Sunday, October 31, 2004


'Yes, Virginia, there is a Frankenstein. He exists as certainly as vampires and werewolves exist. And you know in your telltale little heart it's true, don't you Virginia? How cheery the world would be if there were no would be as if...there were no bogey man. And we know he exists, don't we Virginia?
Have you ever seen the dead walk the night? Of course not. But that's no proof that they are not there. The most real things in the world are those neither children or men can see..."

That is from an invitation by a great couple named Vic & Fitz..Vic works with Scott at the shop..They look like Deadheads but maybe that's just cuz they live in Novato which used to be on the outskirts of Marin County...Vic's passion is scouting garage sales, flea markets & thrift stores for cool stuff for friends...You wouldnt believe the cool stuff he finds! I just say what I need and Vic will find it! It's Vic who discovered the SF thrift store which had dozens of Jerry Garcia ties on sale for a dollar each! Vic's super creative and Fitz is a wonderful crafter who does everything really well. Anyboo- We are heading out for their annual amazing haunted house party today!
Here's a pretty site- Thanks Dave!
It's Pixiestar!
Watch out the background is mezzmerizzing!


Saturday, October 30, 2004

For Halloween give her a trumpet...

Hey There!
Gotta get lots of stuff done by Monday!
Cynthia told me the Anarchy cookies were a huge success- and that EVERY kid had stained black lips by the night's end!
Apparently, the Goth thing is BIG with her 13 year old's friends....

Found this online-
Who should be The Bobby?

"Message 1 in threadFrom: Kbl36 (
Subject: parrish's book p/u for film  
View this article onlyNewsgroups:
Date: 2004-05-12 07:44:43 PST

Offsay bows prod'n shingle
Showtime vet 'Dead' on with Parkchester


NEW YORK -- Former Showtime programming prexy Jerry Offsay has resurfaced with
production shingle Parkchester Pictures, and plans to raise the Dead with his
first feature.
Offsay has acquired rights to "Home Before Daylight: My Life on the Road With
the Grateful Dead," a book written by Steve Parish, who spent 30 years with the
band as roadie and senior tour manager, and journalist Joe Layden. The band has
pledged to cooperate on the project: guitarist and singer Bob Weir will write
the music for the film.

Offsay, who spent a decade running movie and series programming for Showtime,
left the executive suite and stepped into a first-look deal with Paramount
Pictures, Showtime and CBS.

He tapped Amy Duzinski to run the film development side of Parkchester. Running
the TV side will be David Gadarian, who most recently worked for Bob Levinson,
ICM's head of worldwide television, and who before that worked for Twentieth TV
in comedy development.

A pic about the Grateful Dead seems a surprise move, but it harkens back to
Offsay's origins. He began his career as a music lawyer at Loeb & Loeb, repping
the Stigwood Organization and making many soundtrack deals. Pics he exec
produced, like "Hamburger Hill," always had strong soundtracks.

While Offsay didn't exactly describe himself as a Deadhead, he was fascinated
by the Jerry Garcia-led group's durability, and the rabid following of

Offsay thought the electricity at a Dead concert could provide great movie
moments, but he needed a narrative and protagonist. He found both when agent
Mickey Freiberg introduced him to the band's roadie and senior tour manager
Parish, who was also Garcia's friend. Pic will make Parish the focus.

"There is an opportunity to put onscreen the feeling of what it was like being
at a Dead concert while using Steve's perspective as an outsider who went along
for the ride with the band," Offsay said. "The challenge now is getting a
writer to use his book to find the heart of the story."

Offsay, who'll take the project first to Paramount, said he's been promised
access to the group's music, but will make no deal until a studio is onboard.
Offsay also said he and Duzinski are working to close other development deals.

Since exiting Showtime, Offsay has continued to shepherd seven pics hatched
through Showtime's Independent Films, exec producing "Speak," "The Best Little
Thief in the World," "Bereft," and the Mario Van Peebles pic "Baadasssss,"
which is being distributed by Sony Pictures Classics.".......
I'll be back with a few urls in a while- gotta run a few errands............

Friday, October 29, 2004

Finally- FRIDAY!!!!!

Or as the 10 year old likes to scream "Pizza Night!!!"

Howzabout some odd pix?

I've been up late all week but now have a new fave late night program!
Naturally. I'm too unfocused to have caught the real name of it but it's on the Sundance channel around 11:30pm and it's with Al Franken! LOL, I was channel surfing and paused on the show long enough to catch the Terripin melody playing in the background! Gotta love that- not perhaps as funny as Bill Walton's dead references but just so cool to listen to a news show with Dead music flowing through it..
here's the url if ya wanna check it out-

And another one-

The webpage I saw this picture of Al Franken on, sez it was taken at backstage at a grateful Dead show...

Have a Grate weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

another gd fiction

I knew I had heard of at least one recent release in this category of Dead novels-
Here's info from Barnes & Noble website-

"Dancing Within The Song
Shawn M. Davis

Larger view
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: July 2004

Product Details:
ISBN: 1413729800
Format: Paperback, 195pp
Pub. Date: July 2004
Publisher: America House Book Publishers
B&N Price: $19.95
Member Price: $18.95 Join>
Usually ships within 2-3 days

