Saturday, November 06, 2004

Dead stories- stories

News from Cousin Bud-via

"I just came from seeing Bruce Hornsby recorded live in studio for WXPN's World Cafe. He played about 5 songs between interview segments with David Dye. After the program, Bruce was about to walk out, I asked him if he was re-joining The Dead... he laughed and said no, they werent doing anything... so I followed up-- Well, there may be lineup changes in the band for the Summer, and I heard his name in rumors-- he said (and Im trying to quote as exactly as possible here), '' I dont know where they [the rumors] come from... IF The Dead called me, and asked me to do some shows for their 40th Anniversary, I would do it-- but they havent called.''"

The blog I've been waiting for all week is up- it's Barlow on the election- too big to bring here:

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