Thursday, April 21, 2005

About Last Night..

Stories-I love the stories!
photos by Carl Daniel

Here's Graceful's:

GracefulDead - 11:00am Apr 21, 2005 PDT (#42 of 42)
(((Bobby))) ((((DNC)))

From where I stood - it was the best show I have ever been to in my life!!! I could tell it was crowded, but Rus and I and Tiny Dancer were on this round platform about seven heads from the stage which was raised to the stage level and I was literally dancing in front of the band at their level! It was the most amazing experience and the music was sooooo gooood!! THANK YOU THANKYOU THANK YOU!! I could watch Chez groovin right in front of Bobby at the rail and of course Bird was there - Saw Boston Steve outside and kept looking for him inside, too, so I could encourage him to make his way to where we were, but no sighting - no StaggerLeeCT sighting either.... FL JEN, TD and I DID have a Bobby and Dennis McNally sighting, though - I asked the doorman of Lupos where to get the best coffee and he sent me down the alley to a little hole in the wall called the Coffee Can, I think. So, I asked TD and Jen if they wanted to join me and we passed the tour buses on our way down the alley. Jen thinks Bobby saw us and followed us - could be! cause he and Dennis came into the coffeeshop a few minutes after and we had conversations! I asked Bobby if he was going to finish the Weather Report Suite (since the online report had been, I thought, a partial) and he asked me what part he didn't play - I said that it had been reported as Part I, but he and Dennis both said they thought the whole thing had been played (I guess Let it Grow is considered part of WRS?)- When Jen asked Dennis for his autograph, he made a comment about it being 'quite a step down' but I told him he was certainly an icon and he and Bobby both signed my ticket - then Robin also signed it when we saw him on the street in front of the venue.... needless to say I BEGGED the authorities not to take my ticket so the guy was really sweet and only tore off the very end.... Robin also said that they really did enjoy seeing the dancers, and that made me feel great about dancing on the platform later! I didn't know there was such a place!!! It matches a fantasy I have had since the first days of the skeleton outfit.... seriously good fun!!! Such good rock 'n roll!!! Can you tell I am still flying high?!!!!! That Knockin on Heaven's Door was a highlight!! I will never forget this show. I thought Saturday night at the Beacon was good, but wow! Now I know why Dennis McNally is with these guys - it just might be the best music going on right now! Whereas Phil is very creative and has a big sound, Ratdog has cultivated a participation event which simply can't be overstated....

Then there's Rich's off the Dot Org:

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 11:57 am    Post subject: LUCKY ENOUGH! LOOPED AT LUPOS!
Lucky Enough! still see Bobby Weir perform! 4-20-2005
Like the way lost sailor rises..lucky enough appeared in a similar breathtaking way.

Lupos Best of the Three so far for me based on overall playing and heartfelt vocals!
Very emotional Weir last nite, and as I type this still I'm blown away! more so than the first two.......lot going on right now and EVERYTHING last nite was sung very emotionally by Bobby and contrary to another post, there were more than 1 blown line,,,in fact a few...but made no difference on this night...UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE! This tour IS WAY MORE THAN I EVER EXPECTED. How long he can keep this up i wonder...which is why I try to tune many other things OUT that are going on within the venue and just soak it up.....try to just maintain my groove/"SPOT" Lupos if you were down on floor it was absolutely packed...and I got my share of the bumpity-bumpity folks coming and going, some even spilling a drop or two of beverage ON ME or my foot, interupting me by bumping THRU me in the middle of paradise...but big deal, the grand scheme of things not really a bother to me given the quality performance...I wouldn't be in that "spot" if I did not want to be there..some jerks, but mostly cool...tolerance/kindness and common sense usually wins in this realm.... I just maintained and was able to groove in my space quite a bit actually. THE BAND DELIVERED BIG!! Did not move or drink a thing from my "spot" from opening Shakedown thru to the group bow. TWAS A NIGHT TO TAKE IT IN EVERY WORD, EVERY NOTE!
I will not complete review this just now...but....
RIDER! MK on the Les Paul on fire! and for those asking on other posts about WH, and for that matter, my take on what some call "post-GD".. tobblerone TODAY THIS IS THE BAND! "RATDOG", and if I may be so bold to coin a phrase from a fellow boarder, or "STFU". Whoevers been closelly tracking Ratdogs progression over the past 10 years knows what I'm talking about. No question on MKs playing nowadays thats for SURE!..been simply putting it over the top with great performances every time out on this tour in what may have seemed, at one time to him, like a roll or void to fill(bigshoes syndrome). From when I first saw him play, I knew he had what we wanted. Sounds selfish, huh? To me, he now appears to be in and of Himself with regards to his guitar playing and has a great handle of his role within the band. No question to me, WH is gifted, quite soulful, but for me a little of him goes a long way. Enough of that..back to last nite recap...The saxophone has been absolutely jubilant/reckless/soulful/inspiring/low/high/ simply amazing. Jay had those drums cooking last nite to the point of mind blow, and I loved the "420-Jam". Robin laying down the bass very capably, and YES some BOMBS if you will. and when JC gets "THAT" instrument going..YIKES! The magic, and key ingredient, imho, is Bobby. Yes it takes the entire sextet and then some to pull these shows off, but Every time I've seen him this tour I am really feeling like this could be the last time, but on the other hand, I'm thinking no way, he is sounding just too good. What it takes to put this bus together is a HUGE undertaking and takes a decent support structure to pull it off. Bob has got some absolutely FANTASTIC players with him keeping him "young". Bob is out there for US! Appreciate it while we have the opportunities. Thanks for letting me share some thoughts/opinions. Shows like this drive me to write I do believe after tour I may drum up an entire review of my trials and tribulations of the tour through my eyes......I met some of you from this board for the first time(you know who you are..I do believe I am who I am and probably meet a few more of you at these upcoming weekend shows and...ridgefield/electric fact.

holy the 80's the last 2 showdays...cooled down here a bit today.

I really wish I had tickets for some of you guys I met over the past few days who still are in need of a hampton beach or are a grate people... Word getting out that the gettin' is indeed very good

Theres a band out on the highway...they're high steppin into town!
Peace, Now More than Ever!

Born Cross-Eyed! (not that I am but felt the band last nite in that area of space for a bit.