Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Click this link to order a Jemimah Puddleduck 4/20 poster!!!
How funny is this Thread?

Bobby talks about boomers- you say ???
I say go see clicky here!

I was at both shows 2/14 & 2/18- Both excellent! I'm on my way to downloasd Seattle (2/17) which is another amazing show and might be my favorite of the three shows I attended a couple of weeks ago. You can hear some of both shows tonight!
Here is a message board message from David Gans:

David Gans - Feb 28, 2007 9:37 am (#1744 Total: 1753)

Thanks to Peter Ammerall and RatdogLive, tonight on KPFA I will play at least an hour of recent Ratdog - Feb 11, 14, and 18.

I will also air a speech by John Perry Barlow, given February 16 at the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association conference in Albuquerque.

Dead to the World airs 8-10pm Pacific Time. Webcast via and, and of course on the air at 94.1 in northern California.

See the logblog for more info.
Nice pictures of Bobby et al from Sweetwater by J.Wulf

Thanks Mazzy for reminding me-

check it out, it is a fun setlist game we play each tour.

Fantasy RatDog
Fantasy RatDog, an idea created by Phantasy Tour and based on fantasy baseball and David Gans famed baseball/Dead analogy, lets Dog fans test their intuition of RatDog setlists and have a little fun as the tour moves along.
The game works like this: You pick the songs you think RatDog will play the most often in specific slots (i.e. First Set Opener, Encore) over the course of a tour. You receive points each time RatDog plays a song you selected, and the person with the most points at the end of the tour wins the game. (For example, if you think RatDog will open its shows with Sugar Magnolia more than any other song, you should pick that song in the First Set Opener slot.) The game is just for fun..... [Point System] [Game Rules]

Next Game: Spring '07

Previous Games: Fall '06 | CheeseDog '06 | Spring '06 | Fall '05 | Spring '05 | Spring '04 | Fall '03 | Spring '03

Point System

1st Set Opener (8): If your pick opens the first set, receive 8 points;
Or if it's played elsewhere in the show, receive 1 point.
1st Set Wild Card (4): If your pick is played some time during the first set, receive 4 points;
Or if it's played elsewhere in the show, receive 1 point.
1st Set Closer (6): If your pick closes the first set, receive 6 points;
Or if it's played elsewhere in the show, receive 1 point.
2nd Set Opener (8): If your pick opens the second set, receive 8 points;
Or if it's played elsewhere in the show, receive 1 point.
2nd Set Wild Card (4): If your pick is played some time during the second set, receive 4 points;
Or if it's played elsewhere in the show, receive 1 point.
2nd Set Closer (6): If your pick closes the second set, receive 6 points;
Or if it's played elsewhere in the show, receive 1 point.
Encore (5): If your pick is played as the encore, receive 5 points;
Or if it's played elsewhere in the show, receive 1 point.
Wild Card (2): If your pick is played some time during the show, receive 2 points.
Dylan Song (3): If your pick is played some time during the show, receive 3 points.
Cover Song (3): If your pick is played some time during the show, receive 3 points.
One Time Played (15): If your pick is played at only one show during the tour, receive 15 points;
If it's not played or is played at more than one show during the tour, receive 0 points.
First Time Played (15): If your pick is played some time during the tour, receive 15 points.

Game Rules

What is the deadline for submitting my entry?

Entries must be submitted by 3:00PM ET on Friday, March 2

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some cool soul linked this site of older Ratdog videos
over on the newest Ratdog message board-

I'm still not sure what this internet article is actually about but it mentions and quotes Bobby Weir so it must be good!

Ratdog dot org ( and such an interesting day it's been over there!) reports Ratdog will be playing @ Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park as part of Green Apple Music's Earth Day Festival on April 22nd, 2007!

Monday, February 26, 2007

I can see mine and Scott's silhouettes in this clip! Scott's smiling at me as a flash bulb goes off (look under MK)

Looks like Rain from Vancouver Ratdog...

Need a bigger videoBob fix???
Check out this Bobby inerview on The V spot!!. I don't know how old it is but I'm pretty sure I've never seen it before?

Still (STILL?) not enough of the Bobmon?
I can sooooo relate to that-
Here's a Hippie Flashback!
How about something more recent?
Clicky here
Something to check out @ Tribenet

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bobby & Jeff last night @ the Sweetwater!!

Nice blogger review of Ratdog @!!
I didnt make it but Mazzy did-

"Mazzy! - Feb 25, 2007 11:13 am (#6494 Total: 6494)
.............. see that Dog Star shine!


What a sweet show at the Sweetwater. "Pat Nevins Ragged Glory" was a Neil Young Tribute.... very good. Motorcycle Mama, Comes A Time, Unknown Legend, Lookout Joe, etc... "Grapefruit ed" with Stu Allen played a few tunes, and then Jelly, augmented with Stu Allen, and featuring keyboardist Jeff Chimenti played an epic set of Grateful Dead classics.. UJB, Scarlet>Fire, Shakdown Street, Deep Elem Blues, Lovelight encore.

Weir sat in for Aiko-Aiko, Truckin' and Good Lovin. It was GREAT, we ate it up. Bob played his old sunburst Gibson ES-335 from back in the day. All his usual axes are in route to the East Coast for the tour. What a treat."

My aspiring film maker daughter,Sash made a youtube of clips from when my family went to Maui last December.
It starts off with my older son Jason (tall, dark & handsome)then moves onto my parents apparently having a disagreement about groceries- my brother (base ball hat) and his girlfriend look on. Noah (my other son) seems to be tormenting my niece Lucy (little girl) I think Will (my nephew) is in there somewhere also my sister Alexis. My bil Chris is making a toast then there's the traditional NYE Fireworks on the beach.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some clips from RD SF 2/14/2007 on Kid Stratocaster's site clippy here

I'm slacking on the blog a bit - Had to replace a keyboard and get caught up on the message boards and of course, there's domestic distractions too.
I'm sure Dead news and the RUKind websites are up to date with any Bobby news that I miss- Always check there too!
Recent show pictures of RATDOG by the awesome Alan Hess, can be found and viewed at

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bob Weir & Ratdog Pictures!!!!

