Friday, October 01, 2004

You know i love you to the day i die!

We were having such a good time-no kidding eh? Again a big old smile to hear the opening notes to Lucy! Damn! I really was ready to sing out Thank you, for a real good time! and Yah-yah-yaaaah! along with those guys! mmm-mmm-mmm! Being near to Jeff- I could hear his voice real clear and it's nice! I'm still so impressed with how well this all sounds- unlike a regular "show", as I said, there was all kinds of activity taking place between the guys and the crew- once in a while one band member would go over to another to say something-or fiddle with a piece of equipment- totally doing this without missing a beat..
You can hear Bobby explaining about the setlist - and then unable to locate where DG might be at that this time, lots of movement through the studio- As Bob took a moment to adjust the songlist, MK introduced band members..Bob was straightening out something on the floor- which is why until DG brings up voting, Bob's voice sounds so far off....After the headcount spiel is some fun random comments, MK mentions Robin's impending birthday..
When the music restarted, it's one of Scott's favorites-FOTD- and I was hoping he wouldnt be singing along too loudly...
Following after with a delicate start up was Birdsong...a simple and sweet one with all those little embellishments coming in slowly...yum...building into a little dreamy-space kind of thing...then waking up in a warm slow Cassidy which mellowed back into embellishments-which started to get stronger and then melting back into Birdsong..a bit more space-jammy-space...and then vocals..
Quite a nice little trip! And completely awesome even with the distractions of studio- many eyes(but not the band members') were glancing toward the clock about was closing in on 10 pm (which is when the show ends)..Charucki stood in front of the guys, given time signals..looked funny because Chris was only a few inches from them...sure enough 10pm came and went and Ratdog finished up about 2 minutes after 10pm...I think David did have a few closing comments and we cheered and cheered after that..but the archive I'm listening to on the web now didnt get that part.
Afterwards, the crew and band and radio folk were busy-busy...we did wait to get a few more hugs and to find & thank David...
What a wonderful night!