Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Short Bobby video from SSDD

And more Bobby vids from NAMM Click on 1/19

Monday, January 30, 2006

From GDTST00

The following shows with RatDog are now confirmed:

Bob Weir and RatDog will play the following shows:

Saturday, March 18 at the Norva Theatre, Norfolk, VA.
Doors and show time TBA
General admission. All ages welcome
Mail order tickets are available at $30.50 per ticket.

Monday and Tuesday, March 20 and 21 at the
Premier Music Hall, 6 Delay Street, Danbury, CT.
Doors open at 6:00 PM. Show time is 7:30 PM.
General admission. All ages welcome
Mail order tickets are available at $52.50 per ticket.

Thursday, March 23 at the Calvin Theatre,
Northampton, MA.
Doors open at 7:00 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
All ages welcome. General admission in front of
the stage. Reserved seats as of Row A. Both at
the same price of $39.00 per ticket.

Thursday, March 30 at the Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY.
Doors open at 6:30 PM. Show time is 7:30 PM.
All ages welcome. All seats are reserved.
Mail order tickets are available at $35.00 per ticket.
A taper section will be provided.

Monday, April 3 at Lupo's at the Strand, Providence, RI.
Doors open at 6:30 PM. Show time is 7 :30 PM.
All ages welcome.
General admission floor tickets are $33.00.
Reserved seats in the balcony are $$40.50.

More dates to follow in the next few days.

First day to mail in for all these shows will be
Wednesday, February 1.

The Crew of GDTSTOO


Year of The Dog begins!

Gung hay fat choy!
Let's hear it Doggies-

Attention- The 2006 Bobby Weir Yairi is HERE!!!!!!!!!
Found the link to this Neal Cassady movie on Dot Org.

Tickets are on sale for Bobby with The Waybacks at Great American Music Hall!
Don't miss it! Beautiful venue !!!
KPFA was fun! Always is! I enjoyed seeing a few familar faces from both my online and offline worlds. I met a Deadnetter that I used to post back and forth with in Deadnet's Art Freaks discussion. So there's another face to put with the screen persona.
I also met David Dodd (photo posted a couple daze ago). He seemed very like a great guy- very easy to chat with, nice sense of humor and quite gracious. Graciousness is one of my favorite qualities in a person.
Unfortunately, all I could do was thank him repeatedly for the lyric website and gush about the book. Kicking myself for not having a single question to challenge either David with (imagine their combined GD IQ!!!). Ah well...
Thank you David for another great marathon!!!
Just when you think my blog can't get any lighter or fluffier, it is gonna be so from now til sometime next week.
Gotta prep for the cruuuise! There are appointments and shopping and a little bit more sewing to do as well as making notes and lists for Jason and our friend Jeff . Jeff and Jase are trading off house/dog sitting duties as well as being around to make sure the kids are okay. Everything's gonna run just like a Swiss watch...hopefully. My folks are also available and close by if any emergency arises (it won't)..

Saturday, January 28, 2006


With David Gans AND David Dodds.
I'm standing between two of Grateful Deadland's most knowledgeable Heads!!!!!!!

Here is Clearlight!
Call me in about 45 minutes-
I'm off to KPFA...


Marathon Today!
Might be going up there later (much to do before I can squeeze outta here) with Kemmie- stay tuned!
Go David Go!!!!!!!!
Every girl had one and Joey was mine!
Thrilled to see Joe's been busy playing!! Go have a listen!

Marin County Area event.....

David Dodd: Grateful Dead Lyrics
Tiburon, CA Public Library
Tuesday, January 31, 7:30pm in the Founders Room


2 very cute Border collie puppies available - I'll try to post the pictures ASAP.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Jambands Cruise article Here

Uno mas semana!
From the cruuuise folks:

If you are contemplating making a last minute reservation on the Dave Matthews & Friends Caribbean Cruise Getaway, you should book soon on the Sovereign of the Seas sailing out of Orlando/Pt. Canaveral. We have very limited inventory available aboard the Sovereign! To book a stateroom reservation, you may do so now by visiting cruise.davematthewsband.com!

We hope that everyone who has booked with us is gearing up for the first ever Dave Matthews & Friends Caribbean Cruise Getaway! At this time next week, The Majesty of the Seas and the Sovereign of the Seas will be on their way to the Bahamas! Fans will be mingling on the deck enjoying the first concert at the Sail Away Party where Toots & the Maytals will be performing on the Majesty and Ozomatli will be performing on the Sovereign!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Here's a familiar Face.

Here is what I was able to glean regarding
Bobby's Mac World experience with the Lennon Bus

A link to photos, I ROCK!

There's an awesome vid too!
To view the video, go click on the link for 1/11 over HERE!

Here's the blog entry that corelates to the above video and photos-

"Dragonfly Tatoo" http://media.jlsc.com/schedule/2006/ Wed, 18 Jan 2006 12:09:08 -0500 dragonfly-tatoo-featuring-bob-weir JLSC Apple Education students create original song and video with Bob Weir Today we had another living legend on board to work with a group of students and the staff.

