Friday, October 29, 2004

Finally- FRIDAY!!!!!

Or as the 10 year old likes to scream "Pizza Night!!!"

Howzabout some odd pix?

I've been up late all week but now have a new fave late night program!
Naturally. I'm too unfocused to have caught the real name of it but it's on the Sundance channel around 11:30pm and it's with Al Franken! LOL, I was channel surfing and paused on the show long enough to catch the Terripin melody playing in the background! Gotta love that- not perhaps as funny as Bill Walton's dead references but just so cool to listen to a news show with Dead music flowing through it..
here's the url if ya wanna check it out-

And another one-

The webpage I saw this picture of Al Franken on, sez it was taken at backstage at a grateful Dead show...

Have a Grate weekend!