I didnt take any but
CLarson did- check his gallery out at
So did Dave Clark-check out his at

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nice stuff from 2/14/07 and a video stream of Mission over on
New interview with Keller Williams on includes this nice portion about Bob.

RR: You went to Bob Weir’s house in Northern California to record “Cadillac.” Whose dog is that barking in the background of the track?

KW: That was Bobby’s dog—Jackson Hamlet Weir.

RR: Are both of you whistling at the same time on that track?

KW: No. That was me—three-part.

RR: How was the Bob Weir experience?

KW: Fantastic. He was very warm and gentle, opened up his home to me and was very generous. We hung out in his beautiful house on this beautiful chunk of land in California and had just re-done his studio; this was some of the first stuff he had done in his studio. It was a very, very pleasant day.

RR: You’ve obviously had your own strong career but what was it like to work with Weir in his house when—like most of us—you’re a big Deadhead.

KW: Well, yeah, yeah…

RR: Is it heavy?

KW: It’s not so much heavy as it is surreal. The first time I met him, it was super strange. I went to so many [Dead] shows and I was always in the back; I really wasn’t one to go into the pavilion. I liked the lawn; sometimes, the back of the lawn. Most of the time, it was the little walkway in between the pavilion and the lawn—that’s kind of where I liked to hang out. (laughter)

Anyway, I was never really close, so to meet him for the first time was very surreal, very humbling. The first time we actually played together I wanted to rehearse before we went out. We’re in this tiny little room rehearsing and that was amazingly bizarre. Like I said, I was never really close and here I am in this little closet rehearsing with Bob Weir, singing and harmonizing. I totally know the songs, have been playing them for years and I’m harmonizing with him and it seems so natural because I’ve been doing it for so long. To do it with him was really unbelievable.

Since then, we’ve gotten to play together a dozen times or so and it’s starting to feel more and more natural. I really enjoy playing with him but I really love rehearsing with him beforehand in the back. That’s where the natural feelings come out; we’re playing the songs that he’s been playing for years, the songs that I’ve loved and it’s very easy. I’m
extremely grateful to be a part of that.

RR: Are you rehearsing solo gateways with Weir or a verse-chorus-break format?

KW: Some of the songs we’ve done are the traditional Bear’s Choice/Reckoning songs.

RR: Fairly rote?

KW: Yeah, then there are other songs like “Bird’s Song,” “Cassidy” or “Jack Straw,” and there is an open session to where we allow ourselves to improvise in one area but basically, we go over the format of the songs. I often do different interpretations and I want to make sure that I’m doing it right, playing the right stuff.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Weir Home!

Wow! Mama-mama, many worlds I've come since I first left home!
I don't know where to begin?
Still need to complete the sweetest Valentine's day show ever.
I 'll get back to that after I recover from an amazing weekend.
I'm gonna sing you A hundred verses of ragtime.....

It was great to land in an almost sunny Seattle. I stayed at the Moore Hotel
which is directly next door to the Moore Theater which was the venue where Bobdog played.
Buses were already in place across the street when my cab pulled up. It was too early for me to check in but they let me leave my luggage at the desk (just one bag-could've done it all in a carry on, but the whole "gels in a ziploc" thing just too confusing for my poor little brain).

The hotel was kinda creepy but not very scary and to have it located one block from Pike's Market as well as next door to the venue was fantastic. I wandered down and spent a few hours and too much money at Pike's Market - it's lots of stalls of lots of stuff - not just fish or food (mmm plenty of foods) gift shops, international shops,crafts & antiques and well you could probably find a treasure or two for just about anyone in one of those shops.
I was getting tired feet after a few hours and headed back to the hotel- already a few regulars were lined up! I stopped to say hi and suppressed the urge to jump into line with them.

After resting in my big, clean but drafty room, I could hear folks and crowd noises below my windows - I could hear the buses (both visible from my floor) panting on & off all as well, I got myself back together and finally went downstairs to get in line. Already the line was around the corner. I had no problem selling my extra before I was even able to get in line.
My place in line turned out to be directly across from the band bus. Got to watch all the fellows, including the Bobstar coming and going. I met some sweet local folks ((Jon, Jeff & friends)) in line who gave me a mental blueprint of the GA Floor. God Forbid, I should miss getting my rail because I ran up the wrong

Though the hardcore rail freaks ((Tahoe Julie, Beth, Lee, Dick)) were far ahead of me in line, There was plenty of room next to them on the rail. I set myself up next to Tahoe Julie on the MK side of the stage.

The Moore was a nice looking old theater, small but with two floors of balconies. Some folks set up in what looked like side balconies- wouldnt be a bad view from up there at all.
February 17, 2007
Moore Theater
Seattle, WA.

Set 1
Jam>Shakedown Street
Baby Blue
Ramble on Rose
Tuesday Blues
Last Time
She Says
Eyes of the World

I didnt buy the sbds yet so can't remember more than it was a great start to a wonderful night.
I squeezed into the lobby to poke around but it was just too brutal. I mushed myself back down to the rail and had fun schmoozing with my fellow railies. Onward to set 2, which was simply amazing!
See that dog star shine!!

Set 2-
Jack a roe
A-11!!!!!!!!!!!!<- I love the country tunes:O) :O)
The Weight
Lost Sailor> Saint<-----one of THE BEST Saints I ever heard.
He's Gone
Wharfrat<- with a freakin Bagpipe player! Awesome!
OMSN<- Can't get enough Saturday nights!

