Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Well, what more can be said? We tried out here in California....I hoped but didnt expect for Kerry to research consisted of observing an alarming number of Pro Bush bumper stickers and signs in the neighborhoods I travel through on my daily journies across town...not lots of stickers & signs but the fact that there were ANY around here...yeesh!!
Well keep your eyes on this site- co founded by best man & lyric writer J.P. Barlow- it's a good place to check out if you are against censorship...
..................I could go on and on but I'll leave politics to the message boards..............
Let's look at Bobby instead!

...........and maybe go read a nice story about the good old daze-
Story here!

........and check out another roomy site of coolstuff! You can even subscribe to it-
Cool stuff
...............Then there's an MK& DG sighting by Julie:
"On a happier note - I went to 12 Galaxies last night with the SO and we wore our Headcount shirts and had a wonderful time dancing with David Gans and GUESTS!!! Among whom....WAS....... MARK KARAN!!!! AND, after the gig was over (which I bought the CD of and after listening will offer up copies if it's any good)... the SO and I went outside to take a fumiary break and lo and behold, Mark and his wife were at their car getting ready to leave and we talked for about ten minutes!! A really nice discussion - he is happy to have the break from Ratdog to do some writing and recording and he is pushing Puddleduck!! In fact, he is looking into playing more gigs with them - MAYBE MAYBE, just MAYBE in L.A. for Newyears!!!!! So let's keep the hope alive - He was wearing his new brown Birkenstocks - no green laces - he got a kick of me asking about them, though! He also says that Bobby is home resting - which we knew.... there was a bit more to the talk, but I am in a rush to get off this computer - we're up north helping the SO's son get a car.... so I gotta run!! Just couldn't wait to give you the scoop of the day for me - Loved the music last night - thanks DAVID!!! And I will mention the other artists when I remember the names! OH! Of course Pete Sears was GREAT, too!!"
Deborah Koons Garcia has a new movie project DKG