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The Rex Foundation: Life After Dead
Joshua Sabatini
Tuesday, January 25, 2005

All aboard the community caravan!

Sandy Sohcot, executive director of the Rex Foundation, says for just five dollars you can be a part of the “greater philanthropic community.”

This foundation lost steam in the aftermath of Jerry Garcia’s death when aspects of the storied Grateful Dead-universe were writing their own conclusions. But soon the magical things sure to happen around the Dead did. New life arrived as if “born over again from above.”

So it wasn’t shocking that the Rex Foundation’s 20th Anniversary celebration at the Great American Music Hall on O’Farrell Street in San Francisco on Saturday, Dec. 11, promised a flourishing life for years to come.

Days before, speaking with Sohcot in her modest office in San Francisco’s Presidio, she described her plan for a more active foundation — to branch out from city to city, to strike up a grassroots effort via the Internet, to double the amount of grant money doled out annually.

“There was a bit of a hiatus after Jerry Garcia died [Aug. 9, 1995] until I came on board,” explains Sohcot, sitting inside her office. “All the contributions were from the people going to the concerts. The Grateful Dead would say, ‘OK we will put on a benefit concert, but everybody pays for their tickets and we’ll play at no cost.’ That was how Rex received its money.

“After Jerry Garcia died there was no directive of: ‘Let’s go out and ask people for money.’” She says the foundation survived on “having a little bit of a nest egg” that came in after Garcia died, allowing the foundation to fund programs each year to “keep the beat going.”

Then the board of directors — 16 members including Dead luminaries Bob Weir and Mickey Hart — made an important decision: “To have the foundation really active again even in the absence of the Grateful Dead — that was the desire and the commitment made.” In July 2001 the board hired Sohcot, who took over where Danny Rifkin left off.

Sohcot came on board in the wake of a remarkable track record. The first Rex benefit was held in the Spring of 1984 in San Rafael, Calif., and for the next 11 years the Grateful Dead performed Rex benefit concerts around the United States yielding more than $7 million in grant money that benefited about 900 programs.

Everything the Dead touched seemed revolutionary. It was true with their live music as it was true with their recording technology as it was true with their charitable organization.

"The Grateful Dead really created, they were one of the first — they formalized a process of giving back that set a model,” says Sohcot.

These days, the foundation’s operational budget sits at around $120,000 and the goal for grant money doled out in 2004 was $150,000. Since 2001, the foundation has provided a total of $350,000 for 50 programs.

When Sohcot set about revitalizing the foundation she chose tradition over reinvention. “We started by doing what was most familiar,” the longtime Deadhead says with a knowing smile. “And that was concerts. And who better to get to play than Bob Weir and Mickey Hart?”

Sohcot’s office walls read like a history book of the Rex Foundation in the 21st Century. Sitting in her swivel chair, she points to a poster behind my right shoulder that reads: “Healing Power of Music.” The placard announces a Dec. 1, 2001 show with musicians such as Weir, Hart and Bill Kreutzmann at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco on Market Street. This concert was the beginning of Rex’s new life: It tested the waters, proving that even without the Grateful Dead munificence was alive, and well and music fans were still eager to assist those with little voice in America and beyond its waters. It was the first Rex benefit in six years. “Lots of people came. We sold out and raised about $136,000. That got it started,” Sohcot says. “Then we did another big benefit (the following year) that raised another $150,000.”

During the Grateful Dead years, the foundation’s core support came from Deadheads. They were a mysterious and magical community, a band of charity who could spread the word about a cause like wildfire and change its standing in the world forever.

It is this network Sohcot wants to rebuild in the post-Garcia era. The people who connected on the road, at campsites, in parking lots following the beneficial notes of Garcia are now invited onboard a virtual Community Caravan, where once again their coming together will make a difference.

“We want to be granting at least $500,000 a year. And it would be very difficult to do that all through events,” Sohcot says. “Community Caravan is based on the idea that people can donate five dollars and be a part of a larger community.”

This concept was launched in mid-October on the foundation’s website with little formality other than an e-mail network that’s ever-growing.

Since the children of the nineties were the last to undergo the Grateful Dead experience, Rex is trying to tap into up and coming generations. “Many of us have been around Rex for almost 20 years - we want to carry this forward and we want to actually bring it to the next generation,” she says.

To do so she is enlisting the support of jam bands, who were influenced by the Grateful Dead’s leap of faith when it came to improvisation.

For instance, when Sohcot booked String Cheese Incident to play the East Coast celebration of the foundation’s 20th Anniversary in New Jersey, it was considered a major accomplishment, bridging the generation gap.

Another milestone event for the foundation last year was the first ever Black Tie-Dye Ball in Chicago, the first benefit outside of the Bay Area since 1994. Five Chicago-based groups received $5,000 each from the event and Chicago-based Dark Star Orchestra headlined. “The benefit created a model for what we like to keep doing — to have more connections around the country with local communities,” Sohcot says.

The foundation often supports programs that are small (with budgets under $500,000) and controversial, such as the needle exchange program in San Francisco.

Rex’s board of directors identifies the groups who will receive the grants. The main thread linking Rex’s beneficiaries is transformational philanthropy, “really trying to find a solution for something, not just putting a band-aide on it.”

For example, Rex granted $2,500 to Mwangaza Tanzania, an organization that provides physically disabled children in rural villages with medical care. The organization discovered that a high number of children had a crippling bone condition called osteofluorosis caused by drinking water high in fluoride. The organization works to treat the children afflicted by this disease and teach villagers how to purify water.

Sohcot’s inspiration derives in part from the “Tale of the Grateful Dead: The Water of Life.” She hands me a copy as retold by Alan Trist. In brief, it’s a tale about being kind to strangers and the dead, who have returned to help the living. “The idea is people may die but their spirit is somehow present and in some way trying to help those of us who are having to deal with life without them. I think that we have a lot of that,” says Sohcot.

For instance, she says her husband did some legal work for the people in the Dead office years ago and he died of Leukemia. His death inspired the Rex Foundation to donate money to help develop a national registry system for potential bone donors.

And also, she says, “I am convinced that Bill Graham, Jerry Garcia, Rex, all of them, they are out there. It really does feel like there is some divine intervention that goes on from time to time.”

Sohcot stands before the microphone on this night marking a new dawn for Rex and addresses the packed Great American Music Hall: “You have yourselves to thank because this is because of everybody who is here tonight and everybody who has been contributing by going to concerts. Thank yourselves. This is a big community.”

