Monday, July 31, 2006

Great trailer for Johnny Be Good!
You must Watch it. Very sweet!

From Ratdog dot org regarding York, PA:

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:46 am Post subject: No show in York, according to RatDog's management
Just got an e-mail from RatDog's management stating that there is no show set for York, PA, on November 7, and that no such show is in the works. Sorry for the bad information from the venue's Web site
Nice report on Bobby sightings at MerleFest
Non Bob chatter-
Wellp, both my younger kids are away at camp this week!
Dropped the boy off yesterday. He's at an overnight computer technology camp at Stanford University.
He's eating in the dining halls and sleeping in a dorm. His roommate is from Russia with a thick accent.
I can't imagine how interesting their communication must be since my boy has an auditory processing disorder.
At any rate, the drop off was smooth, the staff is youthful and friendly. We walked past tables and tables of PC & Mac laptops on our way to check out his dorm room. During the day the time is dived between learning computer tricks and outdoor activities. At night, there are gaming contests. After leaving him, Scotto & I headed down to University Avenue in Palo Alto.
The streets were packed with folks from all over the world. We checked out a few shops and ended up having a nice dinner at Gordon Biersch on Emerson. Palo Alto's University Ave is a whole lot different from Berkeley's University Ave. I was just at the UCB University Ave last week to grab a snack with Sash before taking her to Winna's bus pick up.
I've already received an email from Noah's camp! Something I guess I ought to print out and add to his baby book. My other camper has sent me a letter from Winnarainbow. Tells me she's now into aerial acrobatics..Geez, guess she forgot about the instructions to avoid strenuous activity!
We still haven't heard back about the results of her EKG- hopefully, this afternoon.
After scanning the boards and searches for Bob stuff, I'm off to deal with the garage. Sooner I clear that clutter, the sooner I can resume my gazillion art projects and contribute more to the new Bobsessed blog.
May not be online tomorrow or Wednesday so take care!

A star is born (Winnarainbow 2005)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I enjoyed checking out Alan Hess Weblog!

Is it too early too plan for November 11th?

Bobby's strings are on sale now at Wear Your Music!

Gonna take some time to organize, but here's the future Bobby link site

For a SF Rock & Roll History lesson clicky here!
And while you are brushing up on your music history, take a look at The Roots of The Grateful Dead

Friday, July 28, 2006

Very nice!
A photo collage by Alan Sheckter from Wavy's birthday @ The BCT!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's cloudy and cool here again!
And I've got a huge list of things I have to get to work on!
Before I finish unpacking boxes (still waiting in the garage after almost 2 years since we moved here!)
and before I begin to think about what to pack for upcoming trips to Mendocino and Ridgefield, CT (I'll be at the Ridgefield Ratdog shows!!)
I have a few new to me links to share.
Here is an entertaining story of One guy’s first Grateful Dead show!
Here is a bio from a musician Chris Grey who tells of having been a guitar student of Jerry & Bobby in Palo Alto back in the day!

And a new to me (I think?) GD related Blog called Much that is Hidden

I'm hungry, I've been dieting since the end of May, I'm losing weight really slowly-chalk it up to being fairly sedentary plus being over 40. Being married to a major Foodie doesnt help either . Still, I'd like to dine in all of these Dead themed cafes. So far, the only one I've been to is Magnolia's (yum!) which is right in the heart of Haight street.

Missisippi half step Cafe
Stella Blues Cafe
Magnolia Pub
If you know of any more let me know- we'll make a list!
MMM Kynd Veggie Burritos!
I'm hoping to go through all the past blog entries and create lists of the links I've posted. See what's still working and try to categorize things like GD related blogs & info on books containing Bobby info- which reminds me- Another book out there with Bobby content is Between the Strings: The secret lives of Guitars. I need to obtain a copy of that one for Scott.

A new Jambase Ratdog review click here

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Listen to DTTW Tonight!

From DTTW! Ooooh-Some nice listening coming up!

KPFA is in the middle of a fund-raiser. People who appreciate the music
programs on KPFA would be very well-advised to make a contribution.