San Francisco native Bob Weir of Grateful Dead and Ratdog fame, and a group of 6 college students came to create an original song and music video. Bob Weir was extremely interested in the whole John Lennon Bus approach to songwriting and inquisitive about Logic Pro 7. 
It was amazing for all of us to sit and work with Bob Weir but it was more incredible to hear him tell stories.  Hearing Bob talk about late night conversations in bars with Jerry Garcia and Sting talking about music and "why some people play drums" was a humbling and humorous experience.
After the song was written and recorded by it was time to move onto vocals. Eventually, after 30 minutes or so, Bob shouts out, "Bite marks on your Dragonfly tattoo." Next thing you know it's being sung and harmonized.  As we were recording it, one of the students asked Bob if he could sing a beach-boys kind of harmony behind the Chorus.  Bob says "of course" with this huge excitement then says "Last time that I sung like that I was recording with Bob Dylan.  He(Dylan) had Jerry Garcia and Myself sing like that on a track with him.
After the audio recording, it was time capture some more video footage.  Staff engineer Rob Healy took all the students outside and got them prepped for the music video.  Bob jumped right in to the silly antics, and we got some terrific footage.

  Next they all got back into the bus and began to edit video footage and mixing the audio. Dan Niemann was one of the students that day and he later wrote to us, "I just wanted to thank you all for letting me be part of the MacWorld event on the Lennon bus.  The entire day was a great experience from the moment I arrived…to when I was walking out the door with a CD and DVD in my pocket of the days work.  Not only did we get to basically hangout with Bob Weir all day, we also got to be surrounded by the industry's best gear and extremely knowledgeable staff aboard the bus. Both Steve and Rob are awesome along with Herm, Jeff and Andrew.  It was a great experience for me and I am incredibly thankful for being able to be a part of it." The pleasure was all ours, Steve Miller

One week from tonight, we'll be flying to Florida!
I need a new suitcase and also, a swim suit in case I decide that I may need to go parasailing.
The cruise info binder has descriptions of activities to enlist in on Cococay. The only fun in the sun & surf item that sparks my interest is parasailing. Then again, I may take one look at the parasailing set up (or myself in a swim suit) and run back to the ship for some type of spa treatment instead. I expect the cost is around the same for either pasttime.

Can't get enough Grateful Dead?
I found this announcement on Musicbox.com-
On March 7, Rhino will reissue five studio outings from the Grateful Dead, each of which has been remastered and expanded with outtakes and/or live recordings. The albums slated for release are: Wake of the Flood, From the Mars Hotel, Blues for Allah, Terrapin Station, and Shakedown Street. All five of the reissues were previously reissued as part of the Beyond Description (1973-1989) box set.

Someone asked about the JC photo posted yesterday.
I'm not leaning on JC, I was actually standing right behind him and was peering over his shoulder.
It was the night that the local Weir Sauce winnahs were invited backstage pre-show and later to the night's after party.
The aftershow invitation was unexpected and we were all delighted to be asked though only about half the folks stayed on.
From what little I recall, a good time was had by all.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

An article about the Dead's studio can be found HERE.

Despite the fact that EVERY one of my little students have thick green mucus snaking out of their teeny noses, I am feeling good.
But, poor Noah is coughing and spiking fevers...Tomorrow, if he isnt improving, I'll take him to the doctor. Let's hope it passes quickly!

The documents (in a spiral bound notebook)for the cruise arrived and in a little while, I'll poke through it.
Now that I've got our stateroom assignment, I need to find a map of the inside of the ship to see where our room is in relation to everything else. I looked through the jambands cruise website (different thing than DM Cruise) and wow! what a lot of fun!

Try the jamband name generator!
Found the link via TOOBoard.
Feel Better Jeff!

KRH from the "other side" of Deadnet took this photo back in October of 2000.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nice Jam cruise photos can be found HERE!. You might even see a familar face in there!
Healing Vibes to Jeff! See David's GDHour Logblog...................
New Kenny Brooks blog!. It's FABULOUS!
And man, it makes me wanna go out and pick up one of those iLife 2006 pack of apps for my Mac!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hello Monday!

Nice photo of Bobby, Jay & Wass at Namm2006
Everyone have a nice Sunday?
We had a house full of men..noisy, football worshipping, beer drinking, chip munching, driveway blocking, laughing too loudly men.
I cut out early on. Dropped Sash & her pal off at the ice skating rink then hit the sewing store for fabric to create cruuuuuuise wear from. Lots of cool stuff just in! Apparellently, India is all the rage this season when it comes to sewing. I found some light weight gauzy stuff and treated myself to one of those yummy silky fabrics that I guess are for making Saris. Sewed one gauzy top . All in all a productive day.

I have no idea who won which games but expect to enjoy cheering some team on at the superbowl party aboard the Majesty of the Seas in less than two weeks!!!! We'll get a Ratdog show some point that night too! Or day? I'm not sure how it will work? But, I look forward to being there and finding out.