E: US Blues<- Crazy high energy

There just arent enough adverbs around to describe the high energy of this show! Rocked out.
Later, in Vancouver, Scott told me our travel buddy "Saint of Circumstance" from the Eurodog tour (2002) had called our house at just about the same time I was listening to Saint (it was about the best Saint I'd ever heard too) at the Moore. Saint was calling to tell us he's getting married! Congratulations Saint!!!

My Strange Heroes lead me on.....

Canada Is the 6th country I've been to for a Ratdog show (counting my native USA).

After a crazy night in Seattle, I awoke, shoved my stuff in the suitcase, checked out and caught a taxi for the Amtrak station.
I was, of course, an hour early, never the less, the bus driver stashed my luggage for me and I went up the block to Zeitgeist Cafe and bought treats for the ride, then brought back a steaming hot cup of coffee for the driver. He let board and after a bit, the other passengers and finally Mazzy showed up. There were only 12 people aboard this huge bus!
Lots of trees, pretty farms and water for about 2 hours and then a 10 minute stop at a duty free shop.
A few minutes of driving, then we all file off our bus and into the Customs building at the border. I find my good old purple suitcase and schlep it to the agent.
She asks a few questions
"Have you ever been ARRESTED!?"
"Uh no"
"Are YOU sure? YOU'VE never stood before a judge?? NEVER had a traffic violation????"
"Uh, uH,uh- I HAVE stood before a judge to get a divorce and yes, I've had a few tickets but NO, I've never been ARRESTED!"
GEEZ! Well, at least I got a smirk out of her before she scanned my passport and wished me a nice visit to Canada.
Most folks went right back on the bus, I waited outside for Mazzy- hoping we could get pictures taken of ourselves with the Canadian flag and border in the background.
I waited, waited, waited, got cold and went on the bus, where we all waited for Mazzy.
Just as I was starting to get concerned, Mazzy was heading up the steps of the bus. I guess Maz was the 1 out of 12 that got the major border crossing grilling. I felt for him, once I was that 1 in 12 who got special attention at a border. Except in my case, the border patrol tore my backpack and other belongings apart in front of all my fellow travellers and pretty much scared the begeezus out of me (never laugh or giggle at the Italian/Swiss Border).

Once in Canada, there was another hour or so of riding. At some point, what looked like OZ sparkled in the distance- it was a string of cities- clusters of skyscrapers and endless buildings. Hovering right behind the endless skyline were huge mountains and I was sorry I didnt know what the name of the mountain range was- I still don't know- everyone I asked gave me a different answer- Grouse mtn? Whistler mtns? I dunno?

Finally we arrived at the Vancouver station. Our first mission was to get some Canadian dinero and then we shared a cab.
On the way to the hotel, we saw a tiny bit of the great Chinese New Year parade down a side street. My hotel was closer- right on Granville St. Just 2 blocks from the venue. I waved bye bye to Maz and then checked in. Lasted about 3 minutes in my hotel room, then ventured out to see where the venue was.
Granville Street looked a lot like parts of Market Street in SF. There were tons of tattoo/piercing salons, falafel shops and edgy clothing stores that wouldve sent my 15 year old into a shopping frenzy-had she been there.
Tahoe Julie was already in line by the time I made it past a number of other night clubs and theaters. I held her space while she took a break. When she returned, I had seen enough of Granville street passers by and headed back down towards my hotel, stopping for a schwarma (you know I couldnt resist!) hoping Scott would be around by the time, I got to the hotel.
He wasnt in yet, I got comfortable, read for about an hour and just as I got to the last page- in he walked!
I freshened up as Scott unwound a little and we were off to discover what was up in Vancouver!
We poked through some of the shops, couldnt find what we were looking for. We checked out the line situation- Maybe 10 folks- all the regular line leaders who could make it across the border were there. Someone was able to direct Scott to some of the shops he was looking for, so he went on. I was anxious to get ready for the show so I returned to the hotel and retrieved the tix- then back up the 2 long blocks where the line had tripled in length. Soon enough, Scott turned up.
Again, once inside the venue, ample space available in the front. We chose the area in front of Jeff. Soon enough, Mazzy joined us-though he had a Photog pass, so wouldnt be back til after he used up his quota of "Pit" time. Glinda found us also- Glinda we met (((Scott, me, Mazzy, Haze,Arrow & Rob))) back in 2001 at the Portland Roseland show (such a good show it was sold: LIVE @ Roseland- long before they started selling live via Munck)
Just got the sbds from Munck (thank you rlappi for the heads up!)
~Longish jam which turns into A delicious Golden Road!!!!!
Come and join the party everyday!
I wish!
~ Without missing a beat the band slithers into a flowing Watchtower. It's incredible!
can't listen to it without some piece of my body dancing along.
~ Memphis Blues!!! Who wasnt singing along? oH, MAMA!
~ OH BOY! Knew right off the next tune was LLR! What redblooded Chica wouldnt want to be on the rail, spitting distance for this! It was dreamy and fabulous and the show couldve ended right after that and I wouldve been totally fulfilled.
I'm glad it didnt end- just sayin...
~ I was taken by surprise by the Fly Away that came next! Outstanding...great flourishes...these boys are so good!
~ Next up: Bury me standing! Which was followed by Greatest Story. which was followed by.....
that's right- the Women Smarter!! Lots of fun!!
~KC Moan and Me and Bobby McGee made me incredibly happy.
The show was absolutely amazing!
more coming soon, really!

Friday, February 16, 2007

What the Grammys missed
Some nice clips & vids right on Ratdog's own website click

So much to do before I leave (zero hour 9AM) for Seattle! Gotta get all the tickets, documents and maps organized- 1 set for myself and another for Scott, who I'll meet up with in Vancoouver. Just remembered that I'll need Canadian money at some point. Hopefully, the atm exchange rate isnt too deep. Today I think I'm schlepping my kid & her friends up to Haight street? They were going to BART in to the city but then I found out my in-service meeting at work today is ~optional~! Had I known that before booking my SEA Flight, I'd be on my way to Portland.