From the Publisher
Customer Reviews - Write a Review
Dancing Within The Song

"The thwack thwack of the windshield wipers beats a steady cadence as Daisy drives me to my death."This opening line in Shawn M. Davis' coming-of-age novel Dancing Within the Song proves to be more prophetic than her 14-year-old protagonist Rashia could ever have imagined. Daisy is Rashia's mother, who gave birth to her at a Grateful Dead show. Rashia was raised on a communal farm that grew its own organic food, gave its kids Kerouac, Huxley, and Thoreau to read, taught them to smoke pot, and took them on tours with The Dead. Rashia abruptly loses the only life she's known when her father decides it's time to join the real world and transports the family to a small Oregon town where he buys a house and opens a store. Dancing Within the Song explores the wrenching rite of passage that all too many of today's young people go through and does so in the context of an unusual setting as Rashia runs away from home and goes back to following The Dead, now a much harder and more dangerous world.
“The thwack thwack of the windshield wipers beats a steady cadence as Daisy drives me to my death.” This opening line in Shawn M. Davis’ coming-of-age novel Dancing Within the Song proves to be more prophetic than her 14-year-old protagonist Rashia could ever have imagined. Daisy is Rashia’s mother, who gave birth to her at a Grateful Dead Show. Rashia was raised on a communal farm that grew its own organic food, taught its kids Kerouac, Huxley, and Thoreau to read, taught them to smoke pot, and took them on tours with The Dead.
Rashia abruptly loses the only life she’s known when her father decides it’s time to join the real world and transports the family to a small Oregon town where he buys a house and opens a store. Dancing Within the Song explores the wrenching rite of passage that all too many of today’s young people go through and does so in the context of an unusual setting as Rashia runs away from home and goes back to following The Dead, now a much harder and more dangerous world.
In her youth, Shawn M. Davis spent several years following the Grateful Dead. She’s been known as “The Yogurt Lady,” mermaid, archaeologist, creative writing teacher, and editor of Cenotaph Pocket Editions. She holds a Masters Degree in Arts & Letters from Southern Oregon University. She currently lives in southern Oregon with her husband and daughter.


Really- that movie invitation WAS there last night! I couldnt've been dreaming because my nightowl friend Ron also saw it and signed up as did Reisha & Trinks....I guess they filled the invite quota -or- changed their minds about something? Deadsville is a one of a kind experience for sure!
............Well, onto another url- this ones for true guitar geeks-looks like a map around Bobby's equipment-

An invitation from the family!

Check it out!
Posted 10/27 on (click the stealie!):

"An Invitation From The Family

We need help celebrating the release of the The Grateful Dead Movie on DVD and the Box Set, Beyond Description. So, we would like to invite a limited number of lucky souls, plus one guest each, to a Private Party on November 9th in San Francisco. If you will be in the Bay Area that night, please go to this link and sign up.
We'll send you the details if you are one of the lucky ones. You don't want to miss this!"

So, yeeeah- if youre a Bay Area head or are coming by- go over there and sign up!
Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hey Harry- It's still Oct 27 on the burning shore!
Getting on late- was busy watching the (last 5 minutes of) eclipse...
Anyone remember The King Biscuit Flower Hour?
The people at King Biscuit released 'The Best Of Kingfish' last month - Here's what I dug up-

Kingfish - Greatest Hits Live

Track Listing
01 Mystery Train
02 Mule Skinner Blues
03 Juke
04 Jump Back
05 Goodbye Your Honor
06 I Hear You Knockin'
07 Around And Around
08 Hidden Charm
09 Bye and Bye
10 Promised Land
11 Lazy Lightning/Supplication
12 Jump For Joy
13 One More Saturday Night

Recorded at New York City's Beacon Theater on April 3, 1976, King Biscuit Flower Hour: In Concert is a live set presenting Kingfish at the dawn of their career -- or, more accurately, their official recording career, since the group had actually been founded three years earlier, and had been writing and demoing material most of that time, in addition to going through several lineup shifts.

However, as you might expect from a live set recorded this early in the band's working tenure, covers -- of folk, blues, and rock & roll standards -- constitute a good chunk of the proceedings. Which isn't a bad thing at all, really, since Kingfish has a way with that sort of material; that makes the show a worthwhile listen for the band's fans.
the King Biscuit website is at-
I bet I've already posted this url to articles/stories about the Grateful Dead - I dunno but it's worth a visit..

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hippy Berthaday!

I'm a little early- but since the fella I'm thinking of is probably just starting up with the celebrating- Happy Birthday! Here's an url just for you->
Today I received a copy of "Tiger in a Trance" more Grateful Dead fiction! This one looks more my speed than "Get Outta Here"...I heard there is still another newish Grateful Dead fiction book - by a woman this time- I'll look into that one soon....Back to figuring out the new gear- I have a new printer as well- one that prints right onto the cd- no labels....Oh wont I have fun with that!

Let's Party

The Rex Foundation celebrates its 20th Anniversary
Saturday, December 11, 2004
The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco

Music by The Everyone Orchestra and special guests
Sunshine Daydream - The legendary, classic movie
of the 1972 Grateful Dead concert at the Oregon Country Fair
Silent Auction
Hearty Finger Foods and Beverages

Tickets (Tables of up to 6 can be purchased)
Merriment $ 75 Open seating
Sparkle $250 Reserved premium seating
Exuberance $500 Reserved excellent seating

Celebrate the Rex Foundation’s work of the last 20 years
all that we can make happen over the next 20 years.

To order tickets:

Invitations will be mailed out early November.
Sign up online and you’ll receive an invitation.
Call our Event hot line at 415-561-3135 and place your order.
Download the pdf order form and fax to 415-561-3136 or mail to
Rex Foundation, P. O. Box 29608, San Francisco, CA 94129-0608

New Apple is up and running- tragically. I am not able to transfer all my old data via fire wire- not sure why but looks like I'll have to pull out that old adpatec one more time and burn my pix on cd and start all over again...luckily I can transfer all my music by plugging in my ipod!
Didja do UKtour in 2003?
The Robin was the place I thought looked more like an ice cream shop than a nite club...and then it was located across the street from a police a little town somewhere in the middle of England- Anyhow, Congrats to The Robin!

