Sunday, November 21, 2004


Ratdog Tour dates are up on the official website!

Neal@ the wheel poster this about hidden goodies in the GD movie-
If this has been posted 100 times, here goes 101.

Some hidden interviews:

These all activate once you've watched the options.

Disc One - on the main menu there is an 'AM' button at
the center of the handlebars. You've got to watch the
last chapter, through the credits, to make it active.
Short interview with Jerry there.

Disc Two, Documentaries - Have to watch the Making of
the DVD, which is of great interest to audiophiles and
tapers. After watching that one, Jerry's guitar on the
menu highlights. Short interview with Jerry there.

Disc Two, Mars Hotel commercials - Have to watch Mix 3
first. Then there is an option above Mix one. Short
interview with Donna and Billy there, very funny.
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