Friday, August 27, 2004

Happy Berthaday David Ellison!!!
Dave did all the van arrangements for us last Summer- We could not have figured any of it out on our own- I'd have died of fright had Scotto done any driving- he's scary enough driving on the roads here!! But I digress...
Thank you, London Werewolf, for a real good time! Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Looks interesting- From Kemmie- I don't have time ahora to read this but will -
Jerry story by Al

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

{{{Happy Birthday Cousin Bud!!!!}}}

{{{Feel Better soon}}} to WDP Jay!!!

Monday, August 23, 2004

99 bottles of Weir on the wall...

From TwrlGrl on DNC today:

twirlgrl - 03:22pm Aug 23, 2004 PDT (#7102 of 7187)
Never had such a good time

Bobby's lifepath number is 11.

The number 11 Life Path has the connotation of illumination describing its general focus. This is the number associated with spiritual awareness. As one of the two master numbers, the 11 yields understanding and knowledge beyond the grasp of others. The attitude toward life of those possessing this Life Path is somewhat extreme; extremely intuitive, avant-garde, idealistic, visionary, and cultured. These extremes make you an interesting, if unusual person, with much to offer society. The Life Path 11 person is deep-thinking, and you are no doubt interested in understanding many of life's mysteries and more intriguing facets. Your inventive mind and broad-minded views will permit you to succeed in life in any number of ventures. You can best serve society, however, in those endeavors utilizing your skills of counseling and guidance. Much of your idealism is people oriented and quite humanitarian in nature. You expect a great deal of yourself and of those to whom you are close.
you are perhaps more of a dreamer than a doer. When you do get on target, your ideas seem to have been inspired on high. Perhaps you are not a leader, but you are a visionary and a very talented idea person.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Thanks to Mrn Dw of Deadnet!! I've been doing a lot of reminiscing about last year- I had seen these photos before but enjoy the memories so much!
Time again for Fantasy Ratdog!
Run for the roses!

Friday, August 20, 2004

From Mazzy, my friend and fellow Weir freak:
if anyone is debating whether or not to come out for the Sausalito gig on Sept. 4th, you could tie it in with MK/Puddleduck at the Sweetwater on Sept. 5th and "Bobby Weir, Craig Chaqiaco & Acoustic Highway, and Jimmy Dillon" @ the Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley on the 9th. tiks @ Blue Star Music Camp: 877-331-7827
Blue Star Music Camp
Darryl Hannah is a Deadhead...Not just a Deadhead but a Bobby head too....I'd like to say Ive got spies everyweir but actually, Samantha, my son's girlfriend found herself seated next to Ms Hannah & friend on a flight coming up from L.A. and the only topic of conversation was how much DH had enjoyed a recent Dead show and how they appreciated our Bobby....:O)
Found this article over on the TOOboard-
From creative loafing website

Thursday, August 19, 2004

RatDog at the Sausalito Art Festival
4:15-5:45 pm.
More info at

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 (hey- the next day is a holiday)

“MARK KARAN AND JOHN MOLO” @ the Sweetwater:

Mark Karan (RatDog) on guitar/vocals
John Molo (Phil & Friends, John Fogerty) on drums
Chip Roland (Zero) on keys/vocals
& Bob Gross (Albert King) on bass/vocals

Showtime is 8:30 pm
Sweetwater Saloon
153 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley, CA
Tickets are $13, plus a new $2 “Sweetwater preservation contribution” on
all tickets (total $15) and are available now at the Sweetwater, by
calling 415.388.2820, or at

>From their time spend playing with members of the Grateful Dead, Mark
Karan and John Molo bring a psychedelic taste to their stanky guitar
grooves and rocking rhythms. You’ll hear Karan orginals and obscure
covers, and experience an incredible light show by John Singer and
Graphic Fantasees.

