Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Off of Deadnet-
Jen* - 05:36am Apr 27, 2005 PDT (#17360 of 17540)
One does not discover new lands without consenting to leave site of the shore for a very long time. ~ Gide


venue- A+
security- A
music- A
crowd- A-

I couldn't believe some of the things that were happening this night.
So many people wanted to buy or be miracled a ticket. A friend of ours cousin came with him without and I had my doubts about him or anyone getting in since the capacity was so small. He said they let him and some others in for $50 that some ticketholders didn't show or something like that.
I had a larger woman next to me and she made it clear she would watch out for me that night. She was like a colorful character out of a novel & told me she worked with concert promotion, even some hard stuff like Ozzfest. I was having a hard time emotionally for a little bit since someone smoked in there before show and set off the fire alarm and she would keep asking me "You alright sistuh?" in a thick urban accent. That fire alarm rattled me to the core like a jackhammer or fire engine and the band was a few minutes late coming on. I couldn't see Bobby because of the teleprompter but that was later ok because it broke up some of the intensity and inhibition you sometimes feel up close when the music is playing. Oh and I ended up planted right in front of that rectangular triangular speaker. Couldn't believe they were letting us stay up front! This was a reserved show that turned into GA without the work of GA!! I was comforted by Jay's green shirt that he had worn every night of that run. He was animated and funny to me. The woman next to me who'd befriended me told me after the show Jay was checking me out. I said no, it's not like that at all- something totally different.
I forgot to tell about The Clapper. This tall very spun out man who has been at every show I've been at the whole run was also there and about 4 people deep away from me yet again. ACK! You see he claps out rhythyms DURING the songs at very inappropriate times, very loudly and since he's tall it is right in your ears. I was annoyed at first when he could no longer restrain himself during the 2nd set and started his off beat clapping again but after awhile I came to some place of acceptance and he was actually funny to me. We were all Bobby's Kids for a few moments in time swimming in chocolate soup doing our own thing. Rock on brother. I won't forget you either (even though we never actually spoke a word).... because you can only be who you are.
We saw many friends outside. Some yucky old drunk guy approached me coming out of the venue told me I was beautiful while Patrick waited in line for the cd of the show. I ran to my friend and his friend and the guy is like hey "what am I chopped liver?" I *wanted* to say no you are disgusting that's what but didn't want to be mean.
Highlights: Lucky Enough. I couldn't believe we just heard it and here it was again. Emotional and sweet and everything that is good and right. Big River was so fun and Cold Rain and Snow all those fun songs. We all rode the Other One and Estimated and jams they were so right for the mood. JAck a Roe came out of nowhere, very crisp and clear & sounds just as sweet but very serious on the disc. I was having a hard time letting go after the show so I gave up all pride and went around back to see if I could at least say something to Bobby but there was a crowd. He said he couldn't stay outside needed to get onto the bus because it was or was going to be raining. Rain? Like a lot of things, I didn't understand until much later.
We gave our friend some homecrafts to sell & keep the money and this just made his whole night. He was so appreciative that this would be enough money to buy his bus ticket back home. Right here I broke into a million pieces and we love you & be safe.
Oh after the show AJ came up to me and gave me a setlist I didn't even ask or hold my hand out. Someone was mad and asked "how come she gets one and I don't?!" he said it was because I was rail riding all week and noticed I hadn't bothered anyone. Patrick gave him a small glass skull that had been sitting on the stage marking his spot all week. He said I gave AJ my skull. I swear I thought I heard "I gave AJ my soul" AJ gave me setlist in Boston too but I didn't tell the whiner that.