Friday, May 20, 2005

Ya know, it's gonna be one Helluva evening!

At last, Friday!
Weds & Thurs I had Parent-Teacher conferences with all the parents of my Sunflower & Rainbow Bear classes...I will sure miss these kids and families..Many of my Sunflower families have requested to the directors that their kids be placed in next Fall's Rainbow Bears class (another year with me!) I'm flattered and hope I get ALL of them again. So well yeah, the preparation and anxiety of conferences made this week just fly by!
Tonight, the plan is- fly over to Mill Valley with Kemmie to secure a primo table for tonight...Scott will amble over closer to showtime.
I'm a little fuzzy on the details for tomorrow but one way or another will end up in the Green Room @ Marin Civic Center around 6pm..
Gotta wash the YUKO out of my hair (it's so shiny, sleek and BLONDE (HA I'm a "blonde brunette" like JLo these daze)..and figure out what will be comfy to convort in..and head to an atm and weir outta here!
Have a groovily weekend - I'll check back in when I can!