Friday, April 29, 2005

Santa Cruz Film Festival Presents

Friday, May 13th, 8 pm
Rio Theatre
1205 Soquel Avenue
Santa Cruz, Ca 95062

Sunshine Daydream

sponsored by

A portion of Closing Night's proceeds to benefit The Rex Foundation

Sam writes, "The Grateful Dead had recently returned from a triumphal tour of Europe ('72) where the filmmakers purchased the then state of the art miniaturized equipment, a Swiss made Stellavox field recorder and an Éclair ACL 16mm camera.The plot was to develop a signature visual style of representing the band: a camera for each of the 16 channels (at least!) emphasizing the visual kinetics of the music making itself as well as the enormous open communication within the band.

Chuck Kesey was camped out at the crossroads of the Grateful Dead office, obstructing all traffic until he got an answer: Would the band play a benefit for the Springfield Creamery? Fred, the Kesey paterfamilias, had passed away leaving an indebtedness to the Federal Milk Fund or some such, and Chuck and Sue were just tooling up the Nancy's yogurt enterprise and they were in danger of losing the family farm and the Dead said yes.

Sam Cutler called the filmmakers and suggested they join forces with Far West Action Picture Services, the then incarnation of the Pranksters film-making adventures. This was a much greater first project than originally contemplated, however, the filmmakers acceded with alacrity.

Ron Wickersham of Alembic agreed to record in 16-track and to devise a method whereby all the different cameras could each find sync with the recording.

From the get-go the benefit was a charmed event, emblematic of everything our tribe aspired to. In the meadow that was to become the home of the Oregon Country Fair, hippies pulled together, built a stage and threw themselves a party to celebrate and help out a neighbor, The Springfield Creamery. Perhaps the only bewildered guy on the scene was the straight piano tuner who brought Keith's piano.

It's taken over thirty years for the half-life of that notion to become true. In the intervening years the film spent most of its life in the pump house of the producer, Sam Field.

The film is as it was the day it was set aside including the animation sequences in Dark Star which, due to lack of band footage, were patched in pretty much willy-nilly from old work print provided by Dennis Pohl, a New York filmmaker. We had intended he would create original, syncopated work for the final film.

There are still a few more miles to go, fine tuning the edit, remixing the sound, before we get to the final technical hurdle, conforming 1972 technology to current DVD standards, but with patience and perseverance this may someday, be available to all".
Anyone have tix or more info on this happening?
Bob Weir & Ratdog perform this year's ''Big Pig Gig" to benefit the Farm School. The show is May 3 at Henrietta's Table in Cambridge. Details at 978-249-2656.
It's listed here.
Oh boy! The friends called to let me know they will be here tonight..or tomorrow morning..Hoping they call again so I can let them know it's fine if they get in late- We're ready for them!!!!
While waiting, Jammim John will be posting the Ratdog setlist to Dot Org board once again, in real time..
From GDTS-
Bob Weir and RatDog:

Tickets at all price levels are available for the benefit
show at the Marin Center, San Rafael, CA on May 21,
with Bob Weir and RatDog, also featuring Shana
Morrison with Caledonia.

As for the extra curricular activity attached to the
$153.00 tickets, it's now known as a pre-concert
reception. Details will come with the tickets.

The show on September 1 at the Central Park
Summerstage where RatDog will co-headline
with Bruce Hornsby seems to be a very popular
event, so make sure that you get your orders
to us sometime soon, even though the show
is a ways off.

Both Balcony and GA Floor tickets are
available for the RatDog show on Friday, June 10
at The Pageant, St. Louis, MO.

Please check our web site for details on all these

Thursday, April 28, 2005

So, needing to check out The Acoustic Storm message board when I've got a leetle more time...
Visitors from the UK Dog tour should be swirling through here in the very near future!
The British are coming! The British are coming!

Review of 4/27/05 ala Chez....

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2005 11:19 am    Post subject: 4/27 Review
I've given up on posting these this tour for a few reasons, but this show can't go without some words. Words won't do it justice, but I'll try....

I said after Wilkes-Barre that there are shows and then there are SHOWS!!!. Well, there are SHOWS!!!! and then there's what happened last night. Penn's Peak, Recher, Bottle & Cork...some shows have special places in Ratdog history. Add 2nd night at the 9:30 Club 2005 to that list.

Got to the Club around 5:25. MK and Robin out chatting with the fans in line. Gorgeous Spring Day to sit in the sunshine and exchange chatter about nothing with the King of Lotrats himself, LRob.

One down note: The number of people looking for hand outs to non-sold out shows this tour has bummed me out. I even asked one if he knew it wasn't sold out and he said "Yes, but I ain't paying full price." Whatever.....

Anyway, the scene is getting bigger; Ratdog isn't under the radar as much anymore. Don't wait to get your tickets, folks, as a lot of people have found out. I think this one flew a little low because the venue (and took so long to confirm it. And maybe some people didn't come back for the 2nd night after the lackluster performance the night before.

So we head on in. I forgo my usual spot on Jeff's side of the rail because I like the balcony perch so much. I chose the MK side for this show to spare my left ear a bit heading into the weekend after such a long I just wanted a different perspective. The front corner of the balcony at the 9:30 Club, except for the smoke, is one of the great unknown (until this post maybe...LOL) vantage points to see a show. Always lots of dancing room, great spot for pictures, great sound, you get to watch the entire crowd. It's just veryveryvery fun.

DtB takes the stage right at 7:30. Another excellent set. Better than Tuesday. They seemed much more relaxed and just having fun. One weird thing about their music is the extremely abrupt ends to so many of their tunes, but that's a pretty minor nitpick. Footstompin' cajun fun.

Ratdog onstage at 9:05.

Jam - Started off as a tuning exercise with Jay keeping a loose beat until everyone was ready to feel things out, then took on a "Stranger" feel...but it wasn't a "Stranger" night at all. Really couldn't sense where they wanted to go. I was hoping for a "Liberty" or "US Blues" opener to get things cranking, but when they turned into "Maggies," I was very happy. Totally unexpected and a great choice to set the tone for a political type of evening.

I like what they're doing with "Maggie's" now. It's a new arrangement with Jeff really driving the rhythym thru the Hammond. Kinda funked up a bit and super danceable. It works a little better in a second or third song slot than as an opener (see Northampton), but it was a good way to come out rocking and get the crowd out of the Bird Song doldrums of the night before.

Kicking up the intensity at the end of it, they move deftly into "Minglewood." I generally prefer versions with Jeff on Hammond (surprise surprise....anyone who knows me knows how much I love that B3), but this one was dynamic with him tinkling the keys and adding some percussive drive. When Bobby's slide works for me like it did last night, you know it's a good version. BIGBIG crowd response for this one getting everyone connecting to that elusive groupmind.

Queen Jane - Not one of my faves, but great versions are always welcome and last night's was one. MK and Kenny weaving a tapestry over some tinkly keywork.

Much needed fullstop lead to catch breath leading into the only somewhat musical downer I had all night. "Shade" just doesn't work as well for me when it's not attached to "This Time." It's like PB without J. Good alone, but together they're perfect. But when it's such a pretty "Shade," it eases the disappointment. I love the way the tune goes from pretty to headbanging and back and back again and then builds to a crescendo for the segue to...

Bucket - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I've been enjoying the ride very much! Thanks so much for such a great tour, guys. Took FULL advantage of the extra room on my perch and the non-sold out show to cut loose and dance like this one deserved. See was connected firmly at this point. I love watching the crowd.

Loser - One of the slow Jer tunes that Bobby has made into his own. Consistently knocking this one outta the park as of late and this was no exception whatsoever. Voice worries at the end of a long tour? Not even close. He sounds like he's had the last 4 weeks off rather than being on the road.

TMTTR - Once again, they briefly tripped me up with the Loose Lucyesque intro with those thick hammond smears painting a sleazy picture, but the bass rumbled up early and it became obvious right away where it was going. Take me to the RIVER....brought back good memories of early tour and staying on the Deleware. Rocked out and thoroughly enjoyable and leading into an amorphous Jam that took on a "Jack Straw" feel before turning into "Cassidy." Similar to the Beacon Night 2 when the opening Jam had "Jack Straw" sprinkled all over it before going to "Fly Away->Cassidy." That should mean the JS is coming Friday, putting the "Shakedown" in its proper spot in Philly, and hopefully a "Stranger" (need the Fantasy points) for Johnson City.

Anyway, I digress...

Cassidy - The only way this would have been better is if Mari had been there with me. (Her favorite song) It was bittersweet to hear it with her not there. Took the jam waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out, then ended things leaving me knowing that a true firebreathing Reprise was heading our way later in the night.

Wasn't much for conversation at setbreak and my apologies to those around me if I was less than engaging. I need a night of SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, so I just leaned back and sorted through pix and enjoyed the glow of everyone around me.

Lights down and they come back out. Everyone but Kenny....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............some hints of BT Wind........No.............

Desolation!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Couldn't have been any better. I LOVE this tune and I needed it to be played again for one of the final Fantasy hurdles. Deadsolidperfect reading of the tune with one reggae style verse and one stop/restart that may have been a mistake, but I thought added wonderfully to the pace of the tune; a long one like that needs a little shakeup in the middle. Does anyone have a better acoustic tone that Mark Karan? That guitar of his just has the most rich sound...

Mexicali - Hadn't heard this tune live since TD 03, I think, and way longer than that for Ratdog unless my Rainman powers are failing me. Did I mention dance space earlier? Two people near me went to the floor after setbreak, so I had even MORE room to boogie and on an "Everybody polka!" version, well, you need that type of room. Great Jeff/Bobby interplay.

