Monday, October 26, 2009

Scaring the Children
Bob Weir, founding member of the Grateful Dead, Rob Wasserman and Jay Lane make up the Scaring the Children trio and play a special evening concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Global Security Institute.

Appearing with Weir's Scaring the Children trio is special guest musician, actress and social activist Lili Haydn, who is often referred to as “the Jimi Hendrix of the violin.”

Event also includes a mid-afternoon forum, “At the Tipping Point: Nuclear Disarmament Challenges and Opportunities Facing Our Global Community,” 4-5:30 p.m., and features panelists Kim Campbell, the former Prime Minister of Canada, Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr., and Jonathan Granoff, president of the Global Security Institute. Following the forum is a special VIP pre-concert wine reception beginning at 6:30 p.m., featuring Ambassador Graham, Prime Minister Campbell, Bob Weir, Lili Haydn and other surprise guests.

Sunday, November 01st, 2009
Starts at 07:30 PM

$75/$250 VIP

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tour Alumni rings????

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Start Time:
Friday, November 20, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 12:00am
305 Harbor Drive, Sausalito, CA

Celebrate the album that was recently #3 on the jambands radio charts, "Walk Through the Fire"
A Murphy Famous4 Production
$20 advance/$25 day of show- General Admission
$30 VIP seating (a limited # of tables with stage views)

Mark Karan- guitar/vocals
JT Thomas- keys
Wally Ingram- drums
Robin Sylvester- bass

Friday, October 23, 2009

Real Estate Leaders Jam with Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir and Phil Lesh at Benefit for Band’s Archive Exhibition at New York Historical Society

By Beth McGuirePrint Article Print Article

RISMEDIA, October 22, 2009—“When we started out it was just rock and roll – who knew it would become historical,” said Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh as he and Dead guitarist Bob Weir took the stage Wednesday night during a benefit at the New York Historical Society for its upcoming Grateful Dead archive exhibit.

Seven New York-based real estate executives and fans of the band, organized and co-hosted the event, which gathered about 250 people for a meet-and-greet with Lesh and Weir, to preview of selections from the archive and raise funds to support the cost of the exhibit, opening in March 2010 at the historical society.

Co-hosts included: Billy Procida, president of William Procida Inc., an Englewood Cliffs, NJ-based turnaround management firm for middle market real estate companies; Robert Lapidus, President, Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder of L&L Holding Company, LLC, a privately owned real estate company dedicated to investing in office buildings; Emanuel Stern, President and COO of Hartz Mountain Industries in Secaucus, NJ, who manages one of the largest privately held commercial real estate portfolios in the country; Brian Harris, CEO of Ladder Capital, a New York-based specialty finance company to the commercial real estate industry; Brad Settleman, Managing Director of Latus Partners, a real estate private equity fund based in New York City, Marc Warren, Owner, Linear Realty Capital, LLC in the Greater New York area; and Tom Marano, CEO of GMAC’s Mortgage Operations and Chief Capital Markets Executive.

“There is a huge connection between San Francisco [where the Grateful Dead was based] and New York so bringing the archive here for people to see is a big opportunity for this city,” said Marano. “The Dead have an enormous fan-base in New York and it’s great that we are able to have this event and do this. People may not realize it but Deadheads are an industrious group, as industrious as any capitalists out there.”

Certainly the crowd in attendance reflected that sentiment. Evan Silverman, a hedge fund manager and Dead fan from Manhattan, noted, “It’s great to see people in big business who love the Dead. When you listen to the words of their music you’re reminded of what’s important in life, and in my journey I try to apply that to how I operate in business as best I can. I hope others do that too – if more people listened to their music, the world would be a better place.”

Rachael Silverman (no relation to Evan), a raving Dead fan and grant writer for the American Geriatric Society, had heard about the fundraiser in a building update for employees where she works at the Empire State Building to inform them that the lights atop the landmark building would be set to simulate a tie-dye effect in honor of Wednesday’s event.

“I was so excited and immediately called the Historical Society to get a ticket,” she said, adding about the event co-chairs, “As a Deadhead everyone’s cool. It’s amazing to learn who are fans. It’s always a good thing to get people together.”