From email sent to me by the Robin2:

Thanks to your support, The Robin 2 won the Best Live Concert Venue (under 500 people) at last year's Night Out Awards 2003.
    Please help us to win this year's 2004 Award.
    If you consider us the Best Live Concert Venue (under 500 people), VOTE FOR US NOW!!!
    Don't forget voting closes on 30th November 2004. If you have already voted, THANKS!!
    There are 2 simple and cheap ways to vote:
1) By email
    Send an email to with a message saying: 06 The Robin 2 Bilston
    If you want to be entered into a free prize draw (this is optional), add to the end of the email:
    Your name
    Your house number
    Your house postcode.
2) Online
    i)    Go to
    ii)    In the top right hand corner of the first page, click on 'How to vote - Night Out Awards'
    iii)    Go to the bottom of the next page 'How to vote', 'online' section
    iv)    Click on box 'Best Live Concert Venue under 500 people'
    v)    Fill in the name of the venue: The Robin 2, Bilston
    vi)    Fill in your email address
    vii)    Click on Submit to send your vote

Kind regards
Mike Hamblett

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Here's a UKDog review I hadnt seen before:
And a photosite:

I'm getting the new Apple today!
This one:

Very excited to be getting a dvd & cd burner right in the computer!
Looking forward to transfering my fav video Bobby moments to disk...
Might even put a few on my mac photo site.....
Gotta go pack up my files & folders...Hopefully will be all set up sometime tonight!

Here's a really long long-well, I'm not sure what it is? It's a Playboy(?) interview from 1972? It's about Jerry Garcia-looks more like a book than an interview- check it out:

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Feels like October

Wish I had a little more time to poke around
this webspot->
But, 1st, Kidlets need to be schlepped here and there...
Bay area is cold. I can see the Bay from the window by my computer and there's a weird mist hovering over it....

Friday, October 22, 2004

"If the rascal have not given me medicines to make me love him,
I'll be hanged."
King Henry the Fourth, Part II, act II

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sew Dead

I can't even go into a quilting store....

This fabric is available online at

Grateful Roses and Skulls - Black
US $8.50

White, Lt. Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Black
We know this will be popular with our Grateful Dead and Harley fans - skulls and red roses on a black ground. Skulls and Roses are about 2", 'Born to Ride Skulls' from the 'Nicole's Prints' collection.

Okay and while we are crafting away...Might as well check out Dancing Bear charms which can be purchased at

Happy Birthday Jeff!

better late than never and via the miracle of the editing button- I look like I'm on time!

Maybe you never heard Bobby's yellow dog story?

Someone called "Piper" has posted it here-

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yet another big smile to see this show is around!
Yes, that's correct, Irenie & Scott were there!! Another memorable night.
I was invited via the friendly folks at Weir Sauce...Getting a babysitter was a big ordeal but a friend came through at the last moment and so we zipped up to the city, not knowing what it was gonna be like ..It was raining hard too....
The Marriott was completely empty & people in the lobby- desserted-ish!
We found the smallish reception suite..Wine & foods cooked with Weir sauces were being served...Mostly corporate looking types-business suits..apparently press who were in town for the Fancy foods show...There was a slideshow with images of the 60's and Bobby flickering against a wall...We were happy to find Mazzy in mingling around...Only one couple were hippied out..
Wass and Bob arrived and immediately got to work...There wasnt a stage - just a low platform a couple inches off the floor...The hippie couple got right into it..I was as close as I could stand to be standing under the circumstances...most folks were still eating and quietly schmoozing...One lady from a fairly well known food publication had WAY too much to drink (always one in every crowd,eh?) and began being disruptive bypointing to Bobstar & announcing "Hey, That guy's pretty cute!" ...She started talking to Bobby while he was singing..He just ignored her and kept going, but she just got louder and more persistant and soon she was on the platform, forcing her card on him....I think it was Bridgette-Bobby's PA that did the big girl move-gently latching on to the Drunky lady's arm guiding her away from the performance....
Ah, memories......

Marriot Club Room, San Fran., CA

"Weir Sauce Party"

skip at 1:34 of "FOTD"

1 Walkin' Blues
2 KC Moan
4 Masterpiece
5 Bury Me Standing ->
6 Bird Song
FILLER: Bob & Keller Williams 8.26.01
7 Bird Song

Woofin Wednesday!

:O) First a few urls, I hope arent repeats, I checked them out a few days ago and saved them-

All Weir All the time!
Now, its happening to Scott too....
This afternoon Scott began the search for his next new car...There's a particular auto he's been especially wanting and so the search began at that one fancy pants dealership.....
So, a salesman approaches and offers service to Scott...Takes Scott in to a fancy schmancy office, where Scotto waits as the salesman runs out to find a brochere about the dream car....Scott notices there's a pad type of thing on the desk with dancing Top Hatted Skeletons. Once outside and sitting in the dream car Scott asks the sales guy: So, are ya a big DeadHead??
Sales Guy : Uh, well....hmmmm...uh,,,
Scott figures the guy is gonna say it was a gift or that Sales Guy doesnt do shows since Jerry passed.. but, instead
Sales Guy says: Well, actually..I'm more of a String Cheese/Ratdog type fan...
From then on there's the comparing of tours and miles travelled
"I saw the Dog in Vermont"
"We saw em in Europe"
"I had tickets to The Beacon & Denver"
"We saw em at KPFA"
"NO KIDDING?! Do you have cds of that ?"
etcetera and so forth
"Hey! I'll bring em when I come back to test drive"
"Do that and For You $500 above invoice!"