Anyone in the City tonight? Got a jones for Jazz? Head up to Jazz at Pearl's for big band jazz with Kenny!
8:30 PM on Columbus Street.
If you're still in the City on Thursday, Find Hotel Utah and head out to David Gans Invitational!! More details on that can be found on the David Gans Link which should be somewhere over here------------------------------>>>>>>>>
Nice, if you missed the Ratdog/Bob Weir articles from the "old" days some are archived at On Musicbox online..
I swear I was dancing next to this guy at the Reno Ratdog show...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sweet Jerry Tribute (thanks Mr Larry for the link)
Thinking of Chris and our other fine Eurofriends, I remembered a link I wanted to share.
Eyes of the world

Got a TV?
Someone on one of the boards gave a heads up to a program airing all weekend on the Travel/Discovery/Times channel called
Temples of Rock.
I understand members of The Grateful Dead (as well as vintage footage of the band) appear in this program.
Some more info can be found at Ray Manzerek's site
Hippy Bertha to Alexi!
She doesnt spend time online but since I wished my brother a happy one, gotta be fair and include my very best wishes
to my sister. Love you girly!

Friday, January 20, 2006


(((((Chris Jones))))))!!!!
Fun 3-d mail is always a treat!
Then there's almost always good stuff in the emails too!
Some samples from today's e-mail


Bob Weir and RatDog:
This is a heads-up that we have received word
that more shows will soon be confirmed during
the time before the Beacon shows in New York
on April 6, 7, and 8, for which tickets are still available.
We will post as soon as the information comes to us.

We will ticket the RatDog Beacon shows sometime
next week. All orders will be filled.
As well as from The DM cruise folks-
The latest line up for the Cruise entertainment came today.
Nice addition of Samantha Stollenwerck!!!
As well as news that my boat is just about filled up!

Dave Matthews & Friends
Bob Weir & Ratdog
G. Love & Special Sauce
Toots & the Maytals
North Mississippi Allstars
Mike Doughty's Band
Michael Tolcher
DJ Logic
Motion Potion
John Brown's Body
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Brett Dennen
Samantha Stollenwerck


The following musicians will be backing Dave for the special island concert!

Trey Anastasio - guitar and vocals
Brady Blade - drums
Tony Hall - bass and vocals
Ray Paczkowski - keyboards
Tim Reynolds - guitar
Very nice!
Reports online that Bobby, Rob & Jay surfaced last night at The NAMM Convention in Anaheim.
Scotto gets there every other year to meet with distributers and buy musical items for the shop. I probably have blogged about the convention last year since Scotto always has lots to talk about afterwards. Check it out for yourself- it sure seems like a load of fun!.....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

So, I hear that the Ratdog Relix-which will include a cd in it of 2 Djinn, will be out at the end of the month. More info in yesterday's blog (scroll down).

Right now, I'm very happy reading "Neil Young Nation" by Kevin Chong.
I picked this book up not because I have any burning need to learn about Neil Young (though, I do love much of his music), but because I heard Chong being interviewed on KFOG and he was just too funny!
If there's one thing I can relate to, it's being an above average,obsessed (but harmless-REALLY!) fan.
Chong and friends go on a road trip to visit various points of interest pertaining to Neil Young's career.
I already live in Bobby and the Dead's (and some of the Ratdoggies) starting point(San Mateo County) and close enough to SF & Marin that my Bobquest wouldnt take more than a day.
Actually, we could stretch things out by going to Giza and dropping by wherever in Wyoming that Barlow's ranch is/was. Probably a visit to MSG too....

LOL- RatDog!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Bertha Glowy!!!!!!!!!!!!

May all your wishes come true!

"Walked halfway around the world on promise of the glow"

I need to get this!
Read an excerpt HERE

Here's a link I forgot to add to yesterdaze blog-
The Waybacks website

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ruby Tuesday

Hey ALL aspiring songwriters- You need to check this contest out!
Our Bobstar is one of the judges!
Go for IT!!
Congrats to Carlos Santana!

Three reasons for posting this newsletter from Stevie from the Waybacks

1. He always has something amusing to say about life on the road

2. If you enjoy folk but havent checked Waybacks out - there's tour dates listed.


3. There's some Bobby/SF show info in there.


....... Here goes..

Waybacks in NY, MA, NH, VT & OR

Howdy, Backaroos -

Thanks so much for all of the lovely year-end greetings that so many you folks sent our way last month ... both the boldly old-fashioned and the modernly euphemistic. Much appreciado from all of us here at Waybacks World Headquarters, where we are still basking in the afterglow of the Chrismakwanzukkah season, musing about what the devil "nog" might be, fighting over the new Xbox 360 controllers, trying to pinpoint just exactly what it was that was so disturbing about the spokesmodel in the ubiquitous Overstock.Com TV commercials and toasting a hearty farewell to 2005.

It was a remarkable year, all right. We played 143 shows in forty-odd states. We jammed with our musical heroes. We toured with upwards of a dozen fabulous guest fiddlers. We got rental car upgrades. As the young people say, "we lived large."

