Thursday, September 30, 2004

kpfadog-revised a bit

I'm gonna blog- while relistening to the show all over again!

It's archived for a week at KPFA-

First of all, Thanks to David Gans, Ratdog & KPFA!!!
We sped across the Bay afraid of being late for the show. We got there just a few minutes before 8pm. We checked in and then entered the lobby. Through the big window from the lobby to the studio, we saw various band members and crew doing soundchecks and set ups...couldnt quite hear it from the lobby because the program which was "on air"(cute how the little sign lit up) was being played on the speakers...It was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere...tween checks the guys came into the lobby usually on the way to somewhere else-but stopping to chat for a moment too. I'll admit to stealin a few hugs from a couple of my favorite musicmen.
The band & Bobby seemed ready but there was some sort of delay due to tech problems- I'm not sure of the exact cause of what it was ...I was content to peer through the window while waiting it out...I was pleased to see Dennis McNally and Susana Millman buzzing around as well as familiar faces of AJ, Chris, Mike, Peter, Hippy Bill, Maile plus a new guy or two I recognized as having helped out at the Sausalito fest.
On both sides of the studio were entryways within short hallways. The entry on one side was semi full of observers - So, we wandered down the hall around to the other(open) doorway and watched from there. Some space was still available in the studio- on the floor,at the feet of the guys, but it wouldve been just too intense for me! I mean Our spot -just barely in the studio was practically on top of Jeff's Hammond! It was incredible being so close, standing over him .Whenever I'm on the rail in front of Jeff- I pretty much only get to see his feet. So this was a treat-being able to watch him work- we were so close we could hear his fingers whap the keys before the notes were heard.

We had heard a little of "Here Comes Sunshine" being soundchecked so we werent surprised it was the opener... It sounded good! It took a few seconds to get used to being so close to the guys while they played- I wondered if this is what it might feel like to be standing onstage like folks sometimes get to do at some shows...every few moments Chris or AJ would whoosh past us to go fine tune or deliver something. Directly across from us, past the band was the other doorway- folks swaying and smiling...along the window- was David's mic set up and next to that were people smiling and swaying as they were sitting either on card chairs or the floor...

HCS-flowed toward the next song, This would be where I thought it sounded like "Corrina" might be coming up- but it turned into "Liberty" and it was tough holding back from singing along. It sounds just as good on the webcast as it did you hear any extra background vocals? lol..I was also dying to dance but that wouldve caused stuff to go crashing -in fact at one point toward the end of the evening- something behind me in the hall loudly crashed-which caused a collective flinch through the studio..Everyone turned to look and I 1/2 expected Charucki to come by & fling us out to the street ..If anyone of you who were there is reading this- I swear that wasnt us- the thing fell on it's own..(a metal box top of some sort that was propped against the wall)...

Before ya knew it- They were on to the familar swingysingysongy opening to "She Says"- which is a song I really like. GO KENNY GO! My perma grin is back from hearing it again..
When the music did stop.. a few miliseconds of silence-what to do? I caught a few other folks glancing around ready to applaud-hands poised, not sure if it was okay.. David-wearing a huge smile was the first to clap..

I was happily surprised to hear "Deep Elem Blues"!!! Now, I was sorry I wasnt sitting in front of Bob- I Love this one- love watching him sing it, too!! It sounds a bit funk and jazzy eh? We want the bump-gotta have the bump type of rhythm...I LOVE Bobdog! While I was a well behaved fan-observer at the time, once I get this puppy on cd- I'll be a dancing freak! Remember now watching with awe as Jeff slapped those keys!

Ashes & Glass up now!
What you can't hear is how busy the radio & dog crew might picture that everything would come to a standstill as the music played -specially on this particular tune..but there was a fair amount of activity going on - crew & radio peeps moving things and getting stuff done that you don't hear or wouldNT ordinarily expect to see as the band keeps playin on...