Sunday, November 14, 2004

weir did my weekend go?

How's your weekend going?
Been busy here!
- Burning all my favorite RatBob shows for the car dealer- Scott's 99% certain he wants that car from the company with the same initials as Bob-Man Weir..and pawnbroker man is preparing to haggle cds for discounts for special features...

I've obtained some printshop software which works great with my imac and have been tinkering with putting together fun stuff like cd covers, calendars and online greetings. I dont yet have my old address book on the new computer so if you didnt get a a bobby greeting thing- email me at

New mattress arrived...which caused a little domestic commotion...Our room is on floor#3, Our old bed goes down to the bottom floor #1 to The big guy's room. Big Guy's bed is to go to the little guy's room on floor#2. Little guy's bunk bed now goes to the garage until we decide whom to donate it to? Who knew such a simple thing could take up so much energy?

...Despite the madness,We found time to view the Grateful Dead Movie- well some of it...As I'm tapping in here I'm listening to the audio commentary- mostly interesting! In the docu part is a piece with "young bobby" describing how much the group (grateful Dead) needed a rest...all the things he says can be applied to this other band rest break...
The audio commentary is -so far- great! At the moment the commentators are talking about the stand out audience members! I think I went to Crystal Springs with "Moose Girl"..and the dancing girl in purple top looks just like Sue Krausz..hmmm?
Loving it!

Quick it's the picture of the week! at the Dave Morris site
Ah the summer of Love
Becky's Grateful dead tribute

A very young Jerry & Bobby singing here!
un peu baiser et Felina au revoir