Almost a full stop, but Bobby wouldn't let the sound fade and kept hitting chords until Robin and MK were switched over to their electrics and MK had taken the reins of the jam before Bobby went for the Modulus and kicked things up a notch for a POWERFUL "New Speedway" featuring Robin absolutely pounding us senseless. Throw some huge bass, swirliing hammond, and spitting Bobby together, put them in DC and play this tune and you've got a barely restrained monster on your hands that's chomping at the bit. Beautiful ending vocal jam with crowd interaction.

Even So - See Loser.....his voice sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Kenny, Kenny, and more Kenny made this for me as well.

OQ - You either love it or hate it and I love it. Bud says to me afterwards "I saw you up there just getting down like crazy to something weird...I think it was October Queen." Yes it was! Give me this tune at almost any show, please, and it fit in especially well on a Dylan night with Bobby in storyteller mode. Really built up the end before just exploding into a "Deep End" that sent the place built up and up and up and then teased in and out of TOO with just hints of OQ still sprinkled over top (mostly Kenny there - everyone else was pretty much rolling with TOO). INTENSEINTENSEINTENSE. I can somewhat understand not liking OQ, but people who don't like "Deep End" just confuse me.

Wheel - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............breath of fresh air to hear this song. No letting down the intensity, but adding the pretty. Bobby making rolling wheel hand gestures to accentuate the lyrics.

At the end, Bobby leaves and Jeff and Jay continue the Wheel lyrics until Jay sets down the sticks and starts the beatbox. Oldschool stuff...can't remember the last time I saw a good long beatbox session from Jay! Loving it as they continue the Wheel theme over top of it. BIG grins on everyone's faces, as there were all night. This is a band that's at the top of their game and having SO much fun right now.

Jay grabs everyone's attention and his sticks and there's the briefest almost pause as MK and Jeff nod at Jay from the wings and he explodes into the thunderous drum intro to "Astronomy Domine." MAJOR treat for me as I love Barrett-era Floyd and I had yet to see them perform this one. They went for it briefly at the Beacon Night 1, but moved to a TOO theme instead. No holding back tonight...Jay was POUNDING the skins and took them into it. 3way vocals with Jay, Jeff, and MK. WOWWOWWOW....this alone would have made it a nightto remember for me even without all the great stuff before it and what was yet to come!

Bobby walks back out with a HUGE grin on his face and Domine dissolves into some assorted weirdness/Space before the piano rings out "Knockin'." Only that or SOTM would have fit that slot, but the build up on SOTM may have been a bit much. It was time for quiet and the crowd respected that and a hush came over the place. Knockin' was a true TREAT last night, rather than a placeholder. See Even So and Loser....Bobby's voice is making me

Things pick up out the backside of Knockin' and fairly quickly take shape into "Cassidy." I warned you this was gonna be firebreathing! Thinking back to Vegas with Dennis pounding on Jeff's Leslie in glee during that Reprise...this was even more poundworthy! The monster grabbed the bit and broke free from the restraints and just ran wild and knocked everyone in the building for a loop.

HUGE grins walking off for the encore and Kenny raising the roof. Crowd is anxious...what's it gonna be? No Throwin' Stones tonight and I'm thinking to myself "Hmm...TS as an encore? Ok...."

Jam that isn't taking form for me....hammond and bass THUNDERING. Bobby to the mic....HOLY SHIT! It's DC...and fuck Throwing Stones, this was the one to play! I've NEVER, EVER seen Bobby so snarling, nasty, angry. Take the most intense and nasty TS you've ever seen and multiple it to the Nth. Best comparison would be a frothing at the mouth Brent....but x10! This was THE most intense thing I've ever seen Bob Weir perform. Just thunderous swirls of sound from Jeff, Kenny, and Robin and MK snarling and spitting right back at Bobby through his guitar. GET THE DISCS FOR THIS ALONE IF NOTHING ELSE!!! I may over use "raging" sometimes, but "raging" doesn't do this justice. I need a different word that I can't find to describe this intensity.

After such an angry tune, there had to be something else and US Blues was the perfect ending. "I love this country but I hate what's happening right now" was the message of the double encore. Wave that flag, wave it wide and high! One last chance to bounce around in all that dancing room and share the glowing energy of an alltime great show with a thousand other lucky souls.

Thank you Ratdog!!!

Announcing the 3rd Annual Celebrity Concert!

Featuring Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas, Mickey Hart, Roy Rogers, Blues Great Nick Gravenites, John Allair, and Night Ranger!

and a host of special guest stars

To benefit the Sonoma County Music Association's Music for Kids At Risk Program

Thursday, May 26th at the Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA

7:00 pm to 10:30pm - Doors open at 6:30pm

Proceeds from this concert will go towards the continuing music classes for at-risk-kids that come from a variety of difficult situations and distressed home environments. They attend non-traditional schools for troubled youth throughout Sonoma County.

Tickets for this event will go on sale at Noon on Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
Tickets available through the Luther Burbank Center Box Office only at (707) 546-3600
Ticket prices are $55, $75, $100, and $125

We have a very limited amount of ad space available in the program - If you would like to place an ad in our program, please call Ron at 707-529-8792 before April 24!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

~4/27/05 Setlist
Set 1~
Jam> Maggie's Farm> Minglewood> Queen Jane, Shade of Gray> Hell In A Bucket, Loser> Take Me To The River> Cassidy

Set 2~ Desolation Row@5, Mexicali Blues@5> New Speedway Boogie, Even So> October Queen> The Deep End> The Wheel> Jam*> Astronomy Domine*> Space> Knockin On Heaven's Door> Cassidy Reprise

Encore~ Masters of War> US Blues

*w/o Bobby

The Grateful Dead news

Hippy Berthaday Dave!

Off of Deadnet-
Jen* - 05:36am Apr 27, 2005 PDT (#17360 of 17540)
One does not discover new lands without consenting to leave site of the shore for a very long time. ~ Gide


venue- A+
security- A
music- A
crowd- A-

I couldn't believe some of the things that were happening this night.
So many people wanted to buy or be miracled a ticket. A friend of ours cousin came with him without and I had my doubts about him or anyone getting in since the capacity was so small. He said they let him and some others in for $50 that some ticketholders didn't show or something like that.
I had a larger woman next to me and she made it clear she would watch out for me that night. She was like a colorful character out of a novel & told me she worked with concert promotion, even some hard stuff like Ozzfest. I was having a hard time emotionally for a little bit since someone smoked in there before show and set off the fire alarm and she would keep asking me "You alright sistuh?" in a thick urban accent. That fire alarm rattled me to the core like a jackhammer or fire engine and the band was a few minutes late coming on. I couldn't see Bobby because of the teleprompter but that was later ok because it broke up some of the intensity and inhibition you sometimes feel up close when the music is playing. Oh and I ended up planted right in front of that rectangular triangular speaker. Couldn't believe they were letting us stay up front! This was a reserved show that turned into GA without the work of GA!! I was comforted by Jay's green shirt that he had worn every night of that run. He was animated and funny to me. The woman next to me who'd befriended me told me after the show Jay was checking me out. I said no, it's not like that at all- something totally different.
I forgot to tell about The Clapper. This tall very spun out man who has been at every show I've been at the whole run was also there and about 4 people deep away from me yet again. ACK! You see he claps out rhythyms DURING the songs at very inappropriate times, very loudly and since he's tall it is right in your ears. I was annoyed at first when he could no longer restrain himself during the 2nd set and started his off beat clapping again but after awhile I came to some place of acceptance and he was actually funny to me. We were all Bobby's Kids for a few moments in time swimming in chocolate soup doing our own thing. Rock on brother. I won't forget you either (even though we never actually spoke a word).... because you can only be who you are.
We saw many friends outside. Some yucky old drunk guy approached me coming out of the venue told me I was beautiful while Patrick waited in line for the cd of the show. I ran to my friend and his friend and the guy is like hey "what am I chopped liver?" I *wanted* to say no you are disgusting that's what but didn't want to be mean.
Highlights: Lucky Enough. I couldn't believe we just heard it and here it was again. Emotional and sweet and everything that is good and right. Big River was so fun and Cold Rain and Snow all those fun songs. We all rode the Other One and Estimated and jams they were so right for the mood. JAck a Roe came out of nowhere, very crisp and clear & sounds just as sweet but very serious on the disc. I was having a hard time letting go after the show so I gave up all pride and went around back to see if I could at least say something to Bobby but there was a crowd. He said he couldn't stay outside needed to get onto the bus because it was or was going to be raining. Rain? Like a lot of things, I didn't understand until much later.
We gave our friend some homecrafts to sell & keep the money and this just made his whole night. He was so appreciative that this would be enough money to buy his bus ticket back home. Right here I broke into a million pieces and we love you & be safe.
Oh after the show AJ came up to me and gave me a setlist I didn't even ask or hold my hand out. Someone was mad and asked "how come she gets one and I don't?!" he said it was because I was rail riding all week and noticed I hadn't bothered anyone. Patrick gave him a small glass skull that had been sitting on the stage marking his spot all week. He said I gave AJ my skull. I swear I thought I heard "I gave AJ my soul" AJ gave me setlist in Boston too but I didn't tell the whiner that.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Set 1 ~ Jam> Birdsong> Supplication Jam> Bertha, Little Red Rooster> All Along the Watchtower> Easy To Slip> Lazy River Road> Big Railroad Blues> Birdsong jam

Set 2 ~ KC Moan@3>4, Bury Me Standing@> Althea> Ashes & Glass> Jam w/o Bobby> Come Together, Birdsong> Touch Of Gray

Encore~ Black Muddy River
Kind reviews for last night!
From Deadnet-
Robbie F - 07:36am Apr 26, 2005 PDT (#17284 of 17337)
"Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is the best." - the girl from the bus

Had a beautiful 4th row center position last night. Band was firing on all cylinders right out of the gate with a powerful Stranger. Youngblood even stomped (a nice save - I thought we were heading into Josephine). I just love what Kenny was doing on Baritone sax throughout the night - sounded like he was channeling Phil for quite a bit of it. Baritone is one of the most underused instruments in Rock and Kenny is laying the groundwork for a resurgence. On the tunes that Jer used to sing, it occurred to me that Bob's basically now letting the crown sing the Jerry part of the vocals, and he still sounds like Bobby always sounded singing along with JG.