I'll be on the air from 8 to 10 PDT tonight, and I've been advised that I didn't
do as well in May as I should have, so I need to show some results.

Any contribution will be appreciated. We'll have a show from RatdogLive; the new Garcia-Saunders compilation, "Well-Matched"; and some other premiums.

Listen live at and

And of course, on the air at 94.1 fm in northern California and 88.1 fm in Fresno.

29 Years ago to the day- at a campground somewhere in Austria-according to the writing on the back of the photo.
Bobby wasnt the only one sportin short shorts in 1977!
Nice photos from the Bobby meet & greet a few weeks ago @ RCMH!
I recognize Saint our fellow UK Eurodog traveller in one of those pictures!

And since it's official!

Mazel Tov to (((((((Robin & Greg!!))))))))
Can't wait to meet Greg!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A New Bootleg Nation! to check out!

11 yrs ago

Monday, July 24, 2006

Yeah, Baby...Weather is cooling off!
Still it was plenty hot for the drive to Berkeley to drop Sash off for the bus to Winnarainbow.
This was the first time in 10 or so drop offs that we werent the first people there. We left late, stopped by Target on the way to buy a new sleeping bag. Discovered that taking Oxford instead of Shattuck cut about 7 minutes out of the journey.
Unless Sash makes the cut as a teen staffer or Noah decides he likes the great outdoors, this was my last Winna drop off!
I have a few tales about the adventures of Jason & Sash at Winnarainbow..but I'll save them for a month from now when I am sure to be weepyish after seeing my progeny strut her stuff in her last "Big Show" there.

Another nice Ratdog SCI review Clickies here
Found a new to me blog called Mike's daily dose of Dead Nice Ratdog show review in there too!
Also worth checking All the info you need if you will be attending the upcoming bluegrass fest in Oct. -Bobby will be sitting in again with The Waybacks.
Speaking/posting about The Waybacks reminds me to mention that last night, while skipping through the channels (looking for a weather report) I stumbled across a public access TV show called The Bruce Latimer Show from the nearby coastal city of Pacifica. There on my screen was James Nash of the Waybacks sitting in with a real country music group. Watched & listened for a spell. A nice way to end the weekend.
Browsing through the show's website, I have a feeling I should be tuning in more often!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

New pictures by ((Alan, Susana & Bud)) up on!

Yesterday, I posted about the new Spinner book of Grateful Dead trivia. It's coming out this month.
But have you read or seen 'Baru Bay' or 'Panther Dreams"? Both beautiful and child friendly . I think they can be found on Amazon these days. One is on video and both are narrated on cassette by Bobby.

I missed this interview/article with Bobby about them the first round but am happy to have it to read now.

A very sweet selection of GD videos are gathered on this person's blog.
If that's just not enough of that-
Jammin John left this link to a zillion Grateful Dead videos! Enjoy!
I wonder if any of the footage I filmed and traded has made it on there (yet?)??

I'll have to sit down and figure out how to transfer my vids into my computer so I can post em.
I figured out how to post Noah's Apollo vs Pythos but we filmed that with a computer friendly video camcorder.
One of these days...
Do you knit and do you love the Grateful Dead? Then you might enjoy browsing in this blog!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Planning a lengthy car trip with the kidlets ?
Well then just in time for that last great lonnng car ride is a book that the whole freakin family can enjoy!

Ah, at last Friday!
Here's a new interview with DJ Logic!
A little snippet:

MG- At the Harmony Festival, you also sat in with RatDog. Can you talk a bit about how your relationship with Bob Weir has evolved over the years?