Fans got a special opportunity to see Lesh, Weir and Jeff Chimenti, Weir’s keyboardist in his band Rat Dog, play a couple of the band’s hallmark tunes including “Paint My Masterpiece” and “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad,” in an up-close, intimate setting. Event co-host Billy Procida even joined in with the band, hopping up on stage with his guitar to play a song with New York-based Grateful Dead cover band Wig Jam, who provided the music Wednesday night.

The Grateful Dead: Now Playing at the New York Historical Society traces the career and achievements of a band that became one of the significant cultural forces in 20th century America. Through a wealth of original artwork and documents including concert and recording posters, album art, large-scale marionettes and other stage props, banners and decorated fan mail, the exhibition will explore the musical creativity and influence of the Grateful Dead from 1965 to 1995, the sociological phenomenon of the Deadheads (the band’s network of devoted fans) and the enduring impact of the Dead’s pioneering approach to the music business.

Materials in the exhibition will be drawn almost exclusively from the extraordinary holdings of the Grateful Dead Archive at the University of California Santa Cruz, established in 2008.

Photo information: Top, from left event co-chair Billy Procida with Phil Lesh and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead meet and greet benefit guests; Middle, event co-chair Robert Lapidus enjoys listening to Weir and Lesh play some tunes; and Third, Procida jams with Grateful Dead cover band Wig Jam Wednesday.

For more information about the exhibit, visit

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff Chimenti!!!

And what an interesting day he seems to have had!
Here he is on Fox Business

Now you may ask, what is Jeff doing on a business news show?
You can read what it's about over at

Here's Jeff (and me- I'm looking over his shoulder!) Back in October 1999! It was @ the Fillmore. Time sure does fly!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Oh Wow: Empire State Building Goes "Tie-Dye" for Grateful Dead Monday

Well, after they lit it up for Red China, this was bound to follow: To celebrate the charity opening of The Grateful Dead: Now Playing at the New-York Historical Society and the Grateful Dead Archive, the lights of the Empire State Building will go "psychedelic tie-dye" on Monday. We wonder if the Joshua Light Show has been engaged for the gig. Phil Lesh and Bob Weir will be at the opening at the Historical Society on October 21 at 7 p.m.

Friday, October 16, 2009

12/30 & 12/31
Bill Graham Civic Center
San Francisco!!!

3 sets on NYE!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One day left to vote!
Let's get Leilani to the finals in LA !
\:D/ \:D/ \:D/

Sunday, October 11, 2009

50 + ways to pass the time until Ratdog Daze.

Okay here's a list of things to do in the 100 days leading up to the Ratdog Daze in Jamaica.
Can you tell I'm just as excited as I was about a year ago? Last year I found it fun to have one travel task to do each day up til we left. Here's a list to keep ya busy and focused.

Of course, you could skip almost everything and pack 10 minutes before hittin the airport but where is the fun in that? Ready? Here goes!

..............................In no particular order.........................