The slower pace to Odessa made for one of the finest, chunkiest versions I've heard of that rocker, and Lucky Enough led to some truly fascinating jam spaces. Highlight of the show was a "Bobs seeing the angels" trippy-as-they-come Estimated Prophet > Other One in set 2, and absolutely perfect renditions of Sugar Mag and Ripple closed the night.

No lyrical gaffs or trainwrecks all night. Nothing but inspiration. Just exactly like a Swiss watch, as they say :~)
gratefulspike - 10:45am Apr 26, 2005 PDT (#73 of 79)

Big River was smokin. The saxaphone makes all the difference. Bob also adjusted the cadence of the song with a big emphasis on "I'm gonna sit right here until I die". I was transported back to 1987 and it really seemed like a dead show. This is the first post-jerry show for me that really captured IT. I've seen Ratdog, Phil etc, Other Ones, Dead many times...but this iteration of ratdog in this venue did it. Buy the CD. The place was rockin, people dancin, no one sitting. When we all sang ripple it felt like I was in church - that's how small the place was.
Photo by Jammin John!

Monday, April 25, 2005

4/25/05 Ridgefield

And a new BobDog article WOOF!

1st set:

feel like a stranger>
baby blue>
big river>
crazy fingers
lucky enough
cold rain and snow>
the other one jam>
might as well

2nd set:

jack -a-roe @ bobby mark robin and jay
when i paint my masterpiece @ bobby aucoustic
half step mississippee uptown
estimated prophet>
the other one>
jam without bobby>
wharf rat>
sugar magnolia

encore: ripple
Streaming audio can be heard HERE
Scott Larned
I didnt know him but did just see him a few months back in the KPFA studio. He seemed happy and gentle.I stood behind him as he played for the GD marathon. I'm sorry for his family, friends, bandmates and fans. May he rest in peace.
I had the day off! And so out I went! Now I'm back and have a ton of dishwashing to finish up ..The seder went well. Jilly's Haggadah is perfection (clear, concise and mercifully short!). Though we missed our usual Passover crowd (our families which seem to consist of mostly non Jews lately) it was fun pretending to be the Grown ups in charge. Most of the guests were once or are now softball team mates of Scott's, so conversation consisted mostly of tales about this player named Grado. Grado apparently rivals Neal Cassady in the Man or Myth department. At any rate, it all turned out okay. We even managed to fit 2 dining room tables in one dining room...I be back later with the setlist from Ridgefield!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hag Sameach

Last night's setlist- a little short as there was an opening band and a early curfew at the club-
04/23/05 ~ Orpheum Theater - Boston, MA

Orpheum info

Jam > The Music Never Stopped > Easy Answers > She Says, Fly Away > West L.A. Fadeaway > Silvio* > Tequila* > Silvio* > Tequila* > Silvio* > Iko Iko*, Me and My Uncle@5, Friend of the Devil@4, He's Gone > Eyes of the World

E: One More Saturday Night (*-w/ Rob Barraco; "The Blues is Alright" lyrics during "Saturday Night") (Assembly of Dust opened)
I'm just taking a break from setting up the tables...Apparently Scotto cant seem to stop inviting people over..good thing we have 2 dining room tables (his mom's & our own) We just need a bigger dining room...I'm getting a little concerned how to set this up so we can all eat together....Well, at least, there will be plenty of food, weve got matzah ball soup,gefilte fish, brisket, chicken, salad, latkes, assorted fruits & whipped cream, macaroons & merengue cookies, Pessadik Brownies..It's kinda funny- Scott's all about preparing everything Pessahdik (without yeast/leavening) but can't see not serving beer..geez...
Gonna have to print out some more Haggedah's now...and search for some more chairs!


Saturday, April 23, 2005

from dot org-Bobby radiointerview..
I'm gonna listen to it as I drench a brisket in fluids...Figure it's easy way to cook it today rather than manana...Also marinating chicken...Woke up in the middle of the night realizing I forgot to take home the haggadah (cute, short & politically correct) for kids from work...I figured we would pass it around or at least just have it handy on the table...Now I guess I'll look into downloading a copy of the haggadah Jilly from Deadnet put together-yeah-yeah-I'll ask her permission first ;0P.

Friday, April 22, 2005

From Dantini at Deadnet:

dantini - 09:26pm Apr 22, 2005 PDT (#16941 of 16942)

Just got home from the show. Brought my 14 year old son with me, his 1st show. He got a space on the rail right in front of Bob. After the show, one set list was handed into the audience, the set list that was at Bob's feet during the show. It was given to my son! He is so happy right now, as am I.

I Saw the Grateful Dead 70 times between 84 and 94, and this Ratdog show tonight at the Hampton Casino was as enjoyable as any show I have ever seen. Bobby nailed te Jerry tunes and there were several. Brown Eyed Women and Row Jimmy were perfect. The acoustic stuff that opened set two were wonderful, even El Paso, thanks to some fine guitar work from Karan. The rhythm and blues treatment they laid onto Deep Elem Blues was extra thick and chunky, as was the jam in School Girl. Help > Slip > Dear Prudence was spectacular. I was hoping Help > Slip would not lead into the expected Franklins, but to get Dear Prudence in that slot was just too much. And they nailed it! Then the Franklins that did follow Two Djinn was as fine as any I have ever heard. A slower, rock solid tempo that really worked for me. Again, the U.S. Blues encore was head and shoulders above the throw away versions that the Dead mailed in so many times. Very, very, celebratory, complete with some hippie on stage waving a giant American flag.
Spoke with a women after the show from California and she said this was the show of the tour. Apparently Bob just flew in for the show from a funeral(Johnny Johnson I think she said?) and the emotion just poured out onto the stage.

Bob has a ton left in his tank and Ratdog is a perfect band for him. He labored in Jerry's shadow all those years but Bob is one hell of a musician and I just love this band he has put together.

Long live Ratdog!

(((Bob Weir)))

Brown Eyed Women
Row Jimmy
Big Boss Man
Wrong Way Feelin'
Ramble on Rose
Truckin (reprise)

Set Two (1st three tunes acoustic!)
Deep Elem Blues
School Girl
Help / Slip
--Stuff-- (jam without Bob)
Dear Prudence
Two Djinn
Franklins Tower
Encore: U.S. Blues

Bob Weir donates Autographed Guitar to fundraising auction

Featured Auction Item Donated by
Bob Weir - autographed guitar

Creative Arts Charter School Presents
Heart for the Arts
Annual Benefit and Auction
An evening of performance, auctions and fine food and drink to benefit the San Francisco's only public K-8 school with a fully funded, year-round arts program.

SomArts Gallery
934 Brannan St
Saturday, April 30, 5-9

For more information about this event click on THIS

Happiest of Earth Days to you!

Happy almost Passover too!
We are doing the mini 2nd night Seder here since the folks are somewhere in Asia..Glad we have the new couch & chairs because Scott keeps inviting more people over..
Okay today we have a nice little Ratdog show Review..

And also for my fellow Bay Area freaks:

1. Special Earth Day Live Music Announcement

The Everyone Orchestra featuring members of ALO, The Disco Biscuits, Jambay, Samantha and the Ritual.  Special guest musicians and speaker TBA.  Also surprise guests…
Sat May 14, 2005, doors 8PM, Show 9PM
The Independent, San Francisco
A benefit for Conservation Value
Plus: Ten Mile Tide
Plus: Enter the benefit raffle to win tickets to see Widespread Panic at the Greek Theater!

Tickets on sale now:
General Admission: $15
Benefit tickets: Receive VIP treatment for your support of Conservation Value
***Balcony VIP (limited availability): receive balcony VIP laminate and signed poster, access to spread of organic and otherwise environmentally conscious foods: $50
***Meet & Greet VIP (VERY limited availability): receive VIP laminate and signed poster, meet the artists, receive reserved seating in elevated VIP-only section near the stage, receive access to spread of organic, environmentally conscious foods: $100
Happy 10th Anniversary to

Thursday, April 21, 2005

You'd better pawn it, Babe!

Greil Marcus has written a book about 'Like A Rolling Stone" - The song..
Of course, It's one of our favourite Dylan tunes that Bobstar covers...
Sash & I heard the author discussing it on KFOG this AM....
Here's an article about it...
As far as reading goes, I put down the Phil book and havent gotten back to it...just yet.

Bobby and Jeff at Johnnie Johnson's Tribute

About Last Night..

