Wednesday, October 06, 2004


From GDTSTOO :o(


> RatDog must regretfully announce the postponement of the
>Bob Weir and RatDog tour scheduled to begin tomorrow, October 7th,
>in Ridgefield, Connecticut.
> Since January, Bob Weir has worked continuously on music
>dates for RatDog and The Dead, promotional work for his
>career retrospective album, and a number of nonprofit appearances.
> It was all simply too much, and he's reached a point of
>complete physical exhaustion. He anticipates returning to
>performing in early spring 2005.
> No one regrets more than he the postponement of these
>shows, but he and his management concluded that his long-term
>health was a greater priority. That and his desire to give his fans
>only the best possible performance outweighed the difficulties
>of rescheduling the tour.

We will be in touch once it is determined how to deal with the
details of this postponement. Give us a minute to sort all this
out, if you would please.

The Crew of GDTSTOO