More information at
Here's a link to the current Rolling Stone article on The Dead- I havent read it yet- This is the week I've scheduled for the kids to get seen by opthomologists and what not, in an effort to get ready for school- It's been busy but it's taking my mind off the fact that it's been a year since we started our great trek to AMS & the UK....Okay- The link!
Rolling stone article

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Found this @ I've read it before, for those who havent, Here goes:
You know you're a Deadhead when...''
(the exhaustive list)

1. You spend more money on blank tapes than you do on rent.

2. None of your tapes have names on them, just dates.

3. You have over 50,000 lines of Email received by your account every month.

4. You swear the guy walking by you at the company softball game just said ''doses.''

5. You prefix every noun with ''Kind'', or ''Ice cold''.

6. You spend more money at the post office than at the gas station.

7. You still have the parking tag from NYE 1976 hanging from your rear view mirror.

8. On forms you list your occupation as ''?''.

9. GDTRFB, SSDD, BIODTL, FOTD, SOTM, LTGTR, NFA, and WALSTIB all mean something to you.

10. At any given moment you can compute how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds it's been since ALLIGATOR has been played.

11. Someone asks you what you do for fun, and you just smile real wide.

12. The first entry on your MCI Friend's and Family list is 415-457-6388.

13. You got #12.

14. You try to tell your Russian History prof. that Marx stole the phrase ''One man gathers what another man spills'' from Robert Hunter.

15. You think $1 for a grilled cheese sandwich is pretty damn cheap.

16. You're up at 3:20 am writing some stupid ''Know you're a deadhead when...'' list instead of sleeping.

17. You're boss notice members of you're family only become deathly ill when their happens to be a deadshow within a 1000 mile radius.

18. Your Windows background is a picture of Jerry Garcia, your cursor is a Steal Your Face skull, and sometimes you swear it's leaving ''trails''.

19. The mainframe sysop wants to know how the 400 page file entitled ''Lyrics to 300 Grateful Dead Songs'' that you sent to the new laser printer relates to the CS 465 project you've been working on.

20. Whenever you walk through a parking lot you instinctively hold your right index finger in the air.

21. The compass in your car is calibrated so that it always points to the Oakland Coliseum.

22. You can install a new cylinder head on a '68 VW microbus with your eyes closed.

23. You have more tie-dyes than neck-ties.

24. You find it amazing that some people fill balloons with AIR.

25. You try to convince your grandmother Aoxomoxoa is an acceptable play for a Scrabble triple word score.

26. Your dog is named Bertha.

27. Your KID is named Althea.

28. You spend New Year's Eve with your cassette deck instead of your wife.

29. You're license plate spells ''HEY NOW''.

30. You've learned to DUCK.

31. You wonder if Dupree's Diamond News is going to have a swimsuit issue this year. (WARNING Thinking about this one may ruin your appetite.)

32. Your stock portfolio includes 50 shares of the HANES BLACK T-Shirt division

33. You consider a ''Miracle'' to be a ticket to tonight's show.

34. You can't leave the house without wondering where the tickets are.

35. Left unoccupied your hand instinctively taps the beat to Not Fade Away.

36. You actually are in search of the Eternal Buzz.

37. You're still waiting for that second verse of the Dark Star that they started back in May of '73.

38. You still wonder what the lyrics to The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down are

39. You consider ;-) a new form of punctuation.

40. You sign up for the 9/10/91 tree and offer to make 2500 copies, and then completely forget you're on it.

41. There are 10 people still shacking up at your house from the summer 1990 tour, and you don't know any of them.

42. You consider veggie burritos gourmet.

43. You know the words to Truckin' better than Bob. (OK, I guess this doesn't necessarily mean your a deadHEAD...)

44. You can remember an Other One that wasn't followed by Wharf Rat, or a Throwing Stones that wasn't followed by Not Fade Away.