Stories-I love the stories!
photos by Carl Daniel

Here's Graceful's:

GracefulDead - 11:00am Apr 21, 2005 PDT (#42 of 42)
(((Bobby))) ((((DNC)))

From where I stood - it was the best show I have ever been to in my life!!! I could tell it was crowded, but Rus and I and Tiny Dancer were on this round platform about seven heads from the stage which was raised to the stage level and I was literally dancing in front of the band at their level! It was the most amazing experience and the music was sooooo gooood!! THANK YOU THANKYOU THANK YOU!! I could watch Chez groovin right in front of Bobby at the rail and of course Bird was there - Saw Boston Steve outside and kept looking for him inside, too, so I could encourage him to make his way to where we were, but no sighting - no StaggerLeeCT sighting either.... FL JEN, TD and I DID have a Bobby and Dennis McNally sighting, though - I asked the doorman of Lupos where to get the best coffee and he sent me down the alley to a little hole in the wall called the Coffee Can, I think. So, I asked TD and Jen if they wanted to join me and we passed the tour buses on our way down the alley. Jen thinks Bobby saw us and followed us - could be! cause he and Dennis came into the coffeeshop a few minutes after and we had conversations! I asked Bobby if he was going to finish the Weather Report Suite (since the online report had been, I thought, a partial) and he asked me what part he didn't play - I said that it had been reported as Part I, but he and Dennis both said they thought the whole thing had been played (I guess Let it Grow is considered part of WRS?)- When Jen asked Dennis for his autograph, he made a comment about it being 'quite a step down' but I told him he was certainly an icon and he and Bobby both signed my ticket - then Robin also signed it when we saw him on the street in front of the venue.... needless to say I BEGGED the authorities not to take my ticket so the guy was really sweet and only tore off the very end.... Robin also said that they really did enjoy seeing the dancers, and that made me feel great about dancing on the platform later! I didn't know there was such a place!!! It matches a fantasy I have had since the first days of the skeleton outfit.... seriously good fun!!! Such good rock 'n roll!!! Can you tell I am still flying high?!!!!! That Knockin on Heaven's Door was a highlight!! I will never forget this show. I thought Saturday night at the Beacon was good, but wow! Now I know why Dennis McNally is with these guys - it just might be the best music going on right now! Whereas Phil is very creative and has a big sound, Ratdog has cultivated a participation event which simply can't be overstated....

Then there's Rich's off the Dot Org:

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 11:57 am    Post subject: LUCKY ENOUGH! LOOPED AT LUPOS!
Lucky Enough! still see Bobby Weir perform! 4-20-2005
Like the way lost sailor rises..lucky enough appeared in a similar breathtaking way.

Lupos Best of the Three so far for me based on overall playing and heartfelt vocals!
Very emotional Weir last nite, and as I type this still I'm blown away! more so than the first two.......lot going on right now and EVERYTHING last nite was sung very emotionally by Bobby and contrary to another post, there were more than 1 blown line,,,in fact a few...but made no difference on this night...UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE! This tour IS WAY MORE THAN I EVER EXPECTED. How long he can keep this up i wonder...which is why I try to tune many other things OUT that are going on within the venue and just soak it up.....try to just maintain my groove/"SPOT" Lupos if you were down on floor it was absolutely packed...and I got my share of the bumpity-bumpity folks coming and going, some even spilling a drop or two of beverage ON ME or my foot, interupting me by bumping THRU me in the middle of paradise...but big deal, the grand scheme of things not really a bother to me given the quality performance...I wouldn't be in that "spot" if I did not want to be there..some jerks, but mostly cool...tolerance/kindness and common sense usually wins in this realm.... I just maintained and was able to groove in my space quite a bit actually. THE BAND DELIVERED BIG!! Did not move or drink a thing from my "spot" from opening Shakedown thru to the group bow. TWAS A NIGHT TO TAKE IT IN EVERY WORD, EVERY NOTE!
I will not complete review this just now...but....
RIDER! MK on the Les Paul on fire! and for those asking on other posts about WH, and for that matter, my take on what some call "post-GD".. tobblerone TODAY THIS IS THE BAND! "RATDOG", and if I may be so bold to coin a phrase from a fellow boarder, or "STFU". Whoevers been closelly tracking Ratdogs progression over the past 10 years knows what I'm talking about. No question on MKs playing nowadays thats for SURE!..been simply putting it over the top with great performances every time out on this tour in what may have seemed, at one time to him, like a roll or void to fill(bigshoes syndrome). From when I first saw him play, I knew he had what we wanted. Sounds selfish, huh? To me, he now appears to be in and of Himself with regards to his guitar playing and has a great handle of his role within the band. No question to me, WH is gifted, quite soulful, but for me a little of him goes a long way. Enough of that..back to last nite recap...The saxophone has been absolutely jubilant/reckless/soulful/inspiring/low/high/ simply amazing. Jay had those drums cooking last nite to the point of mind blow, and I loved the "420-Jam". Robin laying down the bass very capably, and YES some BOMBS if you will. and when JC gets "THAT" instrument going..YIKES! The magic, and key ingredient, imho, is Bobby. Yes it takes the entire sextet and then some to pull these shows off, but Every time I've seen him this tour I am really feeling like this could be the last time, but on the other hand, I'm thinking no way, he is sounding just too good. What it takes to put this bus together is a HUGE undertaking and takes a decent support structure to pull it off. Bob has got some absolutely FANTASTIC players with him keeping him "young". Bob is out there for US! Appreciate it while we have the opportunities. Thanks for letting me share some thoughts/opinions. Shows like this drive me to write I do believe after tour I may drum up an entire review of my trials and tribulations of the tour through my eyes......I met some of you from this board for the first time(you know who you are..I do believe I am who I am and probably meet a few more of you at these upcoming weekend shows and...ridgefield/electric fact.

holy the 80's the last 2 showdays...cooled down here a bit today.

I really wish I had tickets for some of you guys I met over the past few days who still are in need of a hampton beach or are a grate people... Word getting out that the gettin' is indeed very good

Theres a band out on the highway...they're high steppin into town!
Peace, Now More than Ever!

Born Cross-Eyed! (not that I am but felt the band last nite in that area of space for a bit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

4/20/05 ~ Providence, RI ~setlist
Set 1~ Jam> Shakedown Street> She Belongs To Me> Minglewood Blues, Lucky Enough> Tennessee Jed> The Golden Road, (onstage setbreak) City Girls@ > The Weight@, Lost Sailor> Saint Of Circumstance> Lady WIth A Fan> Terrapin Station> Jam*+> Knocking On Heaven's Door> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider

Encore~ Touch of Gray

*w/o Bobby
+ Jay doing a 420 Rap

That's what I'm talkin about!

A number of Summer shows are on the menu but first:
Tickets for the Phil Lesh and Friends show at the Warfield
on May 13 are still available, as are tickets for the May 15
SEVA benefit at the Berkeley Community Theatre.
Bob Weir and RatDog will play the following shows:
Mail order for all these shows is now open, until further

Saturday, May 21:
A Benefit for Community Action Marin at the
Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium at Marin Center,
with Shana Morrison and Caledonia.
Show time is 7:00 PM.
Mail order tickets are available:
$153.00 for Orchestra pit seats (includes a 'meet and greet')
$78.00 Orchestra seats.
$53.00 Dress Circle seats
$38.00 for the last 4, 5 rows
So sorry. No taping....

For more information about the beneficiary please visit
Friday, June 10 at The Pageant, St. Louis, MO.
Doors open at 7.00 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
Mail order tickets are available:
Floor tickets - all ages at $28.00 per ticket.
Balcony tickets - 21 years and over only at $33.00 per ticket.
Thursday, September 1, co-headlining with Bruce Hornsby
at the Central Park Summerstage, New York, NY.
Doors open at 4:30 PM. Show time is 6:00 PM.
All tickets are General Admission at $42.50 per ticket.
We are pleased to offer tickets for the following event:
Earthdance Northern California, 2005 on September
16, 17 and 18 at Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville,
Mendocino County, CA, home of the largest drum
circle ever....
Gates open at 8:00 AM Friday, September 16.
Main Stage music starts Friday at 4:00 PM.
Camping closes 12 Noon on Monday, September 19.

Acts confirmed so far:
Ani Di Franco
Michael Franti @ Spearhead.
We will update the line up as more information comes
to us. This is a really good start.

Mail order tickets are now available:
Early Bird tickets: $103.00
Regular tickets at $123.00 will be on sale as soon as the
early bird allotment sells out.
Sunday Only tickets: $63.00.

Prices include camping for vehicles with 3 or more people.
A $20.00 fee is payable for vehicles with fewer than 3 people.
Car pooling would be the thing to do....
We will also be assisting in ticket sales for this year's
Gathering of the Vibes in New York State on August 12, 13
and 14. We will post the details as soon as they are available.

The Crew of GDTSTOO
photo taken 4/19/05 by RJ
And the 420 Good news is here
Nice photos on this Blog

Hoping this is not another hoax-

found at:
Coming Soon!
Release Date 7/05/05

DVD Catalog #319952
160 minutes
UPC: 0 12233 19952 9
ISBN: 1-56994-241-2

Good gosh, Dates are popping up all over the place..I'm gonna break in a rash from all the excitement!
Read something about 2 nights at a festival at a Campground in Va for Jerry Garcia's Birhtday
Camp Sunshine Daydream- didnt pay attention because as we all know by now, irenie don't camp..especially in the South, especially in August...irenie likie the Euro multistar hotelies...
Read something about a NYC thing with Ratdog and Hornsby too, in September...
Also, an alledged Ratdog happening in ST Louis June 10th at The Pantages...I first wrote that as Seattle..

Grateful Dead

Truckin' Up To Buffalo

Directed by Len Dell’Amico

Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, N.Y. July 4, 1989

The entire band is in peak musical form, making “Grateful Dead: Truckin' Up To Buffalo” one of the very best concerts. Arguably considered to be the Grateful Dead's best tour of their last 15 years of touring, this complete concert at Buffalo's Rich Stadium on July 4, 1989, features the quintessential Fourth of July song, “U.S. Blues.”

With the picture taken from the master 1" video tape, shot with six cameras, and featuring an outstanding new 5.1 and stereo mix produced from the master multi-track tapes, this nearly three hour concert features such staples as “Touch of Grey,” “Morning Dew,” “All Along The Watchtower,” “Deal,” “Terrapin Station,” and is sure to be a collector’s favorite!