Soon thereafter the Everyone Orchestra took the stage, and soon thereafter Weir joined the band along with RatDog band mate Mark Karan, delivering a highly-energized set, which included songs: “Friend of the Devil,” “Cassidy” and “For What It’s Worth.”

Photos by Rob Snyder and Scott Meivogel

Saturday, January 29, 2005

San Francisco Nights

There was a time in the early-mid 1990's where you couldnt go anywhere in the city and not bump into Chris Isaak...We were having dinner at the Stinking Rose on Columbus street the night he was filming his San Francisco Nights video....
Last night was a very SF night for us...Kemmie picked me up and we sat in traffic while the rain sloshed down...Finally got into the Mission about an hour later than we expected- Scott was okay, chilling in the apartment one of his cousin's had built over the store...there's a rather nice view of city from the terrace and by the time we got up there, the rain had stopped and the night sky was incredibly clear...
We ambled to the 12 Galaxies to find that there was about another hour or so to go before folks were going in...time enough to hunt down dinner...
During the daytime, the Mission is still rather seedy and depressed looking but at night- there's neon and a fine assortment of trendy or interesting places to grab a bite or a drink..just across the street from 12 Galaxies is Foreign Cinema A place I heard about but since I can never get Scott back into the Mission at night- we had never tried it...Figured better give it a try while we were there! Quite nice, they were showing 'Das Boat'- "a movie whose power comes from both it's epic battle scenes and cinematography creates a palpable sense of claustrophobia and constant movement"...who wouldnt want that as a backdrop while dining?
The food-small portions-was excellent!
Cross back to the 12 Galaxies to find Twrl Girl& Reisha settled at a side bar..Dick also with friends further inside by the one was sitting at one of the side booth table thingies so we sat there..
I didnt know it but Scott bought raffle tix -"it's a Tsumami Benefit!"...He put my name on them so it was a REAL surprise to hear my name announced as the winner of 10 passes for 2 for events at 12 Galaxies...I can also give them to 19 friends for 1 show (Maybe we'll use them for celebrating when my son gets into law school?)..Right cool!
Eventually, the musicians started appearing the first fellow up was a guitar guy named Eenor from ? He was soon joined by a happy looking chap who plays bass with the Disco Biscuits.
Then The new Monsoon came on for a little while. Nice!
At last MK was on stage-sitting in with Tea Leaf Green for "Can't find my way home" dedicated to Jim Capaldi. Next up was Mark, Jay, Robin and Pete Sears for "You Can Stay, But the noize must go,"
Kenny joining in for Sugaree&Hey Pocky Way w/ Jeff Miller, and a Zacharia Rose rap.
All too soon the MK&Friends portion was over!
On our way out someone mentioned that DJ Logic was over at the Elbo Room and we discussed traipsing over to see him..Scott had to work today and needed to go but since Kemmie had driven, I was okay to join her and so off to the Elbo room for us! The night was young!
More good times a few blocks away- Jay and Kenny joined DJ Logic for a set that included Zachariah! Again an entirely different crowd than the gig at 12 Galaxies..I felt young and old! And had terrific evening! I am guilty of sticking to music I know- it was a big deal for me to try Jemimah Puddleduck and Kimock -I was content to spend my evenings listening to Bobby and working on craft projects so getting out to see these other guys in Alphabet Soup or with DJ is kind of a big thing for me-it's even more special because I'm rather enjoying every second of it!
Thanks for having me!
If anyone reading this is coming to the City tonight- It was mentioned at closing time at the Elbo Room that members of Alphabet Soup will be returning to sit in a bit Tonight!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

A new Tsunami Benefit 4 February

From GD Hotline-Always check there first!

osted: 1/27/05
Compassion-In Concert February 11, 2005

A benefit for the International Buddhist Film Festival (IBFF) at Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA. Featuring Mickey Hart, Hamza El Din, The Gyuto Monks, Joan Jeanrenaud, and more. 10% of net proceeds to Tsunami disaster relief.
Advance tickets can be purchased by phone at 925.275.9005 and through the IBFF website, Tsunami relief information, performers' cds and literature from co-presenting organizations available at the theater.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I love my video->DVD recorder...My latest mission is transferring Bobby & Jerry on A Joan Baez TV Special (Public Telly that is). I always smile at the "Cowboy version of Dark Star"....As I'm tapping away Ive got Jerry & Bobby in the background knock-knock-knockin on Heaven's Door...
I was lazy or perhaps one of the kids were sick or I was too disorganized to make babysitting/driving arrangements but I missed this when it played here in the Bay Area...Then again, if I am remembering correctly it only had a night or a week run then closed...I am sorry to have missed seeing it

but there's good news if you live in Ohio- Found this on the GD Hotline:
posted: 1/25/05
Cumberland Blues - The Musical - Reading in Akron, OH

There will be a free staged reading and full sing through of CUMBERLAND BLUES , which incorporates 20 songs by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, Monday, February 7 at the Carousel Dinner Theatre in Akron, Ohio. A limited number of invitations are available
The event is By Special Invitation Only and In Compliance with Actor's Equity Association Rules for Viewing and Feedback Purposes Only, Not for Review. For Information contact Eric Pugh, at (330) 724-9855 or (800) 362-4100, Ext. 150 by January 31, 2005. First come first served.
A review of Cumberland Blues..
I see/hear that the fellow who authored Cumberland Blues is working on another lyrical play called Shakedown Street (really, I did!)...Guessing by the time that comes out, I wont have to deal with babysitters anymore...

If I put the wrong day down, I apologize- The Tsunami Benefit is happening FRIDAY NIGHT not Saturday...
And I'm looking forward to going!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Music keeps us young

Good Gosh- Another story about Kesey's Tree:
Posted on Sun, Jan. 23, 2005

Oak, witness to '60s counterculture, falls

By S.L. Wykes

The tree they called Ken Kesey's is piled in chunky pieces on Menlo Park's Perry Avenue.

That's the Kesey who wrote "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and became an icon of the '60s counterculture revolution.

As a Stanford fellow, he began writing "Cuckoo's Nest" in a minuscule cottage in the shade of that giant oak, a gnarled wonder of nature so daunting the street-pavers split the road around it. Last week, root rot undermined its hold on the ground, and it fell.

Neighbors and old friends of Kesey's came to gather up bits of bark and branch, to have something of a memorable and often-memorialized past. Someone has written a song about the tree, and some others may gather this weekend to say a few words.

It has left a hole in the life of Perry Avenue, more commonly known as a lane. In Kesey's time, four fairytale-scale cottages renting for about $60 a month circled the tree. The neighborhood, its streets without gutters or curbs, was slammed by some as a rural slum but was popular with Stanford University graduate students and young professors.