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hey Cool! A new Deadheader blog to enjoy....Found this one via Eurotraders!
Someone sent me a copy of "Get outta town: A tale of the Grateful Dead,the IRS and Coffee" " by Ted Ringer....Thanks!...I'll pass it along after I'm done with it....
A few years ago, I read "After Lucy" sort of qualifies as GD Fiction because some of the plot revolves around Deadheads...I didnt like how the Deadheads came off -(boo on stereotypes)in it, but my friend Arrow, really enjoyed that book..The hero, loses his wife and is left to raise small an act of rebellion against his in laws, the hero buys an old van/bus/truck/camper kind of vehicle and does a road trip based on the addresses left behind by the former owners (Deadheads) of the auto. He ends up at some sort of hippie commune and deals with his loss there...

REX EVENT HOTLINE-1 415-561-3135

Woke to the sounds of the rain crashing down!
First storm in a long time- first big rains for us in the new house...On our property is a ravine- today it's become a swiftly flowing little river- though the rains have slowed down - I still hear the water gurgling along....
Oh boy!
Received my newsletter from REX today- There's two events coming up-
Saturday November 27th SCI in Camden will be offering a pre concert reception with the performers- and premium seating and silent auction in conjunction with Rex's 20th Anniversary
On December 11th at GAMH,
There will be a Rex Foundation Party and Benefit!!
Music, Mingling & munching..
and a silent auction too!!!
I'll be donating something fun to that for sure!!!
Keep checking that hotline for more details...
I'm so happy to have something new to look forward to!
Thanks Sandy!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Wow! fifteen years ago was what I hope is the only BIG Quake I ever get to experience...I had gone to work in San Mateo-getting off in time to pick my son up from school...Took him and one of his buddies out to get a frozen Yogurt (hey it was 1989, afterall) At the Yogurt shop, The Buddy's mom had seen us park and came running toward us- She had forgot to cancell the playdate and explained that someone had given that family tickets to the world series -which happened to include our hometown teams (The A's vs The Giants)...Buddy left with his mom.

My son and I continued to order yogurt and eat them outside on a bench...A kid about college age tied a funky looking dog to a parking meter...The moment the kid went onto the shop, this dog started whimpering and shaking...he really had that "Timmy's in the well" thing going! We saw the kid worked in the yogurt shop and went inside & told him something seemed wrong with the dog...Yogurt guy shook his head and said the dog had been acting strange all day...

Son and I left, drove a few blocks away from downtown San Mateo over to visit my mom..... My Brother, Mom and I were chatting about something when she seemed to notice loud vibrations coming from one side of the house.."HEY, Jase, NO Jumping in there" Mom yelled in the direction..
"Grandma, I'm not jumping!" Jase yelled back from a different part of the house..A quarter of a second later..we all realized EARTHQUAKE!! Okay a little screaming and scrambling (oh yeah- andrenaline rush RUSH)..We all 4 ended up under the dining room table,,,'I think the walls are gonna buckle!" "This IS IT-The BiG OnE!!" "When is this going to stop?!"....It did stop - long enough for me to crawl out and grab the phone-then a strong aftershock hit...yeeps-more screaming...We all sat there for awhile, catching our breath, Jase crying....
Out at last, we picked up stuff...The TV, at first ran static then sounded all those warning noises and suddenly the news came on.....I heard the words but didnt understand how bad it really had been til live cameras -helicopters that were already in place for the world series were now covering Quake damage around the Bay Area...The freeway had collapsed...the Bay bridge BROKE -cars dangling off the edge- headlights facing over the water...The Marina -where friends and family lived- was on fire- buildings we had walked by hundreds of times had crumbled down...It was a hideous adventure...I went with Scott's sister to help her pack up her belongings as her apartment was being condemned...She had about 35 minutes to pack...Eventually, she moved back in, the bridge was fixed, I stopped sleeping with my shoes on (to be prepared, you know,for the next big one)
At some point, afterwards, I stopped back in at the yogurt shop, the funny looking dog was sleeping by his meter- on which there was a note posted that the dog was in need of a home-that the guy who had found the dog was unable to keep him any longer...I didnt think twice about it- I marched up to the Yogurt guy and told him I remembered that dog from October 17th and how it seemed agitated..I wanted that dog!
(okay, Now here's where the Grateful Dead related part of the story comes in)
Yogurt Guy: A Lot of people want the dog, Why should I give him to you?
Me: You should give him to me because, I have a new fence, a large backyard, a little boy and because my husband is putting photos of fluffy yellow puppies all over the fridge- I need a real dog.
Yogurt Guy: hmmmmmmm?
Me pointing across the street at my jeep: And my car is right here- I can take him with me now...
Yogurt guy spots the "Are You Kind?" bumper sticker and asks: You into the Dead?
Me: Hell, yeah, since the 70's....
This leads us off topic into my dissertation of what a time it was..To Yogurt Guy, I'm like an Old Head (hah- now I AM an old head- but I was barely 30 in 89)
Story ends with I get to take the Earthquake Dog home{{{{Parker}}} thanks to my bumper sticker...

Here's a fun url-

from M I J

Documentary sure to please Deadheads

DEADHEAD alert: "The Grateful Dead Movie," the film that almost killed Marin's longest-lived band, screens tonight at the Mill Valley Film Festival, then runs for a week (Monday through Oct. 26) at the Rafael Film Center.

It's being screened in the Rafael's largest theater in a high-definition widescreen format, with 5.1 surround sound tonight and a stereo mix next week. Should be quite a thrill ride.

