Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cutest lil review Here
4/19/2005 (Mon.) Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA
I: Jam > Here Comes Sunshine > Maggie's Farm > Wang Dang Doodle, Bird Song > All Along the Watchtower > Weather Report Suite Prelude/Part 1 > Let It Grow
II: The Winners, Corrina, Bury Me Standing > Greatest Story Ever Told > Scarlet Begonias > Stuff > Sugaree > Bird Song > Foolish Heart
E: Liberty
thanks to Chez for the photos
Someone on the TOOBoard heard tomorrow at 4:20 Eastern time, that Bobby is going to be a guest on Ken Dashow's radio show...I don't know if that's true but in case it might be- perhaps there will be something about it


Tickets already arrived!
Row A!
Seats 1 and 3!


Hopefully anyone interested in the Pre Show Reception will know to phone the Box office (number is in one of my very recent posts here there and around the internet)
And if youre waiting to order (May 20) Mark Karan and Buds SWEETWATER tickets- don't wait too long! The place is really tiny..Best time to call for tix is between 3 and 7PM -the number can be found inside the Mark Karan website the link is located right over where you see links on this page.
It's going to be a fun weekend! I already heard some of my favorite out of towners are coming up, down and sideways to get here for that weekend..
Woke up to the radio, more precisely- I woke to the high pitched squeal of someone thanking Phil Lesh for the music...Hunh? Of course it was KFOG and the voice belonged to a caller...The next few calls were all just like the first one...We didnt get out to Kepler's but a fellow PreSchool teacher told me her husband and 14 yr old son stood in line since 3pm to get into Kepler's...They werent even the first people- they were #20 & #21! Unfortunately, She hadnt asked (nonHead) him what Phil said about anything (damn)..She did say the place was packed.