Set One Set Two
Bertha > Touch Of Grey > All Along The Watchtower >
Greatest Story Ever Told Man Smart, Woman Smarter Morning Dew >
Walkin’ Blues Ship Of Fools > Not Fade Away
Row Jimmy Playing In The Band > Encore
When I Paint My Masterpiece Terrapin Station > U.S. Blues
Stagger Lee Drums >
Looks Like Rain> Space >
Deal I Will Take You Home >

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cutest lil review Here
4/19/2005 (Mon.) Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA
I: Jam > Here Comes Sunshine > Maggie's Farm > Wang Dang Doodle, Bird Song > All Along the Watchtower > Weather Report Suite Prelude/Part 1 > Let It Grow
II: The Winners, Corrina, Bury Me Standing > Greatest Story Ever Told > Scarlet Begonias > Stuff > Sugaree > Bird Song > Foolish Heart
E: Liberty
thanks to Chez for the photos
Someone on the TOOBoard heard tomorrow at 4:20 Eastern time, that Bobby is going to be a guest on Ken Dashow's radio show...I don't know if that's true but in case it might be- perhaps there will be something about it


Tickets already arrived!
Row A!
Seats 1 and 3!


Hopefully anyone interested in the Pre Show Reception will know to phone the Box office (number is in one of my very recent posts here there and around the internet)
And if youre waiting to order (May 20) Mark Karan and Buds SWEETWATER tickets- don't wait too long! The place is really tiny..Best time to call for tix is between 3 and 7PM -the number can be found inside the Mark Karan website the link is located right over where you see links on this page.
It's going to be a fun weekend! I already heard some of my favorite out of towners are coming up, down and sideways to get here for that weekend..
Woke up to the radio, more precisely- I woke to the high pitched squeal of someone thanking Phil Lesh for the music...Hunh? Of course it was KFOG and the voice belonged to a caller...The next few calls were all just like the first one...We didnt get out to Kepler's but a fellow PreSchool teacher told me her husband and 14 yr old son stood in line since 3pm to get into Kepler's...They werent even the first people- they were #20 & #21! Unfortunately, She hadnt asked (nonHead) him what Phil said about anything (damn)..She did say the place was packed.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Such a pretty setlist!

I see a few favorites here! Too bad I DIDNT think to put them on my Fantasy choices!
I have slipped way-way down...ah, well.
04/17/05 ~ Westbury Music Fair - Westbury, NY

Westbury Music Fair website

I: Jam > Jack Straw > Supplication > Dark Star > Easy to Slip, Shade of Grey > Dark Star Jam > Big Railroad Blues
II: Bombs Away@, When I Paint My Masterpiece@4>6 > Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > Uncle John's Band > Samson and Delilah > Bass/Drums/MK > Uncle John's Band Jam > Dark Star > GDTRFB
E: Ripple@ (*-w/out Bob, Jeff, and Kenny, then w/out Bob, then full band)
Found out TONIGHT is a Phil Lesh booksigning in Menlo Park at the Fabby Kepler's! Not more than 15-20 minutes from my doorstep.

I wasnt planning to go to a signing...I have a Phil autograph (which is a whole nuther story) but it would fun to hear him speak..I fondly remember taking Jason to see Mickey Hart speak/sign stuff in Mt.View one year.. An experience Jason used in a paper he wrote about "The Mozart Effect"..
Sasha shocked me by revealing that She would go with me to hear Phil..."Since when do you find any of these guys soo interesting?" I asked Ms.Teenager.
She cracked me up with her answer "How can I be influenced if you never take me to things?"
Unfortunately, I dont think I(we) will be going tonight since Scott has softball and Noah can't be left alone.

Before I forget- learned about another website worth visiting- HERE!
Took my time (well, not really I was at work) and phoned TM during my break...Horrifyed to learn the Meet & Greets were ALREADY sold out...So, I bought the next tier tix at $75 a piece...Then I thought about trying the box office. I think I woke them up? After requesting the Meet & greets, the Box lady asked me how I had already learned of this event? She actually asked me "So how close up do would you like to be?"
I bet you can jussssst guess where our seats are!
Box office #=415 499-6800

Sunday, April 17, 2005

04/15 & 16/05 ~ Beacon Theater, New York City, NY

4/15/05:Jam > Silvio > Tequila > West L.A. Fadeaway, Jam > Playin in the Band > Tomorrow Never Knows > Salt Lake City > Looks Like Rain > Tequila > Silvio > Iko Iko*, Me and Bobby McGee@3, Victim or the Crime@ > Easy Answers > He's Gone > Jam*+ > Dear Prudence*# > Corrina# > I Know You Rider#
E: Black Muddy River* (*-w/ Rob Barraco; +-without Bob and Jeff; #-w/ Paul Barrere, Richie Hayward, Paul Barrere, and Bill Payne. Mark Karan's 400th Show)
photo by Cousin Bud

4/16/05: Fly Away, Cassidy > Little Red Rooster > Odessa, Senor > Crazy Fingers > She Says > Eyes of the World, Lazy River Road@, Friend of the Devil@3>4, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl* > Ashes and Glass > Drums+ > Jam# > Come Together# > Cassidy > One More Saturday Night
E: Johnny B. Goode# > Brokedown Palace# (*-w/ ? (keys); +-w/ ? (percussion); #-w/ ? (keys) ~ First "Fly Away"; First "Crazy Fingers")
GD Hall of famer enjoying the show-photo from Kevin Fritz
review for Phil's book
I've read as far as Pacific Recording Studio..Stopping for the delivery of the new furniture!
I'm liking Phil's wording a lot and always any mention of my Peninsula towns(Burlingame! San Mateo! Menlo Park!) makes me happy...While Grateful Dead is forever known as a San Francisco band, they started out HERE on the Peninsula...I have a vague idea of where the In Room in Belmont (where I live) mightve been (Old Country Road is literally on the other side of the tracks-lots of old bars)...Belmont has a most dedicated historical society that claims to know "the story behind every street name". If I get energetic enough, maybe I'll stop by and look through the archives for this "In Room" where the Warlocks rocked the house.
Back to Pacific Recording...My dad was friendly with one of the owners back in the day..I remember getting to go inside the studio when I was little...I'm wondering if that was where our Tippy (one of the Foreign exchange students we housed in the 60's) got the idea to drag me to see the Dead play in GG Park? If my folks werent somewhere in Asia, I'd give Dad a call to pick his brain about his friend (Paul Curcio?) who ran the studio...At the time, my ears only pricked up for mention of (Mickey Dolenz or Mike Nesmith).

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bay Area Alert!

Bob Weir, Ratdog, Shana Morrison, Caledonia
Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium At Marin Center, San Rafael, CA
Sat, May 21, 2005 07:00 PM

Additional Information
$150 ticket includes a meet and greet.


Reviews freshly picked

g gordon - 11:59pm Apr 15, 2005 PDT (#16062 of 16101)

wow, what a show tonite!... from looks like rain onwards the show just took off into interplanetary space.

went to check out mark w/ G-13 at BB King's afterhours and these guys are friggin' good. great vibe and musicianship, and it's easy to see why mark hangs w/ these guys... mark played a deep elem cover and a couple other of their tunes.

kenny, a.j. and others were there to hang out and party... anyone concerned about bobby's "situation" should forget about it: he's happy, super energetic, lots o' smiles and a big time bandleader tonite spreading the solos around at his whim, and eagerly taken up by the players.

big stars tonite: bobby and kenny... kenny was insane.
Tiny Dancer - 05:37am Apr 16, 2005 PDT (#16071 of 16101)

That was the best Dear Prudence I've ever heard, that's for sure.

Friday, April 15, 2005


Supposedly the philzone is streaming tonight's Ratdog show (how awesome!)
I guess we'll find out
Look HERE!

YAY! It will still be early here on the Best Coast!
Rumors of Phil sitting in...

Little Feat opened and their setlist is already online;

Little Feat, Beacon Theatre, NYC 4/15/05

Hate To Lose
One Clear Moment>
Just Another Sunday
Spanish Moon
(Jamacian National Anthem)
Night On The Town
It Takes Alot To Laugh Takes A Train To Cry
Fatman In The Bathtub>
Get Up Stand Up>
Fatman In The Bathtub

see ya later!

It's almost Wavy's berthaday!

How about for his big day, we vote to bring back his flavor?
It's simple go HERE and vote for Wavy Gravy...Remember some of the profits go to Camp Winnarainbow scholarships. Two of my kids have gone to Winnarainbow and love/d it.

Goldberg's a GENIUS

I say that every April 15th after Goldberg has done our taxes..This year was a mathy one too with the selling & buying of homes and also the inheritence stuff...God/dess bless you Goldberg!

What I really wanted was the Audio version of the Phil Lesh book...But it's not coming out til next month...Could I wait a month? I do enjoy listening to books while doing arts & crafts...I listened to "The Lovely Bones" & also some Anne Rice novel(I'm not a big fan but Scott is and we had it on tape and as you can see, I can't even remember the title) while sewing 500 sachets for Rex...Howsabout that for time manangement? I was thinking that I could work on the bead trellis while listening to Phil tell me his stories...I've been listening to Bobby talking all week via downloaded cd of his XM interview. I loved that!
OKay, well, instead of waiting the inner Capricorn noticed it is Teacher Discount Weekend at Borders and that means 25% Off on books, cds, dvds for me! Even had today's pay stub with me so went ahead and got the book....Saw another book that had me thinking of my friend Lynnie -the one who was a PA to JLH & for a short while, she worked for yucky Don Johnson. The other book, I almost bought is called "Chore Whore" and is written by a PA that Lynnie used to know (i recognized her name & photo)
I know the STAR that Heather used to PA for and remember hearing about some of the crazy Crazy antics that went on...I didnt buy the book, First Phil, then the Rat book and then maybe, if I'm still in the mood, I'll go back for 'Chore Whore"...
Hopefully the setlist will be another play by play on Dot Org! Scott and Noah are going to the beloved Warrior game tonight and so I can observe the internet in peace.