And we proved over and over in 2005 that living large doesn't have to mean spending big bucks. Some might call it cockeyed optimism to refer to whatever one-star accommodations we'd secured for any given night as "The Spa," but believe us, after you experience several Unintentional Full Body Exfoliations from over-starched bath towels at discount motels, the rose-colored glasses go on and they stay on. That's not Motel 6. That's THE SPA.

(For those of you new to the Waybacks newsletter, this next section is the part where we frequently grouse just a bit about road food. True to form here, the Food Grousing Bit customarily follows the Obligatory Motel Grumble.)

Along those lines, we spent quite a lot of time in chain restaurants, and with five touring seasons under our belts - literally - we're getting to be quite the discerning connoisseurs. For example, we are no longer fooled by waiters who try to convince us that the disturbingly ... er ... topographical nature of the laminated menus they've just handed us is the result of marketing genius at corporate headquarters and not of hygienic neglect here at the restaurant. Scratch-N-Sniff menus? Riiiiight. Just get me a wet rag, Gomer.

On the bright side, there's Cracker Barrel. Ah ... Cracker Barrel! The chain touring bands swear by ... CRACKER BARREL!! Definitely a cut above. The calories-by-fat quotient is probably no lower here than at any of the other squat-and-gobble restaurants we frequent, but like most Americans, we are pretty sure that cholesterol that's attractively lit and is described with folksily apostrophized terms like "fixin's" is somehow not as bad for us as lardburgers wolfed under fluorescent tubes in breakfast-any-time joints. Well, after five years of fairly steady CB patronage we finally earned enough punches in our frequent-buyer card to select a bonus premium from the Cracker Barrel gift shop. We figured there must be a good reason that the most popular prize among devotees like us was Grandma's Old-Time Defibrillator, so we decided to snag one, too. You can't be too prepared out there on the Interstate, you know.

2005 was also the year we discovered The Old Mill Tasty Shop in Wichita, KS, which is possibly the best diner anywhere, ever. We were pleased to find that Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR still features an eclair filled with Pepto-Bismol. Best of all, folks ... Fresca is back. The culinary year was not a total loss, by any means.

(Well, the newsletter has rambled on for several paragraphs now, and it's at this point that we usually realize it would be prudent to suggest, at least, that it might actually end at some point. Folks who have been on our mailing list for a while know that once The Shameless Name-Dropping begins, we're past the hard part and coasting toward the finish line.)

Our new CD is almost here. It really is. It's called From The Pasture To The Future, It was produced by the legendary Lloyd Maines, and Darol Anger, Gabe Witcher, Mark Rubin and Evan Price all made guest appearances. August company, indeed! FTPTTF will hit the streets on April 25, just in time for a couple of shows we'll be playing with Bob Weir, of Grateful Dead and RatDog renown. The rumors are true! On the 26th we'll gig together in San Francisco at The Great American Music Hall, and on Friday night the 28th we'll play a Weirbacks show on The Watson Stage at Merlefest. Keep an eye on the ol' homepage for further details.

Here's another rumor we'd like to confirm: for all you left-leanin', tree-sittin', tofu-munchin', Prius-buyin', Jack Abramoff-suspectin' National Public Radio listeners, yes, that was our own James Nash's "Gulshion Island" you heard us play as a musical interlude between stories on NPR's All Things Considered program on December 19. The Wabes go national. Excellent.

We have a new full-fledged Wayback to introduce to you. His name is Warren Hood and he hails from Austin, TX. He comes to us with a pedigree ... his daddy was Champ Hood of Uncle Walt's Band, which for many years was a fixture on the Texas music scene. At 23, Warren's a seasoned musician himself. He plays fiddle and mandolin, he sings real good, he writes tunes and songs and he's a great hang. We are pleased as punch to have secured his services. Welcome aboard, Warren.

Here's the gigs:

Wed, Feb 1, 9:30pm
Chris Noth (Law & Order, Sex and the City) has his own club. The Waybacks follow Joan Rivers. Yes, that Joan Rivers
Thu, Feb 2
Fall River, MA
Fri, Feb 3
Rosendale, NY
Sat, Feb 4, 8:30pm
Centerport, NY
The venue is the Congregational Church of Centerport. This concert begins at 8:30 pm and will be preceded at 7:30 pm with a one-hour "Open Mike"
Sun, Feb 5, 4:00pm
Albany, NY
Please note that the start time has been changed from 7:00 to accommodate the G.D. Super Bowl.
Tue, Feb 7
Burlington, VT
Wed, Feb 8, 7:00pm
Wolfeboro, NH
At The Wolfeboro Inn, 90 North Main Street
Fri, Feb 24
Bend, OR
Sat, Feb 25
Eugene, OR
Sun, Feb 26
Portland, OR
The Wabes share the evening with The Mammals

Thanks for a great 2005, Backaroos. Come lay ears on us this year, too. New personnel. New CD. New live material. And after autographing some four-year-old band photos that a fan brought to a show, and realizing we are wearing the same doggone shirts as in the photo, maybe even some new wardrobe. No promises.

See you all down the road.

Monday, January 16, 2006

17 days, 5 hours and about 12 minutes til Cruise time!