45. You try to claim gas to and from Dead shows as an income tax deduction.

46. You know the Zip code for San Rafael, CA by heart.

47. You have the postal rates memorized.

48. Your copy of Deadbase has long since broken out of it's binding and the ink is beginning to wear off the pages.

49. You spend all morning looking for this killer Playin' Jam that you think is on this tape from '72, probably the Fillmore, and you know it's a Maxell with the label on upside down, but it doesn't have a case, and you know the tape starts with Sugaree but the last time you think you saw it was in '83 and it was under your friend Brian's refrigerator, or maybe it was just a filler on that Alpine Valley '89 show, which you think you probably listened to in that dude's bus on the way to Deer Creek this year, but his phone number is on the back of the ticket stub that you think is stuffed in your Soundboard copy of 7/8/78 set II, and you have NO idea where that is, so you pull out Deadbase and start looking through every show since '71 that even had a Playin' but by '77 or so you forgot what you were looking for because you got wrapped up in the Nice version of He's Gone where Mickey starts playing the beam with dead cat, etc. etc. (If this sounds like something that happens to you every day, you know you're a deadhead.)

50. You swear the guy walking by you at the football game just said ''doses''.

51. You're beginning to wonder if Bob's ever going to retire that Tamalpais Chiefs shirt.

52. You've figured out the correlation between the date and the # of beats to start BIODTL.

53. You know how ''the song'' goes...

54. Your car windows look like stained glass from being covered with coloured stickers.

55. The bus came by, and you got on.

56. Lately, It occurs to you just exactly What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been... =)

Monday, August 16, 2004

Oooooh pictures!
Kemmie sent me this link!
Shoreline pix

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Forgot to mention that I was able to listen to that NPR interview with Bobby..Not much that is new but there are 2 songs- solo & acoustic (sigh)....!

Ah, a really mellow Sunday here on the burning shore....Bobby's anti-nader comment made today's big deal just a mention in the 'Pop Music' column of Pinky- and a generic singing Bobby picture- always nice to see Bobby :o)
a fun little GD webspace to explore
Ah, a really mellow Sunday here on the burning shore....Bobby's anti-nader comment made today's big deal just a mention in the 'Pop Music' column of Pinky- and a generic singing Bobby picture- always nice to see Bobby :o)

Saturday, August 14, 2004

As you can see, I've had some help with the blogger- My son came by to watch the Olympic Ceremonies and showed me his Blog and helped me figure out some stuff on here- like providing links! YAY!
And he put my "On the rail" picture on here....A quick story about the photo- Kemmie invited me to accompany her to see Kimock (she's a Kimock kid) at the Fillmore- There was a rumor that his Bobself was gonna be sitting in-So, how could I stay home? Plus, I had seen Kimock a few times and remember enjoying his style. Well, we met up with a nice group of Deadnetters and because of the rumored Bobness, they FORCED me to hold that rail! Then agaion, NO ONE can anchor a spot on the rail like I can- it's a tad frustrating to sshare rail space with folks who let go and let wedgers in- which eventually causes dislocation from the front of the house.... I share/take turns but when I'm up- I never let go....
Okay, well, at the time this photo was taken- Bobby's vox was being set up on the stage! I'm squinting at it....A little while later, the vox was removed - something came up and no Bobstar....I still managed to have a good time- a spy in the house of Kimock!!!

Another Blurb about Ratdog Tour from Ruby:
Thanks to those of you alerting us:
Although the original confirmation of the
RatDog Beacon shows stated October
9 and 10, this turned out to be in error.

We have just confirmed that you were right:
Bob Weir and RatDog will play at the Beacon
Theater, New York, NY on FRIDAY AND

Friday, August 13, 2004

bobby site on npr

Bobby on NPR tomorrow

Here's what I was able to copy and paste-

Bob Weir
Credit: Paul Schomer, NPR
© 2004
Bob Weir Classics
 'Mexicali Blues'
 'Playing in the Band'Aug. 14, 2004 -- Guitarist Bob Weir, a founding member of the Grateful Dead, has released a 2-CD career retrospective, Weir Here: The Best of Bob Weir.

One disc features all studio cuts, the second contains selected concert performances by Weir with the Grateful Dead plus an unreleased live track -- Bob Dylan's "Masters of War" -- recorded by Weir's own band, Ratdog.

NPR's Scott Simon recently talked with Weir about the double album and his long career, touching on the guitarist's close relationship with Jerry Garcia, his Grateful Dead bandmate who died in 1995.

Weir says he still feels Garcia's presence -- in the studio, on stage and in his more private, creative moments. "I think when somebody lives in your head and in your heart for a long time, you carry them around when their body's gone."

