Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Birthday to Sasha!

my daughter is now a teenager- see the telephone has already been attached to her head......I should probably be very afraid but she's 10x more down to Earth than I could ever hope to be...:o) She will no longer be a teen on 11-11-11!

Well, Ron surfaced yesterday -came over for chilli.. He had gotten his evite to the party but had other plans for Tuesday.
....Finally my dvds arrived TODAY even though GDStore had sent them on the 5th....I sent a rather unhappy email to them...
But- we did get our film strip! 6 inches of Bobby & the guys on stage ! Now what do we do with this? Can photos be made from them? I'll have to lurk around the following discussions to see what ideas are out there...
Deadnet discussion on Whatever happened to___from the GD Movie?
and while at deadnet check outmore discussion on GD Movie
extra reading
dead stories
old hippy site
I need a Bobby photo
because it's raining...
Twrl Grl found this one picture on the Corbis site and we all went "OMIGOD!!!"
unfortunately...the link isnt working so well so here's a different photo...

and one more!

Magnolia dello zucchero, fioritura dei fiori