So sez The Ratdog.org clock!
I'm starting to get rather excited!
Here's a newish article about it called "Concert and a cruise combines for the ultimate in entertainment".
I went on a cruise before- down the Pacific coast of Mexico. I guess it was in 1986? The guy I foolishly loved between the 2 Mr irenies took me. It was really really really fun! A great time was enthusiastically had by all, well until drunken heartbreaker boyfriend decided to do a striptease on a table top at Senor Frogs which then lead to..well, you don't want to know!
and I'm sure you don't!
But, it's nice I can almost laugh about it now....well, almost!
Scotto around the same time also had been on a cruise , I think Tahiti? I don't remember where he told me he went but when we went through his stash of old photographs, there he was every night posing with different women on the ship's deck with a lovely pinkish sunset on the horizon and a big fat ole grin on his face. He did mention that the gender ratio was working to his advantage. We can surmise that he had a pretty good time!

How soon is it practical to begin packing?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A sweet little Bobby anecdote can be found

Scroll down at this site to hear clips of Bobby interviews

Are you having a fun Saturday?
Despite crazy rains, I ran a bunch of errands this morning and made it home in time to meet the mattress guy (a bed's box spring broke)...As he was leaving, Mattress guy somehow got his car manuevered into our rosemary patch and it got stuck in the mud there. Mattress guy is the last person left in town who is not driving some sort of 4 whl drive vehicle (even I have 4 wheel drive-though I only used it once-when I got the car stuck in mud). Luckily, the cable guy (one of the TV's isnt getting reception or PPV) showed up and we were able to push Mattress guy's car out of the mud and back into the drive way. Only other guy to show up after that was husband guy, who brought me sharma from Ali Baba's, changed his clothes and is now at the Warrior game. GO GOLDEN STATE! He should be home in just a little bit.

I'm now downloading the 12/17/06 Seattle Ratdog show!! It's been available for a few daze on Disclogic. Dan Wheatman(?) played along through some of it on mandolin and harmonica-can't wait to hear that again!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hippy Berthaday MK!
Another Hippy Happy iten from Leah Garchik's column...

"The Human Be-In celebrates its 39th anniversary Saturday, and nobody's celebrating more than the California Historical Society, which is showing Summer of Love pictures and rock posters from the era until Jan. 28. The Society's Stephen Becker tells me that many of the visitors to this show are old hippies. "They're still trying to decipher the lettering on the posters.'' This is a task that's become even more complicated because their vision isn't what it used to be. One man who was an icon of the time approached Becker and said, "So, you holding? How come nobody's lighting up in here?''
The man went outside and used the alley next door. His identity is being protected here because, says Becker, why get him busted "now that he is over 70? He'll complain that we shouldn't trust anyone over 95.''

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Some BGBB 1/07/06 Photos can be found here

Can't find a soul who made it to Mac yesterday, but, did find a few hippy dippy articles you all might enjoy.

One on a follow up documentary about a true Child of the sixties
and one about that Kesey bus

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll, Marin Style
If you're going to the Mac Convention in SF today, check out Bobby doing something on the John Lennon Education Bus.
There's some sort of schedule and a better description here!. Scroll down down down to today's date to find out who, what, where & when.
Thanks to Mazzy for the link!
I so want the new iLife 06!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

An interesting article on Bluesman Robert Johnson

Lyricists Barlow and Hunter are back online with their blogs.

I don't quite know where to start...A great time all weekend!
Two very different evenings.
I journeyed up to the Fillmore both nights with the intrepid Kemmie. Saturday we got to the line at a reasonable hour and hanging there found or found by Katrinka, Tahoe Julie,Patrick,Paulyy, Martha and eventually Scotto. Chilly but fun with all the eccentric highlights that go along with "line duty"...Stuff like watching the comings and goings of musicians. Watching people stare out car windows wondering what the heck we are doing. Too many usual suspects missing from the line, chalk it up to the show being sold out way before Bobby and then the rest of Ratdog were added.
While waiting in line we tried to phone Mischa to wish him a Happy one but he wasnt answering and I remembered the Kid was probably gambling away his birthday money (our folks give cash) in Las Vegas- he likes to go to the electronics convention every year around his birthday. We sang Happy Birthday into the cell phone and it was time to get into the venue.
Fillmore staff look in purses and ask that jackets be removed as they check folks through. Kinda hmmmm when it's a $75 ticket benefit but whatever. I never thought much about it but noticed lately. It makes it seem like forever when all ya want is to just get inside and find space. And there's still all those steps to run up..Scotto, tired from working all day decided to sit this show out upstairs in the bar. I glided over to the rail with Kemmie and Patrick and a moment later Katrinka wove her way over, Martha, Paulyy and then Mazzy came on by too.. Still a bunch of time to go before Ratdog opened. Next to us was a huge happy portrait of Bill Graham. Above the stage was a slide show of photographs of Bill Graham with everyone from Bob Hope to Carlos Santana.
Oh ((((Bill))))!
I still miss that guy!
As time grew closer to starting time we could spot Charux and one of the newer to me guys (Vadim?) getting everything in place. Someone nudged me to look up and in the balcony, by the velvet curtain were members of Ratdog smiling down on our little cluster of WeirFreakz. Waves back and forth. I hope they were impressed. All of us had to scramble to find tix to this one. Except for Patrick who had already planned for the show as he is visiting from out of state. Bobby & Ratdog were a special bonus for him.
Guys came out and took their places , MK was audience Left and Jeff was right. We were at Mk's feet.
They all looked nice and rested too. I was surprised at the Tomorrow Never Knows opener and giddy with October Queen and TOO...Easily predicted we'd get OMSN and the reputed BG's fave Dead song- Sugar Magnolia . I enjoyed every moment of their set more than I can write. All smiles among us Dog fans as well as a happy looking group on stage. One of my biggest pleasures in life is to be surrounded by friends, on or near the front of a Ratdog show ( hardly a secret eh?!) The vibe was so nice up there, I'm smiling now just thinking about it! You know what I mean or you wouldnt still be reading along now!