1. Double check your invoice- everything looks okay?
2. Do you have a passpost? Is it current ? When does it expire?
3. Book your flights.
4. Line up housesitter/pet care for the time you are gone. Be sure who you hire will be able to add an extra day if needed - just in case something goes awry with your flight home.
5. Double check what coverage you have at work. Again, is there back up if you get stuck somewhere or need a day to recover?
6. Print out 3 or more copies of your flights itineraries. Take 2 with you, leave one or more with a friend or family member.
7. Make a few copies of your passport- leave one with that friend or family member. Bring a copy with you too.
8. Will your cell phone work @ the resort? If not consider how your loved ones may get in touch with you in case of an emergency. They could e-mail or you could have them phone the resort?
9. Checkout your suitcase. Is it in good shape? How does it smell? Zipper, wheels, handle all okay? Will the size work for 4 days worth of stuff? Nine days? Don't forget space to bring along school supplies if you are planning on donating to the school.
10. Do you need new toiletry cases?
11. How about your carry-on?
12. Do you have a set of walkie talkies? Chargers? Very useful to have @ the resort if you are traveling with someone.
13. Where is your camera? Do you have all the chargers, cords, memory cards together? If you can't find the charger or whatever, you still have time to order a replacement.
14. Video camcorder? Same as above ^^
15. Got kids? Copy all insurance info. Provide medical, dental histories for whomever is going to be taking care of them.
16. Again- kids- before you get too busy, if your kids are young, maybe nice to write a note or wrap a little surprise for them to open each day while you are away.
17. Have your vision checked. If you need a new prescription you have time to get some snazzy prescription sunglasses and fresh contact lenses for the trip.
18. How's your ipod? cords, headphones, chargers?
19. Bills. Which will need to be sent out before you leave?
20. School supply shopping- if you plan on donating school supplies to Jamaican children/teachers. You can get a lot of basic supplies at your local dollar store.
21. Spend a few moments at the Lido website, familiarize yourself with the dining there, especially if you are on a restricted diet. We ate most of our meals at the grills. We'll be there for more daze this time and should be able to check out all the restaurants this round.
22. Now, spend a few moments looking over the spa & salon treatments on the resort. These services tend to book up quickly but you can make appt.s before you go by phoning the resort.
I went for braiding because of the humidity. My hair is frizzy enough in normal conditions, having some of it put in little braids made me less concerned about it looking crazier than normal.
23. While we are thinking about it, book your pre travel hair appointment so you won't have to squeeze it in later when you really get busy.
24. Make a note for when you do go in to the salon, to have your hair person recommend an appropriate conditioner to deal with the humidity, sand, sun and salt your hair will be exposed to.
25. Book a pedicure. Last year the pedi & mani were part of the package- not so this year.
26. Where are your flip flops? If you just have one pair, consider buying at least a 2nd pair. It's all you really need for most of the time on the resort. Bring at least a 2nd pair because after losing your sunglasses, favorite pen and room key, you will probably lose one of your flip flops. I lost one last year and so did a friend (I gave her a pair of mine since I brought 4 pairs)
27. Speaking of footwear, where are your walking/hiking/tennis/water shoes in case you plan on doing anything that require using them.
28. Where is your swimsuit? Do you need a new one? Find one online if your shops don't carry swimsuits in the winter- be sure you know your measurements before you order online. If you're a girl, you can ask a lingerie salesperson at a high end dept. store like Nordstroms, to measure and give you your exact bra/cup size.
29. Where are your Summer clothes? Might as well take em out, try them on, air them out and take notes on what you might need that you don't have. You really won't need very much but it's nice to be prepared before you actually start packing.
30. Bring a journal..can be a pretty travel one , a sketch pad, or just a spiral notebook. You want this to use for anything- intensive journaling, doodling, notes. Also, a pen/pencils/sharpies whatever works for ya.
31. Maybe you want to bring an address book too? Postcards to family? Add new friends.
32. Meds? If you take any, be sure you will have the appropriate amount to bring along.
33. Will you need to bring home gifts? There is a gift shop on the resort and a craft market just across the road from Lido. I liked the wood carvings and my husband liked the bargaining. We bought all our gifts at the craft market- a small djembe for our son, a tee shirt for the other son, a wooden dog for our daughter. Other stuff for our folks and housesitter.
34. Checked out the on resort activities? Some things are free, others will cost you.
35.Familarize yourself with a map of Jamaica. I love maps. If anyone knows who makes a cool one of Jamaica or even just Negril, lemme know, ok?
36. Interested in seeing more of Jamaica? We barely left the resort last year but heard of cool things that others did off the site. We will be there the whole 9 daze, so perhaps we will be motivated to check out whatever is going on...or not, we liked doing nothing a lot too!
37. Travel entertainment? Book? I like to listen to an audiobook while I'm flying - I also do needlecrafts. Lots of interesting audio/video choices on iTunes. Bring a little something to entertain yourself for the flight home if you can't sleep on planes.
38. Do you have your personal 1st aid kit assembled? Hangover & sunburn cures?
39. Sunscreen/ tanning oils packed?
40. Add to the fun by bringing something to share- cds, magnets, dog tags, friendship bracelets, stickers are among some of the gifts I've either given or received in my RD travels. I didnt bring anything to hand off last year but this year, I have something in mind...
41. Do you have lonnng layovers anywhere? If it's an airport you are not familiar with, google it and check out what there may be to do there. Some airports have hair and massage salons, most have internet. Some interesting art exhibits go on at the big airports. Some have incredible shopping malls..They ALL have bars.
42. What is actually legal in Jamaica? If you arent certain, you may want to take a moment and find out ...know before you go.
43. Sharing a room with someone new? Might want to pack earplugs and eye shades...just sayin..
44. Do you have younger children?Let your kids teachers know you will be out of town and who will be in charge of your children.
45. What is okay to bring on the plane this year? What is okay to bring home from Jamaica?
46. If you arent using a housesitter, make sure someone you trust will go by and pick up your newspapers and mail.
47. If you have the time, change the sheets on your bed before you leave so when you get home it's just that much nicer than coming home to rumpled bedding.
48. How are you getting to the airport? How will you get home from the airport?
49. Are your luggage tags filled out and current? Probably should not put your home address (try your work addy) on it if no one is watching/staying at your house.
50. Time to double check that you have all your tickets, itineraries & passports ready to go!
This is it!
Additonal suggestions-