When Kesey brought his lightning rod energy to the neighborhood in 1958, he drew a who's who of artists, musicians and writers to parties punctuated with jazz and rock and poetry.

A Beat generation hero, Neal Cassady, showed up one day on Perry, "talking a mile a minute and trying to fix a blown transmission," said Robert Faggen, the Claremont McKenna College professor who is writing a biography of Kesey.

Cassady and Kesey clicked, and, when Kesey took off on a cross-country trip, Cassady drove the psychedelically painted bus carrying Kesey's Merry Pranksters.

The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh made music under the tree, too, when it became a natural centerpiece for infamous parties. The gatherings eventually drew hundreds who came to share the sense of freedom to be found in the early '60s on Perry.

"It was a hopeful time," said Chloe Scott, a Menlo Park dancer who joined many revelries. "There was a feeling we were on the verge of some wonderful discovery of how to live."

Like many symbols, the tree accumulated its own mythology. There was a basketball hoop on the tree, but never were its branches the site of LSD-fueled stargazing, Scott said, frustrated at having to quash an oft-repeated inaccuracy.

"Knowing the Perry lane world, I would think that someone must have tried it once, but it wasn't a very climbable tree," said Vic Lovell, who lived on the lane for many years. He's the same Vic Lovell to be found on the dedication page of "Cuckoo's Nest."

The tree did stand as a game post for the Perry Lane Olympics, which pitted some former Stanford athletes and former wrestler Kesey in three-legged races. The games always kicked off with the march of a topless torch-carrier. "Ken was always able to persuade some particularly gorgeous young woman to carry the torch," Lovell said. The torch was a toilet plunger.

After almost five years, rich with new friends and ideas, the Keseys moved to La Honda in 1963, when Stanford sold the land to a developer. The night before they left, there was a cottage demolition wake warmed by a big bonfire. A piano the Keseys couldn't take to their new home ended up as a fiery sacrifice.

The further adventures of Kesey and his cohorts became a part of Tom Wolfe's "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test," a classic piece of cultural journalism. "Cuckoo's Nest" was an instant bestseller and has never been out of print.

The tree became a shrine of sorts. Visitors, some from overseas, came to touch its weathered trunk. Just this summer, Perry Avenue homeowner Maria Stiles saw a group of German students encircling its trunk on a pilgrimage.

The oak remained a beloved part of the street, even as the tiny cottages disappeared to be replaced by homes priced at $1 million-plus. When someone moves in, it's likely they already know the tree's story. Every July 4, longtime Perryites Anne and Paul De Carli host a party, which inevitably encompasses the tree.

Make that encompassed. San Mateo County, which has jurisdiction on the street, hasn't told anyone yet how the hole in the middle of the street will be filled. Everyone wants a new tree.

The oak, Kesey's widow, Faye, said during a phone interview from her home in Oregon, "tied everybody together in some way. All of us could look out our windows and see it."

She's not sure how sentimental her husband might have been about the tree's death, three years after his own. "But he would like to have seen it used for something," she said. Maybe a sculpture, "or a nice bench, something to have as a reminder."

In the Alvarez booth-

Scott brought home all sorts o stuff- tee shirts and catalogs - Of course my fave catalog is Alvarez...The new one has Bobby on the page across from Warren Haynes...

Bobby’s quote is
“Sometimes, I’ll play guitar just to get away from my busy life. Not just because I’m familiar with with the instrument, but because I know it’s going to take me somewhere.,”

Then there’s the ad copy:
Bob Weir was instrumental in the developement of the Alvarez Yairi WY Series of performance guitars. The concept of a small bodied cutaway with natural sounding electronics was the perfect solution for Bob. His career has been characterized by the unrelenting pursuit of sonic excellence, and the Yairi WYI has remained his guitar of choice for more than a decade. The cedar top/rosewood body blend, simple but elegant cosemetics, and a neck profile that can only be described as “electric” combine to make a performance instrument second to none.

.....Across the page is Warren and it might please ya to know:
Warren Haynes plays the Alvarez Yairi GY2E. This instrument was originally developed with JERRY GARCIA, and it is Warren’s choice for his spectacular acoustic excursions. The GY2E is a cutaway jumbo featuring a back and sides of Australian lacewood, a tasteful abalone inlay and the Alvarez System 6ooT Mk II Preamp./eq.
Growl- Router/connection problems SUCK!!!!
Suddenly, its a problem signing onto the internet my ISP says its the router...
Poor timing as I'm working on my travelling plans and need my internet!!
What does not suck is that JAY & ROBIN will be joining MK at that Tsunami Benefit coming up at 12 Galaxies!!!

Big story on Blogging in today's Chronicle..
Two recently updated blogs are K-Blog & Barlow's... gotta check in with Scotto and see all the NAMM goodies he's brought home- He showed me soe really pretty guitars this morning-he had a carful of em!
Okay- Ravioli is getting cold!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Weir did January go?

Scott was here this past weekend in Anaheim...He ought to be home in about an hour....Our Bobstar was also there- signing autographs and holding court in the Alvarez booth...Wouldnt you just know that Scotto missed seeing him...Durnnit!
Speaking of Anaheim...need to add some swooning Princesses here and there...maybe a few rhinestones and a Djinn or 2...

Saturday, January 22, 2005

oh yeah!!!!

I dont think I dare miss this one!
Henry Kaiser and all the members of DSO!!
Cool Poster too!


The last few weeks have just flashed by! tells me Ive only got 12 daze to go before RATDOG starts up!
I'll be there...I was so focused on getting to and working out plans for Vegas that I neglected considering the other options....Kemmie suggested we head to Anaheim and directed me to the low priced fares available at SW Airlines...And well....
One show is not enough if I'll already be 1/2 way to the fabulous Celebrity Theater in Phoenix- and the weekend aint over..and flying there from OC is even cheaper - well, there I/we go again! Scott will leave the shop a little early that Saturday and fly out to meet us in the venue by show time!
In the meanwhile- There's MK at the Tsunami Benefit at the 12 Galaxies on Friday -or is it Saturday? and Dav(id) told me he heard on David Gans' show (((Bobby))) is guesting at a future Spencer Dryden Memorial event...Winter is certainly shaping up out here!

Shantytown CD Release Party to Benefit Tsunami Victims

Chet Helms to Emcee Event

San Francisco roots rock band Shantytown will celebrate the release of their recent CD, Trying to Find the Door, with a benefit concert and CD release party. Bay Area legend Chet Helmes will emcee the event, and all proceeds will benefit victims of the recent tsunami. Shantytown merchandise will be available at the show.

