Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yet another big smile to see this show is around!
Yes, that's correct, Irenie & Scott were there!! Another memorable night.
I was invited via the friendly folks at Weir Sauce...Getting a babysitter was a big ordeal but a friend came through at the last moment and so we zipped up to the city, not knowing what it was gonna be like ..It was raining hard too....
The Marriott was completely empty & people in the lobby- desserted-ish!
We found the smallish reception suite..Wine & foods cooked with Weir sauces were being served...Mostly corporate looking types-business suits..apparently press who were in town for the Fancy foods show...There was a slideshow with images of the 60's and Bobby flickering against a wall...We were happy to find Mazzy in mingling around...Only one couple were hippied out..
Wass and Bob arrived and immediately got to work...There wasnt a stage - just a low platform a couple inches off the floor...The hippie couple got right into it..I was as close as I could stand to be standing under the circumstances...most folks were still eating and quietly schmoozing...One lady from a fairly well known food publication had WAY too much to drink (always one in every crowd,eh?) and began being disruptive bypointing to Bobstar & announcing "Hey, That guy's pretty cute!" ...She started talking to Bobby while he was singing..He just ignored her and kept going, but she just got louder and more persistant and soon she was on the platform, forcing her card on him....I think it was Bridgette-Bobby's PA that did the big girl move-gently latching on to the Drunky lady's arm guiding her away from the performance....
Ah, memories......

Marriot Club Room, San Fran., CA

"Weir Sauce Party"

skip at 1:34 of "FOTD"

1 Walkin' Blues
2 KC Moan
4 Masterpiece
5 Bury Me Standing ->
6 Bird Song
FILLER: Bob & Keller Williams 8.26.01
7 Bird Song