Saturday, April 02, 2005

This Ain't no foolin around!

I love when someone makes an effort!
This picture was posted on TooBoard (along with others-Bobby in a snazzy orange shirt) by a happy showgoer!
Ever play at at the icerocket search engines?
They found me and so I checked itout and found pages of blogs that also mention Bob Weir or Ratdog...No time to browse around for me today though!
Mazel Tov to the Hotzim today! Especially to Melanie! By now the partying has begun!!!
Now down to business-
4/1/2005 (Fri.) Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL

I: Tequila > Silvio > Iko Iko > Silvio > Tequila > Silvio > Tequila > Silvio > Bury Me Standing > This Time Forever > Shade of Grey > Hell in a Bucket, It's All Over Now > She Says > Liberty

II: Bombs Away@, Deep Elem Blues@4, When I Paint My Masterpiece@4>6, Bird Song, Scarlet Begonias > Jam* > Sugaree > Bird Song > Turn On Your Lovelight

E: Black Muddy River

First "Tequila," "Silvio," and "Black Muddy River"
Gonna hunt down a review or two in a bit- Must go finish vanity!
Struggled to come up with a "theme" I havent used yet...last vanity I did, I painted perfume bottles along the side and a tiny Taj Mahal on the the desk top & an Eiffel Tower on the bench....Yeah, there was a bidding war, and everyone was quite pleased. Not so much special pinting for this one- I'm gluing buttons on it and using the old doily As a stencil on it. I might paint some old fashioned ladies button up boots on the desk & bench top.
Buttons everywhere-

Doily trick-

Eric posted this on DNC-

EMF - 02:59pm Apr 2, 2005 PDT (#14241 of 14242)

Found a nice review of last night and its from no less LOL:

A pretty great show. They opened up with a Tequila->Silvio->Tequila->Aiko->Tequila->Silvio that was as unexpected as it was fun. Silvio is a great tune that should be played more often by anybody (Dylan, Hunter, Dead, whoever) and Tequila is just fun. I had images of Pee Wee strutting on stage the whole time. Bury Me Standing was decent, but couldn't soak it all in due to a proliferation of oblivious jerk offs on the floor that were just making things uncomfortable for my wife. So, we retreated to the balcony. This Time Forever, was done soundly, though it is not my favorite tune. Shades of Grey really surprised me and rocked at points. I grew a new appreciation for the song. Hell In a Bucket was done well. She Said was the highlight of the 1st Set. It has to be Ratdog's best song. It's All Over Now was fun and the Liberty that followed had everybody singing along.

Second set: Bombs Away opened. Not my favorite song, but it was done very well. Deep Elem followed and it kicked much ass. Karan and Weir really got down and got the whole place cooking on that one. Masterpiece was perfect. Bobby really nailed it. Birdsong came next. Some very nice jamming came out it. Kenny, on sax, really stood out on this one. Scarlet was fun to hear and the following jam (sans Bobby, who was watching from a chair on the side of the stage, for the first half) was pretty cool. The Sugaree that eventually emerged when Birdsong and Scarlet wrapped up was excellent. Again, Kenny really shone on the saxophone. His solo had the place flipping out and ready to explode. Lovelight, though a bit short, was a perfect way to end the set and had me dancing like a fool.

The Black Muddy River encore was another shocker. In spite of flubbing some lyrics and appearing to jump into a verse before going into a chorus for a second, Bobby really did get the vibe and feel of the song right. It was the first time it was played and was relatively new territory. I imagine by the end of the tour Bobby and the boys will have nailed it. All in all, a great show. Except for the fact that my buddy's car got towed out of the lot across the street from The Vic, a nearly perfect night. Also, want to add that it was nice to see Bobby looking trim, fit and with it. This is especially so after all of the nasty rumors and things said about the man around here. He looked tip-top to me. He appears to have shed a few pounds and trimmed that monster of a beard he had going into something a lot less scary looking. He looked lean, mean and ready to another 40 years on stage.