Bob is great, such a sweetheart. We just sit down and talk about music. It’s like sitting down with my grandpa [laughs]. Anytime they are in town, I try to sit-in or say hi. He always talks about exploring and having an open mind. I first hooked up with those guys through Rob Wasserman and went out on the So Many Roads tour. Rob and I would do these improv jams between sets. Real open stuff. When I started playing with those guys, I went back and listened to all these old Dead CDs. They had so many crazy instruments going on--- it is just really cool to be able to scratch and rearrange those songs. It leaves so much room for exploration.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Merlefest review here
The John Ginty band is releasing a new cd!. MK is one of the guests on the new cd!
It's sort of a My Space for Heads- It's new and I guess I'll go sign up!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Aside from being female and having first names that start with vowels. I doubt I 'd have any thing more in common with Ann(e?) Coulter. Though Ive been running across accounts that she had been to one of the RCMH shows, here's the experience in her own words. Then there was from the Gawker and a mention in a review on Jambands.
NYC shows are sorta Mad Hatterish. I still smile trying to imagine Trump popping up at the Beacon in April.
One guy on a my space blog had dished about being backstage watching it all but he has pulled or recategorized the experience since I read it.
Sash's pediatrician agrees that she needs an echo card test.
He doesnt predict or hint about anything really scary but it is important to find out what is going on.
She's still good to go to camp-no strenuous activities though.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sparkly new interview with Mark Karan on Earvolution!

New reviews here and there!
So nu?
Not even a day after I decide I will to head Ridgefield all this stuff comes up!
Now the kitchen contractors WILL Probably be ready to dig in the middle of August. (Argh!).
Then, during a routine medical check up for camp, the doctor was concerned that Sash's heart murmur is not sounding right and wants her to have an echocardio test. It was one of those qwik care clinics, so today, I'm taking her to her actual pediatrician for his opinion. I'm not ready to worry too hard about it just yet!
In the meanwhile, our nephew is still at UCSF recovering from Leukemia. He's doing quite well all things considered.
My sons are doing well. The older one is living the good life in Sausalito -working in San Rafael and partying it up in the city.
Noah is actually enjoying Summer school and camp.
I'm working on unpacking the rest of the boxes which have been stacked up in the garage since we moved here almost 2 years ago....and when I can I'm finishing art projects, designing a mural for one of my walls and running down to the place where I can do glass fusion.

Tickets are available for all the shows on RatDog's
August schedule.

Now that we are back to our normal state of affairs,
we will be able to process all the RatDog shows in a
more timely manner.

Therefore, best get orders in here soon if you haven't
mailed in already.

Monday, July 17, 2006

welcome home guys!

Masses of happy reviews from every show held on this tour.

This poster was created and belongs to Graceful. Cool stuff! Hope to see her at Ridgefield, even though she's a West Coast gal as am I, we both expect to be there! I'm in for Tuesday at least- tix sold out for both nights. I missed getting a Monday night one by just a few hours.
Bobby is just one of the musicians whose interview appears in this new book.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dave Rosenberg sends us these updates in e-mail, now. Be sure to go to the Dot org home page and sign up to receive more of the sane.
Mazel Tov to Mazzy!! For winning Fantasy Ratdog!!
The three-week CheeseDog tour ended Saturday night at Great Woods with a seven-hour, four-set event. It began with an acoustic SCI set, which included "KC Moan" & "Dark Hollow" with Bobby. Bobby and MK then sat in during SCI's second set, and Michael Kang and the rest of SCI joined in throughout RatDog's two sets. Aside from the pure musical moments, highlights of the tour included:

• The Persuasions sat in with RatDog for the first time since the two groups' fall 2000 tour together. The guys gave us "Liberty" and an a capella "Black Muddy" to close RatDog's Friday night set at Radio City.

• RatDog made both Finger Lakes and Great Woods into general admission shows shortly before the band took the stage shooting the energy level through the 'roofs.'

• RatDog played a 2 hour, 45 minute set at home base, the Electric Factory in Philly. SCI's closing set didn't end until after 1:00.

• CheeseDog shows at Red Rocks and Summerfest--and the Cheese-deficient Oklahoma City show--featured Bobby-Keller matchings for favorites "Monkey & the Engineer," "On the Road Again," "Dark Hollow," and more. Bobby, Keller, Kang, and Taj Mahal played a mini set at the OKC show.