When: Thursday, January 20. Doors open at 7:30 PM; opening band at 8:00.   Where: Slim’s, 333 11th Street (11th & Folsom) in San Francisco.   Lineup: Opening Bands: Matt Vrba @ 8:00; Jeff Jolly Band @ 8:45 Shantytown @ 9:45   Tickets: $8 cover charge, with all proceeds from the event to benefit victims of the recent tsunami. Tickets are available at the door or online at or

Shantytown’s frontman, Teague Kernan, has traveled in Thailand and learned to scuba dive while living in a grass shack on Ko Tao, one of Thailand’s islands. “When we saw the devastation, the decision to turn our CD release party into a benefit was easy,” said Kernan. “Those hit the hardest were the poorest - many of them living in actual shantytowns. We don’t have much, but we have our music. And if our music can make even a small difference, then we have a human responsibility to act.”

Proceeds will be divided between two aid organizations, Seva and Doctors Without Borders. Literature and information about these organizations and their relief efforts will be available at the show.

About Shantytown
Shantytown has been hailed as one of San Francisco’s hottest new bands, and was featured on KFOG’s Local Scene CD, a compilation of Northern California’s best up-and-coming bands and artists. The band’s music is roots rock, infused with plenty of blues and some Celtic, funk, and soul sounds. Shantytown’s debut CD, Trying to Find the Door, has been described as “a collection of well told tales expressed through passionate guitar licks, rollicking harmonica, and thoughtful, engaging lyrics.” Shantytown performs regularly in the Bay area and in other cities throughout the U.S.

Shantytown info, links to the other acts, music samples and event schedule are available at

MEDIA PASSES are available by contacting Teague Kernan by email, or by phone at (415) 235-3904.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

From My local Newspaper-

Tonight's paper-

A tree falls... in Menlo Park
200-year-old oak was beloved by Ken Kesey, Grateful Dead
By Nicole Neroulias, STAFF WRITER

MENLO PARK — If an old tree falls on a quiet country lane, will anyone still care a week later?

In the case of a Perry Avenue oak whose branches once sheltered early Grateful Dead concerts and psychedelic literary parties, the answer is clear: dozens of current and former residents have mourned the enormous pile of trunk and branches since its Jan. 11 collapse.

"It's a piece of the 1960s," said Tim Goode, who grew up around the corner and is now raising his own family. "Perry Lane was the birthplace of the
West Coast LSD movement. The tree was the focal point of these parties. When people were hallucinating, they would climb it."

For more than 150 years, the tree grew in the middle of the narrow street in unincorporated west Menlo Park. Neighbors reported that it simply fell over just after noon, in the sunshine; they suspect it was weakened by recent downpours and disease, combined with a shallow root structure.

No one was hurt in the crash, although a nanny and young boy narrowly escaped with
  a bad fright. Power and telephone service were knocked out for a few hours. Workers erected a new telephone line the next day to replace the one fractured by the fall.

The valley oak was immortalized in Tom Wolfe's 1968 book "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test," which described Perry Avenue resident and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" author Ken Kesey holding court on a tree-top mattress with bowls of LSD-laced chili.

Grateful Dead fans hung flowers from the tree when Jerry Garcia died in 1995, Goode recalled.

Since the tree's collapse, some neighbors have collected branches as souvenirs and have started making plans to apply to the county for a replacement.

But the Chen family, which has lived next door to the tree for 15 years, has reservations.

"Now we think other trees are dangerous," said Monique Chen, noting several similarly wizened trunks in the neighborhood, including another oak leaning precariously against the telephone pole.

"A new one cannot take the place of the old tree," added her husband, Li Chen.
  "An old tree is art."

The remains of the old oak still line the street, complete with an intact honeybee hive buzzing around a thick branch.

Suzanne Hogan, a beekeeper who grew up across the street from the tree, stopped by Wednesday afternoon to survey the damage before reporting her findings to the local beekeeping association.

"You'd have to saw the log off and move it," she said, with a sigh. "That hive has been there for at least 20 years; there's no telling how deep it goes.

  writer Nicole Neroulias covers Redwood City, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Atherton. She can be reached at (650) 306-2427 or

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What show do you need?

Ask and yee may find it here!

Tsunami Benefit with Mark Karan

Ah, no rest for the fun lovin'!
Just received this in my e-mail:

Mark Karan will be participating in a benefit for Tsunami relief next Friday,
January 28 at 12 galaxies in SF (Mission district). At this time, members
of New Monsoon, ALO and others are joining, and invitations have been
extended to David Nelson, Barry Sless, David Grisman and numerous others, so
it should be a great night.

Details still coming together-- more info:

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

from gdtstoo

Mail order is now open for the following
show with Bob Weir and RatDog:

Saturday, April 30 at the Electric Factory,
Philadelphia, PA. Show time is 8:00 PM.
General admission mail order tickets are
available at $29.00 per ticket.

The Boston situation has finally resolved
itself, but not with the outcome we had
hoped for. The box office insists that we
ask you to return the tickets we sent you.
We will then replace them with tickets with the new
date and the exact same location. Your 'old'
tickets will not be good to get into the show.
So please send the tickets back to us, mention
'Boston' on the envelope. If we may be so bold
we'd really appreciate it if you would send us
a SASE with your returning tickets. Thanks...

Also, tickets are still available for the Boston show
at $38.00 per ticket reserved.

Mmmm Mmmm Good!

Scott was to join me in the venture up to SF for Alphabet Soup....I had tried a few times to get him to take me to see them at Bruno's but unless you're Mark Karan and it's NYE And Your wife's birthday- it's impossible to get him back to the Mission after dark... when he heard the Soup would be playing across town on Clement he was well. jazzed to check them was in fact his idea!...It wasnt til about 2pm on Sunday that he checked the flyer and saw the band wasnt starting til 10 pm...from then on it was moping and concern about how he would he be able to deal with going to work sans sleep...can't blame him, that shop is always busy and with all the banks closed it would be miserable for him...he's one guy who is likely to fall asleep anywhere-any time including while he's sposed to be driving... I had to let him back out...anywy, Kem & her pal Sid, were interested in going and as you know, Kem lives nearby and passes through my town to get to SF....