Life after Spring Tour!
Poster by Alan Hess

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Time out!

I will miss the excitement of the setlist watch tonight...

Hippy Berthaday to Bird, May she access the Beacon rail with ease!

David Gans reviews Phil's book (reposted on Deadnet from the Well:
David Gans - 09:18am Apr 7, 2005 PDT (#40 of 53)

(re-posted from a discussion in the WELL:

I got about three quarters of the way through Phil Lesh's book, "Searching for the Sound," on my flight home Tuesday night (the only upside to having spent two hours on the runway at George Fucking Bush Intercontinental Kleptocrat Airport). I am more than impressed. It's really, really good. He covers a tremendous amount of ground concisely, with brilliant turns of phrase, abundant affection, and more than adequate candor.

I haven't gotten to the sad part of the tale yet, but if he carries this tone through the rest of the book I will not be disappointed.

A few passages I marked:

"... I needed to become the foundation, along with the drummer, of the un- folding of time through which music manifests out of silence. In some ways, that role is more interesting than the lead voice, because the bassist cogenerates not only rhythm, but the nature and the rate of harmonic motion, so that the archetypal character of the music is clearly defined."

"If we'd only had eyes to see, the whole Summer of Love catastrophe could have been read as a metaphor for the Grateful Dead's future: the influx of hard drugs, the increasing isolation from and indifference to one another, the resultant failure of communication and shared responsibility."

"Keith's persona... was a perfect foil for the often abrasive, in-your-face, saber-toothed front affected by most of us. A small, shaggy, delicate, melancholic young man, self-effacing almost to the point of exasperation, he evoked in us a kind of tenderness that had been lacking in our music (and our relationships with one another) -- something we hadn't known was missing until it became part of our gestalt. At first, his playing was so smooth, so harmonious*, that even in the wildest free-form improvisations or the most raucous rockers, his presence served as a gently beckoning gravitational force -- reminding us to refrain from drifting off into our own personal ego-spaces."

What kind of hippy are you?
What else?
No Law School news...argh!
Hooray- the new couch & chairs are being delivered Sunday!

Sorry to not have final pictures of the are the 2 pix I took at 2 am...I had just begun painting the desktop service at that point...Aside from the stuff that is there- I added some swirlies and starry shapes...I was told there were many bids..don't know who has it or what was the final bid, though..


Johnnie Johnson
Review from Chez off Deadnet & Dot Org-

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Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 6:11 am    Post subject: 4/13 Review
While I enjoy the hell out of just about every Ratdog show I attend, there are shows.....and then there are SHOWS!!! and this one falls into the latter category.

Surprise #1 of the night. I had a ticket that read "Pit/C." Dumbass I am, I'm thinking that it's Pit 3rd Row. I should learn to look at the Row assignment too. Row 1, Seat 212. Hello Hammond organ. Ruby know me well.

So I grab my spot right as the lights are dimming. High energy Jam that slams into a BIG Truckin' opener. Jeff had Brent's old Hammond singing loud and clear as they fired along and got the place spinning and moving. Jam button stuck on from the getgo tonight.

Segue into Loser. Bobby's voice has come back sooooooooo much. 3rd night in a row and no noticeable strain at all. Rest is good! MK stepped up on this one, as he was all night. He and Bobby have developed even more telepathy and Robin has really come into his own (and is now mixed accordingly) and us fans are the lucky beneficaries.

TMTTR - I thought it was "Loose Lucy" at the start. Even wrote down the wrong thing on my setlist. They definitely teased the intro to LL, but then swung it right into River. Very fitting as I'm staying this week with a buddy who lives on the Deleware (and his house was flooded last weekend, so it was for him even more than for me). MARKMARKMARKMARK....can't say enough about him tonight. And more and more Hammond.

Josephine - When this song rocks as hard as it did tonight, you've got a special show playing out in front of you.

Lucky Enough - Nice extended piano intro that connected straight to my boogie center. I absolutely LOVE this tune and this version may have been the single best I've ever heard. MK took us for a ride with a monster solo in the middle that lifted the place up to the cosmos, spun it around and around orbiting and then a lightning reentry bringing our souls back to the pavement.

Ramble - Had some crowd issues around me during this one and was a bit distracted. Guy in a wheelchair was being moved through the CROWDED aisle and it was a little hairy for a few minutes as he was being navigated out. Never got my head totally back into the song. Luckily for me, a full stop gave me time to pull things back together.

Wrong Way - SICKSICKSICK. Turned the power up even another notch and just rocked us senseless.

Truckin Jam - SICKSICKSICKSICKSICKSICKSICK. Take the opening Truckin, multiply by 100 and add a feverpitch crowd.

Deal - They did it so well I didn't even think "Why isn't MK singing this." Great closer for a great set.

Blackbird - Needed the Fantasy points, perfectly played, and a girlfriend who was VERY happy to hear it. Couldn't ask for much more for a 2Op.

El Paso - This was supposed to be the 2Op, but they added Blackbird. This was an excellent version with a nice lope to it. Little wish that Jeff would have come out for it and added a little extra percussive drive to it, but I got over it real quickly.

1/2 Step - Eternity was on the setlist between El Paso and this and Robin played with Eternity for the entire intro before Bobby stepped up and lead them into it. Somebody wrote a while back that Ratdog "puts the toodeloo" back into this song and I think that's the most dead-on way to describe it that I've ever heard. And another river tune for Mike...."across the raging river" foreshadowing the trip into NYC possibly. Or maybe my mind is/was working in extra circles.....didn't matter much at the time as I was too busy dancing.

TOO - Ripsnortingfirebreathing insanity. They did the lead-in that can often be a tease, but it was clearly an Other One night from the getgo and they SLAMMED into it. Gotta hear it again to hear Robin's bass roll a little more clearly, but it sounded like a pretty classic Philstyle thunder intro ala 3/30/04 at the 9:30. Raging through the first verse, then dropping into a mellower groove. Mari and I were talking after and we weren't sure if they were losing it a little or just brought it down. There were no signs of confusion or struggling, so I think the jam just evolved into a slower pitch so they could build it right back up for the 2nd verse and slam us senseless all over again.

Help - Once again, MK going crazy and the extra layer of percussion with AJ and Vadeem was very nice. Kind of an abbreviated Slipknot, but the Help was jammed so thoroughly it didn't matter. Enough of a Slip to let Robin throw down some big fat booming notes.

Stuff - Keys, touchpad, drums, and percussion. Jeff on cowbell at the start making into essentially a drums section (with touchpad). Jay had the biggest smile on his face with the crew members beside him and gave them a nice acknowledgement at the end. Robin joined about 3/4 of the way through, then Bobby and MK back out and a quick stop before

Wharf Rat - Of all the Jerry ballads Bobby sings, I think he OWNS this one more than any other. His voice, his spirit....this song just fits him like a glove and with Jeff making the Hammond sing channeling Brent's spirit................ahhh. Tears on Bobby's face during this one.

Two Djinn - VERYVERY sweet intro to this. Pretty much a standard style Jeff piano solo to start (standard NOT being a dig at all), then around again with Jay tossing himself into the fray and some really sweet interplay between the two of them. Textbook version of the song. Not as swirly as it's often played - more rocking and straightforward inyourface style jamming.

Slip/Franklin's - Big, bouncy, swirly fun to end it and Fantasy points to add the cherry on top!

Brokedown - More tears from Bobby and just a beautiful poignant version that was a fitting tribute to JJ. Holding Mari in my arms and hearing Bobby sing "I love you more than words can tell" is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Thank you Ratdog. See you Friday!

10/10 - Like a Swiss Watch
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The show's already over?!

per Dot Org

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Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 3:37 pm    Post subject: ratdog 4/13/05 setlist (thanks lizardking)
set 1
loose lucy(bobby screwd up,no loose lucy)
take me to the river>
take me to the river
lucky enough
ramble on rose
wrong way feelin(bobby on slide)
truckin jam

set 2
blackbird(acoustic bobby robin mark)
el paso(acoustic bobby robin mark)rest of the band is coming out.
half step (electric)
the other one
help on the way>
estimated or was it Wharf Rat?
two djinn
franklins tower

brokedown palace

Another Article on Bobby & Ratdog

RIP Johnnie Johnson


Photographs by Chez

ALA Deadnet-

Robbie F - 06:44am Apr 13, 2005 PDT (#15639 of 15688)
"Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is the best." - the girl from the bus

Quite a fun time last night at the Starland Ballroom, with an anything goes attitude and light security to boot. Opening jam sounded like it might be heading into an electric Victim, which would have heen extra sweet, but Stranger also started things off very strongly. All was well played in the first set. Bob's tourdog mentality makes So Many Roads a perfect tune for him. There were some rough patches in Picasso Moon, but I thought the jam in this song made up for it with some of the strongest improv of the set. Shade of Grey build up to a very rocking climax.

Second set kicked things up from the first. Always dig The Winners and Deep Elem was made extra tasty by Kenny's low end contributions on baritone sax. Althea was a real treat with some very tasty slide work from Bob, as is usual on this tune IMO. Mark Karan was also really hitting everything very nicely tonight, with an approach that reminded me of Robbie Robertson - only letting the best notes squeeze out. And then they turned to their rockin Stonesy side with Last Time (and later NFA & JBG), and pulled this material off about as well as the Stones do these days. Add a tasty rendition of Black Peter and it was a fun night indeed.

4 more to go this week :~)

The 72 GD release I read and posted yesterday turned out to a hoax!
the thing was apparently started HERE sORRY!

