing-along soother. Plunking, raindrop piano cooled the shambling George Romero masses as we about smiled ourselves to death, a load being taken off, lighter for the hymn. I kick myself mentally for not catching the Robbie Robertson feel to Karan's style earlier, the same skill for being right where he ought to be at all times. Weir punches the last verse with a shivery falsetto, a voice pushed to the brink of its limits for 30 years, beautiful in its striving.
Invisible bass works through the knots and stretches out over a pile of "Ashes and Glass." This standout from Evening Moods flicks on the 'lectric rock jazz headphone light bulb, a clear-eyed poem towards the future with hints of Cat Stevens' "Moonshadow" nursery rhyming. It is the equal of anything in the Dead catalog and one of the reasons I've long felt that Ratdog's studio work may well be the single best effort Weir has ever put together. There's a voice different from the one he spoke with on American Beauty or any other doctrinaire Dead album. I like this voice, I like who comes through, I like the sense of Weir being unguardedly himself.
He faltered at first, stumbling at the mic, but that just makes him more human. To keep track of all those words, all those choruses from a thousand miles of road ain't no easy task, perfectly imperfect and right as the Native American custom of leaving a break in the line of a circle, a blemish to keep things from being too controlled, too contained.

Kenny BrooksI catch myself screaming "Oh hell yeah!" as the bright, dappled chords of "Eyes of the World" stir from the ashes. A tie-dyed compatriot to my right mutters, "This couldn't be nicer," as the shaggy baptism of "Eyes" anointed us. From the Norman Vincent Peale meets Tim Leary chorus to the soaring quality of the melody, there's ecstatic revelatory life force here. Brooks' soprano sax flits in like Coltrane's ghost revisiting a favorite thing and during a nicely out-there jam Robin Sylvester hit us with some heavy Cliff Burton (Metallica) bass technique that against expectation evolved into a Tropicalia haze sultry enough to prompt one to dab on suntan lotion. A waitress chicken strutted by, tray held high, work made pleasant by a song.
And that's what makes Ratdog work so very well: a profound love of great songs. They may possess all the skills they need to pay any bills that come their way in this lifetime but they never throw it in your face. There's an amazing humility to them. They serve something larger than ego, fame, fortune hunting. Troubadours, bards, traveling tent preachers, call them what you will, but a holy spirit touches what they do. It is what draws all their friends to come and see them each night. It is communion with 100-proof wine and a kiss to seal the deal.
As "Black Peter" faded into his squalling fever, a voice midway back from the stage yelled, "Sugar!" and by gum they broke into it. That was the level of connectivity going on at the Fillmore. There's no way they heard him above the din but he spoke for us and that included the band. And with the rest of the flock, I sang myself hoarse as blossoms bloomed and heads emptied under rays of violet. Glorious stuff that could surely make happy any man.
Words by: Dennis Cook
Images by: Susan J. Weiand
JamBase | California
Go See Live Music!
[Published on 3/23/2004]

Monday, March 22, 2004

It's almost the 23rd!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Yes, I promised a review and I will get to that but first very excited to have Bobby's picture on the cover of SF Chronicle's Pink Section! It certainly is about time! Really! Already its only 11:30 am but a few calls came in to tell us to look at the pinky...Of course, we heard about the story via Blair who dropped by deadnet for a few posts. Scott's uncle told had heard about it yesterday and told him...very sweet that folks looking out that we don't over look our Bobby's cover story....Geez, I'm so proud! Mainstream redemption at last!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Oh, maaaaaaaan! Life is hectic again! Still listening to and remembering those Fillmore shows! Will try to write a little bit about 3/3 this weekend but until then- Here is something Tiger posted at Deadnet-

"TigerTrance - 07:14pm Mar 18, 2004 PDT (#62 of 62)

Saw the 3/12 show in Boise. And by the way a correction on my earlier post. It was 4/22/03 not 2/22/03 when Chez and I met Jeff.

Anyway, back to the Boise show, I thought Jeff was great and was able to make eye-contact where were exchanged a nodding YEAHHHHHHHHHHH look to each other during Franklin's Tower.