It was over too soon. I decided to go find Scott and get something to eat. I bid the rail crew good bye, let some of Jackson Browne's lady fans move in on my space and wiggled away from the front rows.
Scott was doing just fine without me upstairs. I found him lounging on the banquette (damn, what ARE those things called?) Except he was a little bummed that he could not find his cell phone. Scotto has absolutely the worst luck with cell phones- breaking them, losing them, buying broken ones...he went through 3 or 4 of them just in the last 7 mos. We figured it was lost forever somewhere on Geary where we had used it to speak to Misch.
Upstairs was a great party atmosphere! The stage could sort of be viewed if you stood up and looked out the balconies. Every few moments someone would check out the stage and fill us in on who was on.
At different times various members of Ratdog moved through the bar as did Jackson Browne when his set was over. I didnt check out everyone moving through but I did see a few of "our" guys and Jackson Browne hanging out for a few minutes. I overheard someone say "Hey Jackson, it's so cool, all that shit you do for the environment!" That got a smile out of me..I turned around to see who said that and found myself looking right into Jackson Browne's face. Yikes!

Across the hall in the restaurant/gallery Birthday cake was being handed out and there was a silent auction. We battled and bidded all night for an autographed Ratdog Portland (the show we went to back whenever with Haze, Mazzy & Arrow) At the very last minute someone else won it! Aw, well, it's not like we don't have our share of posters and autographs...
The rest of the evening flew by. There was mingling, dancing, watching, oohing ahhing, Bobby made it back down to share the microphone with Jackson Browne and others around finale. I watched with Scott from the balcony. On the way out we were handed the commerative event poster. Of course it was put in a frame immediately. Just got to find the right spot to hang it.

Monday, January 09, 2006

And I'm off again!!

Gotta head to work!
Fun time last night- No Bobby but saw lotsa good music- one band -ALO- are coming on that Bahamas cruise too!
Had to get back to Fillmore anyways to pick up the cell phone Scott lost there on Saturday..
Someone on Deadnet posted a link to a Bobby interview
Have a great Monday!
Awesome find by someone at Dot org!!!!!
Bobby/Ratdog vids 2005!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

And I'm off!

Back to The Fillmore for The 2nd part of the BGBB!
No rest for the Weiry!
For details skip down a little.

Hopefully if any brain cells remain and synapses willing, I'll try to get some sort of review up tomorrow.

Spent today working on painting ceramics again. Had to get something finished!
Here's some of the stuff I've done this month..

Bill Graham's 75th Birthday Bash featuring "the New San Francisco Sound"
the new San Francisco sound, Tea Leaf Green, ALO, Hot Buttered Rum, Eric McFadden

January 8, 2006 at 8:00PM

Buy Tickets

Doors open 7:00:00 PM

Bill Graham's 75th Birthday Bash featuring the New San Francisco Sound
Tea Leaf Green, members of ALO, Hot Buttered Rum, and The Ritual, plus Samantha Stollenwerck, Eric McFadden and many more. A gathering of San Francisco Musicians
A Benefit for the Bill Graham Foundation
Tickets are $20.00 general admission.
Extremely limited table & chair seating.
All Ages.
I am one lazy blogger this morning- Trinks managed to keep track of who played when, I'll add my own thoughts later-
........From Deadnet-......................
katrinka - Jan 8, 2006 2:21 am (#1045 Total: 1050)

Happy 75th Birthday Bill Graham (last night now)

It really was quite a show.

RatDog opened. When did Mark and Jeff change sides? That flipped me out - at first I was on the wrong side of the stage, but luckily irenie and kemmie grabbed the space in front of Mark and I was able to join them.

RatDog was followed by Jackson Brown, who started out acoustic. Bonnie Raitt joined him for a song, and then a really great choral group, and Carlos Santana.

After the next break, Mickey came out and just about everyone joined him - there must have been about 50 people on the stage.

Then the Neville Bros. came out - Carlos joined them, and then Bobby and Jackson and Bonnie. And everyone came out for a big finale.

There was birthday cake in the poster room.

