Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New Apple is up and running- tragically. I am not able to transfer all my old data via fire wire- not sure why but looks like I'll have to pull out that old adpatec one more time and burn my pix on cd and start all over again...luckily I can transfer all my music by plugging in my ipod!
Didja do UKtour in 2003?
The Robin was the place I thought looked more like an ice cream shop than a nite club...and then it was located across the street from a police station...in a little town somewhere in the middle of England- Anyhow, Congrats to The Robin!

From email sent to me by the Robin2:

Thanks to your support, The Robin 2 won the Best Live Concert Venue (under 500 people) at last year's Night Out Awards 2003.
    Please help us to win this year's 2004 Award.
    If you consider us the Best Live Concert Venue (under 500 people), VOTE FOR US NOW!!!
    Don't forget voting closes on 30th November 2004. If you have already voted, THANKS!!
    There are 2 simple and cheap ways to vote:
1) By email
    Send an email to nightout_awards@mrn.co.uk with a message saying: 06 The Robin 2 Bilston
    If you want to be entered into a free prize draw (this is optional), add to the end of the email:
    Your name
    Your house number
    Your house postcode.
2) Online
    i)    Go to www.icbirmingham.co.uk/nightoutawards
    ii)    In the top right hand corner of the first page, click on 'How to vote - Night Out Awards'
    iii)    Go to the bottom of the next page 'How to vote', 'online' section
    iv)    Click on box 'Best Live Concert Venue under 500 people'
    v)    Fill in the name of the venue: The Robin 2, Bilston
    vi)    Fill in your email address
    vii)    Click on Submit to send your vote

Kind regards
Mike Hamblett