So- we zoom off to Clement Street. I cant remember the last time I was out there, but it's definatly a street to bring your appetite- all sorts of restaurants- Russian, Mexican, every variety of Asian, cafe's, bars, dessert places...I needed to be fed. We ended up at a Turkish pizza place..YUM!
Growling tum satisfyed we trailed over in to The Last Day Saloon- spotting Jeff and Jay walking across the street...In front of the saloon was Kenny, looking happy hanging with friends..We stopped for a quick hello then ventured inside - there was still some time before the show was to start, we ordered drinks and hung out, after a bit the actual venue- upstairs from the saloon- opened, we got our hands stamped and clomped on up...found a nice table right in front of the dance floor. Turns out the Soup used the floor as well as the stage to fit all the musicians- the 3-4 Vocalists did their thing from the dance floor....On stage there was Kenny and Jay among a bass player. a guitarist, a keyboard guy..Jeff sat in for a few numbers as I suppose a guest/ Alphabet returnee...Later on, Zachariah Rose- familar from his appearances with Ratdog- also guested....

Now, I know nothing zip nada nunka about Hip-Hop except to confuse it with Rap music...And I havent heard much Rap since my 22 yr old was in JR High school...Not that I dont like Rap or Hip Hop or Jazz but there's just already so much music to listen to just keeping up with Bobby's projects...
I went to Soup with an open mind and my appreciation for Kenny, Jeff and Jay's Ratdog contributions.....
We had a great time!
It was exciting! The rappers wearing sports themed shirts..did their rhyming and moving back and forth across the floor..every few minutes stopping and letting the instrumentalists take it from there...I feel bad I cant say who the musicians (aside from our guys) were nor can I tell you the songs which were being played but the only folks in the place that I might know to ask were working! Nary a tied dye to be found! Thought perhaps (long weekend and all) there might be some familar face from the GD/RD scene but nope! Not a one! Reminded me of the time Kemmie and I went to the ACLU luncheon for Weir/Wass..which is another story for another time (but if you jump back to blogs from 12/03 you can read about it)
Nope- the Soup has a younger, artsier/urban, multi ethnic crowd...I mightve been the oldest person in the house! Not that it matters- I still got up and danced....
Definately- Check these guys out!
.....Someone posted this info on ABC Soup @ Ratdog.Org+
hey now! Wejust got this show added to our system. For anyone who would like to get their soup on, Peter (the guy who has brought you all of the fine ratdog live recordings) has mastered up a fine helping of some soup. It avilable at

Here's the selist and other info:
Alphabet Soup
Last Day Saloon
San Francisco, CA

Disc One

Set 1

1. Jam > 06:03
2. Survival Of the Biggest > 06:45
3. Look Into The Book > 08:39
4. Ways Of The Brown > 08:07
5. The Music 04:53
6. Where's Papa 07:06
7. The Time Is Now 4:20 09:39
8. Take A Ride > 08:42
9. Stopocis > 04:52
10. For Your Conscious 10:23

Disc Two

Set 2

1. Too Much Is Not Enough 06:01
2. From The Sun > 08:00
3. Oppression > 13:20
4. World's Greatest 12:32
5. Where'd It At Cat 05:06
6. Freebies > 07:59
7. Close To You 06:26
8. If I'm Getting High 08:12

Kenny Brooks - Saxophone
Jay Lane - Drums
Dred Scott - Keys
Wilbur Krebs - Bass
Sammy Biggers - Bass
Chris Burger - Vocals
Lexxx Luthor - Vocals
Blake - Vocals

Special Guests:
Jeff Chimenti - Keys
Zacariah Rose - Vocals
Big Ken - Bass

Recorded and Mastered by Peter Ammerall

Recommended viewing : Tom Dowd and the Language of Music....Ive been watching it on the Sundance Channel and WOW...Anyhoo here's a link-click me! Bobby's not in it but still this fellow Tom Dowd worked (sound engineering/producing)with many greats including ...

HeadCounters & others might want to read this article
Some Bobby content.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Belated Berthadaze cheers to BearlyAnne and Lynn!!!

Thanks to Tiny Dancer for this link to what's happening in Bobbyland as she put it...

YES! Went to check out the Alphabet Soup last night- Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane & Kenny Brooks sometimes other group!
They were fabulous- I'll be back with more thoughts on the night later!

David Gans - 11:20am Jan 16, 2005 PDT

Remembering Spencer Dryden

Wednesday, January 19, 2005, 8-10 pm PST on KPFA

Guests will include Peter Albin, David Nelson, Dave Getz, and Barry Melton. Other participants TBA. Host is David Gans. 94.1 fm in Northern California, KFCF 88.1 in Fresno CA, and webcast live at and

Sunday, January 16, 2005

wonder why

Wonder why a particular voice or sound or beat or music not only appeals to a particular person BUT causes hords of individuals to devote large portions of their lives to pursuing more of it?
There must be a reason for this.


To get to the REAL website Click Here!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Rest in Peace Spencer Dryden

Spencer Dryden, 66, Drummer of Jefferson Airplane's Heyday, Dies

Published: January 14, 2005

ETALUMA, Calif., Jan. 13 (AP) - Spencer Dryden, the drummer for the legendary rock band Jefferson Airplane in its glory years, died on Monday at his home here. He was 66.

His death certificate listed cancer as the cause.

Mr. Dryden was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 for his work with Jefferson Airplane, from its breakthrough 1967 album "Surrealistic Pillow" through its participation in historic rock festivals like Woodstock and Altamont.

He was heard on hits like "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit" and on the group's other albums, including "After Bathing at Baxter's," "Bless Its Pointed Little Head," "Crown of Creation" and "Volunteers."

Mr. Dryden retired from performing 10 years ago, although he had not been working much before that.

"I'm gone," he told The San Francisco Chronicle last May. "I'm out of it. I've left the building."

A benefit concert last year featuring Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule raised $36,000 for Mr. Dryden, who had two hip replacement operations and was facing heart surgery at the time. His Petaluma home and all his possessions had been destroyed in a fire in September 2003. He learned he had stomach cancer last year.

Born in New York City, Mr. Dryden moved to Los Angeles with his parents when he was an infant.

He attended Glendale High School and graduated from the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, Calif., in 1955. He played in some early rock bands but soon drifted toward jazz and was working as a drummer at a Hollywood strip club, the Pink Pussycat, when a session drummer, Earl Palmer, recommended him to Jefferson Airplane's manager. He replaced Skip Spence, who went on to start another 1960's San Francisco rock group, Moby Grape.

During his stint with the Airplane, Mr. Dryden had an affair with Grace Slick, a vocalist in the group, and his marriage to the former Sally Mann was covered extensively in Rolling Stone magazine. He left the band in 1970.

Mr. Dryden replaced Mickey Hart in the country-rock band New Riders of the Purple Sage in February 1971 and stayed with that group until 1978.