RatDog was just fantastic. One set only:

Tomorrow Never Knows
October Queen
Lazy River Road
Sugar Magnolia
One More Saturday Night

From where I was standing, in front of Mark, I could see his setlist - and originally it read October Queen/Deep

(Deep Elem?) Sugar Magnolia was not on the original setlist, which had Lazy River Road followed by OMSN.

But Sugar Magnolia - Sugar Mag for BILL - that was a much better choice. And I love the way this band can turn on a dime and do Sugar Magnolia on a whim. Guess they can do that with almost any song these days. They are just amazing.

I had a wonderful time, sharing space and time with irenie, scott, martha, kemmie, mazzy, and the one and only TERRAPIN!!!

Plus too-many-to-count Jackson Browne freaks - did you know they have their own web site????
Add The Other One to the setlist above and Probably it was The Deep End not Deep Elem...
Still waking up here - hoping to make it back to Fillmore tonight for more!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Mischa!!!!!

Mischa is my baby brother. He is 12 years and 1 week younger than I am. So, I guess he's turning 35 today!!! We didnt have a lot in common except for being outdazzled by our beautiful, brilliant, talented and amazing sister (Alexis is the classic overachieving middle child ). Some where along the lines, Scotto and Mischa became friends, invited each other to play on each other's softball teams and go out to watch sports and lately, traveled to Amsterdam together. I don't know if friends is the correct term..maybe brothers is the better word.
And yes, I need to take my little brother to a Ratdog show...though ABC Soup is closer to his musical taste...Another resolution for 2006- take the 'kid' to a show..

Friday, January 06, 2006


Can't wait to see this guy tomorrow night!------------->

Take a tour of The Fillmore!
For those into The Beats, Here's an item from today's Leah's column:
The Beat Museum is moving from Monterey to Grant Avenue between Vallejo and Green, where it will open on Monday. The museum's Jerry Cimino and John Allen Cassady (son of Neal and Carolyn Cassady) will do a series of multimedia performances about the Beats that week, and they hope to be joined by John's sister Jami, and their mother, Carolyn. Cimino says the museum "belongs in North Beach.''

Unrelated irenie rambling-.
Already January is skipping along!
It's been a nice week at work. I have a new little guy in my 2 yr old class and he's very sweet.
The three year olds all seemed to have matured so much over the break. Also very nice is that I've been invited back in to a another creative curriculum in Jewish Preschool fellowship. I worked with these folks a few years back and spent the sweet stipend from it on the UK Ratdog tour. I'll receive a stipend again this time- not as large, but enough to get me to a few shows somewhere! Our first meeting is next week.
Been having a good time painting ceramics. Been bringing Sasha along with me. It's been totally enjoyable except the place plays a Pop Music station that repeats repeats repeats the same 10 songs over and over and over again. Once every 100th round they toss in an oldie from like 2001 or 2002. The only news is Entertainment news/gossip ...If I were alone, I'd take my iPod along so I could listen to RENODOG over and over and over again and repeat repeat repeat that "Walking Blues".

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Now not only do we have tickets for Saturday night's BGBP but we have an extra as we werent aware a friend had found one.
I guess I'll check among the other Bobby freaks to see if anyone is in need before going back to KFOG Ticket Swap.


And from David Gans-
Here are the confirmed dates for the next couple of months.
Detgials, links, etc. at http://www.dgans.com/gigs.html

Also: please visit my new BLOG, http://playback.trufun.com

Thursday, January 12: DG and Ralph Roddenbery w/ Mark Van Allen at
the Pour House, Charleston SC

Friday, January 13: DG and Ralph Roddenbery w/ Mark Van Allen at the
Kodiak, Rutherfordton NC

Saturday, January 14: DG and Ralph Roddenbery at Jake's, Decatur GA

Wednesday, January 18: DG and the New Traditionals w/ Mark Van Allen
at the House of Jam, Jacksonville FL

Thursday, January 19: DG w/ Mark Van Allen at the Bamboo Room, Lake Worth FL

Friday, January 20: DG and Ralph Roddenbery w/ Mark Van Allen at 550
Blues, Macon GA

Saturday, January 21: DG and Ralph Roddenbery w/ Mark Van Allen at
Java Junction, Clearwater FL

Thursday, January 26, 9:00 pm: The Invitational: DG, Mario DeSio, Ira
Marlowe, and others TBA. Hotel Utah, 500 Fourth Street (at Bryant),
San Francisco. $7. 415-546-6300

Saturday, January 28, 9 am to 1 am pst: the annual KPFA Grateful Dead <----WHOA! HUNH?!! WOOF-WOOF!
marathon! Bob Weir and Ratdog will perform live. More details TBA.

Thursday, February 2, 8pm: Benefit for Plant a Tree w/ DG, Rowan
Bros., Greg Anton, Jimmy Sanchez, Grapefruit Ed, Scott Huckabay,<----It's Paulyy's benefit! Have to miss it, going on cruise!
12 Galaxies, 2656 Mission St., SF. $25.

Monday, February 6: Mystic Hot Springs, Monroe UT. DVD shoot!

