Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

BohemeMom and Me, 1964 Golden Gate Park

my hot&hip mama about 1971...

Momsy in 2004..
We don't always understand each other but the love is there and the bond is primal...
She is only 18 years older than I parts of our growing up experiences overlap.
She is an amazing athlete and a great friend to many.
She is an uber Libra..Loves beautiful things and beautiful places.
She can be relentlessly demanding when motivated.
There's almost no physical resemblence between us.
But, I'd like to think I've at least gotten my sense of humor from her..
I love ya, Mom!

Happy Hippy Heppy Mother's Day!
So far- So good!
Despite a massive all nighter rain storm, They took off for baseball..But not til the breakfast in bed was served to me not in bed but, where else - At the computer! I'm finishing this blog, then swirling downstairs to set up the sewing machine-the urge is big to get those tops finished