Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hey Harry- It's still Oct 27 on the burning shore!
Getting on late- was busy watching the (last 5 minutes of) eclipse...
Anyone remember The King Biscuit Flower Hour?
The people at King Biscuit released 'The Best Of Kingfish' last month - Here's what I dug up-

Kingfish - Greatest Hits Live

Track Listing
01 Mystery Train
02 Mule Skinner Blues
03 Juke
04 Jump Back
05 Goodbye Your Honor
06 I Hear You Knockin'
07 Around And Around
08 Hidden Charm
09 Bye and Bye
10 Promised Land
11 Lazy Lightning/Supplication
12 Jump For Joy
13 One More Saturday Night

Recorded at New York City's Beacon Theater on April 3, 1976, King Biscuit Flower Hour: In Concert is a live set presenting Kingfish at the dawn of their career -- or, more accurately, their official recording career, since the group had actually been founded three years earlier, and had been writing and demoing material most of that time, in addition to going through several lineup shifts.

However, as you might expect from a live set recorded this early in the band's working tenure, covers -- of folk, blues, and rock & roll standards -- constitute a good chunk of the proceedings. Which isn't a bad thing at all, really, since Kingfish has a way with that sort of material; that makes the show a worthwhile listen for the band's fans.
the King Biscuit website is at-
I bet I've already posted this url to articles/stories about the Grateful Dead - I dunno but it's worth a visit..