• RatDog debuted "Stella Blue," brought back "Matilda Mother" for Syd Barrett, and took "Big Iron" and "Book of Rules" on the road for the first time. New RatDog/Graham piece "Frankie and Johnnie" wasn't played over the course of the tour, but did appear on a planned setlist or two.

• Mazzy won Fantasy RatDog. "Expert, not beginner"... Congrats!

Reviews: (over the coming days)

RatDog now rests up for a month before heading back to the northeast--solo--for a seven-show run.

• August 18, HOB Atlantic City - RatDog's returns to the site of last fall's RatDog-Hornsby AC visit.

• August 19, Gathering of the Vibes - Also on Saturday: Donna, Keller, Jorma & Jack, Billy & Mickey, and much more.

• August 21-22, Ridgefield - RatDog's second visit to the 500-seat theater. Tickets are only available through GDTSTOO, besides 5 seats for the 2nd night.

• August 24, Hampton Beach - Second visit this year and seventh overall to RatDog's New England home base.

• August 25-26, Baltimore - Long haul from Hampton down to Rams Head Live for a two-night stop at the venue.

Tour Dates:

For additional and current info, please visit


Ratdog July 15, 2006
Tweeter Center (aka Greatwoods)
Mansfield, MA

set 1 01. Jam >
02. Big Railroad Blues >
03. All Along the Watchtower >
04. Dark Star Jam >
05. Little Red Rooster
06. The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion >
07. Dark Star * >
08. She Says * >
09. Foolish Heart

set 2 10. When I Paint My Masterpiece @
01. Corrina @
02. Silvio> Tequila> Silvio> Tequila> Silvio+ >
03. West L.A. Fadeaway *+# >
04. Iko Iko % >
05. Stuff *^& >
06. Come Together * >
07. Dark Star * >
08. Sugar Magnolia*
09. E: Ripple *+ >
10. One More Saturday Night *+#&

-with Michael Kang (mandolin/violin) +-with Bill Nershi (guitar/vox)
#-with Kyle Hollingsworth
%-with all of SCI, and Keith and Robin trading turns on bass/percussion
^-with Michael Travis (drums)
&-with Jason Hann (percussion)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Mish Mash

It's already over!
Tonight's Ratdog Setlist- Thanks to Lizard King for posting it on the boards!
Looks fantastic!
Casey Jones>
Minglewood Blues>
She Belongs to Me>
Crazy Fingers,
Big Iron@6
Victim or the Crime Bobby and Robin@
Uncle John's Band>
The Other One>
Stuff w/o Bobby
Throwing Stones,
Liberty with The Persuasions

Black Muddy River Acapella

Looking forward to hearing more about it!


Just loving all the appreciation for Ratdog that I'm reading on the boards and the my space blogs. Most my spacer blogs are short and concise -I'd be on the computer all day if I tried to link them all here.. Best tool to find them is Technorati...I hear Dogpile is also good for ferreting out stuff. Google is best for finding news but if you are blog-hungry- check out Technorati.

Bloggers enjoying recent Ratdog shows-

Some dude's blog

and AdAM'S FAMILYblog

and a detailed description of a particular GD show over on Bootleg Nation

Thursday, July 13, 2006

An article on the Ratdog Electric Factory show on Earolution!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

As Bobby & the lovely Natascha's wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of days, it's synchronicity to have found an article (Bobby Mention too) about Rocking the Kilt!
Great big David Gans interview! Don't miss reading this!
Bob Weir and RatDog will play the following shows:

Friday, August 18 at the House of Blues,
Atlantic City, NJ.
Doors open at 8:00 PM. Show time is 9:00 PM.
All ages welcome.
Mail order tickets are available:
Reserved balcony at $61.00 per ticket.
General admission at $51.00 per ticket.

Friday and Saturday, August 25 and 26 at the
Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD.
Doors open at 6:30 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
General Admission. All ages welcome.
We can offer mail order tickets for will/call only
at $39.55 per ticket.

We will consider today, July 12, and July 13 and 14 as
'first postmark mail' for both venues.