My two-cents are that he is the strongest instrumentally in that band. Karan is good but does not put himself over the top, which is rare for a lead guitarist and to be applauded, but perhaps he should a bit more being the main solo guy. Regardless, Jeff is what is happenning in that band and why I think Ratdog is the best thing going in the best post-Jerry GD-related band.

And Robin Sylvester is great too. A friend and I met him at a Starbucks in Boise the morning of the show. Quite the pleasant chap.

As far as Hornsby, who ever said "I am so over him..." was exactly right.

As far a new GD lineups, I have nothing against Rob Barraco, but I'm glad Jeff is in there. That being said I don't have a burning desire to see that band. In any post-Jerry configuration the singing and playing of Bob is my main draw. And two lead players Herring and ugh-Haynes are one two many. So I'll let the Dead go by and keep looking to catch Ratdog when I can.

And speaking of Boise, if anyone wants to see my state capitol, show and hiking adventures in Boise, go here:

the pictures may take awhile to load but they are not bad even though I was not at a good angle to get Jeff. This page will only be up for a few more day so catch it while you can.

Happy Spring all,


Saturday, March 13, 2004

and still more photos!

These are by Alan Hess-

still alive!
oh to be Utah tonight!

Our buddy from uk tour has posted some pix here:

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

scroll down-down-down for my Fillmore review -I'll add my review of 3/03/04 as I'm done
til then- here is Peace's website with photos of assorted Deadnetters and also of tonite's venue:

Monday, March 08, 2004

Still scribbling thoughts on Wednesday night's the meantime- a nice long review of the Vancouver show can be found here:

Scroll down for my Tuesday Ratdog review...

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Scroll down to find the earlier reviews,
Set 2, 3/2/04 continued:

The Weight was followed by a soft mellow jam...really pretty into Ashes and Glass..the first part of the song played with the usual swingy lyrics...then it slinks into something really smooth, yummy and at times a little spacy too...The squiggy sounds reappear but they sink right into the depths of this's very nice.... not too much time goes by before Bobby is singing the rest of the the song slows to finish its just a second before the familiar fluid sound of Eyes starts up...the mellow continues. Is this a song for driving or dancing it just keeps moving...folks under the influence are having a good dance to this, I'm head swaying and afraid if i close my eyes, I might just zone out ...just as I close my eyes-and yup, start to zone- Bobby flubs a word- my zoning away is over, ...wake up to find out you are the i of the weirld!.....
...soon the end of the song jams lead us into the stranger territory of soup jazz..its space with a beat and I think we Bay Area folk know what's coming up..It's Zakariah Rose out to sing his Ratdog rap.... Between The Waybacks and Zak's jazzy hiphop,We get our dose of ecletic at these SF shows..."We just Free Stylin, Y'All!"....
...Before starting too far into the next jam, Bobby gives a nod "Zakariah"..then starts into a blueszy kinda honkytonkish Candyman-oh, yes..yum!! I've definately visited another zone or two or three before this one is over...
....Then, I'm so glad Mazzy is near when set closer SUGAR MAGNOLIA comes up!!
And We are cheering!!!! This is really extra exciting because Tree had met Bobstar the night before after the L.A. show and requested Bobby sing Sugar Mags in SF for US! Really- her post from that morning is somewhere if you scrolldown far enough....((((((TREE))))))))
The clapping for an encore is deafening, but at least it's short!
Our guys come back out for a rocking Johnny B. Good!!
So sad when the show ends but we got to remind ourselves that there was another one just the next day! Scott joined the flock at the rail who were hoping to obtain one of the songlists..I smiled when I saw Hippy Bill give Scott the look and then the songlist...
Still not leaving the Fillmore just yet...we had purchased cds of the show in advance (we were to trade in the wristband they gave us for them) and were required to hang out for about 30 minutes post show...Not a problem since neither Scott nor I had work on Wednesday...When cds were ready, the salesgirl cut off the bands and handed us the goods...Really awesome to have them to listen to for the ride home...First thing I did Wednesday morning was to download them into my ipod....
On our way out, we received posters for the night..I have to say they are initally just horrible looking...a big nasty rat face on a dog's body- yick! But by now it's almost growing on me...Almost.