The Haight will be fine- kinda boring for me at this point (I prefer playing in the Mission) but I look forward to seeing what's new and crafty at Mendel's, getting a shwarma @ Ali Baba's
if I wear some form of Ratdog apparel, perhaps it will help me stumble upon a fellow fan. We'll need to be back in time to pick the other kid up from school and then, I really need to figure out how to fit all my gear into one wearing thin carry on bag. hmmm?
Here's the start of my own review- Hope I can finish it before I leave town:

My Funny Valentine

Instead of getting up to the city for line duty at a neurotically early hour, I stayed home and spent the day with Scott . We picked Noah up from half day at the middle school and had a nice lunch together. I got a ton of cookies wrapped and ready to go. Scott made the kids dinner and (finally!) we were headed out to the City. Met massive traffic on the way in. The extra hour we planned on grabbing dinner in had faded away- it was now a race to get in the will call line.

In addition to the monster basket of cookies (I was able to find one of the usual suspects to lug it up the backstairs), I had two shopping bags filled with little bags of Valentine candy to pass around. Go figure, this was the first time I had seen folks selling food to the Fillmore line- it took forever to give away FREE candy. I didnt want my freebies to compete with people selling sweets to make tour money, but since me, my kids and friends spent so much time and energy on making the little bags I wasnt going to give up.
One nice lady was willing to hand out the contents of one bag and I managed to hand out most of the other bag before running into another usual suspect who promised to toss the rest of the candy (red hots, conversation hearts, gummy bears,chocolate kisses & stickers that had the date & venue on them) in one of the Ratdog buses.
Sugaring up to the pups.

Made it back to line just as will call was opening. The it was off to get in the ticket line. We were so late, I didnt expect there would be much room in front by the time we got inside.
Scott went upstairs to find our friends- I headed to the dance floor and lo and behold!!! There was about 50 inches of rail space right in front of Jeff’s set up. Most folks were wandering around or staking out territory in the sweet spot. The fellow next to the remaining rail said it was open and so I took it! It was very cool- I had figured we’d end up watching from upstairs or somewhere in the back and that wouldve been fine since I’ll be in line early in Seattle . However, once I saw that Fillmore rail unclaimed, I figured it was meant to be for me. yo, fate!

Kemmie also arrived later than usual. She brought beautiful bouquet of pink roses and chocolate dipped strawberries for everyone! She and Rose and Calea and Joey ended up being right near us- the sweetest show circle one could ask for. Later Mazzy and some other friends came by for visits - right before the show started, Scott found me and it was sure lovely to have him to hug, kiss and hold hands with at a show. It’s been too long since we shared a show. I’ll miss him in Seattle. Sorry to sound so gushy but it was, after all, Valentine’s day and he is my Valentine .
Ah the JOY of the opening jam. I expected Shakedown but got Stranger. Right off the bat, it was a “setlist tarot” night- every song making perfect sense and key lyrics echoing or answering thoughts or questions running through my head ((my poor old head))).

Stranger was nice but Maggie’s farm was nicer! I saw on the boards that Mission was coming to SF - I almost didnt tell Scott that because he wouldve been soooo disappointed
if they had not played it. When Mission came up third - it was a relief! I just couldnt stop smiling from that point of the evening on. It was a good one . :o) I love Josephine and was delighted to hear it- yum. On to a fabulous BEW- I’ve heard a lot of BEW, but this one is a little different- the jam in it gets pretty curly ! Odessa was fun. Fantastic playing all through that one, too.
More soon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lucky me! Walknbluez posted this review of last night's show and has given me permission to repost it here! Pretty much describes my impression of the show!

My Fillmore review of 2/14/07
By Walknbluez
Ok I'll go into some detail if ya can stand it. So we drive from Sacramento to San Francisco. Luckily my friend Andy was driving so it was me, him and my wife. We arrive at the fillmore at about 7:30 and find a spot. The Fillmore is such a great "security" to speak of, not a bad spot in the house, these cool chandeliers that look purple when the lighting is shining on them, great sound and free apples.

While waiting for the dog, I noticed some hotties nearby but I'm married so I'm just lookin'. One was right next to us, had a ring on her finger, but was there by herself, but dayum! she was hawt!

Drank a beer, then Ratdog came out.

Feel Like a Stranger started off slow but not slow as in "yawn" slow, slow as in deliberate slow, tight. Then Maggie's Farm. We had a dog named Maggie, a little white cockapoo who has since died , that used to sit in our living room while we played the Dead and she would always sit there with her little mouth open, panting slightly. Her head would bob up and down ever so slightly and it looked like she was panting to the beat. You can see her here ------> So this song is always fun for us to hear. Again, not rushed and tight.

Rumors on the main board were that Bob said one night when in Southern CA that they would save Mission for SF. Being that the Mission district is in SF, It was cool to hear this, I think the Dead only did it a few times in 1976.

Josephine was fun. So far everything enjoyable but nothing that is blowin your socks off. Just tight, well played etc. Like an 8 on a scale of 1-10 (I don't know whats up with me and that scale today).

Then they bust into a rockin Brown Eyed Women. Nailed it hard. Band kicked in on all cylinders. You know that drum beat I'm talkin about. When the music plays the band. Now it was grinning time. Chimenti tearin it up on keys. Karan - sweet guitar playing.

Then into Odessa and Kenny blowin his horn away. I like the horn on this song by the way.