At the same time, the newly-restored, 30-year-old rockumentary is being released as a double DVD with five hours of concert and backstage footage, plus new interviews with band members Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann and Donna Godcheaux.

As with so many things involving this most chaotic of rock groups, the story behind the movie may be as fascinating as the movie itself.

In the summer of 1974, the Dead had just limped home from a coked-out European tour, dragging along their behemoth, money-sucking, energy-devouring "Wall of Sound" system.

The band was exhausted and on the brink of breaking up when Jerry Garcia, an aspiring filmmaker, got the bright idea to document the band's five "farewell concerts" at Winterland.

What began as a relatively simple project would eventually take two and a half draining, demanding years to finish.

"In the way of the Grateful Dead, it evolved," deadpanned Dennis McNally, the band's longtime publicist, historian and author of "Long Strange Trip: The

Inside History of the Grateful Dead."

The movie was made at a heavy cost, and not just monetarily. It would end up with a price tag of $600,000, which would amount to a catering budget by today's standards. But, as McNally says, "In 1975, to the Grateful Dead, it was huge money." Garcia had to "duck, dodge and scheme, even within the Grateful Dead" to finance it, which contributed to the collapse of the Dead's record label and resulted in resentment toward him by some of his bandmates.

On a personal level, Garcia paid even more dearly. As his movie neared completion, he discovered heroin, which helped him relieve "the grinding stress of film editing," as McNally puts it.

"It certainly contributed to the collapse of Jerry's health," he said. "It was one of the reasons he took up opiates in the late '70s."

The movie got mixed reviews, and didn't make the band's money back. When all was said and done, the Dead regrouped and stayed together until Garcia's death in 1995.

So, in the end, was it all worth it? The music fans who gather in the Rafael and who buy the DVD will surely think so. It is, after all, the best record we have of what it was like to experience a Grateful Dead concert.

"Looking back on it, we're all pleased he did it because it's a truly great documentary," McNally said. "And it's one of the only documentaries made by a musician. Frame by frame, Jerry Garcia is responsible for it."


How well read are you?

Can you believe how much reading material is available via
I noticed during my last foray through Borders that Steve Parrish's book & Jay Blakesburg's book are now out in paperback...
Grateful Dead - Biography/critical writing/interviews

The Book of the Dead: The Grateful Dead, England '72, Danae Brook, 1972
The Dead Book: A Social History Of The Grateful Dead, Hank Harrison, 1973?
The Dead, Hank Harrison, 1980
Grateful Dead: The Music Never Stopped, Blair Jackson, 1983
Playing in the Band : An Oral and Visual Portrait of the Grateful Dead, David Gans, 1985
The Grateful Dead Family Album, Jerilyn Lee Brandelius, 1989
The History Of The Grateful Dead, William Ruhlmann, 1990
Built To Last: Grateful Dead 25th Anniversary Album, Jamie Jensen, 1990
Conversations With the Dead : The Grateful Dead Interview Book, David Gans, 1991
Aesthetics Of The Grateful Dead, David Womack, 1991
Masters Of Rock: Grateful Dead, Elin Wilder (Editor), 1991
Sunshine Daydreams: A Grateful Dead Journal, Herb Greene, 1991
One More Saturday Night: Reflections With The Grateful Dead, Dead Family....., Sandy Troy, 1991
Goin' Down The Road: A Grateful Dead Traveling Companion, Blair Jackson, 1992
Aces Back To Back: A Guide To The Grateful Dead, Scott Allen, 1992
The Story Of The Grateful Dead, Adrian Hall, 1993
Skeleton Key : A Dictionary for Deadheads, David Shenk, Steve Silberman, 1994
Dead Days : A Grateful Dead Illustrated History, Herb Greene, 1994
Living With the Dead: Twenty Years on the Bus With Garcia and the Dead, Scully/Dalton, 1995
The Grateful Dead and the Deadheads, An Annotated Bibliography, Dodd/Weiner, 1997
Dead To The Core: An Almanack of the Grateful Dead, Eric F. Wybenga, 1997
The American Book of the Dead : The Definitive Grateful Dead Encyclopedia, Oliver Trager, 1997
Grateful Dead (Pop Culture Legends), Sean Piccoloi, 1997
Access All Areas : Backstage With the Grateful Dead, Gary Lambert and Timothy Harris, 1998
Dead Reckonings : The Life and Times of the Grateful Dead, John Rocco (Editor), 1999
Perspectives on the Grateful Dead : Critical Writings, Robert G. Weiner (Editor), 1999
Sweet Chaos : The Grateful Dead's American Adventure, Carol Brightman, 1999
What A Long, Strange Trip, Stephen Peters, 1999
The Grateful Dead Reader (Readers on American Musicians), Dodd/Spaulding, 2000
Dead Letters Inaugural Issue, Editor: Nicholas Meriwether, 2001
Between the Dark and Light: The Grateful Dead Photography of Jay Blakesberg, October 2002
A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of the Grateful Dead, Dennis McNally, 2002
Home Before Daylight: My Life On the Road with the Grateful Dead, Steve Parish / Joe Layden, 2003
Grateful Dead: The Illustrated Trip, 2003
Grateful Dead Day Planner , 2004

Grateful Dead chapters in wider ranging publications
Rock Folk, Michael Lydon, 1971
Dream Telepathy: Experiments In Nocturnal ESP, 1973
Summer Of Love: Haight Ashbury At It's Highest, Gene Anthony, 1980
San Francisco Rock: The Illustrated History of San Francisco Rock Music, Jack McDonough, 1985
20 Years Of Rolling Stone: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been, 1987
The Map: Rediscovering Rock and Roll: A Journey, Paul Williams, 1988
Off The Record: An Oral History of Popular Music, Joe Smith, 1988
Rock Lives, Timothy White, 1990
The Art Of Rock and Roll, Charles T. Brown, 1992
Companies With A Conscience: Intimate Portraits Of Twelve Firms That Make A Difference, 1993
The Summer Of Love, Joel Selvin, 1994
Adolescents and Their Music: If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old, Jonathan S. Epstein (Editor), 1994
Pioneers Of Rock & Roll: 100 Artists Who Changed The Face of Rock, Harry Sumrall, 1994
Nothing But Net: Just Give Me The Ball And Get Out Of...., Bill Walton, Gene Wojciechowski, 1994
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A more general list of photography books covering rock photography or the sixties is included on the San Francisco sixties music book page.