3/2/04 Set 2...
Set break had everyone hugging and chatting- I really enjoyed getting a chance to catch up with friends who don't post online...Made acquaintence with the woman I always see at shows- and then also have seen around my town- turned out she works for BGP and does live just down the hill from me.
Even the setbreak went by too quickly- lights went down for the second set...The fellows returned its gonna be acoustic...the intro jam has some riffs in it that bring my favorite Nicklecreek song(when you come back down-it's the song on my kids/dogs movie) to mind- before I can digest that though, the jam turns into Blackbird...its about as perfect a Blackbird as I can recall Bobdog doing...the vocals and the instrumentals=beautiful...I'm soaking in it right now...
Then Bobby strums us right into Bobby McGee, I'm so enjoying it too- it wasnt too long ago, I remember rallying for Bobby to bring it back- now it's here...a smattering of hoots and howls from the crowd as the instrumental part is perfectly played...Bobby's vocals on this tonight surpass all the Bobby McGees I heard him sing when we were kids in the 70's...loving the extra touches too "La dee dah lah-lah-lah-ha!"
Just when I'm thinking I'm in Heaven- Out comes THE WEIGHT! I can't remember if I've ever seen Dog do this? It's a strong rendition and the band is total sync...a pleasure to listen to-almost left my prized position as rail anchor to go dance with Graceful and Karina- who were DBC afew rows back in the area we call the Sweet Spot for sound... especially yum is when the whole band sings together and a bit in round and then echoing the "Putcher load" parts...

to be continued....

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Set One- 3/2/04
All lit up and flashing!!

Yay- guys assembled on stage....
pretty lil jam, notes and layers building up and up and sweeping into something familiar....okay here it is--
Inside youre burning!'s of course Feel like a Stranger...crispy and hot! Oh boy!
This is followed by the first Dylan song of the night: She Belongs to me- I get the opening "She's an artist" lip synced across the rail at me by scotto- this is one of the songs he likes to sing at me (so corny-I can't believe I'm blogging that)'s true, he does give me drums(I collect them) and in fact does salute me when my Berthaday comes (12/31)...Thanks Bobby & Scotto for making this a fun one! Okay that was up, is Ramblin Rose- in no time we are all in sway & dip mode...even in San Francisco on a Tuesday night-folks cheer at the"Just like New York City" line...Bobby slips in and out of a falsetto voice and Jeff gets to display his ragtime expertise on the keys...lotsa fun! Sounds like Loser is up next- well it's not Loser after all ...
What's going on here!? Could it be Senor? Another Dylan song? Yes- SF gets SENOR!! Muchas Garcias Roberto!! This aint no dream no more! Let me pick myself up from the floor! I am deliriously happy to get to hear this one- it has all the elements I like...maybe I was an outlaw cowboy- in another lifetime or maybe because I'm just a lil Senorita at heart- those songs get me everytime! ......
Okay time to get beyond swaying and nodding-definately bouncing time- Loose Lucy was on..Bobby coming on loud and clear! Loving it when the rest of the band adds the background vocals- rounnnd... rounnnnnnnd...rounnnd AND rounnd-yeahyeah! For a "feel good time" is what I kept hearing...
slowing back down-it's poisin peaches...goddess got my number, baby. Bury me standing..back to sway mode..Kenny put down his sax and added lots of fun lil squiggly stuff to the mix.
The next song starts light and soft ..the "Footloose" intro reveals its gonna be "Greatest Story Ever Told" Oh boy! dancing..
Next up- I'm very excited upon hearing familiar startup of West LA Fade Away...I've been hoping to catch this and finally I am! Jeff plays a hunk of keys in there. Its so fun..but already its that time when Bobby stops to tell us "wbbijalb"
Okay, before I even glimpse that Portland Or. setlist, I'm dropping off the first part of my Fillmore review- Here goes!