From Rex:

Bill Walton, Rex Foundation Advisory Board member, will feature Rex this Saturday, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time on his Sirius Satellite Radio show, One More Saturday Night. Go to to find out more about the show. I will be on air with Bill to talk about Rex, mixed with music that goes with and beyond the words. We hope you’ll listen in and pass this message on to others who would enjoy the show.

In 2004 we celebrated the Rex Foundation’s 20th Anniversary and our granting of almost $8 million to some 1,000 grassroots programs across the United States and internationally over the past two decades. All of us, connected through our love of the music have made this giving possible.

We begin our third decade with a new way to further this connection – the Rex Community Caravan – a virtual vehicle for philanthropy, where each of us can make a real difference with just $5 or more. See

We envision traveling with “busloads” of kindred spirits on the vast Internet super highway. Our concept of the Caravan is to have thousands of people each contribute $5 or more, a true grassroots fundraising effort, to help us continue to fund organizations that foster peace, harmony, economic and social justice.

This is still a new concept, as we have not been accustomed or culturally geared to asking for contribution dollars. Since December 2001, we have been transitioning from an organization funded by the Grateful Dead to a more community based organization that will serve as the vehicle for the greater community to continue the mission.

Stay tuned for upcoming e-mails that announce our 2005 benefits, many featuring the next generation of musicians who want to help carry on what the Grateful Dead started, as well as the enhancements we’re making to our website to feature music, visuals and beneficiary stories.

Thanks for being part of the Rex Foundation philanthropic community. Together, we can make all the difference in the world.
Dead Man Talking

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Oh my gosh,

so many photographs from this week are out there and they are ALL (;O) wonderful!!!!!!!!!
Be sure to check out Norman Sands and Alan Hess's websites! Links to both sites are on this page.

An article on Ratdog with Dennis McNally!
I finished "Starstruck"...Of course, it was all fascinating to me since I've been a fan of Bobstar's for about 30 years...
For the longest time, only a handful of folks in my everyday life had ever heard of him...Everyone knew the Grateful Dead, most could nod at the mention of Jerry Garcia...But tell them "Bobby Weir" and mostly had to go back and start at Grateful Dead...A real delight to come online in 95 (AOL's Grateful Dead Forum) and to be able to find a few people who WANTED to talk about him!
But back to the book, it's given me much to ponder...I enjoyed reading that the thrills and ills of being a fan are pretty common experiences no matter who your icon's sort of comforting.
How did I forget to put this one in yesterday?? It's off dot org by Topher!
 Post subject: U guys aren't going to believe this!! My day at Foxwoods:)
Merry Meet everyone:)

First off, I just wanted to say "WOW" The first ratdog show I've seen since last spring, and the boys are just on fire!!! But anyone who went to Foxwoods could tell U that.. What I'm really writing about is what happened right before the show.. My Buddy Kirk came down from VT, and we drove to the show which is about 1 1/2 hours from me.. I just bought a 100 gig MP3 (yes I know MP3's suck) player for my new Dogde Ram Quad cab, so it made the trip really sweet to have 100+ ratdog shows at my disposal. I took a couple of hundred dollars with me, since I didn't have a ticket and needed one, and I wanted to drop $100 on the slots.. Since I don't gamble, this was going to be a treat for me, cause I've nver really played the slot, and I've NEVER been to Foxwoods. So about an hour before the show, me and Kirk went over to the $1 slots and I let the machine eat my $100 bill, which it did eagerly. Let me preface this next part by saying that being a good pagan/witch I never go into something like this without magickal help, so Kirk and I made up a really simple spell, using the God Jupiter, who is the God of money and sucess. The spell/chant was really simple "Jupiter, Jupiter, hear my plea, make this slot machine win for me!!!!" I know, I didn't goto the samantha stevens school of incantation, but I thought it would work. Kirk sits next to me and puts in $20 and we're off.. I start chanting and hitting the button. I keep hitting the button and I get down to like $40, but I press on, and win enough to get back up to $150... I keep chanting and pressing the button till I get down to $122 and the button stopped working. Before I could open my eyes, to see what had happened, I hear Kirk gasp, and then the bell started ringing.. I open my eyes, and the machine was flashing $1800/122. I let out a shreek that even Allison would be proud of, and every blue haired old lady within earshot came a runnin. the nice man came over and checked the machine to make sure I wasn't cheating somehow, and went to go get the pitboss and my money.. As soon as he left Kirk went back to playing his slot, and low and behold, he hit it for $200 (Praise Jupiter!!). Anyways, I was happy and trotted off to George and the merch table and bought 1 of everything, got a ticket and went into the show..

This is were the story getts weird.. As usual the crowds in the North East were a bit agro, and it seemed that everyone that I encountered was rude to me.. This always happens to me in the North East, I should be used to it, since I live here now... Anyways, this one guy really got me down, so I decided to go out and have a butt, and buy a coke.. I got out there, and looked over at the slot machines, and decided to atleast give back the $100 I came down with back to the casino. I walk over to the same machine.. sat down.. and started chanting, I got down to like $10 and the bells went off again, I looked up and I had won another $600!!!! PRAISE JUPITER!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I really enjoyed Ratdog at Foxwoods, regardless of how shitty people were to me. The show Rocked! I won a bundle of money! Thanx Bobby!! AND THANK YOU JUPITER!!!
Blessed Be!!


Monday, April 11, 2005

Chez's Review & Tonight's setlist from Ratdog dot org

Thanks to Doc & Jammin John, we got a play by play of tonight's show...
Love that!

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 4:19 pm    Post subject: ratdog 4/11/05 setlist(keep checking just gonna edit)
1 set
here comes sunshine>
music never stopped>
queen jane
walking blues
big boss man
tennessee jed
its all over now>
she says>
music never stopped>
eyes of the world

2 set
desolation row (bobby mark jay robin)acoustic
corrina (mark electric)
golden road (electric)
estimated prophet>
jam (w/o bobby)>
knokin on heavens door
sugar magnolia>
sushine daydream

touch of gray
And then Bonus! Chez posted his impressions (from Deadnet)
Chez - 09:52pm Apr 11, 2005 PDT (#15451 of 15451)
Let Mark Sing!

Really strong, rockin' show tonight. They came out ready to rock from the getgo. No fucking around with an opening jam. Just straight into HC Sunshine. Very nicely played and either I'm adjusting to Bobby singing it or he's getting better at it or both, because his vocals on it worked for me tonight for the first time. Nicely jammed out at the end leading into an above average MNS. Robin really asserted himself during the MNS, a trend that would last all night. He was very prominent in the mix, especially from my vantage point in the front row on his and Mark's side of the stage. (I know, I was VERY weird!)

Queen Jane was Queen Jane. Well played, but nothing special.

Walkin' Blues was FABULOUS and I'm not a fan of the song. They ripped it from start to finish. Bobby struck a pose during it (unfortunately I had just put down my camera) with one hand behind his head and the other on his hip with his butt thrust to one side. The Doggiegirlscouts would have gone nuts.

Full stop into the song of the first set - Big Boss Man. Just knocked outta the park. First Kenny taking control, then MK absolutely TEARING it to pieces. Jeff on Hammond the entire time (good bit of Hammond tonight, btw, and it was mixed very well...I really think it's a midwest phenomenon, JS).

Tenn Jed was good, but again, nothing special. Just a solid version and a rowdy singalong.

All Over Now - High energy dancefest. Very well played.

She Says - I could hear it every night, especially when played like this. They nailed it. Liberty teases at the end, then Jeff played a few measures of Eyes before they went back into MNS for the "Never stopped, never stopped..." part before dropping into a MAMMOTH "Eyes" to close the set. MK's solo was good, but a little short. Kenny made up for it, though. He just wouldn't quit when it was his turn and kept taking it higher and higher. Then Robin delivered a huge bass solo than took them into Stronger Than Dirt, then back around into the Eyes Outtro to close things out.

Very very nice set. Everything was at worst very nicely played and the entire band was very high energy and having a blast. Lots and lots of smiles onstage all night.

Chez - 10:03pm Apr 11, 2005 PDT (#15452 of 15453)
Let Mark Sing!

Set Two

Very short intro to Desolation. For a second, I thought it was Bobby McGee, but I was PSYCHED when Bobby started singing Desolation. Couple of glances at the teleprompter during it, but with that many words, who can fault him. I'm glad it's up there. Very well read version of one of my favorite Dylan tunes.

Corrina - SMOKED. 'Nuff said. Robin on his upright creating some huge booming bass notes.

Golden Road - Needs some work. Good song for them, especially the chances for Jeff/Kenny interplay, but they've got some kinks to iron out. Good choice for tonight in that slot as it fit in with the high energy performance. Hopefully they continue to polish it as it could be a bigtime winner for them.

Estimated - See Corrina but w/o Robin on upright. Classic "HAAAAAAAAAAs" to end it. Robin EXTREMELY prominent during this one.

Wheel - A little uneven, but the reggaeish breakdown made it into a winner in my book.

Stuff Segment - Spooky and weird. Jeff on hammond for most of it with Kenny laying down some really bizarre sounds from the touchpad and Robin alternating from thundering over top of things to wrenching some weird dissonant almost feedbacky (can't describe it too well) sounds from his bass. I really enjoyed it. Not your everyday jazzy stuff segment; more of an evil Space type of feel to it which followed up Estimated nicely (even though Wheel came between them)

Knockin' - Nice to hear Bobby on electric on it as a change of pace. I was struck by how much stronger his voice sounds than it did in Phoenix in Feb.

Sugar Mag->SSDD - Just flat out RIPPED. Windmills, leg kicks, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs...Bobby being Bobby. MK seized it and faced off with him for a while and they just fed off each other taking it higher and higher and higher. We're talking fever pitch closer to a rockin' night.

