Monday, November 08, 2004


This makes Monday brighter-

So many cute Bobpix at this site!
I'm talkin pages and pages of total Bobness!
Look up Bob Weir in the search feature for more!
more Bobby pix here-
mind boggeling how many pictures there are out there- and we havent even begun looking at fan photos....If only there were more hours in the day, I think I'd put up all the fan pix on a separate know the pictures Bobby takes with his fans...I have about a dozen of those in my Euromovie - Bob with assorted individuals...
well, now I'm babbling away in delirium over the new hundreds of pix I can go look through at those 2 sites...there's some of Bobby with a single rose.

..unfortunately it reminds me of the reality TV show where the bachelor blows off the girl by handing her the rose...or something like that- I don't watch those shows....which reminds me....Was flipping through channels last night and there was Jerry & Bobby on PBS - a rerun of the closing of Winterland on yet another fundraiser...local channels know just who to hit on for donations, I'd say!!

noi andare, voi e la I, mentre possiamo? Con il tramonto transitivo dei diamanti