Then Dark Star and I thought to myself "Self", "I know everybody likes Dark Star but I'm seeing this as a yawner unless its played stellarly". Then I start getting a little bit of a trip going on in my head. You see, my wife is trying to get pregnant and so wasn't smokin any wacky tobacky. I took a few tokes and then started to worry about my "swimmers" and so I had a small head trip goin on. I told me wife about this and she rubbed my arm, reassured me it was ok, and I was back to the show.

Dark Star had some really mind melting moments. There was some craziness going on is all I can tell you! Interplay between Kenny and Karan was great.

Then Big RR Blues to close out the first set. Great harmonies. And it was tight, energetic, and powerful! One of those things when you see it on paper it doesn't look like much but in person at the end of the song you're like "holy smokes, that was hot!"

By the way, the entire time there is a big screen behind them and on the side with images and clips playing. First time I've seen this with Ratdog and it was way cool.

During intermission, they played the old classic Looney Tunes cartoons (no sound) but it was funny watching Bugs, Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner etc. Watchin Coyote trying to get Road Runner with his traps and jet powered sneakers.... Oh, that hot chick I was telling you about.....She was next to us writing down the setlist after each song but I peeked over and not sure she knew the songs too well, instead of writing "Josephine" she wrote "Rock and Roll with you" but the best part was when she was sitting down at intermission you could see her "coin slot"....ok anyway I digress.

Set II, they come out and Bob does My Funny Valentine, no guitar, mike in hand, hand in pocket. Looked almost like karaoke!. There is a post on the board which has the video.
It really looked like he was singing it to his wife or something and he was able to hit the notes real well.

Then into Lazy River Road. My friend Andy whispers to me "pretty mellow set" and I said "I think they're just starting out with some acoustic stuff". Robin was on upright bass, Bobby on acoustic. Nicely played, reminded me of Jerry. I don't have a lot of live versions of this song anywhere except for the box set and maybe a tape or two and who knows where they are so I asked my wife "After that hot first set, should we get the CD of tonight's show?". While watching Bob I thought of all the post space Jerry Ballads, with the lights in the background and heartfelt lyrics and this seeing Bob there sing this was great.

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.....starts out mellow. My friend starting to like it though because, well, its Dylan. Then kicks in with the "And it's a hard it's a hard it's a hard it's a hard, It's a hard gonna fall!!".

Then, great surprise! Bust out of They love each other! Sweet I tell you. Great harmonies by these guys. Also this is the song that was played at our wedding when they introduced the bride and groom (me and my wife) so it was especially "special" to hear this for the first time by Ratdog.

Silvio was right on the money and got everyone dancing. I know alot of people are tired of hearing this song (I've heard) but I never heard it live and I thought it was rockin and so I was havin a good time. Then the tequila part and Jay Lane was on it with the crash symbols. "da da da daaaaaaaa da , da da da daaaaaaaa da da da da daaaaaaa da , da da da da da da DA "TEQUILA!" Good times! Back into Silvio, back into Tequila.....great horn playing by Kenny, back into Silvio.

Then, along comes a little tap on the shoulder, sneakin' up on you. A slow and slinky West LA. There was something making it slinkier.....and I'm lovin it! What was it?....oh yes, I see DJ Teeko up there. I think this is Jay Lane's buddy and part of Alphabet Soup? It was subtle. Then it started to morph and it went some places that were out know to the point where its not even West LA anymore, then Bob brought it was tight and it was powerful....great bass playing by Robin.

Scarlet Begonias fired on all cylinders and DJ Teeko stayed in with the guys. Bob left the stage and they did some "Stuff" which, if anyone was trippin', would send you elsewhere.

Sugaree had to be one of the highlights of the second set. It went to peaks and pinnacles that were just out of bounds, then round and round again, ensemble style, and more peaks and pinnacles, until you just about can't take no more, and boom, that quite moment right after the storm. I I broke out in a sweat! Back into Dark Star for some more morphing. I was like c'mon guys give my mind a break! and bam.....

Sugar Mags! YAY!!!! But it was one of those beginnings of a sugar mags where you're not quite sure if they're going to hit it. C'mon guys I'm rootin for ya! And right after the first verse, they kicked in (no not anything I ate, the band kicked in!). That, folks, is where they proceeded to burn the house down. A Sugar Mags that could go up against any Sugar Magnolia you've seen in the know the ones I'm talkin about. They're goin and goin and I'm wondering if we're gonna get a "HAH!" from Bob.....sometimes you get an obligatory "HAH!!" and sometimes you get a "HAH!!" that is just beyond his control. Well this one was one of those and every time he yelled out a "HAH!!" the house lights went up for that brief moment and he did like 4 or 5 of em. Of course we got the whole kit and kaboodle including Sunshine Daydream and that just about sapped every last ounce out of me!

And, just like times of past, a sweet Brokedown to send us on our way -
"Fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, To rock my soul
Wont'cha listen to the river sing sweet songs
To rock my soul"

My wife turns to me and says "I guess that answers whether we should get the CD of tonight's show"

Good times!

Fans of Bob Weir can opt for an instant replay

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V Day!

Nice blog with photos from Ventura Dog at
Setlist from Anaheim-
Better details will be posted on Ratdog. org but for now-
easy answers
queen jane
{aborted mission}
tenn jed
picasso moon
ashes and glass

desolation row@
salt lake city
other one(no lyrics)
standing on the moon
st stephen
william tell

JBG encore

Bobby & Ratdog will be back at Bonneroo!.
I've got a really busy Ratdog infused schedule coming up, but will get back on as soon as I get a decent block of time to post in!
See you at the Fillmore or the Moore or The Commodore (Hey!)

