Thursday, November 18, 2004

hum Baby!

Alice D Millionaire

I'm officially crazed!

Just got off the phone with Sandy @ Rex...
Definately, Bobby will be helping out at Rex! Mickey too!
Figured that Bob might be present for the festivities but didnt assume he would be playing-...
Sandy sez he looks forward to trying out doing the Everyone Orchestra thing...
And I wouldnt be writing about it at all but I was told its okay to post/ blog about it and that there will soon be a press release about it....
Better get to work on filling out my invite! Looks like an early Bertha celebration for me this year!!
See- I am CRAZED!....
order tix @
Lynn Silverman's GD photo album!
LOL- Check this out the mystical smoking head of Bob!- Ask Bob!
I need to find this!
Ӊ̇ ·Óθ¯Â ÌÓ˜Ë ÒÛ··ÓÚ˚!