After a series of tangents- Graceful cameby and picked me up...We flew back over to Trinks house...Trinks lives in the beach town of Pacifica, her house on the hill has huge ocean and nature reserve views...Tuesday was an unusually sunny day on the coast and if we didnt have a line to get into, I wouldve been all for sitting in her yard and taking in the view...Her music room- filled with all sorts of interesting things including an enormous music collection was also cool to check out....
At exactly 4:19pm, the three of us saddled up Trink's car and waited the one minute to be leaving at exactly 4:20! Vrooom! Trink whirled through Pacifica to SF into the Fillmore district so quickly- via HWY 1, never even saw the excessive 19th avenue! The ladies let me out in front of the venue while they parked- Waiting for us in line was Karina and Easywind- I don't know if they had met each other via Deadnet or if this was just a lucky coincidence or what...Ahead of us in line was Vera -Ratdog.Org's Queen of Diamonds and of course, WDP Jay from Co. (Tattoo Allie's brother) was there too! Just seeing them plus all the other familiar faces in line heightened my excitement that much more! Noting members of the crew -Blonde A.J., Chris, HippieBill, etc running past the line gets my heart pounding- its a trip!
Not so long after getting into line Reisha, Gwennie, Binki, Mark & Martha, Sparkita & friend were all there with us. Soon Scotto showed up with a bag of mission district burritos & sooner gulped down and it was time to get out our tickets and go through security check...Funny how waiting in line goes by so fast (it's a delicious wait-knowing you and your friends are gonna be in heaven, soon) but how security check and ticket scanning seems to take forever...JUST LET ME IN ALREADY! Damn! lol!
Okay, everything's been scanned, stamped and thoroughly felt up- I'm rushing up the stairs, I'm galloping to the rail- The guy yells "NO RUNNING" AT who else but me- like he always does-because I always run (it's the only time I ever run) at the Fillmore..okay, I slow it down to a skip- I am at the rail...Only Sparkita is takes a moment to note that my Deadnetter Goddess friends are all on the Mark side...Some woman I don't know asks me to set up a bar tab for her-seems she's already been drinking too-That's it-bad vibe- I'm off to see what space is available on Mark's side..The Goddesses had save ample space in all the rail sweet spots. I settled in at the end of the rail-always a great place to be..Scott found us and so the party continued...
The Waybacks opened - fun stuff- the guy I had exchanged e-mails with was the guitariest: Steve Coyne, he appeared to be the leader- funny chatter tween songs. Somewhere in the middle of the set he introduced the Bobstar, who then came out to do Cumberland with them- Bobby stumbled on the parts of the song he doesnt usually sing-still a good time and the Waybacks couldnt look happier to have him there..Wish I had a camera just for that...

Friday, March 05, 2004

WOOFERS! Here's Graceful's summary of the Fillmore shows- I'll eventually get my own adventures in here- tgif! though I really wish I could be in Portland..okay here's from Graceful:

Ok!!! I am back in O.C. and have to go work my butt off today and won't have much time in here, so I am up early to say HELLO!! And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Great great time for these two shows ... the FIllmore is the BEST! DNC practically owned the place both nights - we had the rail, the table, the dance space..... and the bands did not let us down - the WAYBACKS are definitely showing us something new and fresh and fun to dance with - a jazzy, folksie, rock combo with intricate finger work and excellent voices! I don't know the names of the bandmembers yet, but if you get a chance to see these guys - do it.... Bobby is first class to give them such exposure...
Ratdog is a class act now.... they get better every show! I am already sad and in withdrawal over not continuing with the tour...
The Setlists: On 3/2 the only song not done which was on the original list was He's Gone which was going to follow Eyes.... and they added the Johnny B Goode to that setlist for the encore.
On 3/3 they added the second Mathilda Mother and since the WRS went for so long, they didn't do She Says and Liberty. THey also added the Deep End after October Queen and the Brokedown Palace encore was added... The trombone was really sexy - a lot of smooth transitions because of it.... These guys are having the time of their lives and I am completely sold on them right now -If you're reading this folder you are among those of us in the KNOW so I am preaching to the choir.... Loved seeing all the goddesses - missed David G! How could you miss US!! I don't think there is a much greater spectacle than the DNC goddesses on the rail.... sheesh..
We got a Sugar Mag and two Corrina's over the past week - and so many other good dancing experiences - as I have said before, this catalogue of music (RH! JG!) is just worlds above most other sounds... Have a great tour everyone going on!"