Monday, February 12, 2007

A nice way to start the work week off with is by reading/listening to this!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


After spending a little time away, I came home today to find our Bobby Weir on the cover of my San Mateo County Sunday Times!!! Just wait til I get to work tomorrow- I bet a few of my coworkers will have a copy for me. Well, here's the srtory:

Flashing back to the Summer of Love

Has it really been four decades since the flower children invaded San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury? What a long, strange trip indeed
By Jim Harrington, STAFF WRITER
Article Last Updated: 02/11/2007 07:58:41 AM PST

NO LOVE: Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir doesn't have many fond memories of the Summer of Love. The influx of 100,000 people - and an increased police presence - helped push the Dead from their house at 710 Ashbury St.

(Staff photo illustration by ROG HERNANDEZ)
This is the first in an occasional series of stories about the people and events of the Summer of Love, which turns 40 this year.
For everything, there is a season.
And for love, it was the summer of 1967. Or, at least, that's what folks were told - and that's what many believed. That's why thousands of young men and women, known to the world as hippies or flower children, descended on San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district for months of fun, live music and mind-altering substances. That time came to be known as the Summer of Love.
Some indeed came looking for love, the kind where all people - regardless of race, political affiliation or economic status - would accept one another as true brothers and sisters. Forty years later, that dream still sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
Yet, the reality was closer to a nightmare for many who lived in the Bay Area before that summer. Surprisingly, one person who doesn't have such warm memories is Bob Weir, who - as a founding member of the Grateful Dead - was one of Haight-Ashbury's premier attractions. When asked what he first thinks of when he hears a reference to the Summer of Love, he says, "It was time to get out of the city."
"The Summer of Love was not all that great," the 59-year-old vocalist-guitarist said during a recent interview at his home of 35 years in Mill Valley. "The summer before was wonderful."
Looking beyond the cultural implications, the Summer of Love

was thought of by many as the ultimate party. But, like most good parties, it soon grew too crowded. And some of the folks clearly weren't on the guest list.
Drawn by the intense media coverage of the hippie movement, including a cover story in Time magazine, the Haight was bombarded by an estimated 100,000 new arrivals that summer. That number included a fair share of teen runaways, con artists, thieves and drug dealers - who would combine to irrevocably change the very essence of the neighborhood.
The neighborhood was on another radar as well - that of the police. The cops followed the newcomers into the area, looking for - and finding - plenty of easy busts.
Those things combined to push many locals out. The neighborhood's most famous residents - the Grateful Dead - would hightail it across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County not long after a well-publicized drug bust at the band's house at 710 Ashbury St. in late '67. No wonder Weir isn't exactly fond of that time.
Yet, despite those things, the summer of '67 would be romanticized as nothing short of a cultural revolution. Indeed, social, cultural and political change was in the air, blowing through big cities like London and New York City as well as college campuses across the nation.
The focal point, though, was San Francisco.
Great human experiment

Some saw the whole thing as a great human experiment, an attempt to create a gentler, more enlightened society that would value flowers over firearms and poetry over possessions. That was the dream. The reality, as Weir pointed out, was a little less lovely.
But why let reality get in the way of a good story? Let's, for the moment, focus on the positive elements that sprung from the Summer of Love. The season gave birth to, or helped solidify, several key movements - including the Free Speech, Gay Rights and Civil Rights movements.
Those are some of the reasons why many people will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of San Francisco's most famous season for most of this year. Just recently it was announced that there will be a Summer of Love celebration concert Sept. 2 in Golden Gate Park. The lineup has yet to be set, but there should be no shortage of willing participants. Organizers will give a public launch party for the event from 6 to 10 p.m. Wednesday at 3075 17th St., San Francisco.
Don't expect Weir to be there waving a heartshaped Summer of Love banner on Valentine's Day. He'll be busy that night fronting his current band, Ratdog, at the most hallowed of all '60s venues, the Fillmore. Plus, 40th anniversary or not, the Summer of Love feels pretty distant these days to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.
"It's back there a ways," Weir said. "Other stuff that proceeded that seems a little closer. I don't know. Stuff gets mixed up."
Well, let's clear things up a bit. Weir, whether or not he wants the credit, is at least partially responsible for there having been a Summer of Love. One of the biggest draws to Northern California during that time was the live music scene, of which the Grateful Dead was arguably the most significant member.
Peninsula roots

Intriguingly, for a band forever linked with San Francisco, the Grateful Dead got its start on the Peninsula. There are several jumping off points for the story, but, for our purposes, it makes sense to begin in 1963 - New Year's Eve 1963, to be exact. That's when young Weir, just 16, was strolling through Palo Alto and heard some acoustic tunes ringing from Dana Morgan's Music Store. He followed the sound and found Jerry Garcia, who would become his musical mentor.
Those are the kinds of memories that remain fresh in Weir's mind. And it's hard for him to fathom what he'd be doing today if he hadn't hooked up with Garcia that night.
"I have no idea," said Weir, who attended several schools on the Peninsula, including Menlo- Atherton High School. "I know that I would probably still be doing music. It's all I've ever wanted to do since I was 8 or 9."
Fortunately for Deadheads, Weir and Garcia became fast friends and, along with bassist Phil Lesh, drummer Bill Kreutzmann and vocalist-keyboardist Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, formed a band in 1965 that would later take the name Grateful Dead.
Influenced by a huge array of musical styles, from bluegrass and country to avant-garde classical and electric-guitar rock, the group sounded vastly different from everything else in the music business. The Dead would find an audience for its eclectic mix when it began performing at author Ken Kesey's famed acid tests, which marked a marriage of mind-bending jams with mind-altering substances that is still going strong today.
Along with such fellow sonic adventurers as Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service, the Grateful Dead would pioneer a style of music that would become known as the "San Francisco Sound." In turn, the band would help usher in the psychedelic era and indirectly influence everyone from the Beatles and the Beach Boys to Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones.
The Grateful Dead was the de facto house band for San Francisco's psychedelic period. Notably, the group performed at the Human Be-In, an event that drew more than 20,000 flower children to Golden Gate Park in January 1967. The Be-In was widely considered to be the kickoff to the Summer of Love, and it featured several other local bands, including Quicksilver Messenger Service, as well as notable poets and personalities such as Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary (who was making his first appearance in San Francisco).
The event introduced the term "in" to popular jargon, and soon every imaginable type of gathering was being described as an "in" of some type. Even television would later get in on the act, when NBC began broadcasting "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In."
Five months after the Be-In set things in motion, the Grateful Dead performed at the year's most famous concert, the Monterey Pop Festival. Held in June, the festival drew some 200,000 music fans to the Monterey County Fairgrounds to see a dizzying array of talents, including Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding, the Who and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. (The occasion would be documented in director D.A. Pennebaker's memorable film, "Monterey Pop.") The Dead, famously, were given the unenviable task of taking the stage between the twin titans - the Who and Hendrix.
Two years later the Dead was on hand for both the apex of the Summer of Love movement (Woodstock) and its nadir (the tragic Altamont Free Concert, where the Dead didn't take the stage).
After the love