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A list of books about hippies is included on the San Francisco sixties music book page.

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Amazon already has Phil Lesh's forthcoming book "Searching for the sound; My Life in the Grateful Dead" listed-

* Hardcover: 352 pages
* Publisher: Little, Brown; (April 18, 2005)
* ISBN: 0316009989

Saturday, October 16, 2004

....Still the Baby...

....Is how one older Sugar Mama put it on a different Bobby birthday...or was it-still the Babe?
Wishing Bobby every happiness everyday and special blessings for today.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Perhaps you wanna be something from the Hippy era for Halloween this year?
I remember my mom dressing me up as a baby hippy chick during those times- I'd get to wear her long straight blonde "fall"-which was super special since I had to wear short pixy hair cuts to keep my naturally frizzy hair managable , a big straw sunhat...luv beads, floaty peasant tops, scarves & layers of skirts...A family friend had crocheted a poncho for mom, so that was also recruited for the costume... my favorite touch (aside from the long blonde hair) was the elaborate eye make up and and daisy that my almost a hippy teenage baby sitter from across the street painted on me....Kudos to my mom for getting into it- she even let me trick or treat barefoot....
My grandparents wouldve plotzed had they seen me...
"If Nana asks about Halloween- tell her you re gonna be a gypsy!"
Somehow this flashback to ye ancient times was supposed to segue into sending you to this very 60's "Straight in the Haight" website....Here's the url (still learning the way of blog link)-

osted: 10/15/04
Grateful Dead Movie Showing

San Francisco Bay Area Dead Heads take notice: Following its sold-out premier at the Mill Valley Film Festival on October 15, the restored version of "The Grateful Dead Movie" will have a theatrical engagement at the Rafael Film Center in downtown San Rafael (1118 4th Street) from Monday, October 18 to Tuesday, October 26. The Movie will screen each night in the big theatre, a very rare opportunity to see this stunning restoration on the big screen.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


A few things about the aftermath of the cancelled
RatDog tour have become clear by now.
At least we can tell the following:

We have word about the 2 Camden shows. We will
be assigned tickets for those of you who still would
like to go to these shows. Current information:

Friday, November 26, 2004
The String Cheese Incident
w/ special guest Robert Randolph & The Family Band
DJ Harry will be spinning in the concourse this night as well.

Saturday, November 27, 2004
The String Cheese Incident
w/ special guest Railroad Earth
Josh Wink will be spinning in the concourse this night as well.

Please let us know as soon as possible whether or not you'd
like to receive tickets for these shows. We will then either get
your tickets to you in due time, or else return your money
orders. Needless to say we should resolve this situation
as fast as we can. If we do not hear from you by the end
of next week, October 22, we may not be able to hold
tickets for you.

We are returning money orders for all shows that
had not yet been ticketed. This includes the shows
in Frederick, MD, Denver, CO and all other shows
scheduled for November. We hope to have those
money order in the mail by Monday at the latest.

Re: all shows for which you have already received tickets:
We are still waiting for instructions from management as
to how to resolve the situation. We will of course let you
know as soon as we have word.

The Crew of GDTSTOO

Ratdog Action figures???

Norman's creations, I believe?

urls, urls, urls

Just more urls to check out:

Sprechen zie Deutsch?

This guy's paintings remind me of the mural I painted in the hallway of our last house....After a few years, I got tired of looking at it and painted it over with magnetic paint...for the next year after that, I cut up all kinds of pictures & illustrations & stuff to glue on magnets- Hall was a gigantic mosaic of magnetis pictures...of course, had it all painted white right before putting house on the market last Summer....I've got tons of magnets- yes many Bobby ones among them...
anyhow- There's a Bobby photo in here-

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Yet another fansite-
part of a web ring of Dead sites-

Yay Norman!!!!

He's not only handsome and a most lovely tour buddy but he's got talent too!!!
Congrats Norman!

This is from Jambands-

This month we feature the Norman Sands Photo Site. And here's Norman...

In 1987 I went to my first Grateful Dead show in Alpine Valley. I did not make it in but it changed my life forever in many ways. From going to Grateful Dead shows over the years I think it has taught me to read more and be a nicer, kinder, more loving person. When Jerry Garcia Died I was just starting to see shows all around the USA, But only started to take photos but mostly of me and my friends having fun in the parking lot.

I feel I owe my Photography skills, I have learned over the years to Bob Weir. Who has always let me bring my camera into his shows. By shooting him and trying to capture the energy he brings, it has taught me to always be ready, fast, courteous and to have fun. Basically I have been learning on the go while having a blast. I feel Lucky to have Watched The Other Ones and RatDog through the years. I have been able to see and capture The Other Ones through Steve Kimock, Mark Karan, Alphonso Johnson, Bruce Hornsby, Jeff Chementi, Rob Barraco, Jimmy Herring and Warren Haynes. RatDog has evolved from Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman, Jay Lane, Mathew Kelly, Johnny Johnson, Dave Ellis, Jeff Chementi, Mark Karan, Kenny Brooks, Robin Sylvester.