Weir performed three songs during his visit to NPR's Studio 4A: "Cassidy," which he wrote with longtime Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow, "KC Moan," a pre-blues era traditional, and "Ashes and Glass."

At the Scott Simon webpage-ya gotta poke around to get there- , there are soundbytes and music samples...
Attention Garcia poster freaks- Lots of eye candy here:
Bob Weir and RatDog will play the following shows:
First day to mail in for all these shows will be Monday
August 16:

Saturday and Sunday, October 9 and 10 at
The Beacon Theatre, New York, NY.
Doors and Showtime are TBA.
All ages welcome. All seats are reserved.
A taper section will be provided.
Mail order tickets are available at $48.00 per ticket.

Monday, October 11 at the Kirby Center for the
Performing Arts, Wilkes-Barre, PA.
Show time is 7:30 PM. All ages welcome.
All seats are reserved. A taping section will be
Mail order tickets are available at $37.50 per ticket.

Friday, October 22 at the Turning Stone Casino,
Verona, NY.
Doors open at 7:15 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
All ages welcome at the show. However, 18 and
over only on the gaming floor.
All seats are reserved at 2 prices levels:
Mail order tickets are available at either $53.00 or
Taping is first come first served. Do check with the
Casino for their taping policy.

Our allotment for the show on October 7 in Richfield,
CT is completely sold out.
Tickets are available for all other shows currently
on the schedule.

Within the next few days we will have details for
the following RatDog shows:
10/12: Providence, RI
10/14: Northampton, MA
10/15: Hampton Beach, NH
10/16: Bethlehem, PA
10/21: Boston, MA

The Crew of GDTSTOO


"under a streaming sky
disguised as love alone
an ancient hunger wanders
like an ever-rolling stone"

Robert Hunter
The Ratdog archives (@ have STREAMING audio on some of the music- I'm listening to Penn's Peak this very moment! This makes me extremely happy because I STILL havent figured out how to
download bit torrents (or whatever they are called?)
Every other box I go through has some Bobby or GD related object in it so, I guess the time has come to figure out what to do with all this stuff! I mean weir talking about 49 bottles of weir sauce, dozens of posters (including an almost life size poster of Bobstar-actually an ad for Crate) Then there's a variety of memorabilia-photos,autographs. Magazines and books too-THEN, there are all the GDM products!!!
At the other house, EVERY room had some sort of GD thing in it...Even the garage was one big bulletin board for the array of newspaper articles put out on Dead related activities..Here, the lesser cool stuff will go in the cabana (we call the cabana "710" due to it's gingerbread facade...The personal Bobby shrine (lol) which consists of ticket stubs, photos & precious items collected via tours will live in what is my sewing closet. Stuff in frames will be spread out wherever it fits...Plenty of wall space-the only problem is temporary-the wallpaper here is not exactly conducive to showing off artwork...As much as I do appreciate the precision work (I'm in awe) someone did in getting all the flowers, stripes and patterns to match, there will have to be changes. In the meanwhile, I need to find a hammer and start hanging some of this up...

I'm not sure why some of the urls work and others don't- I copy & paste them right to here...?

Hey, I had to wade through all sorts of nontopical posts to find this url to a story/interview with John Perry Barlow- here goes:

Barlow Report

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Mona's Camden photos:
Never enough time on the computer these daze ...
Found this nice post on the TOO Board-

:Author: usblus (
Date:   08-10-04 23:00

yep bob is bob, and warren sings's a team out there, and they will bring home the gold, and that's why the home is the road.
i like this version myself. they make me happier than i've been in 9 years...the 2004 dead isn't the 2003, or the 90"s, or the 80's, 70's or 60's.......each is different and somehow.......through the change......the growth brings challenges, and then it blooms......these boy's are pretty damn good.....................sounds like the gang is runnin low on energy...they came out smoke'n.......... i've waited through countless rough nights........but the bus will come by again...........who's a getting on?