In the 1980's, Mr. Dryden joined a group of rock veterans called the Dinosaurs. The band, with former members of Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Country Joe and the Fish, played informally around the San Francisco Bay Area.

When the other members of Jefferson Airplane reunited in 1989 for a reunion album and tour, Mr. Dryden was not invited.

He last appeared in public in November, signing autographs and shaking hands at a release party for a DVD of Jefferson Airplane video clips.

He was married three times and is survived by three sons; Jeffrey, Jes and Jackson Dryden.

From Grace Slick

Deep in the back pages of is a thread of wonderful photos taken by Alan Hess...Oh Boy!

Thursday, January 13, 2005


It really really isnt fair that he just keeps looking younger & younger....They say it's a Capricorn deal..but if that's so WHY isnt the reverse aging thing working for irenie? I do seem to get more immature with each year but not in a good way. sigh.....


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

If you are heading to Phil's Mardi Gras show and like getting into the spirit of things, check this out....

Found the following newsy item on the Rolling Stone (mag) online -

"PAUL SIMON's Graceland, FLEETWOOD MAC's Rumours, the BAND's The Band, and the GRATEFUL DEAD's Anthem of the Sun and American Beauty are the next subjects of Eagle Rock Entertainment's Classic Albums series DVDs. The new batch is due February 22nd . ."

Happy Birthday Shady!

Shady is the very first internet friend I met.....About 6 years ago, he was coming to town on Christmas day and was in need of a place to hang out til his friend was done doing Christmas. We invited him over for the tradiional Jewish Christmas...He phoned to let me know he had arrived and was waiting for me...I almost forgot to ask "How will I know who you are?" I couldnt imagine walking around and asking "Scuse me, Are you Shady Backflash?" Shady laughed and said to look for a tall guy wearing a beanie with a propellar in it! Shady lives on the other side of the country and rarely posts much but we see him when he's on tour usually working a booth inside the venues- Kesey's or Mikio's goods....I really am hoping one of these daze to get a Tarot reading from You, Mr Backflash!
How Weird are you? As you might expect, I scored off the charts.....

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Weir is Tattoo Allison?

We miss her!
Recalling with fondness the daze of Weir Disciples Productions

Monday, January 10, 2005

From Paul

Received this a few daze ago from a new friend-...Yes, the Bay Area does Rock!

For the past three nights, I attended musical events in the Bay Area's three coolest areas: the East Bay, the city (San Francisco), and Marin.
On Thursday night, I saw David Gans and Suzy Thompson perform extremely well at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley.
Ivy Room
On Friday night, I watched Pat Nevins from the Grapefruit Ed band play the guitar and sing at the Ivy Room in Albany. Pat is also a Philly guy and has agreed to play at my music benefit concert. In addition to Pat, the following people have agreed to perform at the upcoming music benefit concert for my school district: Wavy Gravy, David Gans, Robin Sylvester from Ratdog, Pete Sears from Jefferson Airplane, and Vir McCoy from Hamsa Lila. Hopefully, the list of musicians and keynote speakers will continue to grow.
I am going to be the emcee. I can perform my "Silly from Philly" act with my political and geographical poems. Maybe, I'll even do my "Rocky" act. My friend Ashley can perform her unicycling act!
Last night, I attended the first annual Bill Graham's Birthday Party at the Fillmore in San Francisco. While waiting in line last night, I met and took a photo with Chet Helms. He is going to sign my Grateful Dead Family Album later this week. Michael Healy and Chet Helms are going to be at a benefit in SF on Thursday night. I am going to email Chet Helms to find out about this benefit on Thursday. Then, I will forward his response.
Three school bands and the SF Mime Troupe performed before the movie showing of "Fillmore."
There was also a silent auction last night. On the program, they thanked David Gans, Jay Blakesberg, and others for donating items. However, they forgot to thank Bill Walton for donating his autographed ball, Big Head Todd and the Monsters for donating a signed poster, and Mickey Hart & Earthdance for donating 2 DVDs of this year's Earthdance event and a signed Mickey Hart drum.
I took a picture each of these three cool artifacts. First of all, Walton wrote "Hall of Fame 1993" on the ball. Secondly, Big Head Todd signed a cool poster. They are my favorite Colorado band. I remember seeing him on the Hill in Boulder, at the Starry Plough in Berkeley, and at the Blue Parrot Restaurant in Louisville, Colorado. I attended Big Head's last appearance in the Bay Area at the Fillmore. They produced a DVD, and I may be in it. I will have to watch that DVD to see if I appeared in that film. Finally, I enjoyed taking a photo of those Earthdance artifacts because I helped promote that fantastic festival. I wonder if I am in that DVD, too. I wore the same shirt as Mickey that day and danced up front. I am psyched to watch that DVD because I loved Earthdance!

Speaking of burritos....

Get em while you can!
Let's hear it for the Throckmorton
Thanks Dave!
The Day They Busted the Grateful Dead
- by Richard Brautigan

The day they busted the Grateful Dead
rain stormed against San Francisco
like hot swampy scissors cutting Justice
into the evil clothes that alligators wear.

The day they busted the Grateful Dead
was like a flight of winged alligators
carefully measuring marble with black
rubber telescopes.

The day they busted the Grateful Dead
turned like the wet breath of alligators
blowing up balloons the size of the
Hall of Justice.

From: The Pill Versus The Springhill Mine Disaster,
copyright 1968, Richard Brautigan.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

What to make for dinner? How bout some of those kind veggie burritos?
And while those are heating up you can invite a friend over and play this board game- "On Tour"

Here is a Brand New board game for sale. It is called "ON TOUR". The game features Jerry Garcia on the pretend money. There is a board included as well as 6 hand carved buses as markers. The buses are all Tye-Dyed different colors. There are two stacks of cards - Twist of Fate & On Tour. These cards lead you through the adventure. The object is to put the band together and make it to the end. Along the way you pick up instruments and equipment. This item was made by HappyHippieGames. The rules are on the inside of the cover. The board is in mint condition. Two dice are included. Here is the description from the game:

Start in the parking lot in your Physcedelic Bus, then cruise around the board in search of band members and equipment. Watch out for Desolation Row where you can get mugged, lose a turn, or worse! Online Trading will earn you quick bucks and Flashback will have you moving in reverse.

You'll be rolling in the Rave - of course - roll even to get band members and roll odd to lose 'em. Take a left and its like going to Las Vegas -- watch out for the bus wreck the worse square on the board, but hit the Lotto and your rolling in dough.