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Another incredible night of Fillmore dog!
It will take awhile to get my head together for putting out all the stories from the last 2 daze but here's DRRandy's take on last night-
What a great show- far exceeding my expectations! My first time seeing the "new" Ratdog without Wasserman. It was a very organic smooth band, a tremendous contrast with the last Dead show (of course, that might be expected as that was that configuration's first show and they didn't really rehearse), but right now I prefer Ratdog to the current Dead and P&F. I guess that is large part because I prefer Mark Karan's playing to Hering and Haynes- it serves this music better. My only criticism is that his tone could be sweeter, more Garcia-like...

Great setlist, the best WRS I've seen since 10/18/74, and it was a great first set- a little false-ending on BIg RR was a fun touch. The newer material fit in well (far better that at the 12/30 Dead show), the horns added a lot, the Help/Slipknot was great and it was cool how the Two Djinn segued beautifully into a Franklin's Tower ending-type jam leading inot Franklin's. The "Jam" between Slipknot and Two Djinn was a reggae-style rap by Zacariah Rose which, while not my favorite part of the nite, was sort of fun, and its cool that Bobby is trying to keep up with the relatively new styles of music. Franklin's ended the set on a high note. The Brokedown was a sweet ending. THANKS GUYS !!! "

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

photos of yesterday's soundcheck at David Gans website- he had a great time last night also!
wow- mazzy has already put his thoughts together- here's his review from Deadnet:

Bob on acoustic with the Waybacks for Cumberland was a treat. They are real good and the fiddle sounded sweet. Bob's playing was real hot on that but he had trouble with the verses he doesn't normally sing.

Overall the Show was Real good. Best I've seen in a while. Very cool that you can listen to the cds on the way home. Everything was well very played and I thought it was a great setlist. Lots of different emotions and peaks and valleys to the music. Huge Stranger opener and a sweet "She Belongs to me". I love their version of Ramble on Rose and Bob took us to the leader of the band allright.((((JERRY!)))) Two Dylan tunes in the first set was cool. "Senor" was real good, Bob on Acoustic and I thought it was Loser at first but then everyone got it at once and a huge roar erupted. Kenny played a real nice solo on Senor and MK was taping into the JGB vibe. I would say it sounded similar the GD arrangement of the "Ballad of a Thin Man." Jeff on Hammond. Weir had the words on paper at his feet but I don't think he could see it very well. Loose Lucy is my delight, she come runnin' and we ball allnight! "Greatest Story" was a real barn burner and that one had our feet movin' , untill there was a minor trainwreck for the segue to West LA. set closer.

Set two: Blackbird, Me and Bobby McGee, The Weight.... surprising to get "the Weight" in that slot but it worked well and the Whole crowd sang along. Epic "Eyes of the World" with a huge BW/KB jam towards the end. I was not into the (c)rapper who did they same rap that he did at Marin Music Festival, but fortunatly that was short lived and the space jam unfolded nicely into.... BLACK PETER!! "Fever roll up to 105".....Bob pulled out his slide and MK really shined. Sugar Mags.... Johnny B. Goode rollicking encore. Short wait for the cd's afterwards and well worth the $25.
:O) What a great show that was last night! As anyone could tell from that sentence- I'm not quite awake yet..I need to go back to bed- had to get kids to school and am surviving now on just a few hours of sleep...