Saturday, February 18: with Joseph Langham and Each Others' Legend at
the Spirit Room, 166 Main Street, Jerome AZ. 928-634-8809

Thursday, March 9, 9:00 pm: The Invitational; Henry Kaiser, Jeff
Blair, and others TBA. Hotel Utah, 500 Fourth Street (at Bryant), San
Francisco. $7. 415-546-6300

March 23-26: The Suwannee Springest in Live Oak FL! www.magmusic.com

March 28-April 1, 2006: Jamm in Jamaica at Seven Mile Beach in
Negril. w/ Donna the Buffalo, Railroad Earth, The Big Wu, Under Full
sail, Hot Buttered Rum String Band, Everyone Orchestra, David Gans,
Vince Herman. jamminjamaica.com

David Gans - david@trufun.com or david@gdhour.com

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I got an email about this show a long while back but with no mention of Herr Weir, I wasn't interested in attending....so the party sells out and...
THEN, they add Bobby to the mix!
So we are at the mercy of a nice lady from Craiglist (or was it Kfog's ticket swap?) who is looking to sell at face with fees.
Tag phone calls have been made, emails sailing to and fro...with a little luck, this could work out!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I miss my friends in the UK

I liked this so instead of linking it- I'm gonna post it!
So there!
Or, Here:


The Times
January 03, 2006

The Summer of Love is still top of the pops...
By Adam Sherwin, Media Reporter

THE Summer of Love has maintained an enduring grip over a generation of music fans as 1967 was voted the greatest year for pop in a poll of Radio 2 listeners yesterday.
It was the year the Beatles unleashed Sgt Pepper and the British Establishment rescued the Rolling Stones after a notorious drugs bust.

Amid the ferment of anti-Vietnam protests, Jimi Hendrix conjured unprecedented sounds from the electric guitar, the Monkees ruled the charts and the Beach Boys expanded the vocabulary of pop. Thousands of listeners placed the achievements of 1967 above the rock’n’roll explosion of 1957 and 1973, when Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon eclipsed all progressive rock contenders.

The search for the ultimate music year provoked heated exchanges during yesterday’s radio debate. The broadcaster Andrew Collins argued that 1967 was seriously overrated, citing as evidence the 13-week reign of The Sound of Music soundtrack at the top of the album charts.

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band dominated reflections on 1967, when the Beatles performed All You Need is Love to 400 million people on the first worldwide television broadcast.

British groups held America in thrall and the Rolling Stones agreed to tone down the lyrics to Let’s Spend the Night Together on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was the only concession to propriety from Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who were convicted of drugs offences but avoided a stay in jail after a plea for clemency in a Times editorial.

The origins of the modern rock festival can be traced to 1967, when 200,000 fans gathered for the Monterey festival in California, where they witnessed stunning performances from Hendrix and The Who.

The average age of Radio 2 listeners is 51 (and falling) and it is likely that many who voted had personal experience of the psychedelic atmosphere that fuelled the Summer of Love.

The musical axis switched to San Francisco, with Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, the Doors and the Byrds. Aretha Franklin and Joan Baez inspired a new wave of women performers and future British stars such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees began to find their recording feet.

The vote also produced a candidate for the worst year in music: 1999 generated the fewest votes out of the 50 possible candidates. In a desperate search for highlights from this musical nadir, the Radio 2 website hailed “the year of Robbie Williams and Eminem, Britney Spears emerges with Baby One More Time, Blondie reform for No Exit and Dusty Springfield dies”.

A nice little guitar store article
Been back to work and kidz are home.
Nice to see three tan faces and have the place buzzing again.
Not that I didnt LOVE having all that time to myself (read 2 and a half books!) and then lotsa time with friends!
And it was heaven-We did our own "home stretch til the kids came home" Dead-a-thon dvd kick back,
Vegging out in front of the fireplace, watching Festival Express, followed by Dead Ahead, then the JGB @ Shoreline and some of my old video trades, coffee table full of junk food, trading show stories with Scott and a buddy.
But, yep, it's all over now..gotta finally get the preschool newsletter together and stop procrastinating on the TY notes and email.
Did I mention, one month til Ratdog?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy Bob Year!

Yeah, I bet you expected a Hippy New Weir...

Happy 2006!
Had a very happy birthday. Glowy came down and spent time painting stuff with me. Don't know where the time went but we spent hours painting away...when we left the studio, it was dark out! Oh no! NYE, birthday night and I still had no idea what I wanted to do. Plan A was wait and see if Senor Bob was stopping by any venues. None of my guys playing except Jay and his venue was sold out...so, I was fine with Plan B- staying in, especially with such wicked weather ...though, I gotta admit to waffling for a moment about going to the Civic center... The lure was not to see/hear Phil et al, but was the promise of balloons falling down on me at midnight. It's one of my favorite things about NYE at a show. Glowy said there would probably be lots and lots of balloons. In the end, I went with Plan B which included a visit to a favorite Indian restaurant, a dvd or two,stony treats, vodka shots and a big scratchy New Year's kiss at midnight! It was a lovely end to an interesting year.
Just one month til that Bahamas Ratdog cruise!