Twist of fate cards keep the game crazy - each one is a song title and you gotta do whatever it says! Earn money by playing festivals or making CD's and when you've got enough green, head to the pawn shop and buy your band equipment. Don't forget the Coffee Shop to find munchies and new band members.

Collect 5 band member cards of the same color and your band equipment, then be the first Band to get to Stage and -- You Win!!

This is really a neat game for any Hippie. It is colorful and is very enjoyable. Give it a try! This would make a great gift for the true "Dead Head" or anyone who is really into bands.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Friday, January 07, 2005

Okay, I took some pix of some of the stuff I framed over vacation. If crooked pix with a backdrop of questionable wallpaper (hey- Weve only been here a few months!) make you quesy- then it's best you don't look here.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tonight is the Sweetwater Invitational with David Gans & Friends (hmmmm?) but drat! Gonna have to miss this one because Sasha, Jason & Sammie(The Girlfriend) are due into SFO at about 8:30pm.....
hEY!? iS iT 420 yet?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

If you understand how to download from EasyTree, you might go copy Weir/Wass JCC Swig Park show from here...I already have this show on video and with the help of my birthday present- a vcr-dvd recorder, I am dubbing it to dvd...I stumbled into video trading by accident...I had brought my camcorder to a Celebrity Scoop featuring Bobby singing and Phil scooping Ice Cream...I mentioned online that I had taken video of that day and started receiving e-mails from ever lurking traders...The lists were amazing and I was like a kid in a candy shop with trades...I videotaped where I could- where it was allowed..No one ever stopped me even at that Ben Lomond show...I didnt know the rules though- like NEVER turn the cam off and don't film in front of speakers unless you can figure out how to dub...I didnt even like to film because you just can't move if youre filming. No enjoying being "in the moment" because there is the lighting, angles and composition options to consider..I've only filmed a handful of moments myself but, I think it was on this blog(?) that I told about how- at this Celebrity Scoop, Bobby showed me how to vid myself..and in his demonstration, I have about 6 seconds of upside down/sideways smily faces of him/me/him/me...
Here are a few stills that prankster Bobby took of himself-the pix of me are too scary to include!

Go Seva
Ratdog photos hereand here

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bill Graham was a Capricorn

Just received this email- looks like more big fun!
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 9:54 PM
Subject: Bill Graham's Birthday Party!!

There's a very cool event happening this weekend - I'll be there and I hope you will too!

Bill Graham's birthday party...this Saturday - January 8th - at the Fillmore...

Sat., January 8th would've been Bill Graham's 74th birthday. The Bill Graham Foundation is throwing "Bill's Birthday Party" at the Fillmore in S.F., with a special showing of the "Fillmore!" movie, the legendary 1972 music documentary about the last days of the Fillmore West in 1971, featuring ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC Bill Graham, and performances by Grateful Dead, Santana, Boz Scaggs, Tower of Power, Elvin Bishop, Cold Blood and other great bands.

The film was recently digitally restored on 24 Frame HDCAM Video, and the Audio was remixed for playback through the Fillmore Sound System. The picture will be bright and the audio crisp. They're also showing some other special moments of Bill Graham at different times in his life. Also live performances by some Bill Graham Foundation grant recipients, including the San Francisco Mime Troupe, circus performers and jazz bands.

The event starts at 8pm and includes birthday cake & ice cream (but you should eat dinner before you go). You can buy tickets online at (click on The Fillmore) - or buy tix at the door with no service charge - AND THE FULL TICKET PRICE IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

All proceeds benefit The Bill Graham Foundation, which has donated over $1 Million to worthwhile causes in Bill's memory.


Ha! this cant be for real? Or can it?

But, it is funny! Found on the TOO Board-

"Richmond Times-Courier
Wednesday, April 23, 200
Page A1

Ratdog Band Leader Weir Named in Lawsuit

RICHMOND — Citing breach of contract and mental anguish, Richmond attorney Harvey Schifflett on behalf of his client, Richmond resident George Quackenbush Smoot, filed suit in Richmond Circuit Court Tuesday. The co-defendants named in the suit are Robert Weir of Mill Valley, California and the Carpenter Center League, Inc. of Richmond.

According to documents filed at the court, Smoot's contract dispute and associated tort claim stem from his contention that Mr. Weir did not provide Smoot and other attendees of the Ratdog concert at the Carpenter Center on Grace Street Monday night with a "signature 'Bobby 'Ha!,'" referring to the falsetto "Ha!" that Mr. Weir routinely flourishes many of his original songs with during live performances. Mr. Smoot contends he felt cheated by the omission Monday night by the entertainer and insists he be made whole.

"Mr. Smoot's ticket — a de facto contract — implicitly entitled him to at least one 'Ha,' and I believe we will be able to prove that in a court of law," said Mr. Schifflett.

When pressed by reporters to elaborate on the suit's genesis, Mr. Smoot stated, "Bobby has provided a 'Bobby 'Ha!' at every one of the 73 shows I've attended," said the 44-year-old Smoot, a 1979 graduate of the University of Virginia. "The closest he came last night, man, was a half-hearted attempt during Estimated, but clearly he just mailed it in," Smoot said.

Smoot continued, "I mean other band members were pouring their souls out. At one point I thought Mark Karan (the band's lead guitar player) was simultaneously channeling Django Reinhardt and Jimi Hendrix, I mean he was just emoting during the second set. I believe he was speaking to people on a molecular level with his playing," Smoot said.

"Even that skinny new guy was working his ass off," Smoot added, referring to relative newcomer to the band, bass player Robin Sylvester.

Mr. Smoot, who lives in his parents' basement and is known to friends as "G.Q.," is employed with an organic agriculture co-op in King George County, and has attended every Grateful Dead concert and every performance of the band members' various side projects since 1976 in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

"Every show between Hampton and Baltimore," Smoot said proudly.

While agreeing in principle with a reporter when asked if he believed that society is too litigious, Mr. Smoot said he believed this suit is different.

"Seeing Bobby and not getting a "Ha!" is like buying a bag of sacagawea and finding only stems and seeds," said the clearly injured Smoot, "though you probably couldn't sue anyone for that," he pondered. Mr. Schifflett quickly attempted to deflect attention from his client's ill-advised analogy by referencing a beach with no sand.

Asked by a reporter from Richmond Public Radio why the Carpenter Center League was named as a co-defendant, Mr. Smoot said his lawyer came up with the idea after he told him "about how all these uptight West End society-types were volunteering at the show as hostesses and selling slices of cake for charity right next to the Wharf Rats table. It was surreal," Smoot said.

