Saturday, October 09, 2004

the show must go on- sort of?

Dont know who else peeks or posts over on TOOboard?
Usually, on that board, whomever is at a live show text messages the setlists-one song at a time to some other tooboarder and that person posts the song one at a time) on to the message board...It's exciting to know what's being played - if you happen to be on the board at the time...

Even though the tour is cancelled/postponed- the fans there have been putting up setlists- posting one song at a time- for the last couple nights.
Posting song by song - with the different boarders contributing songs keeps it unpredictable

Here's what they created for last nite's show- Which I guess wouldve been at The Beacon they forgot an encore though-

Music Never Stopped
Bombs Away (a debate special!)
Two Souls in Communion>
Monkey & The Engineer

Yellow Dog Story
* Don't Worry Baby Copacabana >
Peaches en Regalia >
I want to live in America ( Debate bust out)
End set 1

Set 2
Peggy o
Where the Beat Meets the Street Jam>
Shoulda Had Been Me