Touch - I'm so glad they kept rocking for the encore. I was expecting Ripple, which wouldn't have been the right way to end a show like tonight's.

in the email bag-
Hey Friends,

Spring has sprung, and the FOBs are doing what we can to further elevate the seasonal spirits. Here’s the dope on two upcoming shows that may enhance your mod, should you choose to partake. This Sunday, we’ll be playing at 12 Galaxies, at a benefit for the nonviolent protestors who had pepper spray applied to -- not sprayed in – their eyes by what one might call Improper Authorities. David Nelson will be joining us, and we understand Melvin Seals will be doing a set as well. Should be big fun. And then on Wednesday, April 20 (that’s 4/20, for those of you who are numerically inclined), we’ll be kicking off the season of free noontime concerts in Union Square and Yerba Buena Gardens. This one will be in Union Square, and we expect this hump day picnic to be the high point of the week for those who stop by.

The nitty gritty:

********************* Sunday, April 17, 2005 *********************

A Benefit For The Pepperspray 8

Twelve Galaxies Nightclub,
2565 Mission St.,
San Francisco, CA

Doors at 6 p.m., show at 7 p.m., FOBS TBD

With the FOBS, David Nelson, Melvin seals, Wavy Gravy, Chet Helms
Tickets are $10 in advance or at the door, with a sliding scale to $50.
Available at and at the door on show night.

******************* Wednesday, April 20, 2005 *******************

Free Noontime Concert

Union Square (between Geary and Post, and Stockton and Powell Sts.)
San Francisco, CA

One more good reason to visit :

**** Free Music ****

There is a new Pay It Forward release in the works. We’ve heard the word “Slim’s” in furtive whispers around the rehearsal studio. What could it mean? To find out, all you need to do is register: read on!

If you aren’t familiar with it, Pay It Forward is a program under which we distribute high quality recordings of live shows to fans who promise to make copies and pass them on to friends. The deal is simple. You sign up in the Tapers’ Section of our website ( and we send you free CDs. All we ask is that you make copies and give them to three friends or more. More is definitely better. The whole idea is to spread the music far and wide.


***** Roger Wrote A Book!!!! *****

That’s right. Our lead singer and “conductor” wrote a book. It’s called The New Normal and was published in November by the Portfolio imprint of Penguin Books.

The New Normal is a roadmap for making the most of family, career, and your personal finances in a world turned upside down by technology and globalization, but where individuals have new and exciting opportunities.

The book is available at bookstores everywhere and through

Roger has also started a blog. The book was the excuse, but the blog covers all sorts of stuff. It is available at Check it out.


The Flying Other Bros are:
Roger McNamee, rhythm guitar
Ann McNamee, percussion
Jim Sanchez, drums
Pete Sears, keyboards
Barry Sless, lead and pedal steel guitar
Bert Keely, guitar and trumpet
TBone Tony Bove, harmonica
Bill Bennett, bass


Review-sorta-from a dot org-er
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Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 9:30 am    Post subject: Turning Stoned was a Mission In My Brain...
It was a two-night stand…Turning Stone house-band. We don’t often get the chance in smaller venue cities to experience a multi-night booking. But, there is something very special about it. Everybody gets to settle-in, get reaaaaalllly comfortable and boogie, and boogie and goddamn boogie.

“How many of you people were here last night?” the local DJ asked the Friday night TS crowd. His question was answered with an affirmative roar from the audience. “Alright! How many of you were here two years ago?”…the response was a little softer…”How many of you were at the Utica Auditorium show in 1973?”… a few people clapped…”ahhh, if you’re clappin’ I KNOW you weren’t there…because if you were there, man, you’d never be able to remember it!”

The beauty of the back-to-back bookings harkens back to the legends of the Warfield, the Filmore(s), Dozin’ at the Knick, Boston Garden, Madison Square Garden, etc. It adds an extra feeling of intimacy…when the “family” can take root for a couple of nights. It showed in the band. It showed in the crowd.

I’ve never seen so many genuinely happy peeps in a 48 hour period in my life. We danced every tune like it was gonna’ be “last dance” on Thursday…and Friday, as if to acknowledge a crowd which had bopped ‘til they dropped the night before, the Doggies played a more laid-back groove…still shakin’ bones, but an “Eased-up Odessa” tempo adjustment had been made…which proves-out; Bob’s a friggin’ master at the craft.

Verona, NY’s version of “Nightfall of Diamonds” became two nights of precious “Turning Stones”.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Back from dinner...lots of fun...We love when the folks ask what we want from their travels! I supressed the urge to shout out MikiMoto!...Actually, I think we can get almost whatever "they" have here in Japan Town-across the street from The Fillmore...We all wanted dragon shirts except for Sash who wants a kimono...

By the way she shines...

Sunny Sunday!
And I've got most of it to myself!
I'm listening to the latest podcast (addy is amiong my links) YUM- Cowboy songs!!!
One of these daze, I'm gonna create an "album" of cowboy songs for my iPod...
Scott and kids plus friend of kids (what a nice Daddy!) are at Pac Bell to enjoy the beloved Giants. I'm doing my laundry and trying to type up curriculum highlights & reviews for my classes..then if I can resist the sunshine, I'll dig into another essay in my new book.
The first chapter/essay was about autograph hunters and a variety of folks who have created a business serving fans via selling autographs, constructing fan websites and running fan clubs. There are businesses where folks merely check fanmail for threats- the rest get shredded and those celebrities never personally see any of it!
My first Bobby autograph was obtained for me by my friend. Lynnie was JLH's PA (private Assistant) and part of her research in creating some type of fan club for JLH (which she started and ran for about a year)included writing to musicians to find out the hows and whys of how requests were granted..For me, she wrote to GD offices - the addy was their offices in the old building in San Rafael. About six mos after sending a kinda generic letter requesting an autograph from Bobby- she received the 8x10 glossy you see here in this picture-

Now that I think of it, Lynnie was also responsible for obtaining the 2nd autograph...She was working with JLH at a concert in honor of someone (Santana?) in Los Angeles, The Grateful Dead were playing too. I guess when things werent too crazy, she managed to pick out Bobby and got him to write & sign a little 'hey Now, Irenie" on the back of a stub for me...She also had Mickey Hart sign it. I was thrilled beyond belief when she gave this to me! Oy! with my name included and a story of her getting to actually SPEAK with him! She was highly amused at my total JOY.. she was getting to meet EVERYBODY because of John Lee, and didnt get why I could pass up meeting The Rolling Stones to watch a TV movie(they used to visit JLH at his house) yet totally go frothing nuts at the thought of meeting Mr Bob Weir. C'mon, what would I have to say to Mick or Keith? I'm not such a big RS fan.

Though I do have a bit of a cache of Bobby signatures- mostly had to get them as they were obtained via appearences where Bobby's main function was to sign stuff. The signatures in the above photo were granted at a cd signing in Portland.. At that signing, Bobby was kind enough to sign 3 copies of Chile Pepper magazine -one for each of my kids (the issue featuring his sauce-the editors published my Weir recipe as part of the feature)
I guess I could go on endlessly about my autographed stuff and how I feel about the items.
Instead, I better get to those curriculum reports! Going to a Bon Voyage dinner for my parents tonight. They are heading to tour Japan & Far East tomorrow for several weeks.

Foxwoods Show
Jam > Cassidy > Bird Song > Easy to Slip > Supplication > Easy to Slip, Loose Lucy > Bird Song Jam@ > Lazy River Road@ > Bird Song Jam > Big Railroad Blues, Candyman@, Friend of the Devil@4, Looks Like Rain@, West L.A. Fadeaway > Scarlet Begonias > Jam* > Come Together > Bird Song > Cassidy > One More Saturday Night

E: Brokedown Palace (*-without Bob)

review (4-08-05 from deadnet;

ScottClayton - 05:05am Apr 10, 2005 PDT (#15266 of 15332)
I'm posting this twice cuz you folks need to hear my report from the Turning Stone...

YO! AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not see the 7th, but the show on the 8th was so far beyond my wildest expectations, it's hard for me to find the words to describe it! I'm not kidding. I was not even much of a RD fan, per say. Honestly I've always leaned more toward PLQ... I believe those days are now over...

Mark Karan (and the band) friggin' NAILED IT!!! They were tight as a drum and the jams and tunes were very fluid. They functioned at an extremely high level. A well-oiled machine is how I'd describe it.

Though the biggest thing was Bobby!!!! Again for this show I was dead center maybe 5 feet from the stage and I am so happy to report back that Bob is healthy and smiling throughout the show and, for me, all I can say is; THE OLD BOBBY!!!!

They whipped that crowd into such a frenzy at the end it really was ridiculous! And on the ride home I could hardly concentrate on driving, I could not stop thinking about the show, or how I would convince nay-sayers that this was the hottest thing I'd seen in a very, very, very long time. This show made a quite an impression on me!

A phenomanal performance that has me looking to hit one more show! And coining 2005 as The Yeir of Weir!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

How about that?!
Bob-tiks can be found HERE
Two long daze of weekend are here! I'm busy-busy! Finishing up with trades and feeling a need to read the old fashioned way (which doesnt include a computer) bought a book of esseys on Fandom...I was about to purchase a fascinating book on Rats (I prefer non fiction & history)...But a recently published book caught my eye over on the hardcover table...The title is "Starstruck" and more info on it can be found HERE!. I've read 1/2 of an essey or chapter and already identifyed paralells to the various Weir freaks & Deadheads I know & love...Looks like good reading- I'll get around to the Rats another time...I still need to find Stav's book (available in the UK but not here) and eventually I might get a hold of Phil's book...