The Crew of GDTSTOO

"It goes to show you don't ever know
Watch each card you play
and play it slow....."

Robert Hunter

Web Site:
Customer Service Number: (415) 898-2364
Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm, PST.
Tour information and mail order telephone hotline: 415-457-6388
To subscribe to our email announce list, send empty email to

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

clocks are running early

New movie with Bobby Weir interviews included. Click here for details And also, Bobby to be in a film on Johnnie Johnson too!

Oooh- CMAC Review here's the link

Woof! Ratdog show review

New study shows that shrooms do exxxxpandddd the mind- check it out-click here

Sweet Hippie article can be read here-just clickity click it!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Venue Change for Philly show!

Ratdog to play at Electric Factory- not Penn's Landing. You can check out the info Click it here!

A Broadway play featuring Dylan songs is in the works!

OOOOH- Check out Norman's Ratdog Summerfest pictures!

Plus some nice photos on Clicky here

How was your weekend?
I went to my first bead fair.
Oy! I didnt have my ATM card -probably a good thing, So bought what I could with what cash I was carrying (I don't use major ccs anymore). The bead trellis in my yard will be so sparkly once I do thread the new beads onto it.

article on the Rhino-GD thing click here

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Johnnie Johnson!!!

Today is Johnnie Johnson's Birthday!! Tonight's Ratdog show in St Louis will surely be rocking!!!

From Ruby:
We can now confirm details for a number of shows
with Bob Weir and RatDog in August.

Monday and Tuesday, August 21 and 22 at the Ridgefield
Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT.
Doors open at 7:00 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
All ages are welcome. All seats are reserved.
Mail order tickets are available:

Main orchestra at $78.00 per ticket. A taper section will
be provided at that price level.

Mezzanine: a limited amount of tickets is available at
$71.00 per ticket.

Thursday, August 24 at the Hampton Beach Casino,
Hampton, NH.
Doors open at 6:00 PM. Show time is 8:00 PM.
18 years and over unless accompanied by a parent.
General admission tickets are available at $33.00 per

We will consider Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
July 10, 11 and 12 as 'first postmark mail'.

Friday and Saturday, August 25 and 26 at the Ramshead
Live, Baltimore, MD.
Details are not quite worked out so stay tuned for proper

There is a possibility for another show to be added to this

The Crew of GDTSTOO
July 8, 2006


"Something shines around you that seems,
to my delight
To give me just a little sweetness
Just a little sweetness
Just a little light"


Web Site:
Customer Service Number: (415) 898-2364
Monday-Friday, 9 am-6 pm, PST.
To subscribe to our email announce list, send empty email to


I really got a feel for Colorado and Red Rocks from this fellow's Photo Album

Good Luck tonight, Ed!

Disco Bobby?

7/7/2006 Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO
Tomorrow Never Knows > Truckin > Ramble On Rose > Wrong Way Feelin' > Jus' Like Mama Said, Big Iron@, Lazy River Road@, Mississippi Half-Step > Big Railroad Blues > Stuff* > The Other One > Stella Blue > Throwing Stones > Liberty
E: Johnny B. Goode

Friday, July 07, 2006

ala Chez:
Bob Weir & Ratdog
7/6/2006 Marcus Amphitheatre, Milwaukee, WI
Jam > Lady with a Fan > Terrapin > Easy to Slip > Supplication Jam > Bird Song > Book of Rules, Good Lovin, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall@4 > Jam > Last Time > Ashes and Glass > Stuff > Dear Prudence > Bird Song > Sugar Magnolia
E: At a Siding > Terrapin Flyer, Ripple
Stuff - Jeff/Jay/Kenny/Robin; Bobby sat in with Keller Williams on "Monkey and the Engineer" and "Cassidy"
Previous "Good Lovin" 2005-10-25 [62 shows]

New to me Grateful Dead Podcast!

UH OH! Looks like some unkynd SCI/Weir hippies ended up in this woman's Thursday thirteen!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

And yet another Bobby article/interview! Riverfront times article - Found the link on a Beauty product blog of all places!