The Dead, of course, would far outlive the Summer of Love and become one of the most successful touring acts of all time. The band kept right on truckin' until its hesitant bandleader, Garcia, died in 1995. All of the surviving band members, however, have remained active in the music business. Weir still sees a lot of old Deadheads when he's out on the road with Ratdog. But it's not all familiar faces.
"There's a huge influx of 19- to 24-year-olds in our crowd now," he says. "That's great to see, because we are hitting a new generation."
In that regard, a little bit of the Summer of Love lives on.
For more information about the Summer of Love 40th anniversary celebration or Valentine's Day launch party, visit For details on Bob Weir and Ratdog's show at the Fillmore, visit
Write music editor Jim Harrington at Read Harrington's Concert Blog at

Wanna see Bill & Mickey's acceptence speech from the Grammy Merit awards which were held last night- then Clicky here!

I just spoke to Kemmie & Rose and they had the very best time last night at this show!

February 10, 2007 Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA
I: Jam > Bertha > Jack Straw > Bird Song > Little Red Rooster, Money for Gasoline, Loose Lucy
II: You Win Again[@5], El Paso[@5*+], Friend of the Devil[@5*+], When I Paint My Masterpiece[@5*+], Mississippi Half-Step > Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > Uncle John's Band > Stuff > Come Together > Bird Song > One More Saturday Night
E: Attics of My Life

For updated info, please visit

Saturday, February 10, 2007

San Diego HOB

Row Jimmy
Wang Dang Doodle
Hell in a Bucket

Set II

*@ Don't Worry> **********Marty Robbins' song, first time played by Ratdog!
*@ Deep Elem Blues
@ Masters of War (all 6)
Jus like Mama Said
The Wheel
Stuff (No Bob)
To Lay Me Down> **************first time for Ratdog!
Throwing Stones
Slip>Franklin's Tower

Ripple (Mark on acoustic)

*Bob, Robin, Jay, and Mark

Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm still watching....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Grateful Dead to get lifetime Grammy

The Grateful Dead will be honored this weekend with a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award. The band is being celebrated as "the psychedelic era's most beloved musical ambassadors as well as its most enduring survivors, spreading their message of peace, love, and harmony across the globe for more than four decades." Hard as it is to believe, this will be the first time the band has ever been recognized by the Recording Academy, but drummer Bill Kreutzmann told us he and his bandmates aren't bothered by that: "No, that's just how they are, you know? They want top hitters, not jam-band kinds, I guess. That's just their style. I, I don't -- you know what? I don't get care (laughs). The music got played -- that's the truth. And there's the truth -- there's the music out there, and it's (a) done deal, and so there it is."

The Doors, Joan Baez, Booker T. & the MGs, the late opera star Maria Callas, jazz saxophone innovator Ornette Coleman, and the late Western Swing legend Bob Wills are also getting Lifetime Achievement Grammys.

The honors will be noted on the Grammys telecast on CBS on Sunday (February 11th), but the actual presentation won't be made during the event.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm not a subscriber but I hear there's something about Bobby in the current edition of!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

JDarks on location with Jack Straw!

Great little read about one couple's GD inspired move to SF at
And on another blog, a couple are looking forward to Ratdog in Vegas! Click here to read

Looks like the weekend of April 20, is going to be full of fun
First, there's Jememiah Puddleduck at Sweetwater on 4/20!!!
On the 21st- there's this big gig - I received the following info from
Drummer Girl on my space. Here Goes:
This is a 3 bill show that you do not want to miss, so PLEASE mark your calenders now!!

Uptown night club in downtown Oakland on April 21st. 1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

Band of Brotherz
Alphabet Soup
4 one Funk

4 one Funk is a very reputable group compiled of 4 DJ's mixing hip hop, and funk. They have a very large following in San Francisco, and are also heading out on a West Coast tour as we speak. or if you would like to check them out.

Alphabet Soup began in the mid 90's when jazz hip hop was making it's scene known. They had a video that had commercial play, and toured nationwide as well. Three of the members are currently in Ratdog (Bob Weir/Grateful dead).

And of course the Band of Brotherz. Consisting of the Orally Transmitted Teachings of Vocalist/Producer Zachariah Mose (The Ironmonk), Guru and Prophet of Golden Baboon Studios, The Band of Brotherz is a Underground Music Kollective founded with members of ..90..s San Francisco Hip Hop Jazz Pioneers Alphabet Soup, Les Claypool(Primus)..s Fancy Band, and Bob Weir(Grateful Dead)..s Ratdog.

We propose to Unite all Mystical Kultural Traditions into One Synchronous Rhythmic, Orgasmic Synergistic Whole. Together with fellow Konspirator/Rapper Chris Burger (Charlie Bravo), Badass Drummer/Marijuana Activist Jay Lane (Jungle Lingo), Rebel Poet/Zen Master Michael Blake (Mystic Mon), and Legendary Oakland Rapper, Kingpin Rowe, we use Transcendental Psycho Linguistic Magnetism to Overthrow the State-Us-Quo.

