Tuesday, October 19, 2004

REX EVENT HOTLINE-1 415-561-3135

Woke to the sounds of the rain crashing down!
First storm in a long time- first big rains for us in the new house...On our property is a ravine- today it's become a swiftly flowing little river- though the rains have slowed down - I still hear the water gurgling along....
Oh boy!
Received my newsletter from REX today- There's two events coming up-
Saturday November 27th SCI in Camden will be offering a pre concert reception with the performers- and premium seating and silent auction in conjunction with Rex's 20th Anniversary
On December 11th at GAMH,
There will be a Rex Foundation Party and Benefit!!
Music, Mingling & munching..
and a silent auction too!!!
I'll be donating something fun to that for sure!!!
Keep checking that hotline for more details...
I'm so happy to have something new to look forward to!
Thanks Sandy!!!