Mr. Schifflett elbowed Mr. Smoot aside to cite the Virginia Code that provides for joint and several liability.

The press conference concluded as quickly as it began following a question from a reporter from WRVA about whether Mr. Smoot had any non-actionable grievances with the Monday evening performance by the Northern California-based rock group.

Mr. Smoot quipped, "well, that Pink Floyd tune they covered started out kinda sounding like 'Sex Farm,' you know, by Spinal Tap. I was really hoping it was going to be. That would have been cool."

Neither Mr. Weir nor a spokesperson for the Carpenter Center League was immediately available for comment on the pending "no 'Ha!' suit.""

Deadhead Jocks! Ya Gotsta love em!

Monday, January 03, 2005

from gdtstoo

This being our first post in the year 2005, we
would like to thank you for your cards and good
wishes. We appreciate it. We hope for a more
peaceful and a productive year for all.

Mail order is now open for the following shows
with Bob Weir and RatDog:

Friday, April 1 at the Vic Theater, Chicago, IL.
Doors open at 7:30 PM. Show time is 8:30 PM.
18 and older only.
Mail order tickets are now available at $34.00
per ticket, general admission.

Monday, April 4 at the Vogue Theatre,
Indianapolis, IN.
Door open 7:00 PM. Show time is 8:30 PM.
21 years and over only.
Mail order tickets are now available at $30.00
per ticket, general admission.

We hope to post information for Minneapolis,
MN, Madison, WI and Cleveland, OH in the
next few days.

Tickets are still available for many shows on this
tour so be sure to check our web site for that
information. We would particularly emphasize
that we do have tickets available for the Verona,
NY shows.

The Crew of GDTSTOO

"Disaster upon disaster punching the world in the belly before it can
recover from the last - The I Ching, world's oldest book, says when
you can't do jackshit about the big picture, the only thing that furthers
is to work on something small.
Have a resolute New Year!"

Robert Hunter
Keeping up with Billy K

Too sad

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year!

Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes & vibes!!
12/31 was a blast!
Every year about this time Scott's childhood buddy Dave (yes, another Dave! Must be the name) and his wife, Hillary come to town on their way to and from their vacation cabin in Tahoe- They live somewhere south of Los Angeles..Dave is an engineering professor at Cal Poly and
Hillary is an artist. They don't get out to see music very often-at least not the Jam band thing like ever... Last NYE, the came along to the arena for NYE show...This year the were willing to do whatever we were planning and of course, as their sons were happy hangin out with Noah, we went for dinner and zoooooom out to see MK. We fed kids pizza, left a bunch of sugary/salty treats, I showed the older boy how to burn cds on my imac and left him with a new spindle of cd-rs (how his eyes glistened to see all the Coldplay Ive collected for Sasha). Then, we headed out stopping for Indian food (my favorite)....Hillary - who is about the most naturally mellow & happy person Ive ever met didnt mind being the designated driver. Scott directed her to Mission street and just as he said- The Tower Theater was just across the street from his work! We parked in the Pawn shop garage...and walked across the street pass Bruno's to The Tower, found Joe who had picked up tix earlier and then entered..
I like Reisha's mini-description of the place and so here goes her report:
reisha m - 04:16pm Jan 1, 2005 PDT (#3749 of 3753)
temporarily converted....&.....NEVER LEAVE THE SHIPPE!!!!
is it 'safe' yet?

{{HIPPIE 05!!!!!!!}}}}

ok... last nite:
lil rough @ 1st - kevie, BART & i dinna quite communicate quite as well as we coulda, butt it all worked out, & away we went! never did find 'real' info on this mythical splace, so went w/ google's 'next closest location', figgerin if we couldna figger how t' get from 17th & mission to 20th & mission, we were really LAME ducks...
no PROBLEM!!!!
funky, CLASSIC ole broke down palace - a REAL thAter, seats, stage, architectural wings acoustic stuff, cool murals on the walls, & NO HEAT!!!!!! place had flooded earlier last month ( the 18th show was moved) & it was still a lil wet in spots, but OH!!!!! WHADDA NITE!!!!
ran into more (known) freindly faces than i was thinkin, & there was AMPLE room to sprawl, run amok, wriggle, giggle, ...
got my levels all good & tilted - felt (headspace) comfy enuff to nibble a lil fun, gus! & from there......
body wasna co-operatin real well, but thats ok, i dont ALWAYS gotta be front¢er - i know that mark knows, & i can visualize what i cant see ( do it ALL the time, heheheh), so i found me a spot w/ good site lines, back far enuff where i could appriciate the lite show on THREE walls & ceiling, & ......
sploogespurge oodlesshiversofdelight really innapropriate thots, grounding, self, venue, city, state, country, planet, galaxy, multiverse, good & bad, sorrow & hope, me-you-us-them-all, small 'guilt' @ being happy when so many... take that good energy & send it out, be a conductor/receptor/reciever as mark weaves his magic spell"
LOL- Let it flow, girl!!
Hey, I missed Sugaree? Ratz!
Scott,Friends and I moved down the aisle to some seats in the second row ending up right behind some of our fave folks-Mazzy, Dick & Vera-and WDP Jay!!! Reisha was there someplace but I didnt see her. The first few rows filled up and the balcony was happening as well- still lots of space for spinnery & elaborate move dancing in the aisles and through the back rows...There were cartoons and imagery projected on the walls to the l&r of the stage and over the musicians...We werent the only ones laughing though when a 15 ft. Betty Boop looked like she was mocking from behind the solo guitar/singer (didnt catch his name) who was singing a 'serious' song...Betty Boop continued to romp behind this poor guy during his entire set...Note to projectionist- NO CARTOONS during heartwrenching ballads, okay?! But speaking of walls- there is a pretty good mural of the settling of California...
The theater was cold and the floor a little damp but as usual, the music and dancing bods heated everyone right up!
Mark and his All Star team -well, I can only think in cliches this morn (oops-afternoon), rocked, had it going on, steamed up the place...Scott waited and finally Mark took out that Les Paul and proceeded to take things up several notches...
We really all had a real good time! Hillary was keeping up til about 2AM when she nodded it was time to get on the road- we wouldnt think of arguing with the designated driver and slipped out of the theater and onto Mission which was absolutely buzzing with people...There was a slight drizzle and the bang of a couple of firecrackers going off and what could be more inspiring to sing out "walking along the Mission, in the rain"?
.......On to Spring Tour!...

....I like a newspaper that is fond of it's hometown heroes! like the MIJ is.
This article asks " Where have all the non comformists gone?"