Monday, August 09, 2004

((((((Jerry Garcia))))))))))

Photographs from the Dead shows can be seen here:
hope this link works!
Found this on today:
On August 8, 2004, Charlie Miller got the OK via a phone conversation with band archivist Peter Ammerall:

''Ratdog has given permission for to host their shows.
This is from the band archivist Peter Ammerall.''

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Just back from Camp Winnarainbow-
Fun website- find a show and check out the ticket...

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I really wish I could remember how to put links up here!
There is a cool mp3 interview with Bobby at this url-taken on the Red Carpet at the Festival Express premiere:

Monday, August 02, 2004

Yegods! Its a lot of freakin work settling into this new house!
Still unpacking just the kitchen!
Decisions-decisions, where to put up the Bobby Shrine?
Yesterday,in the ravine, we saw what must be the biggest feral cat ever or an actual BOB cat- Nasty grungy looking beast-but if he is the reason why I havnt seen a single rodent out or about the canyon-then, I won't mind lettin his flea bitten old self to hang there (as long as he stays on his side of the chicken wire that is!)

On to the Weir Freak Biz d'jour:

I live for the details- Thanks Robbie-
Robbie F - 03:04pm Aug 2, 2004 PDT (#23722 of 23722)
the midnight hour - two souls in communion - easy wind, he's gone

Here's my promised review of Saturday Mansfield:

I thought Saturday was the show of the weekend. Jack Straw was a perfect opener for the scorching hot day we had all been through. Dark Star began as I had never heard it before, with the riff played over a very different jagged sounding rhythm. Quite a few people around thought I was crazy when I first ID'd the riff. All That We Are also got much funkier than it had been last year. Missed Joan's vocals, but the band and groove improved immensely. Enjoyed hearing Warren and Bob's very different approaches to slide soloing on Rooster, and the Cassidy was jammed deep and stellar. Althea was also a nice treat in the first set.

My highlight of the show was pre-drums. Looks Like Rain with acoustic was delicate and beautiful. Sailor > Saint, always a favorite, grabbed me in a wholly new way due to my having recently learned how to sail. OTSR was some powerful dark magic that led perfectly into a dynamite drums.

Out of drums, Warren did a beautiful rendition of Stella Blue (just as nice as Joan IMO). Bobby was obviously getting choked up during standing on the moon - and had some trouble with the lyrics as a result - but this just made me realize that part of what I love about Bobby is his obvious humanity on stage. It keeps it real to me to see him get choked up while singing the song of a departed friend, even if the end result is not immaculate. Cap that off with a beautiful jam out of the 2nd verse of Dark Star into the Cassidy reprise, and it was a show for the ages. Cassidy > OMSN transition also worked just exactly perfect (like a swiss watch). And Johnny B Goode sent us home smiling and rocking. Oh what a night!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

from Bradman-
bradman - 04:41pm Aug 1, 2004 PDT (#5482 of 5482)
Bob Weir - "If every Deadhead in the state of Florida voted, it would be a different world today"

Just back from 2 nights in Boston - weekend started by running into Barlow in Penn Station in NYC and chatting with him for about 10 minutes. Nice guy. The shows were outstanding - much better than I expected and among the finer nights of music I've seen in the last 5 years. Friday was like a greatest hits night with Bobby the dominant force - every time I thought it couldn't get better, another incredible song came up. Scarlet was immense.

Saturday's first set song selection was a little weak for me but still well-played especially the book-ends of the set - Jack Straw & Cassidy. The 2nd set started in the most perfect way for me - LL Rain. I saw the acoustic but figured a Me and My Uncle or Blackbird was upcoming. Sure enough, I got my wish and a rousing LL Rain was followed by a just as nice Lost Sailor-->Saint. Bobby's take on SOTM was the other set highlight for me.

Before the encore Bobby said something like "If every Deadhead in the state of FLorida voted, it would be a very different world. Now is the time to register to vote but I am not going to tell you who to vote for. But don't vote for Nader - I know him and he's an asshole" - great stuff.

A fun, fun weekend. THe one thing I noticed is, even with better-than-average seats, Bobby seems like a larger-than-life rock star with this band whereas he feels more like a guy I know personally when I see Ratdog. These shows definately changed my thoughts on The Dead - the music was just perfect!