Baltimore Dog! Click here for more info!

Thanks to "Dogthattalks" from Deadnet- He/She is doing a much better job than I am lately in finding interviews & articles. Here is the Latest Bobby interview.

I need to check this out- Tomorrow is Janis Joplin Day?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just home from Santa Cruz beach & boardwalk! Lovely day in the sand & surf with Scotto & kids,
My skin will be just like leather by the time I have to go back to work.

Someone on Dot org found this nice Bobby Weir interview today.

And someone on Deadnet posted this inteview with Mark Karan!

Also, more August Ratdog shows are coming up on the web. Today I learned of Richfield CT- 2 nights of Dog!
I'll likely spend the rest of July deciding whether or not to use that voucher and get out there.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hippy 4th!

Happy July 4th!
If you missed it when the Grateful Dead & Kesey, were on The Tom Snyder show. A dvd of those particular programs (GD were on it for 2 nights-music & interviews) is going to be available to buy this September. Click HERE for more details.
I've had the shows on video for years and never get tired of seeing the guys horsing around and telling stories. Tom Snyder is a trip too. I hear he lives somewhere in Marin County these days.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weir your music! a cool idea for a gift. Bobby's strings coming up soon.
From The Waybacks website:
The Weirbacks Ride Again
- Bob Weir will be joining the lads again in October for at least a couple of California gigs ... one in Chico, and the other at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey Hey Hey!

Wow! What a week!
My hat's off to everyone trying to physically follow this crazy tour!
Phoenix was something like 106 in the shade! No humidity though. I didnt feel hot but was aware of sweat dripping down my back. Mostly the heat was simply exhausting rather than uncomfortable.
I spent most of the day in my lovely hotel room -20th floor of the Hyatt Regency. Big view of city, desert & jagged mountains. I chose the spendy Hyatt for it's location- 5-10 minute jaunt to the venue. No taxis this trip. Walked back and forth from the Dodge a few times in the course of the day and evening.
Never saw so few people walking the streets of a big city before (except for Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots).
In the wee hours when I was trekking back after the show, I passed about at least a dozen people sleeping out on the street.
Sort of like parts of Mexico during siesta time.

I missed most of SCI. They had a cool light show.
Relaxed in my seat through setbreak as I had spent time before the show schmoozing a little with Chez and others in front of the

Strange to be at a show and not see Graceful or Vera & Dick or most of the usual Ratdogger tourheads.
Great to see Sarah, Chez, Bird, Alan & Sandy though!
The Dodge seems to have been built recently . I thought it was a nice venue. Music sounded excellent- especially in the middle of the pit.. Air conditioner was cranked. Very comfy.

I merely enjoyed the show until Bobby broke out a beautiful LLR, from then on I LOVED the show!
Many thanks to Tracer & Uncle for saving me space in the pit. I didnt get much of a chance to chat (music playing) but truly enjoyed meeting those two. Hope to see them at another show some time! The pit was a wonderful place to be because the show was a rocker (Silvio-Tequila-Aiko-Deal with SCI) after LLR and the pit was not crowded. There was even a corner of the rail open. I liked the sound best in the middle and hung there with my two new buddies. I felt revived and had so much fun dancing there!

I don't even know the setlist at this point but will look for it.
I have been online long enough to notice a few Ratdog shows are rumored to be happening on the East Coast in August!
Hopefully, if these are happening- they will be 2 full sets of Ratdog! Not only has Scotto been dying to see a show but I gave up my seat for my oversold flight home on Thursday. I was sent to Las Vegas to catch a flight to SFO from there. Got home only 2 hours later than planned. The airlines gave me a RT Voucher for use anywhere in 48 states. I was gonna save it for Fall tour or to get myself halfway to Europe with, but might just take off for (as AH posted) A little Summer bonus trip!
I am gonna have to make a habit of scheduling flights home earlier than needed and snagging some more vouchers!
Nice Utah review over @ Dead News (link is with my other links->)