I gave Julie/Graceful Dead (coming north from Los Angeles) directions to my house but forgot that she would need to take hwy 238 from 580 to get to cross the San Mateo Bridge aka hwy 92...she ended up going over the Bay Bridge- landing in SF instead of over here...she went through SF to get to Pacifica, which is where Trinks lives...with time to spare, Julie STILL drove down the Peninsula to pick me up in San Mateo- which means she drove almost completely around the SF Bay yesterday!!! We went back up to Trinks. Trinks has the most amazing views from her home- a deck and yard that looks over a nature reserve AND the big blue Pacific was just beautiful- an unusually sunny day too!
At exactly 4:20, we took off for The Fillmore! Arriving quickly, met up with Karina and Easywind- not so many in line but already so many familiar faces with more showing up every few minutes. Eventually we got hugs from Reisha, Binki, Sparkita, Vera, WDP-Jay, Gwen- I know I'm forgetting a ton of folks, too...About 6ish, Scotto showed up with Mission district burritos for dinner (yum!) not long after the doors opened. Like I always do- I ran up the stairs and like they always do, security screamed "No Running" at me! LOL- everytime I forget!
We were all early enough to take just about any place we desired to be in...I was happy in my new favorite rail spot - the end of the rail on MK's side- the rail being a metal barrier about a yard from the stage. Great angle for Bobby watching! Also, you can see the faces of all the raildogs. ..and I think I knew or at least recognized a good 3/4 of those raildogs, too!

Before The Waybacks came out, I went to the concessions booth to buy the evening's show on cds. It worked that you paid, then obtained a wrist band, came back to the concessions booth after the show to pick up the cds...:o)

At last, the Waybacks, their first songs I guess can be described as folk goes Jammy...Lots of energy- maybe a little frenetic for the mellowish crowd vibe-but then Bobby came out to join them (to everyone's obvious giddy delight!) for Cumblerland!!! Bob had some mess up with one of the lyrics but according to Mazzy, that was the lyric Phil does when the Dead play it..but, it was no big deal- the vibe was great and punched the Waybacks up into that full get out there and folk it up groove, I had been hoping for! Bob retreated backstage after the Cumberland - the next few songs by Waybacks were terrific!! I'm looking forward to seeing them open again tonight!!
A bit of a break, then ...sigh- RATDOG!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

True WeirFreak -Ratdogirlscout report just in from Tree- who was at the Los Angeles Ratdog show last night!!!

....Everyone I have great news to share - I GOT TO MEET BOBBY LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend who I thought we were leaving, she took me to this back elevator and we went upstairs where the party was. We got to speak to Jay for a while who told us he'd get us back to meet Bobby. I also got a smile and a hug from Jeff who said thanks for my energy for the last few shows. Talked to the whole band actually, then Jay took us back to this room where just Bobby and Jay & Mark & some woman were talking - no one else really. So my friend Candy and I got to talk to him for over a half hour. We spoke about kids and music and all the years gone by... melt into a dream. I somehow snagged the setlist after the show and Bobby was nice enough to sign it. He was so cool and gracious, and very beautiful. Very peaceful aura. It was great how the guys in the band were looking out for him. At one point a lot of people came in at once and they made sure Bob was ok with it (which he was). Oh my... I GOT TO HUG BOBBY! I GOT TO HUG BOB WEIR I can DIE a happy woman now!!!!

Ease up Odessa... cause my mind is spinning!!!

((((GRACEFUL)))) THANK YOU for going the EXTRA MILE on the ticket thing. When we left I had no idea we were heading upstairs otherwise I would have grabbed you. Not sure you would have enjoyed it though, it took us a half hour of waiting to meet Bobby, but I enjoyed that half hour as it was since we talked to the band. And they ROCK! Have FUN at the FILLMORE!

when they play Sugar Mags Irenie, I told Bobby that I have 2 special N Cal friends who love him/RD, so to play it with a BANG for you guys. So when he does it, think of me and BOGGIE WOMAN!

The show was HOT! Odessa... smoking. Althea, great. Another dripping Corinna. I was smack dab up front again for set 2 but set 1 was lost in the venue looking for friends, so I just eventually found myself a spot and danced danced danced....


Monday, March 01, 2004

Just a few more days till Fillmore Dog!

Here's a nice & new to me site- provides links to Dead related news stories...