Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bent u vriendelijk?

Some new sites to check out :o) Finally figured out links!

So, I took the morning/day off to attend an IEP meeting for my kiddo....The meeting went well.....Kidlet's still unable to write or comprehend what he's reading but he appears to be some sort of math whiz..most important to me is that he likes this school and has friends that like to be with him...Whew!
So, it appears this is gonna be a rather excellent day & nite!!
Looking forward to the dvd release party tonight..Katrinka & Reisha I hear will be going and Tim & Linda were already invited to the release party pre-party dinner thing...And I don't know if Ron is in town or if he is -if he is going?
Ron are you out there?
Ron is one of the sweetest men around...he once saw old Parker munching on a chicken wing and actually reached into the dog's mouth (yucko) to fish out all the slivers of chicken bones...And he's got some cool stories about experiences with members of the GD from his daze of living in Marin....
Right now, I'm starting to get anxious that my dvds are not here- what's up with that? I purchased them with the guarantee that they would be delivered today - So, I can bring em tonite....Reports around the boards are that folks have already been receiving dvds as of Friday...grrrrr! Well, hey, it's only noon..It would be nice to get it soon so I can watch it before the party- So, I can remember who to look for that was in the movie---it's all fuzzy memories right now....Hell, yesterday is already a fuzzy memory!
....And while I'm swinging from mood to mood...there's this completely unrelated to Bobness I have to goof around with:

........................Does the world really need 3 year olds who can pierce ears?......note the tie dye tank top.........and is that a bong on the little table by the surf board?.....
If you must gift the Barbie lover in your family at least have the good sense to order the SpongeBob Barbie!!