51. Sun hat? I don't have one but could use one as my face was tomato red the whole time I was in Jamaica. Thank you Tashi for the idea.
52. Party homework if your teetotller (sp?)- try a Red Stripe and rum drinks find what you like because you'll enjoy it even more at the resort (all inclusive) with the premium rum added.
53. Word on the street is that there may be an open mike night hosted by someone with the band...If it is going to take place, do you have your act together?????
54. # 53 reminds me of Charux poker tourney last year...Practice your poker face and best moves if you are throwing in with the big dogs.

51. Sun hat? I don't have one but could use one as my face was tomato red the whole time I was in Jamaica. Thank you Tashi for the idea.
52. Party homework if you are a teetotller (sp?)- try a Red Stripe and rum drinks find what you like because you'll enjoy it even more at the resort (all inclusive) with the premium rum added.
53. Word on the street is that there may be an open mike night hosted by someone with the band...If it is going to take place, do you have your act together?????
54. # 53 reminds me of Charux poker tourney last year...Practice your poker face and best moves if you are throwing in with the big dogs.
55. If you smoke bring an ashtray (or buy one at the craft market?) There are few if any ashtrays @ Lido <- Thank You Lisa!
56. Bring along a cardboard mailing tube for any posters you may purchase, Ratdog offered 2 posters last year<- thanks Tashi!
57. also- Travel mug if you want to fill up & wander off with the beverage of your choice.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Happy Birthday John Perry Barlow!

Congratulations to Avery in Las Vegas for finding your way onto !!
That's quite a tattoo!
I met Avery & his lovely wife years ago at a HOB Ratdog show. Of course, we knew each other before then from good old deadnet central.

Wow and hey now, it's been a crazy Summer. Lots of technical issues driving me away from blogging with any regularity.
Just now trying to remember what Weir Freaking I've been up to. While there never seems to be enough shows, I think this has been a pretty active season

I did go to Spokane for and had a good time from front to end!
Pozo's ended up being a lot cooler weather wise. Amazing how many folks from all over the states made it out there. It's about as obscure as Morgan Town or Bilston. Not easy to get to, where ever a freak is coming from. There was Alphabet Soup @ Coda, Band of Brothers in SF & Santa Cruz, Scaring the Children in Mill Valley and Furthur @ The Fox in Oakland.
Next up- well, I don't know? Rumors of Jemimah Puddleduck (C'mon Mark! Hometown wants to see & hear you!). Rumors of NYE (another birthday show?) . Will there be Rex bennies?
Guess we will find out soon enough?!

A nice surprise last night as the old man & I were watching "Ken Burns: The National Parks: America's Best Idea" Sugar Magnolia " played on the soundtrack. Bobby is everywhere! To view the shows online go to