I'll be sending reminders to all of you before April. The Brotherz all need our support for their teachings be heard and unite, so please make it a priority to be there.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Hello Puppies!
Hope everyone had a great weekend?!
I was sorry not to be at KPFA
but followed along as often as I could and pledged once for myself and
once for Scott. As I mentioned before, my 15 year old daughter, Sasha,
needed me to transport her all around as she was assigned to
participate in a high school trivia hunt through various local
I had just made a pledge when I was summoned to schlep Sasha from one library to another.
We were driving along, she noticed the radio was on instead of the usual Ratdog CD (It's actually stuck in my car cd player-has been for about a month but anyhoo-)

Sasha: What's up with all the Grateful Dead music on the radio?
Me: You know that station, that has that marathon every year- that Kem & I go to? The marathon is today. I'd be there but uh...
Sash: oh, Sorry..
Me: I'll do it next least I can listen to it in the car.
David Gans is talking about the setlist or something

Sash: So, like, do you know this guy who is talking?
Me: Sure I do! That's David, he's also a musician and a writer and an authority on the GD!
Sash: Does he know you?
Me: I think so!

At this point, David is starting to thank the folks who have made pledges and with the most exqusite timing,
David is saying something over the airwaves that sounds like

"Irenie-is a fine Human Being!"

Sasha: Mom!
Me: ..And you thought all my friends were imaginary!

................THANKS DAVID GANS!!!!..............................

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I wish I was going to be able to help out but a child needs me to stick around the homefront today. I'll be listening and PLEDGING and so should You! Not only are you supporting a longtime GD related tradition (DG's been bringing it to us long before we had our computers & podcasts) and public radio but there are also a slew of kind offering of premium gifts for your donation..
Where to tune in -either on the airwaves or the net can be found at

Tiny Dancer posted this tantalizing item wrt marathon content:

Tiny Dancer - Jan 29, 2007 11:36 am
The Best Bobby Show 4-28-86

I believe that David Gans is mastering my favorite Bobby show Time For A Friend, which was a benefit for a BGP employee at Wolfgang's in SF which he emceed, to play much of on the KPFA Marathon on Saturday. There's a lot of different reasons why it's the best Bobby solo show. JGB played down the street the same night so the place was pretty empty. He played about 4 different kinds of music that night. He sang cowboy songs with David Nelson and Tom Stern. He crooned Misty and Fever and Twilight Time- all for the first time ever- a la Tony Bennett with the Whitey Melvin Quartet. He did one of the rockingest Winners and City Girls I've ever heard with Kingfish, and a short solo acoustic set with Desolation Row by audience request, which the GD had just added to their repertoire a month earlier and he'd never played solo before.

KPFA Grateful Dead Marathon airs Sat. Feb. 3rd from 10 am- 1 am PST on or I have no idea when the 4-28-86 portion is going to be aired or how much. Listen and Please donate if you can.

Friday, February 02, 2007

from gdtstoo:

We know that this is a favorite place for many of you so
we are happy to finally give you the details:

Bob Weir and Ratdog will play the following 2 shows:
Friday and Saturday, March 16 and 17 at Penn's Peak,
Jim Thorpe, PA. Doors at 6:00 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
All ages are welcome. This is a general admission show.
Mail order tickets are available at $35.00 per ticket.

We will call 'first mail in date" to be Saturday, February 3
through Tuesday, February 6.
Mail order is now closed for the West Coast shows.
Thank you.

We are working on the Beacon tickets. It will take a while
to get all that done

The Crew of GDTSTOO


"It goes to show you don't ever know
Watch each card you play
and play it slow....."

Robert Hunter

Web Site:
Customer Service Number: (415) 898-2364
Monday-Friday,9 am-6pm, PST.
To subscribe to our email announce list, send empty email to

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bobby going back to the UK?

It's not even a rumour yet but the following article, found @

gives me a little hope!

Here it be:
Bickershaw Festival back!

Bickershaw is back! The legendary rock festival that put a small Wigan village at the centre of the music world 35 years ago is set to make a remarkable return.
Bickershaw Family Arts and Music Festival 2007 will take place over the weekend of Friday June 29 to Sunday July 1.
It will feature some of the world famous stars who first appeared back in May 1972 as well as top names from the North West music scene and a collection of the biggest bands around at the moment.

They hope to attract Bob Weir from Grateful Dead, Tommy Chong from Cheech & Chong, Donovan, Ray Davies and Roger Chapman from Family - all who originally played 35 years ago.
Elbow, Doves, Andy Rourke from The Smiths, The Fall and Badly Drawn Boy are also being lined up while The Fratellis and The Kooks - both recent chart-toppers - have been linked with the event as well as comedians Johnny Vegas and Phill Jupitus.

One of the organisers Chris Hewitt said: "Like a lot of people I went to the festival in '72 and it changed my life. Hopefully Bickershaw in 2007 will be just as influential."
The three-day festival will be held on the original site off Bickershaw Lane and, as well as celebrating the 35th anniversary, will also tie in with the 30th anniversary of the Deeply Vale Festival.

Chris was one of the key organisers of Deeply Vale near Rochdale, ran the Factory Records festival in Leigh in 1979 and helped promote the original Bickershaw Festival under the guidance of soon-to-be TV star Jeremy Beadle.

will be room for 15,000 festival-goers over the three days - with ticket prices and availability yet to be confirmed. Plans also include a main stage, chill-out tent and acoustic tent.

Special report in tonight's Wigan Evening Post
Last Updated: 01 February 2007

Grateful Dead primarily music for guys? Holly has some interesting things to say over @ The song in my head today blogspot. I appreciated her thoughts on "Cumberland Blues".