I started making my website to have a place to share my treasured experiences with others. Not having any computer training this was a learning experience also. I had to learn everything, photography, photo editing, website design all through trail and error. I am still learning having made many errors, but when you make one thing good creatively happen it makes it all worth wild. Now I try to hit Every RatDog show I can possibly make and hit some festivals and see some of the top Bands on the Scene. You may see me at a show Giving Photos and Music away spreading the love. My Website Has 100+ photo pages with over 4000 photos. Anyone that wants to come by my Website and checkout my cdr list I will Send Shows to anyone that asks for free. I have them all in Computer Format. 2-160 gigabyte drives 1-200 gigabyte drive of music and adding more drives and shows as we speak. Hope to hear from you!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yet another new (to me) webpage....

As there arent any (wah) shows to post about and I'm not interested in tracking his every movement during his sabbatical (unless some spectaculor bit of info begs to be put forth)...I guess I'll be going through and finessing some of the entries- actually replacing posted urls with Links..And adding photos...I hope to find time to unmess up the UK Dog stories and match pictures from the trip to the tour tales....Also, don't think our Eurodog 2002 stories, or the Roseland or NOLA shows ever made it on blog either....
and I know there are some reports that I didnt finish up that need to be noted...good block of time ahead to re-detail...

A little spellchecking couldnt hurt either.....
Just when ya think it's safe to go back on internet....well, let's forget about that and just be proud of the folks who create good vibes, eh?

Ratdog,org is back...I went in and redid my own ratstats..not that Doggy stats tell the whole story...there were benefits and stuff featuring the Bobman that don't get counted on that and there isnt a site I know of that just does Weir stats....not that I have any idea of how I would use my Weirstats if I knew em....
It's always about quality anyhow and deciding what makes for an excellent weir show is an individual thing anyhow ((((((El Paso)))))))
I'm never making anarchy cookies again!
it took ounces of black food coloring just to get something that looked black- I iced 95 (always make more when its a design I've never tried) cookies black. Let them all dry/harden overnite only to see by the dawn's early light that they werent really black but a purply gray color...So, re-iced em all using ALL the black food coloring...after they all dried again, I traced (toothpicks) perfect circles & straight lines on em all, and whipped up blood red frosting to create the symbols - ugh! They looked dumb....I decided to bag em up (cellophane & ribbon) even though Cyn said she was gonna serve em on platters - they just look way better bagged...I was tying up the ribbons and asked Sash to taste a spare, hoping all the food coloring hadnt tainted the taste.."MMM!" Cookies were kid tested & approved but when I looked over at her, Sash's mouth and teeth were all black....anarchy indeed...

Monday, October 11, 2004

I was sort of starting to watch the concert for change- program started at about 6:40- then moved over to the computer and scarletsprophet from posted an url - for a streaming Tribute to Bob Weir- and so- I'm listening to that while John Mellencamp is (muted) on stage....
Program is on NOW and will be going til about 9pm pacific time
cut and paste this-
Val Stevenson posted the addy for sending cards and stuff at
POB 8150, San Rafael, California
now just need the zip code! San Rafael is a good sized city - there are likely a few codes....I'll guess the correct zip is 94912 but I'm not totally sure...

Hey!! today is one year since I began the Weirfreak blog.....Finally stuck a counter on here...
only wish I had thought to have started Bob Blogging earlier- some good weir experiences over the years Wonder if I can find the older Ratdoggirlscout reports- that were Pre Blog Daze??

Saturday, October 09, 2004

the show must go on- sort of?

Dont know who else peeks or posts over on TOOboard?
Usually, on that board, whomever is at a live show text messages the setlists-one song at a time to some other tooboarder and that person posts the song one at a time) on to the message board...It's exciting to know what's being played - if you happen to be on the board at the time...

Even though the tour is cancelled/postponed- the fans there have been putting up setlists- posting one song at a time- for the last couple nights.
Posting song by song - with the different boarders contributing songs keeps it unpredictable

Here's what they created for last nite's show- Which I guess wouldve been at The Beacon they forgot an encore though-

Music Never Stopped
Bombs Away (a debate special!)
Two Souls in Communion>
Monkey & The Engineer

Yellow Dog Story
* Don't Worry Baby Copacabana >
Peaches en Regalia >
I want to live in America ( Debate bust out)
End set 1

Set 2
Peggy o
Where the Beat Meets the Street Jam>
Shoulda Had Been Me

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm supposed to be decorating cookies (70 of them) with the red Anarchy symbol iced on each one- a friend is having me make these for her son's Bar Mitzvah- just when you thought the week couldnt get any weirder..anyhow, cookies are still cooling so I snuck up here to toss this url -it's someone named Roy's website includes Bobby photo...and its only a little bit weird

From Robert Hunter's online Journal-

Here's what was posted in RH's Blog:

"Damned shame Weir had to cancel his tour. Sorry for him, sorry for the fans, sorry for the band and sorry for the venues - in just about that order - but health comes first. He books these hell for leather tours,which might be fine if he " phoned in" his shows, but fact is he gives every ounce of himself on stage, doesn't know any other way. I get eyestrain just reading his schedules! Sorry for the struggling ticket office too - overheard to remark "well looks like it's back to baked beans..." meaning no tickets to sell this season. An inverted pyramid it is, so many paychecks depending on one performer's health. Sound familiar?"


saw I had a TON of email...I saw multiple "Ratdog tour cancelled" in the title line..and hoped it was a hoax- because, except for a few coughs- Bobstar looked okay..then I worried that maybe something bad had happened -an accident or something involving a member of someone's family...

Thanks for the email!!!!!
And the phone call!!!!!!

I'm reassured all our guy needs is the rest & loving care that is bound to be provided in abundance by that big loving family of his.... & Of course,all our kind healing thoughts should seal the deal!

I don't know what the official PO box office address for GDP is these days but I'm sure someone will find one and I'll post it-maybe ask Ruby at gdtstoo? Or Wolfie or Krispy? ...if not I do have an addy I can forward get well /thinking of you cards to...

Honestly, He looked okay,maybe somewhat preoccuppied going over things with various crew & band members-but that was the last scheduled RD gig before leaving town.. - neither Scott,Kem or I can remember seeing Bob sitting down for even a minute at KPFA- and we were there for about 3 hours!
Even for that short minute when David was interviewing him, he was busy adjusting/moving some gizmo around- its why his voice sounds so far away...

Hmmm, didnt get to sleep til after 3am last night...sad for everyone and (even though it's gonna be alright) concerned for Bobstar..On daze when I'm not teaching my alarm is set at 7:10am to KFOG- I woke up and heard the DJ tell listeners to call in and tell "Which band do you want to see reunite?" And the first caller I heard asked for Jerry Garcia, which Segued into Bobby singing "Good Loving".....Ah, synchronicity here we go...

Well, my heart goes out to the Weirs & the Parber and Muenter families....
And to the band and crew who I know were looking forward to and working hard to getting out on tour...This Bay Area fan will absolutely make every effort to go see & support whatever they line up during this break...

(((((( Fall tour MidWest & East Coast Ratdog fans & Weirheads))))) I don't even know what to say- I know the challenges and thrill that goes into planning & anticipating taking on a tour and I'm sorry for your loss this time out..but Spring will come soon enough and those guys will be crazy on fire when they finally get out on tour.......

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


From GDTSTOO :o(


> RatDog must regretfully announce the postponement of the
>Bob Weir and RatDog tour scheduled to begin tomorrow, October 7th,
>in Ridgefield, Connecticut.
> Since January, Bob Weir has worked continuously on music
>dates for RatDog and The Dead, promotional work for his
>career retrospective album, and a number of nonprofit appearances.
> It was all simply too much, and he's reached a point of
>complete physical exhaustion. He anticipates returning to
>performing in early spring 2005.
> No one regrets more than he the postponement of these
>shows, but he and his management concluded that his long-term
>health was a greater priority. That and his desire to give his fans
>only the best possible performance outweighed the difficulties
>of rescheduling the tour.

We will be in touch once it is determined how to deal with the
details of this postponement. Give us a minute to sort all this
out, if you would please.

The Crew of GDTSTOO

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

If you havent been there yet- Ya gots to check around David Gans' Deadsite :0)

I promise someday I'll get this linking url formula thing figured out!

who thinks these programs up?

Show: Fortune Files
Episode: Fortune Files
Network: (VH1) Video Hits One
Date: Saturday - October 09, 2004
Time: 08:00 pm - 09:00 pm ET
Featured Artists
2Pac (Tupac Shakur), Bob Marley, Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead, Jasmine Guy, Bob Marley, Rita Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur, Bob Weir
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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hmmm- this site is new to me->

Saturday, October 02, 2004

It almost feels like an Autumn day here in Belmont California- Still fiddling with part 2 of KPFA..

..Speaking of that- Here's a post from David Gans (off of Deadnet)

David Gans - 04:08pm Oct 2, 2004 PDT (#10395 of 10396)

I will see to it that a high-quality (pre-FM) copy of the KPFA broadcast gets posted online somewhere soon.


Friday, October 01, 2004

You know i love you to the day i die!

We were having such a good time-no kidding eh? Again a big old smile to hear the opening notes to Lucy! Damn! I really was ready to sing out Thank you, for a real good time! and Yah-yah-yaaaah! along with those guys! mmm-mmm-mmm! Being near to Jeff- I could hear his voice real clear and it's nice! I'm still so impressed with how well this all sounds- unlike a regular "show", as I said, there was all kinds of activity taking place between the guys and the crew- once in a while one band member would go over to another to say something-or fiddle with a piece of equipment- totally doing this without missing a beat..
You can hear Bobby explaining about the setlist - and then unable to locate where DG might be at that this time, lots of movement through the studio- As Bob took a moment to adjust the songlist, MK introduced band members..Bob was straightening out something on the floor- which is why until DG brings up voting, Bob's voice sounds so far off....After the headcount spiel is some fun random comments, MK mentions Robin's impending birthday..
When the music restarted, it's one of Scott's favorites-FOTD- and I was hoping he wouldnt be singing along too loudly...
Following after with a delicate start up was Birdsong...a simple and sweet one with all those little embellishments coming in slowly...yum...building into a little dreamy-space kind of thing...then waking up in a warm slow Cassidy which mellowed back into embellishments-which started to get stronger and then melting back into Birdsong..a bit more space-jammy-space...and then vocals..
Quite a nice little trip! And completely awesome even with the distractions of studio- many eyes(but not the band members') were glancing toward the clock about was closing in on 10 pm (which is when the show ends)..Charucki stood in front of the guys, given time signals..looked funny because Chris was only a few inches from them...sure enough 10pm came and went and Ratdog finished up about 2 minutes after 10pm...I think David did have a few closing comments and we cheered and cheered after that..but the archive I'm listening to on the web now didnt get that part.
Afterwards, the crew and band and radio folk were busy-busy...we did wait to get a few more hugs and to find & thank David...
What a wonderful night!